Deadly Devotion (Deadly Alliances Book 2)

Candle Sutton - 2015
     Running a group home for at-risk kids is challenging enough, but everything changes when he witnesses a murder. And not just any murder. A serial killer has stalked the city for weeks and Paul is the only witness. The press haunts his every move, broadcasting his identity to the world, ensuring the killer not only knows who he is, but where to find him. The media spotlight could destroy the life he's so carefully constructed, because the killer isn't the only one hiding a secret. Not even the woman he loves knows the truth about his past. His secret is between him and God, and Paul's determined to keep it that way. US Marshal Milana Tanner is as tough as she is stubborn. The threat to Paul is real and experience has demonstrated the dire consequences of the wrong decision. In spite of her best efforts, Paul refuses all offers of protection. Between professional threats and the dangers facing Paul, she's spread thin, but she won't give up - or back down - until she knows Paul is safe... even if it requires putting herself in harm's way. As the killer escalates and circles closer, Paul and Milana fight to shield the people around them from a man with nothing to lose. Together, they'll do anything, and risk everything, to keep the children in Paul's care safe. When the killer strikes again, Paul goes after him personally. Stopping the killer will shake his faith in God and force him to confront his dark past. Will he be forced to sacrifice everything he holds dear to protect the people he loves most? Deadly Devotion, book two in the Deadly Alliances series, is a gripping story of danger, faith, and the power of truth to bring freedom in the lives of God's people.

A Ruthless Kind of Love 3

Latoya Nicole - 2018
    Back from the dead, he’s raining havoc on everyone, including his own family. Not sure how to handle one of their own being their enemy, the crew starts to fall apart. Ruthless Mafia thought they could handle the Cuban Cartel with ease, but with blood fighting against them too, their battle became a little harder. With their family under attack at every angle and members being taken out, they now have no choice but to call in a favor from someone who was labeled a menace to society. They knew with their help the Ruthless Mafia would rise again. Having an ally put their minds at ease, but when their lives end up on the line, they hit a point of no return, and even they may not be able to save them from the war that is to come. Will this be the end of the Ruths or will some miracle allow them to come out on top? Find out in the finale of A Ruthless Kind of Love 3

A Love Like This

Kay Shanee - 2021

Violet and the Connect 2

Tina J. - 2016
    She will do anything to keep Violet and Miguel away from one another; even if it means murder. If she can't have him then no one will. Violet is holding back a secret from Miguel so big their relationship may not be able to be repaired once he finds out what it is. Miguel still has an Empire to run; but his family remains the number one priority in his life. However, his deceit and betrayal will cause Violet to run into the arms of another; sending Miguel in a fit of rage so bad that he reveals a side to her she never thought she'd see.

Rescued by the Love of A Real One 2

Toy - 2019
    Once he and Michelle established the relationship that Ty never expected to want, his past comes back, causing chaos and strife. Michelle takes her role as the woman in Ty’s life, but unbeknownst to Michelle, the father of her child still has some unresolved feelings toward her. Ty and Michelle both are blindsided by the danger lurking around them and threatening their well-being, all in the name of love. Kylan was crushed to find out that his wife had been having an affair behind his back. His reputation as the calm brother quickly goes out the window as he attempts to move on from his unfaithful wife. Kylan is not only fighting for his sanity to remain intact; he is still looking for the people or persons who attempted to kill his brother. An unexpected meeting with someone makes Kylan think that moving on may be easier than he thought. Tonette knows she is wrong for being unfaithful; she acknowledges the error of her ways, but she refuses to let Kylan go. Even though Tonette did not adhere to her marriage vows, she wants Kylan to stand by his “until death us part.” Kylan is over the marriage and is taking steps to dissolve it, but Tonette has a bag of tricks to make sure she remains the wife of Kylan. Nichelle is happy for her sister’s happiness, but not happy with herself. Nichelle keeps her true feelings hidden, living with a façade to protect herself from hurt. Nichelle’s life is a smoke screen and mirrors, letting others believe that she is happy with her single status, and she is not afraid to show it in a loud and proud manner just as she always has. It isn’t until she meets the one person who can tame her attitude and set her body on fire that she starts to have problems with keeping her façade up. Nichelle begins to question everything she thought she knew about herself and how she lives her life.

