Stir-Fry Yourself Skinny

Sara Winlet - 2013
    My Stir-fry meal recipes are quick and easy to prepare, delicious, and nutritious. Your family will love the flavor and you will be happy knowing they are eating a healthy, low-fat meal. I typically serve most of my stir fry meals with brown rice. However, if you are attempting to reduce carbohydrates, place the your stir-fry serving on a large lettuce leaf to make a lettuce wrap. Either way, you will love this delicious and healthy way to Lose Weight! In this great low-fat, stir-fry cookbook, you will find a variety of recipes including: Poultry, Beef, Seafood, Pork, and Vegetable Stir-fry meals. This recipe book will show you how to create great tasting, easy to prepare, low fat, stir-fry meals which will also help you to achieve your weight loss goals.

31 Perfect Fitness Smoothies

Arnel Ricafranca - 2013
    31 Perfect Fitness Smoothies9 Energy Boosting Recipes to add variety to your morning caffeine / energy drink or pre workout supplement13 Metabolic Accelerating Recipes for all day fat burning smoothie on the go9 Recovery Enhancing Recipes to replace your post workout shakes31 Total Smoothie Recipes that are as easy as 1-2-3

7-Day Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan: Delicious and Easy Keto Recipes To Burn Fat and Gain Energy

Louise Hendon - 2016
    Includes all the recipes with carb count and the meal plan is designed to be 20 grams of net carbohydrates or less daily. Starting a keto diet can be tough if you don't have a good plan for what to eat. That's where this 7-day keto meal plan comes in. I've done all the calculations, cooking, and planning for you. Now you can relax and enjoy all the benefits of a ketogenic diet stress-free.

Salad Love: 260 Crunchy, Savory, and Filling Meals You Can Make Every Day

David Bez - 2014
     At the request of his co-workers who were constantly admiring his lunches, David Bez started the photo-driven blog Salad Pride, embarking on a year-long challenge to create one new salad every day. The blog instantly gained popularity for its creative salads that require no special cooking skills. The cookbook Salad Love pairs his vibrant photographs with accompanying recipes arranged around seasonal produce. Recipes include Egg, Asparagus, Croutons, and Pecorino for Spring; Crabmeat, Avocado, Nori, and Cucumber for Summer; Kale, Raspberries, and Blackberries for Fall; and Manchego, Dried Apricots, Fennel, and Radicchio for Winter. Many salads in the book require only a cutting board and a knife, so lunches can be made fresh at your desk. With an emphasis on fresh, whole foods, and innovative flavor combinations, these salads truly excite and inspire.

Instant Pot Cookbook: 1000 Day Instant Pot Recipes Plan: 1000 Days Instant Pot Diet Cookbook:3 Years Pressure Cooker Recipes Plan:The Ultimate Instant Pot Recipes Challenge:A Pressure Cooker Cookbook

Katie Banks - 2018
    Your next meal is about be served. Can you picture this moment? It is difficult to beat, isn’t? So many recipes to cook. Such a wide variety of dishes, tastes, smells, cuisines. A whole life before us to try everything… But where to get all the ideas and inspiration from? This is where World Good Foods come into play: to make your life easier and to give you plenty of ideas and recipes to choose from and enjoy.   Fancy some Mediterranean cuisine? Why not trying out our delicious Steamed Cod? Asian cuisine? You may go for the delicious Instant Pot Chicken Tandoori. Eastern European? Check out the Hungarian Beef Goulash. Vegan foods? Better choose penne all’Arrabiata.     Here is a sample of the delicious instant pot recipes you will find in this book:     Soup Recipes for your Instant Pot Butternut Squash Instant Pot Soup Collard Greens, Chorizo and Chicken Electric Pressure Cooker Soup Instant Pot Tomato & Basil Cream Soup   Vegetarian Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes Bean and Chickpea Chili Instant Pot Penne all’Arrabiata   Delicious Seafood Instant Pot Recipes The Ultimate Instant Pot Clam Chowder Fusilli Pasta with Tuna & Olives The unmatchable Shrimp Paella for Electric Pressure Cooker   Fantastic Chicken Recipes for your Electric Pressure Cooker Chicken Santa Fe Mouth-Watering Instant Pot Recipe Maple & Sesame Chicken Pressure Cooker Based Recipe The Best Chicken Tandoori for your Instant Pot   Best Turkey Instant Pot Recipes Turkey Legs with Portobello Mushrooms Turkey Wings with Cranberries and Pecan Nuts Instant Pot Recipe   The Best Instant Pot Beef-Based Recipes Balsamic & Rosemary Roast Beef Spicy Citrus Instant Pot Beef   And many, many more Instant Pot recipes including Desserts, Pork and Lamb Instant Pot Based Recipes for your Electric Pressure Cooker   My husband, kids and now hundreds of readers are enjoying and benefiting from the recipes included in this collection.

