Book picks similar to
The Man Who Would Not Die by Thomas Page


The Curse of the Langfords

Amy Cross - 2020

The Lost Boy

Noel Hynd - 1999
    For Ellen Wilder, editor of the local newspaper, the gruesome killing is as disturbing as the irrational fears that have suddenly woven themselves into her mind and left her doubting her own sanity. For state police detective Michael Chandler, whose haunting near-death experience has left him with an uncanny way of sensing things, the murder is only a hint of what is to come.But nothing could have prepared either of them for the return of Franny Corbett. A hulking child of a man and the blackest sheep in a family of black sheep, his eerie presence may have ushered in all of these bizarre and frightening events. Soon the town of Wiltshire will be shaken again. For in a car sunk beneath the surface of a glimmering blue lake, floats another body. And the killing has just begun....

The Writhing: A Horror Novel

Abe Moss - 2019
    Sometimes it's better not to. Sometimes the truth is downright haunting. Alex watches from her bedroom window as the small, secluded town of Amberton sleeps: a bright, pleasant town with a dark, disturbing secret. Helen, her foster mother, is gone all hours of the night with no explanation. The neighbors, always friendly, always smiling, are also always watching. They know something Alex doesn’t. Something she shouldn’t… When three outsiders become ensnared in the town’s dark conspiracies, Alex witnesses for herself the nightmare hiding in plain sight. Together, haunted by their own pasts, these outsiders threaten to unstitch the town at its rotten seams, uncovering the gruesome truth writhing beneath the surface.

Stage Fright

Garrett Boatman - 1988
    Superstar Izzy Stark has the power to make your dreams - and nightmares - come true. He's the master of disaster, the guru of gore, the doctor of doom, the duke of death and destruction - and you can't escape this command performance.

The Bones of Morden Gray

David Brian - 2020
    A depraved undertaker whose predilections go beyond a desire to resurrect the dead. A murdered girl bonded to the fiend who stole her life. And a desperate son on the verge of discovering a terrible secret about his missing mother…When the dead rise.When perennial slacker Timothy Harker is forced into accepting a job as a junior undertaker, he soon becomes convinced that the building in which he works is haunted. He sets up six friends for a late night visit, planning a series of pranks aimed at terrifying his companions.It’s time to run.It doesn’t take long for them to prove the building is haunted, but there is far more to fear than the unfortunate souls trapped within the borders of Gray, Skies and Toliver.In a house of pain, horror and death, seven friends fight for survival, banding together in order to uncover long-buried secrets, and to reveal the dreadful truth about the bones of Morden Gray.

The October People (Gulf Coast Paranormal Extra Book 1)

M.L. Bullock - 2018
     Will her time at the haunted Leaf Academy change all that? Award-winning photographer Jocelyn Graves gets an invitation to document the Leaf Academy, but she may get more than she bargained for in this spooky location. There's music coming from the rotting auditorium, doppelgangers have made an appearance, and there is a ghost boy who haunts the place. But is he a forgotten victim, or is he really a negative entity masquerading as a sad child? There's a mysterious saying carved into the stone above the door, and Jocelyn discovers black feathers in strange locations. The Leaf Academy is a puzzle Jocelyn needs an answer to--before the sun comes up. The photographer is about to get the shock of her life and meet an entity she will never forget. Although she will wish she could. The October People is a Gulf Coast Paranormal Extra and a standalone novella.  Read all the Gulf Coast Paranormal books and meet the entire paranormal investigation team.  Gulf Coast Paranormal Series The Ghosts of Kali Oka Road The Ghosts of the Crescent Theater A Haunting on Bloodgood Row  And so many more!  Scroll up and grab your copy of THE OCTOBER PEOPLE!

The Godsend

Bernard Taylor - 1976
    Born in mystery of an unknown mother. Abandoned the morning of her birth. Adopted by the Marlows, who already have four children of their own.THE OBSESSION...Once unleashed, where will it end? The ultimate evil. Profound. Shattering. Ask Bonnie - demonic possession is child's play.THE NIGHTMARE...At first they are accidents. The crib death of the Marlows' baby. The drowning of their son. Then a third child's neck is broken. And the unspeakable is begun...