The New Girl: Book 9 - Confession Time

Katrina Kahler - 2020

Mafia Boss's Unknown Black Daughter

Brittney Brooke - 2018
    She was the light in my dark underworld… I’ve never tried to deny who I am.Where I come from.And who I’m expected to be.But I am not my don father.It’s on me to change things.Take the “family business” in a more lawful direction.But that’s not my only game plan.I have other unfinished business in this city. And her name is Evelyn Davis. It’s been almost sixteen years.And she’s haunted my dreams ever since I left.I knew it wouldn’t be easy winning her over again.Convincing her that I was on the straight and narrow.However, I wasn’t the only one keeping secrets… Evelyn has a teenage daughter. I’ve done the math.And the resemblance is uncanny.The kid’s mine.Now, no matter what it takes, I will close up shop.To hell with the consequences… Note: Mafia Boss's Unknown Black Daughter is a steamy second chance romance between a mafia boss and his long lost lover.

Part Of The Family

Pamela Evans - 1995
    But, as much as she loves Stan, Lizzie senses a darker side to him that his mother cannot see. It isn't long before his bitterness causes Lizzie to question her relationship, and ultimately leads to tragedy...

Fallin' for a Boss 3

Lucinda John - 2015
    With Stacks gone, she decided to take a seat on his throne and run his cartel. Out for blood, Lala turns into this ruthless bitch as she sets out to take over the drug game while carrying a baby bag. Life for Lala is going great until a new love interest comes in the picture and stir things up. Old enemies resurface as well as new ones with one motive; to take down the new queen pin. There’s only one question, is Stacks really dead???

Torn Between The Plug And A Savage 2

Karma Monae - 2018
     After Cane's revelation on the depths of her husband's betrayal, she finds her self battling how to handle the truth without allowing it to fully break her. With Hoodsta by her side, Cane knows she can do almost anything, but how does that work when she's pregnant with his child, and still running one of the most lucrative Crip organizations in New Jersey? While Hoodsta’s ready to retire the game completely, Cane’s just getting started. Can Hoodsta stand to the left of his woman, or, does her unending love for the streets ultimately tear them apart ? Awakening in the hospital, after a tragic crash, Sanai is forced to face her reality along with a mean backlash from Saint. The two find themselves at odds carrying out selfish tactics to get the others attention, even though all they really want, is to be together. But how is that possible when Gerald is still lingering in her past and Mecia just doesn't seem to go away? Not to mention, Saint's new responsibility as the GMC's Vice President. With more of Gerald's skeletons falling out the closet, Sanai soon finds herself conflicted and torn between loving the once plug , and loving a young savage. However, is Saint still willing to take on her and her baggage? Or better yet, is Sanai willing to accept all of his.... For ten long years, All Havoc wanted to do was come claim his hood back after tucking his tail and doing his time. 'Wins come with losses' is his motto, and now that he's linked back up with his girls Tru and Cane, he just knows they are about to take things to a whole different level. While everything seems to be falling in place on the streets, there's still that one thing in his life lacking... soon Havoc sees maybe the person or thing he’s been searching for, has been right in front of him. Question is, will she be ready to reciprocate the love back or is he simply infatuated with the idea of finally being in love ? Cuz and Nika are your typical hood couple, trying to stack money, take care of their son, and live life to the fullest. Unfortunately, all of Cuz’s past wrongs seem to always knock them back to square one, making it hard for Nika to fully trust him. With Jahmara constantly using little Carson as a ploy to reel Cuz back in, Nika begins to question whether or not her and Cuz are truly meant to be. Giving up would be so much easier than the unknown , but the only issue with that is neither of them are prepared to live their lives without each other.... In this hood tale, we take a closer look into the lives of the crew and the people closest to them. With Gucc looming in the background stirring up beefs, stakes slithering their way inside the circle, who can really be trusted? Not everyone can hang with the Gang, and only the real understands!