Gluten-Free Baking Classics for the Bread Machine

Annalise G. Roberts - 2009
    Consumers who love bread but must avoid gluten have long been at the mercy of mediocre products and high prices. With this timely cookbook, they can have their bread and eat it, too. Acclaimed author Analise Roberts developed these simple, foolproof recipes for the Zojirushi bread machine. Roberts' outstanding recipes range from simple and satisfying Basic Sandwich Bread to complex and scrumptious Golden Italian Bread with Raisins and Fennel. She also offers ethnic breads like Challah and Babka and seasonal delights such as the irresistible Holiday Breakfast Bread. Included are loaves, like Sundried Tomato Roasted Garlic Bread, that contain no eggs or dairy products.

Wheat Fast Low Carb CookBook for Weight Loss: Top 49 Wheat Free Beginners Recipes, Who Want to Lose Belly Fat Without Dieting and Prevent Diabetes.

Ravi Kishore - 2013
     Who else Want to Know? How to Lose Weight Without Dieting In Seven Days? If your goal this year is to lose weight and to show the world the new you, take advantage of this "Wheat Fast Low Carb Diet". When eliminating wheat from your diet, the good news is that you can lose up to 1 pound a day even if you are consuming lots of protein, cheese, nuts, etc. Thus, you can lose weight faster than what you think. The Primary Culprit to Weight Gain and Belly Fat: The primary culprit in this scenario is refined grains, sprouted, multigrain, or organic. Refined wheat flour has a direct connection to weight gain. Many individuals eat foods that are high in calories but low in nutritional value. This type of eating is what leads to an increase in the body’s production of fat. Why Low carb diet: Another reason you might decide to stay away from wheat is if you are following a low-carb diet to lose weight. If you are following a diet like this, you will also want to reduce your intake of other types of grains like oats,corn, and more. In addition, carbohydrates are not only found in grains; they are also in fruits, seeds, legumes, and starchy vegetables like potatoes. However, some complex carbohydrates, instead of simple carbohydrates like those found in white bread and other processed grains, can actually help with weight loss and maintenance; thus,the diet does not greatly restrict all of them. The recipes in this cookbook can help you create more meals with healthier types of carbohydrates and with reduced mounts of carbohydrates. Why Wheat Fast Diet: For many years, it was thought that the grains are necessary to fit our life, but the research shows that the most eaten grain "wheat” is responsible for many diseases including: Obesity Diabetes High Blood Pressure Insulin Resistance Arterial Disease IBS Aging Signs Hair Loss Eczema ADHD Wheat Fast Low Carb CookBook for Weight Loss helps you to discover the top 49 Easy recipes for your Breakfast,Lunch, Dinner, Appetizers, Cookies, Snacks and Desserts. These recipes can be cooked easily in your Kitchen and helpful to "Lose Your Unwanted Fat" and Restructure Your "Body's Immune Systems".Like: Fruity French Toast. Peanut Butter Protein Shake. No-Wheat Apple Muffins. Pumpkin Puree Pancakes. Italian Scramble. No-Granola Yogurt Parfait. No-Grain Crepes. Trail Mix No-Grain Granola Bars. Slow-Cooked Hidden Vegetable Pulled Pork. Southwestern Salad with Homemade Dressing. No-Fuss Broiler Shrimp. Beef Roast with Orange Root Vegetables. Sesame Ginger Tofu with Roasted Vegetables. Baked Tilapia. From-Scratch Green Bean Casserole. Tropical Chicken Stirfry. Comfort Food Chili.

