ONE WOMAN, TWO LIVES - The Secret Journal of a Holocaust Survivor

Carolyn Mevorah - 2020

Displaced: A Holocaust Memoir and the Road to a New Beginning

Linda Schwab - 2020
    Just six years old when a band of Nazi soldiers arrived in her tiny shtetl in Myadel, Poland, Linda observed atrocities no child ever needs to witness. With her parents and two brothers, during the summer of 1942, Linda was forcibly relocated into a ghetto where most of the Jewish men were led to the nearby forest and killed in a pogrom. After the massacre, Linda escaped with her family into the Ponar Forest, but only after evading Polish nationals and Nazis that patrolled Poland's countryside. Deep in the woods, Linda's family lived in a cave. They survived brutal winters, eluded partisan fighters that might force Linda's father to leave the family, and remained out of sight from Nazis and Polish police, who at one point, came only feet from their dugout.Written with historian Todd M. Mealy during a time when Holocaust deniers aim to rehabilitate the Nazi ideology and as roughly 400,000 survivors remain with us, Displaced presents Schwab's singular voice. Her narrative will help maintain-if not bolster-Holocaust knowledge, as her story of surviving the Polish wilderness during WWII and in a Displaced Persons Camp after the war is unique from most accounts. Displaced will inspire the rest of us to confront hatred in its many forms.

The Last Daughter

Belle Ami - 2010
    The Nazis have begun their brutal march through her hometown of Radom, Poland. Dina’s happy world comes tumbling down and her family will never be the same. As the Nazi regime implements the systematic annihilation of every Jewish man, woman, and child throughout Europe, Dina and her family do everything they can to stay together. But can they make it through the war unscathed?As Dina matures from child to teenager, every day brings a daunting new challenge to survive. When she meets Natek Korman, a young man with sky-blue eyes that crinkle when he smiles, Dina experiences the first blush of love and a longing for a normal life. But what could be normal in a world of endless terror and numbing fear?From the harsh day-to-day existence in the Jewish ghetto under Nazi occupation to the grueling toil of the ruthless workcamps to the utter despair of the death camps of Auschwitz and Bergen-Belson, Dina’s story of survival is a heart-rending testament to the power of the human spirit.The Last Daughter is an extraordinary story of an ordinary girl. Based on the remarkable true story of Dina Frydman, a Jewish girl from Radom, Poland who is thrust into an unforgettable journey from the dawn of World War Two to the darkest days of the Holocaust. You will never forget Dina nor the millions of others like her.

Girl In Hiding: Remembrances of a Holocaust Survivor

Ellen-Ruth Karpowitz Song - 2017
    I was locked in the attic and only the older daughter, Len, was at home. I heard her say that she did not have a key to the attic door since her mother always carried the key, and I knew trouble had come. I moved over into a large box that was pushed under the eaves that was our agreed-upon hiding spot. I closed the top as best I could and soon heard the sounds of the attic door being broken down. In came a man to search the attic. More than once I saw the shadow of the searcher over me.” In this remarkable memoir, Ellen-Ruth Karpowitz Song recounts with astonishing clarity and a touch of humor her harrowing experiences as a child hiding from The Nazis in German-occupied Holland during World War II. Shuffled from family to family over an event-filled three-year period, Ellen-Ruth recalls how her saviors repeatedly risked their own lives to shield hers from the atrocities of the time. Ellen-Ruth’s grown children also provide their thoughts on their mother’s early history, and share insights into how this knowledge has affected their own lives. An extensive Appendix includes documentation of the ordeal and a photo gallery of lives lost and those left to carry on. Featured in Steven Spielberg’s SHOAH project, Ellen-Ruth’s amazing story is a memorable testimony of the strength of the human spirit. May we never forget...

Who's Next...?: Tales from the Southwest Pacific Theater in WWII

John Dejanovich - 2018
    Now, find out what really happened on that fateful flight as told by a surviving flight member, 1LT Floyd Fulkerson. Who's Next...? is an introduction to the history of the United States Army Air Force combat in the Southwest Pacific Area during World War II. Culled from combat reports, personal involvement, and associate flyer's recollections, these are the stories of the men who fought the air war over the ocean, islands, and jungle. The stories included are told from both the American and Japanese point of view and covers the 1942-1945 period of the war.