The Protector (Brotherhood Series Book 3)

Vivian Rose Lee - 2017
    She lived to create and enjoy her carefree bohemian lifestyle. Life was good, until her father died leaving her to continue his legacy of Thornton Industries. She was an engineer, not some corporate shark. Therefore, she didn’t know where to begin, especially managing the day-to-day operations of retaining TI's successful multi-million dollar status. Before she could regroup to handle the inherited responsibilities, she started receiving personal threats against her life. When they escalated into life-threatening attacks, she had to accept around-the-clock protection from a man whose nearness was dangerous to her self-imposed celibacy. Olen Davidson was assigned to protect Zulayka. From the beginning, he made it known he was not happy with what he called "a babysitting assignment," but he went along "taking one for the team." He was even more disappointed when he met the woman in person. She was a twenty-first century hippie, with a high IQ, a smart mouth, and an eccentric personality. The easy assignment soon turned into international espionage with Zulayka’s company as the targeted prize. Olen’s cavalier attitude in protecting Zulayka almost caused her serious injuries. Now Olen is determined to put his life on the line to protect her. What he hadn’t asked for were the feelings he was starting to have for the unconventional nerd who wasn't his type. Hadn't watching her prevented him from a reunion with the woman who held his heart?

Stackin' Paper Part 3: Born Sinners

Joy Deja King - 2016
    Finally when he found the inner peace that always seemed to elude him tragedy strikes once again. With the potential of spending the rest of his life in prison and never reuniting with his wife again, Genesis will need the help of everyone who cares about him to ever be free. Can Supreme, Lorenzo, Amir and T-Roc do the impossible or are the cards stacked so high against him Genesis must accept that his fate has been written? Talisa and Skylar are both in love with the same man. One is his wife who Genesis believed was dead and the other is a woman he promised to share his future with. But only one can have his heart. What are the women willing to do in the name of love? Find out in Stackin Paper Part 3.

She Fell in Love With A Thug 2: Soul_Mates

Anjela Day - 2014
    The prince is out to prove he’s King, but competition from the street, jealous woman thirsting to have a part of this drug king, and a legacy to live up to; will Deuce thrive in The land of Cash, Cars, and Hoes or will it prove to be more difficult than his father made it look? Will this Kingdom stand tall in the hands of the young prince, or will Water prove to be greater than Blood… Only time will tell Welcome to Detroit

I Got A Thang for A Street King 2

Trenae - 2018
    To describe her heart as broken would be an insult of its own because she was long past that word. Left to pick up the pieces in the wake of Knight’s absence, Charde can’t seem to get back to the girl she once was. Grief, anger and betrayal fills her heart and without her only friend at her side, there doesn’t seem to be a rainbow showing up after all of this rain. Leaving the streets behind was always the plan for Knight, but what happens when the streets refuse to stay a thing of the past? With so many issues calling for Knight’s attention, it’s hard to decide what takes priority. While he knows that he just wants to be happy with Charde at his side, Knight is also aware that a pregnant Ainsley won’t just go away. Add to that the fact that she seems to have a closet full of secrets that are constantly spilling out, Knight will soon realize that the life he’s been living has been a lie. Trapped in her own form of prison, Ju-Ju is in full survival mode as key players are exposed in Gemini’s twisted plans for her group of friends. Playing the role of the beautiful wife to an abusive kingpin is a hard job but Ju-Ju knows that her life depends on making it believable. With outside help, she gains hope that she will make it out of her situation alive. But, what is she returning home to? With her relationship with her and Gunna in the balance, Ju-Ju is left unsure on if they will ever get back to each other’s heart. In fact, she isn’t even sure that she wants to get back to what they had after the dust settles. In the finale of this explosive series, lines are drawn and crossed countless times by both friends and foe. Family ties are tested, and some bonds are better left broken. It’s been said that nobody wins when the family feuds, but the question remains, will there be anything left standing of the Bentley clan when the dust settles?

Overdue For Your Lovin' 2: I Can Love You Better

Ro Monique - 2017
    But did his lapse in judgement cause Arahn her life? Charnae doesn’t care about anyone but herself and she doesn’t care if everyone knows that but Kiki has got her just where she wants her to it an end to all of that. Haleem! Just when he had found love with Jean here comes hating Tyrell to mess it all up again. All the couples are back with even more drama than before!!