Delicious Smoothie & Healthy Snack Recipes

Ericka Smits - 2013
    Snacks and that all-time favorite treat – smoothies – can be nutritious.Smoothies offer an abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. That’s because these recipes call on fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and/or nuts. If you want to see how delicious nutritious snacking can be, take a look at the easy recipes that have been collected and assembled in this book. To get your day off to a great start or for a midday pick-me-up, whip up one of the luscious smoothie recipes. If you’re craving a salty or sweet treat, got to the “Popcorn & Snack Mixes” section of the book. For those times when you have to eat on the run, turn to the “On-the-Go Snacks” for energy bars and muffins that are perfect for morning commutes or office treats.Choosing the right snack is vital to maintaining a healthful eating style.When hunger pangs tell you it's time for a quick bite, pick any one of these 90 recipes and enjoy!

Amazing Quinoa: Easy Recipes the Whole Family Will Love!

Vesela Tabakova - 2013
    It is the only plant in the world that has all nine amino acids, making it a complete protein. It is full of vitamins and antioxidants, and has prebiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Quinoa is especially good for people who suffer from various conditions due to gluten allergy and intolerance as it is completely gluten-free. Not only does it lack gluten but it doesn't even belong to the same plant family as wheat, oats, barley, or rye. I am offering you my recipes for this tiny, gluten-free seed and hope you and your family will enjoy them.

The Dukan Diet Cookbook: The Essential Companion to the Dukan Diet

Pierre Dukan - 2012
    Dukan’s four-step plan rejects counting calories and instead harnesses the power of pure protein, empowering you to achieve your “True Weight” and keep the pounds off forever.  The Dukan Diet Cookbook is filled with over 350 simple, French-inspired recipes for the two most challenging phases of the diet—the protein-only Attack phase and the protein-and-vegetable Cruise phase.  From Crispy Chicken Wings and Ham Soufflé to Turkey Meatballs with Rosemary and Mint, Mussels Provençal and Curried Turnip Soup to Flourless Chocolate Cake and a scrumptious Vanilla Cookie—plus all-new recipes for Shirataki noodles—the recipes in this book prove you don’t have to sacrifice great taste and satisfaction in order to lose weight.Illustrated with sixteen pages of delectable color photographs, The Dukan Diet Cookbook is the essential companion to the Dukan Diet.

Salads for Every Season: 25 Recipes from Earthbound Farm

Myra Goodman - 2011

Healthy and Delicious Low Carb Cooking

Stacy Michaels - 2014
    Are you happy with what you see? Or are you a part of the nutritional statistic that estimates that 68.8 percent of American adults are overweight or obese. Sadly, 16 percent of our children under age 19 are considered overweight. Many kids today are destined for a lifetime of struggling with their weight and serious health problems, including diabetes and heart disease. There's a lot of national debate about how so many of us got this way, but most experts agree we're sitting at our desks or on the couch too much and not moving our bodies enough. And yes, there is just too much good food (and bad food) everywhere, including on our dinner plates. This serious public health issue continues to build, and it is estimated that 73 percent of American adults will be overweight or obese. We are long overdue in reversing this trend! So let me congratulate you on taking the first step in managing your weight with the purchase of this cookbook. I hope that this collection of recipes will help you make smart food choices every day. These low-carb recipes - from the Mediterranean Beef Kabobs to the Crab Chowder - taste really good, and I have trimmed fat and calories to make each recipe better for you and your family. The benefits of smart eating and maintaining a healthy weight are tremendous - including that feel-good feeling every time you look in the mirror.