Max Hawthorne - 2016
     “Holy --- Steve, the Taser’s not stopping him!” “It has to! Nobody can take that. Hit him again!” “Look out! Here he comes!” Ron charged again, powering his way past the jolts of pain. He smashed into the nearest intruder with bone-jarring force, grappling with him, tearing at him. The struggle intensified as the two rolled around on the alley’s blood-soaked cobblestones. The second creature joined in the battle, striking at his head with a hard stick in an effort to aid his comrade. Ron laughed. The intruders were pathetically weak. He could sense it. He snatched the light from the closer one and backhanded him across the face with it, sending him sprawling. Then he turned toward the other one. He was stumbling backward, clawing at his hip, and obviously terrified. Amused, Ron turned away and focused on the one on the ground. He took a deep whiff, smelling the hot blood that ran in rivulets from the downed newcomer’s brow, and listened to the jackhammer beating of his heart. More food. THE DEADLIEST KILLERS ARE THE ONES YOU CAN'T SEE. Three weeks have passed since the monstrous Kronosaurus imperator’s attack on Harcourt Marina stunned the world. The death toll was horrific, but Paradise Cove’s traumatized survivors soon discover they have more to worry about than just burying their dead and rebuilding their shattered lives. Accompanying the pliosaur were hordes of primeval pathogens. With their host destroyed, the Cretaceous-era bacteria are forced to find new homes for themselves. They do: tiny, bipedal life forms whose warm, iron-rich blood provides perfect growing conditions. They begin to multiply and spread, their mutagenic qualities quickly warping their unwitting host’s delicate bodies and minds. Soon, the infected are transformed into mindless beasts, consumed with a burning hunger for flesh. And like all ravening beasts, they must feed . . .

Nightshade & Damnations

Gerald Kersh - 1968
    J. Gahagan] · ss Courier Spr ’38 77 · The Ape and the Mystery [“The Mysterious Mona Lisa Smile”] · ss The Saturday Evening Post Jun 26 ’48 89 · The King Who Collected Clocks [“Royal Impostor”] · nv The Saturday Evening Post May 3 ’47 117 · Bone for Debunkers [“The Karmesin Affair”; Karmesin] · ss The Saturday Evening Post Dec 15 ’62 133 · A Lucky Day for the Boar · ss Playboy Oct ’62 143 · Voices in the Dust of Annan · ss The Saturday Evening Post Sep 13 ’47 161 · Whatever Happened to Corporal Cuckoo? · nv The Brighton Monster, London: Heinemann, 1953; Star Science Fiction Stories #3, ed. Frederik Pohl, Ballantine, 1954


William Schoell - 1988
    Something calls Tom back to the ruins of his boyhood home, to the scene of the devastation that almost destroyed him.

Son of Rosemary/Rosemary's Baby

Ira Levin - 2013

Lake Ness: Extinction Is About To Be Redefined

Cherie Mitchell - 2020
    Not quite sure what he's let himself in for, he slowly adjusts to the isolated environment of Lake Ness and the challenges of living with a bunch of often erratic and unpredictable teenagers.However, it's not long before their best-laid plans start to unravel. Some of the kids aren't too good at obeying the rules of the camp, Gerry finds himself dragged back down into memories he's been trying to avoid, and Marnie and Jim have had a falling out. The FBI is also sniffing around and everyone knows that they don't generally like to spend money unless it's money well spent.On top of everything else, there's something large and dangerous living in the lake and as impossible as it sounds, Gerry is starting to think they've discovered some long-extinct aquatic dinosaurs living in this isolated waterway, creatures who are rapidly developing a taste for human flesh. Someone is going to have to step up to be a hero before more lives are lost and it looks like Gerry is that man. Unfortunately, volunteering to be a hero was never one of Gerry's preferred career choices.Lake Ness - extinction is about to be redefined.

Apex Predator: Wolf Moon: Book One of the Apex Predator Series

D.A. Roberts - 2020


Rick Chesler - 2016
    Mason Rayman is experimenting with gigantism in sea creatures when he accidentally creates a monstrously large sawfish. When it grows so big he can no longer keep it in his Miami lab, he is preparing to have it destroyed when he learns he is being terminated from his position. By way of revenge, he dumps the oversized shark relative into the ocean, where it soon roams out of control, slaughtering bathers at nearby trendy South Beach.Dr. Rayman doesn't let on that it's his fish responsible for the killings, but someone knows what he did, and she's blackmailing him. He plays along for a while but then decides she needs to be eliminated. Breaking into a lab at his former workplace, he deliberately creates more monster sawfish and releases them into the local waters.Rayman then attempts to get his job back by stepping forward as the expert on how to stop the scourge of gigantic predators now ravaging swimmers and water sports enthusiasts on South Florida beaches. But his blackmailer will not let up, leading to an ultimate confrontation between woman and beast, and finally, woman and man.


Guy N. Smith - 1980
    Ron Blythe was the chemist who helped to create the spray and now, with thousands of people suffering and dying, his conscience forces him to try to work to find an antidote. Unfortunately, he gets stranded inside Birmingham, now sealed off, and full of anarchists, escape criminals and weedkiller-poisoned sufferers from the Thirst, all of which turn the city into a hell inside England.