The Boy Who Cried Ghost

Richard Clark - 2018
    Sure, his room's big enough, and he doesn't have to share a bathroom with his older sister... but he just can't shake the feeling that the previous owner hasn't moved out yet! But, being a fan of horror comic books, Peter actually starts to think it's cool living in a haunted house. Not only that, the ghost actually starts to like Peter! But... does it like Peter too much? So much that it wants to keep him trapped in the house... forever?!If you like Goosebumps or a light take on Tales from the Crypt, you'll love The Boy Who Cried Ghost! From the writer of My Best Friend Is a Secret Agent, this middle grade chapter book is a scary-fun mystery full of chills and thrills for any reader - children, tweens, teens... and beyond! This funny haunted house horror story is the first in the Ghost Town Mystery series, so if you like it, there's more to come!(Don't forget to look for the surprise after Chapter 1!)

I Am Not Afraid To Fail (Persistence Project Book 1)

Daniel Kenney - 2019
    Failure doesn't have to be scary for kids. And parents, guardians, and mentors play a crucial role in teaching kids that failure is just one step towards success. Thankfully, simple books with powerful language can help! With the help of "I Am Not Afraid To Fail", you and your child can work together to learn that failure is a normal and natural part of life. Help the child in your life build the confidence to take chances and go for it without fear of failure. Read the book and start this important conversation today!"I Am Not Afraid To Fail" is the third book in the Persistence Project Series. GET IT NOW The Persistence Project Series -Book One: I Am Not Afraid To Fail -Book Two: I Won't Give Up -Book Three: You Can Face Your Fears-Book Four: You Can Always Improve - Coming Fall 2020!

Lola The Mermaid and The Splish Splash Olympics

Lily Lexington - 2012

Wulf The K9 P.I : The Case Of The Haunted House

The Bivens Brothers - 2016
    Not believing in ghosts or monsters, both enter only to come out screaming after hearing ominous voices and seeing shadows dancing along the walls. Join Wulf the K9 P.I and his Partner Chewy as they uncover the mystery of the haunted house. Is it truly haunted or is something else living in the house on East Apple Street?

Who's That Lazy Boy?

Sigal Adler - 2015
    He yelled: "Shut up clock!" and shook his strong fist, He slammed the OFF button with a flick of his wrist.

Irish Holiday: A Raven Hill Farm Mystery (Raven Hill Farm Mysteries Book 1)

Jane E. Drew - 2017
    Forty-six, divorced, and having recently walked away from her practice as a psychologist, she fears her best years are behind her. Fiona, Quinn's best friend since childhood, has a plan to get her out of her rut — a trip to Ireland! Quinn loves everything about Ireland: the people, the culture, the scenery and especially a little town called Ballyfrannen. On a whim, she decides to move there and Fiona is eager to do the same. At first things seem to be working out perfectly. They find a charming little stone cottage to buy and set about renovating it. Unfortunately, Quinn has a massive crush on the building contractor they hire to do the work. She feels like a tongue tied schoolgirl whenever he's around. But then, love has never gone smoothly for Quinn. A visit from Quinn's former husband only complicates her life further. Missing her work as a psychologist and desperately needing a distraction, Quinn volunteer a few hours a week at the local mental health clinic. Soon things take a dark turn. It sure seems like someone is trying to kill her. Quinn is not about to let anyone spoil her hard won new life though. Surrounded by her new friends, Fiona and a menagerie of animals, Quinn sets out to find some answers. She's in way over her head, though, as she uncovers, one by one, the dark secrets of this bucolic little town.

Not Too Young To Kill (The Assassin's Gift #1)

Ian C.P. Irvine - 2021

A Fine Day for Revenge: A Historical Western Adventure Book

Ethan Westfield - 2021
    The day his stepfather dies, however, his world will suddenly turn upside down. Even though Shaun grows increasingly suspicious of his stepfather's death, believing that something treacherous has happened to him, no one wants to listen to his fears.Will Shaun manage to unravel the truth behind the enigmatic and shocking death?While Shaun is still haunted by the mysterious loss of his father, he will soon have to confront another daunting obstacle; his stepbrother Clayton's decision to sell the family ranch. Moreover, Shaun is allowed to keep one horse but must leave the ranch, never to return. With nothing to live for and no place to call home, Shaun crosses paths with a horse enthusiast. Little does he know that together they're about to change the rules of horseracing forever... Will Shaun finally have a chance to make his way in the world, or will his hostility toward his stepbrother destroy a chance at a new life and success?With Shaun's move to Prescott and start in horse racing, his life will finally begin to improve. Moreover, a beautiful and sophisticated woman will soon steal his heart. Nonetheless, ghosts from the past continue to pursue him and lead him down a dark path... Will Shaun be able to overcome the lies and deceit that could undermine his chance for a good future? Or will forces beyond his control rob him of his smile once and for all?An action-packed story, featuring complex and fascinating characters, and twists and turns that will take your breath away. A must-read for fans of Western action and romance.

The Mystery Series Collection #5-8

Paul Moxham - 2015
    Perfect for fans of Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys: Follow four friends as they solve one exciting mystery after another in this clean and wholesome read set in 1950's England. * Are you up for a thrilling adventure?Join Joe, Amy, Sarah and Will in solving mysteries in the not so peaceful seaside village of Smugglers Cove.Contains Four Short Stories:*The Mystery of the Golden Elephant*The Mystery of the Red Balloon*The Mystery of the Howling Dog*The Mystery of the Hidden SuitcaseSet in 1950's Britain, these adventure stories will suit people who enjoy Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys or the Famous Five.