The Low Carb Revolution

John McLean - 2012
    This gets my highest recommendation.” –Dr. Joe Vitale, NY Times bestselling author and co-star of the movie, "The Secret" It's time to start a Revolution together--to draw a line in the sand and shout to the world, "I am worth loving...and my Body is worth fighting for!" In Part One of the "Low Carb Revolution" you will learn how just a few crucial changes in what you eat and what you don't eat can help you finally lose your belly fat. In Part Two you'll discover a revolutionary new model of change that will teach you how to easily and permanently get rid of any negative Habit. “I just can't recommend it highly enough. You have never read a book like this before, because no-one has ever written a book like this before.” –Ian Rowland, author of the international bestseller, “Cold Reading” “This book talks to your soul”—Bonnie Andrews This highly original book of 460 pages will take you by the hand and show you how to repair your relationship with yourself. It's been called, "Couples Counseling for you and your beautiful Body!" Includes a link to a FREE 32-minute Audio Affirmation mp3 with powerful and positive messages to help you create the life you desire and deserve! "Every single person on the planet should be required to read this book!" John McLean is a writer, world traveler and hypnotist currently based in Barcelona, Spain. Using the groundbreaking techniques and strategies of the "Low Carb Revolution" he went from smoking five packs of cigarettes per day to ZERO—literally overnight, as well as losing more than 80 lbs. in weight without portion controls or counting calories. “Truly one of the best books on the topic. Kudos!”—Kelli Nina Perkins AMAZON BESTSELLER!

Paleo Gluten Free Slow Cooker Recipes: Against All Grains (Paleo Recipes Book 4)

Beth Gabriel - 2014
    Plus you’ll receive an added benefit… you’ll lose weight when you lose the wheat! Are you sick of feeling tired and bloated? Here are great tasting, easy to make, meals you will love! Meal plans and shopping lists too! Looking for a new, healthier, slimmer you? The Paleo Gluten Free diet is not a typical “diet” at all. It’s the return to the essential food that our ancestors ate - no grains, no gluten! Don’t be fooled, the Paleo Gluten Free diet contains an abundance of great tasting food. You won’t be left feeling like you’re missing out on anything. And you'll lose weight! Amazon #1 Author Ranking: What others have to say “I am a serious fan of this woman's work on Paleo. I attended a house-warming party three weeks ago, and bumped into a friend I had not seen in a few months. He looked incredibly fit - I asked what he has been doing to get into such great shape. He said, “I’ve been on a Paleo diet - I feel better than I have in years...and I've lost 30 pounds." That certainly caught my attention. Beth Gabriel has a knack for releasing just the right book at just the right time, and "Paleo Gluten Free Cooker Recipes: Crock Pot Easy and Delicious..." proves it once again. The "Easy Crockpot Chicken Salsa" is a FANTASTIC recipe! The "Chorizo Stuffed Poblano Peppers" is a HEALTHY and EASY solution for football fans on a lazy Sunday (or anytime). Two Thumbs Up - way up!" Brock Allen Want to learn more? Just scroll to the top of the page and click the BUY NOW button. Free bonus Menus, Shopping Lists and Free Recipes with every order:

100 Easy Recipes in Jars

Bonnie Scott - 2012
    100 Easy Recipes In Jars is a collection of easy to make, delicious jar recipes that will make a big dent in your holiday gift giving list. 100 Easy Recipes In Jars includes recipes for cookies, beverages, bars and snacks. There is also a tasty assortment of muffins, breads and hearty soups that everyone will enjoy. The recipes use simple ingredients to create a homemade meal or snack that’s as easy to use as a store-bought mix. You do the hard part, while the recipient sits back and enjoys. As an added bonus, readers have access to more than 2000 online labels and recipe cards to decorate and personalize their handcrafted gift. These handsome, professionally designed templates can be used to add a personal touch and create a one of a kind gift that will be the highlight of any occasion.