Thirty-Five Missions Over Japan

Philip D. Webster - 2019
    Philip D. Webster’s just-published WW2 memoirs, “Thirty-Five Missions Over Japan.” Read first-hand accounts of training and piloting B-17s and B-29s, Webster’s thrilling missions between Saipan and Japan, and the P-51s and P-47s out of Iwo Jima that flew alongside. Written from notes made in 1944/1945, stored undisturbed in an Army-issue briefcase for over 60 years. Drawn from vivid memory and written during the seven and a half hour flights back home after missions--notes about the fighters they had to contend with, planes shot down, flak encountered and damage done. This book puts you in the pilot's seat during one thrilling mission after another.

The Christmas Gift Collection (20 Book Box Set)

Hannah Schrock - 2018
    Stories of Christmas miracles, romance, and loving families will warm your heart. The Christmas Gift Collection Includes: Christmas Miracles The Christmas Gift, An Amish Love Story Christmas Noel A Duke of Christmas A Bride's Christmas Blessing An Amish Christmas Promise The Perfect Christmas Gift The Christmas Delivery The Christmas Bride The Christmas Bluestocking Sold as the Cowboy's Christmas Present The Amish Orphan's Christmas The Amish Orphan Finding a Family The Amish Orphan Finding Faith A Cowboy's Christmas Carol Faith in a Saint The Bride's Christmas Joy A Blessing For Christmas The Beauty and the Beastly Duke The Christmas Gift

Advance Men: My Reconnaissance Tour With Patton's Third Army

William C. "Bill" McCormick - 2017
    I served in Troop A of the 43rd Mechanized Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron as part of Patton’s Third Army from October 1943 to November 1945 and was on the front lines from August 5, 1944 until Germany's surrender on May 7, 1945. This is my story.

My Will to Live: My Story of Surviving the Holocaust

Eve Gordon - 2014
    His life is rapidly changed. His family is destroyed. An unbelievable story about escape, intrigue, survival and the miraculous ability of one young man to outwit and outlive his gestapo torturers.

The Commandant’s Dog: A WW2 Historical Novel, Based on a True Story of a Jewish Holocaust Survivor

Shmuel David - 2021

Where You Go, I Go: The Astonishing Life of Dr. Jacob Eisenbach, Holocaust Survivor and 92-year-old Full-Time Dentist

Karen McCartney - 2015
    This is the story of two brothers clinging together for survival after their family perished in the wrath of the Third Reich. Younger brother Sam clings to Jacob and voluntarily boards the Nazi death train with his brother when they came for Jacob. They struggled horrifically, and when the dust cleared at war's end, only one of them survived. Dr. Eisenbach is a 92-year old dentist practicing in Southern California. His fascinating and terrifying story is a page-turner. He has shared his longevity secrets and his sunny philosophy, as well as his forgiveness of his Nazi tormentors.

Sevek and the Holocaust : The Boy Who Refused to Die

Sidney Finkel - 2018
    Sevek and the Holocaust: The Boy Who Refused to Die is a unique and powerful memoir about a young boy's journey during the Holocaust and his effort later to make peace with the past.

Just A Little Girl: Despair and Deliverance

Anna Halberstam Rubin - 2018
    In this fascinating coming-of-age memoir of the years 1942-1946, the sole surviving descendant of a prominent European dynasty of Hasidic rabbis describes her miraculous survival as a teenager wandering through the Holocaust.

Auschwitz Rose: Inspired by the true story of Helena Citrónová and Franz Wunsch

FATHER Edward B. Gabriel - 2020
    Even in Hell, love can bloom.

The Sugar Girls - Joan's Story: Tales of Hardship, Love and Happiness in Tate & Lyle's East End

Duncan Barrett - 2012
    The work was back-breakingly hard, but the Tate & Lyle factory was more than just a workplace - it was a community, a calling, a place of love and support and an uproarious, tribal part of East London.<P>‘Joan had joined Tate & Lyle expressly for the social life, and she was determined to make the most of it. She could see that her old friend Peggy already had an established group of her own among the sugar girls, so she set about building a new set of friends. It wasn’t difficult for Joan, whose cheerful self-confidence, natural chattiness and naughty sense of humour acted as a magnet to those around her.’</P><P>In the years leading up to and after the Second World War thousands of women left school at fourteen to work in the bustling factories of London’s East End. Despite long hours, hard and often hazardous work, factory life afforded exciting opportunities for independence, friendship and romance. Of all the factories that lined the docks, it was at Tate and Lyle’s where you could earn the most generous wages and enjoy the best social life, and it was here where The Sugar Girls worked.</P><P>This is an evocative, moving story of hunger, hardship and happiness, providing a moving insight into a lost way of life, as well as a timeless testament to the experience of being young and female.</P><P>Includes Joan’s own personal photographs of life as a sugar girl.</P>