A Dog in the Fog: Sight Word Fun for Beginner Readers

Tanja Russita - 2015
    Written and illustrated by Tanja Russita, mother, teacher, artist and psychologist. The idea for the series came from Tanja's daughter wanting to read childrens' stories "from a Kindle, like my mum." Now the books are enjoyed worldwide by kids who are learning how to read. Watch and listen to your child's reading skills grow. Prepare to have to share your e-reader!

No Way Out

Rylie Dark - 2022
    The murder of her sister, still unsolved, plunged her life into grief and awakened a new power within her. Sometimes messages come from direct contact, other times in dreams. All of it feels like a curse—until Carly realizes she can harness her new skills to solve cases. But her abilities are unreliable, and Carly must use her brilliant mind to complete the puzzle—all while struggling to keep her secret from her colleagues.In a macabre and bizarre pattern, women who were in grief, recently mourning a loved-one, are turning up murdered themselves. One thing is clear: a serial killer is targeting them, and with local authorities stumped, FBI Special Agent Carly See will have to descend into a world of death to enter the killer’s mind—and save the next victim before it’s too late.But this killer is diabolical and always one step ahead, and Carly herself, leading the investigation, may not be as safe as she seems. In a game of cat and mouse, it will be a race to the finish as Carly struggles to figure out what these victims have in common—and who is next on his list.A page-turning thriller packed with twists and turns, secrets, and harrowing surprises you won’t see the CARLY SEE series is a mystery series that will have you on the edge of your seat, endearing you to a brilliant and unique new character and having you turning pages, bleary-eyed, late into the night.

Summer of Fear - a murder-mystery thriller

Chris McGarry - 2014
    Over his 20 - year career, Antonio Guardini has investigated some very disturbing, grisly crimes. But the latest string of murders that have New Yorkers in a paralyzing state of fear have struck a personal chord within Antonio. A devout Catholic and prolife activist, the hardened cop is tasked with tracking down the wily serial killer who is stalking and butchering the city's abortion physicians. As his personal beliefs begin conflict with his job, a struggle ensues as Antonio delves deeper the twisted myriad of clues left by the murderer and his victims. Will Antonio identify and apprehend the 'Abortion Avenger' before he kills again?

Dancing With The Sun

Ally Nathaniel - 2013
     Emma loves to dance and she's happy to share her thoughts and feelings with you.Read more to find out what her favorite dance style is and how she really feels when she dances. Add to your cart now.

The Spider Diaries: Part 1

Isobel Archer - 2015
    But there is one little girl who begs to be different. They call her The She-Devil. She absolutely adores them. So much so she keeps them as pets…to torture later. But behind the wall, fugitive house spiders Bateman, Parker and Carmen have bigger problems. They must take on the vicious Spider Army, led by the sinister General Raimi, and attempt to take back their home… With no plan, no help, and absolutely no hope whatsoever. Everything you thought you knew about spiders is about to change forever…

5 Minute Bedtime Stories for Children Vol.2 (Classic Fairy Tales & Bedtime Stories Collections for kids ages 6-12)

Beatrice Wood - 2015
     Favorite Classic Fairy Tales Retold in Simple Language! Having raised three children and spent countless evenings and weekends with her 5 grandchildren and their neighboring little friends, Beatrice Wood knows exactly what it means to be a busy parent. She advises parents that no matter how busy they are at work or at home, they ought to spend a little quality time with their children every day. Reading a story to them for 5 or 10 minutes is a wonderful way to do this. In this Book Series you will find her personal collection of 32 famous fairy tales and stories from around the world, voted by her children and grandchildren to be the family’s most favorite. Fairy tales from the greatest storytellers that have ever been as well as folk tales and lesser-known stories from unknown authors. These family favorites were shortened and re-written in a simple language that kids will understand. Moreover, all 4 books of the collection have illustrations to keep children's attention. 4 Good Reasons to Buy this Book! This book contains some of the most favorite classic fairy tales which are: Shortened to 5-7 minutes in length, for the busy mom or dad’s convenience. Formatted for ease of use on your Kindle. Appropriate for ages from 6 to 12 and also very pleasantly readable for grownups! Rewritten in a simple and attractive style, but still containing words that will encourage your children’s vocabulary development. Contents: THE FISH AND THE RING RIQUET WITH THE TUFT (THE UGLY PRINCE) RUMPELSTILZCHEN THE BREMEN TOWN MUSICIANS THE FROG PRINCE THE ROSE TREE THE PRINCESS AND THE PEA THE GYPSY QUEEN Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ with illustrations! Buy Now with 1-Click! More Books in the Fairy Tales Collections 5 MINUTE BEDTIME STORIES FOR CHILDREN VOL.1 --> Contents: HOW THE OLD WOMAN GOT HER WISH THREE SILLIES THE MILLER, HIS SON AND THEIR DONKEY ARMADILLO’S SONG JACK HANNAFORD TIKKI TIKKI TEMBO LAZY JACK THE STORY WITHOUT AN END THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES WHAT WE PLANT, WE WILL EAT Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ <