Dragon Ball, Vol. 7 (SJ Edition): General Blue And The Pirate Treasure (Dragon Ball: Shonen Jump Graphic Novel)

Akira Toriyama - 2011
    Slump and one of the strangest places on Earth!

REVELATIONS: Sunken Treasure lost worlds (Risky Business Chronicles Book 2)

Hep Aldridge - 2020
    Burnett, and the Risky Business team are confronted by new perils and discoveries in their extraordinary quest for both treasures and what might be explosive, historical findings.New friends and new adversaries make their quest a suspense-filled thrill ride.Will they find the elusive treasure galleon, is the legendary golden library in Ecuador real?REVELATIONS - Volume 2 of the Risky Business Chronicles will engulf you as a virtual participant in this amazing adventure.It is the second book in Hep Aldridge's action and adventure series about Dr. Colten X. Burnett and the Risky Business team.

The Magelands Epic (Books 5-8) An epic fantasy series

Christopher Mitchell - 2020

Shapechanger's Progress (Shapechanger Tales)

Laer Carroll - 2012
    She also encounters another shapechanger. And discovers that her kind are not always benign.

Forsaken Mercenary Quadrilogy: Books 1–4

Jonathan Yanez - 2020
    And the cushy, elite population on Mars may be about to find out they aren’t the only beings in their neck of the system. Grab your blasters and get ready for a wild ride. Download to jump into the Forsaken Mercenary universe now.  Over 1,200 pages of addictive action and intrigue!

Potty Mouth (Caverns & Creatures)

Robert Bevan - 2017
     Join Cooper and the rest of the C&C gang as they fight tyranny the best way they know how... by being assholes. The author's share of royalties from sales of this title are donated monthly to the ACLU. Join me in pissing in the face of tyranny.


M.L. Maki - 2019
    He, and the 128 men on board, depart their home port of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on a six-month deployment as part of the USS Carl Vinson battlegroup. The San Francisco, SSN-711, is the state-of-the-art in submarine technology of the U.S. Navy. The Akula class submarine Kasholot, K-322, is the state-of-the-art submarine of the Russian Navy. These two ships, commanded by very different men, are destined to hunt each other in the Cold War game until a science experiment gone wrong takes them back in time to December 19, 1941, and the beginning of World War II.


John Graham - 2017
    Advances in science and the resources of countless frontier worlds have brought untold prosperity to its citizens. But how much of this wealth comes from dangerous experiments with alien technology?As an elite intelligence operative, that question plagues Gabriel Thorn constantly. When contact is lost with a mysterious research facility, he is sent to investigate. But he finds a web of secrecy and lies which extends through the corridors of power and industry, and finds himself unprepared to confront the ancient evil buried deep within.

Oliver's Wishes

Cory Gaffner - 2018
     Last week I had an IQ so low that I sometimes forgot how to get home, and could barely stumble through sentences. This week I am the owner of the most advanced space station in the known universe and I wield powers that can alter reality itself. If I have the energy that my power is dependent upon... You see I get more energy every day, it's a set amount. I can stockpile it or burn it all up on one giant "upgrade" as I like to call it. This power comes from one of the wishes I made, yes, on a magical genie's lamp. I know that sounds crazy. So what do a Viking woman from 800AD, a U.S. Army combat veteran, and a fat gaming nerd have in common? Well, they're my team, and if I can save up enough energy I can use my new power to give them superpowers of their own. That's the plan at least. The problem with my plan is that I have some shadow organization looking for me. They'll kill me, my family, my friends, and everyone I have ever loved to get the lamp. What do they want? As far as I can tell they want to rewrite our universe into some kind of communist paradise where freewill comes second to safety and the government. I have to find some way to keep the lamp from the organization going after it that involves more than just hiding up in my space station. I refuse to be a hermit coward. I also have an ingrained need to help people, and now I have the power to do that. I have more resources at my disposal than any law enforcement agency on earth, and a team of people willing to help me. I want to be a hero, but I have no idea what I'm doing. Did I mention I was a barely functioning idiot last week? Content Warning: This book contains foul language, mild gore, and fictional politics.

The Obsidian Chronicles, Book One: Ender Rain (The Unofficial Minecraft Adventure Short Stories)

Mark Mulle - 2014
    When his friend, Austin, a crafter, joins him for the first time in search of the vast amounts of ore and treasure in the Underground, a climactic series of events is set into motion. There is something below the Underground though, and Austin is sure that the world’s strongest materials are there for the taking. But so too are some of the world’s most dangerous creatures, legendary items, and magical secrets. Cave-ins, explosive detonations, massive spiders, and the undead—these are all common problems for Vincent and his team of miners and crafters. Join them as they strategically battle new threats, enchant their gear with new power, and explore caves flowing with lava and teeming with darkness incarnate. Author's Note: This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this "Minecraft Adventure Series" such as Steve, Endermen, Herobrine or Obsidian...etc are based on the Minecraft Game. Minecraft Adventure Series *Book 2* http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K7ZT7WA/ *Book 3* http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K804RL0/

Age of Victoria

Alston Sleet - 2019
    She wanted to explore the world and escape from the strict etiquette of British nobility. With her father fighting in India, the governess assigned to raise her controlled every aspect of her life. The financial downturn of a friend of the family would lead to her sister's longtime engagement turning into an immediate marriage. Victoria's thirst for adventure and tomboy ways would not prepare her for the sudden advent of the apocalypse. Can Victoria and her friends survive this new world of Classes and Skills? Join Victoria and her family on a LitRPG adventure, unlike any other!

The Amazing World of Gumball 2016 Grab Bag

Katy Farina - 2016
    What the what?! Is there really a secret treasure hidden in the school’s basement?! Based on Cartoon Network’s award-winning original series, Gumball and Darwin head back to school! It’s a brand-new collection of shorts and illustrations featuring everyone’s favorite mischief-makers.

Where Horizons End: A Sean Wyatt Archaeological Thriller (Sean Wyatt Adventure Book 21)

Ernest Dempsey - 2022

My Life: An Ex-Quarterback's Adventures In The Galactic Empire

Colin Alexander - 2015
    "Engines are out. Our course is whatever it was when we were hit, but I can't figure it out because the computer and the instruments are smashed. We have enough power and control to keep a minimal shield up and keep the lights on in here. Most of the lifts are out because there has been too much structural twisting. I will leave weapons to Fire Control." "None worth mentioning," Ruoni put in. "What do you want to do, Command?" It reminded me of the line I would hear on third and thirty-four when the coach asked me what I wanted to call. This is the story of Danny Troy, a has-been pro quarterback in desperate need of a fresh start. So, when he gets a bizarre job offer to be a space pirate, he takes it. A chance brawl on the ship leads him to a damsel in distress. He rescues her only to find she is a lot more than he bargained for. Danny’s idea is to see her safely home and collect a (big) reward. However, the damsel, Jaenna by name, has other ideas. The pair careen across the spiral arm from one adventure to the next, while Danny’s “career” grows to pirate captain and finally to a warlord who holds the fate of galactic civilization in his hands. What decision is Danny going to make? And what is he going to do about the girl? This is an action-packed, space opera, with a dash of American football added to the mix.

Bad Jack

Adam Moon - 2013
    These objects are dangerous to the touch, but not to Jack.When his superiors discover he can interact with the objects, he's brought even further into the fold.Soon he's introduced to bizarre creatures that just a handful of people have ever witnessed.His simple life has turned into a freak show.And it only gets worse.