That Magical Moment

Connor Crowe - 2019
     An omega too busy helping others to find his own happily ever after... Nathan Willis doesn't need an alpha. At least, that's what he keeps telling himself. He's content enough crafting magical clothing for the people of Vale Valley, thank you very much. When a spell backfires, he becomes part of his very own Cinderella story--now if only he could forget the handsome alpha who mistook him for someone else... A sweet-toothed alpha looking for a place to call home... A wolf without a pack, Caius Valens longs for someone to treasure and take care of. It's hard to find someone to get close to when they don't know you're a shifter. His travels lead him to Vale Valley and the local Chocolatier's Gala, where he falls into his very own fairy tale. Right down to the mysterious beauty disappearing at the stroke of midnight. Can they find their way back to one another before the spell breaks? And will both men find themselves along the way? Welcome back to Vale Valley, where love is always in the air and magic lies around every corner. That Magical Moment is the first book in the Vale Valley Valentine's series. If you're looking for a sweet and steamy small town open to everyone in need of love and a home, you've come to the right place. This book contains magical clothing, incredible edible sculptures, way more than a dozen roses, and a feel-good happily ever after. Grab a glass of wine, a box of chocolate, and curl up with this heartwarming holiday read.

The Elf, the Cat, and the Human

Sasha L. Miller - 2011
    Then Akeid asks him out, and begins to return his feelings with interest.Edric has had a crush on Teric for ages, but has never known how to approach his best friend and say it. So he distracts himself at the clubs, hoping someone will be distracting enough. Then Akeid slips in and steals Teric away, and Edric wants badly to strangle the condescending, untrustworthy, far too beautiful elf.Humans and mongrel cats are beneath him, but a bet is a bet, and Akeid means to win it. Until he loses sight of the bet, all his attention on the pretty cat slipping beneath his skin—and the hissing, spitting, jealous human dogging his every step.

Following His Omega

Crista Crown - 2018
    Hanging out with a pile of raccoons sure seemed a lot more fun than staying alone in the dorms through the holidays. You’d think that if your family was actually a giant pack of mixed prey and predators, that would be something you’d mention, right? You’d also think that if your dad was a freaking lion, and your other dad a mythical phoenix, that would also be something you’d mention. And that of all your adopted siblings, your big brother bear was too hot for description? That doesn't deserve a mention? Apparently not. Following His Omega is a short story that takes place about fifteen years after Reaching For His Omega ends. A lot has happened as magic has seeped back into the world, as a result of freeing the Ancients, and our favorite pack is about to discover one of the consequences... 18+ readers only, please, as this story is lightly mpreg, features a giant bear with a giant... heart, a British hedgehog, and a lot of surprised squeaking.This short story was released as an exclusive freebie for a short period of time and is no longer published.

Dragon Hearts

Cree Storm - 2017
    They were created centuries ago, by the great Heck, to find and destroy serialists by any means necessary. Each member was gifted with a dragon that was connected to their soul. If one died, so did the other. The men didn't shift into the dragon, but they would call out and the maharishi would join them in the fight against evil. Not wanting their secret discovered, D.O.A. lived in a town called Drago, just outside Poconos Boulevard, and they hid behind their image as a badass motorcycle club Children were being murdered and Rene, otherwise known as Pit, along with his men were out to find out who was behind the copycat murders of a long time serial killer known as the Alphabet Killer. While questioning a victim's mother, Rene discovered his sentience, his mate. Now all he had to do was figure out how to tell the man he was not exactly human, and he better do it fast because his dragon heat was already kicking in. Bren was the local town veterinarian. He figured something was off about SI Rene Telkin. If not from the leather jacket with a large D.O.A. patch on the back, then maybe because he drove a navy Blue Harley Davidson CVO Street glider instead of a tan sedan. Bren was not the type to get mixed up with a biker club, even if the man was a cop. However, something kept drawing him to the sexy man and it seemed that nothing would break the bond they were forming. Not even when he discovered the secret all D.O.A. agents held. A large dragon for a partner. Now Rene needs to do his best to claim his mate and also track down a serial killer, because on the last body was a note threatening the good doctor of Poconos Boulevard.

Omega in Lace

Alice Shaw - 2018
    It was more than just a secret. Hank Mapplethorpe is hiding something big. When he meets the young and defiant Noah Palmer at a party, he wonders if he should finally let that secret go. That’s when he sees Adam Newton, a mysterious and famous photographer, known for his subversive imagery. Hank never felt comfortable with other guys, so he decides to stay away from them both. He has secrets. Too many to count. Although the two alphas claim to understand him, they need to know one thing: Hank gave up looking for love a long time ago. When Hank finds a set of devious pictures in Adam’s pocket, he realizes he can no longer keep running from the truth. He is now the subject of their dark and elaborate game. “The best love is made in threes…” Adam and Noah know all about desire. Dark impulses keep them awake at night, and the pleasures that society won’t accept, they refuse to let go. So when Hank decides to take off his robe and show the world who he really is, they fall for him hard. Love wasn’t supposed to come this easy, but the three of them want more. There’s only one way to the heart, but they never expected a love triangle as deep as this. If Hank finds the strength to come out, can he discover love in the arms of two men? Omega in Lace is a full-length MMM gay romance novel with a dash of mpreg. It is a 45,000 word omegaverse book. This novel contains hot and sexy leather action & some menage scenes, passionate angst & desire, and a HEA - a beautiful baby to keep you smiling for days. This mpreg romance is meant for 18+ readers.


Aleksandr Voinov - 2017
    With Kyle’s transformation underway, they’re heading toward alien space so Kyle can meet “the family” and work out just what being a human-alien hybrid will mean. He certainly doesn’t have access to any of the promised Glyrinny powers yet.On the way, however, they encounter a group of refugees who fled their home planet, Tamene, when the Doctrine moved in. A militaristic, collectivist power bloc, the Doctrine has been swallowing up planets and peoples in its mission to unite all of humanity in its own concept of “brotherhood.” Kyle finds it impossible to ignore that the Doctrine is about to destroy the culture of his home planet.But when they arrive on Tamene, the Doctrine officer in charge, Arkady Kidashell, is nothing like the “Doctrine zombies” of lore. A recent convert himself, Arkady gambles for nothing less than reform and peace, and Kyle and Grimm may be about to ruin his best-laid plans and intentions …Exile is the sequel to Incursion and set in the Doctrine Wars universe.

His Protective Mates (Broken Oaks Pack Book 1)

L.N. Manning - 2019
    When Marcus's brother, Lucas, challenges their uncle, the alpha cheats, leaving the brothers no choice but to run for their lives. Jace “J-Rod” Malone and Aaron Carrington are fated mates, but not your normal pairing. Both are alpha-born and know something is missing from their relationship. When they are called upon to help some friends, they find that missing something, another mate. But when Marcus disappears, can Aaron and Jace find him before it’s too late? Will they be able to stand together when another family conflict tries to force them apart? As their lives narrow to a single moment in time, are they strong enough together to move forward; as three?

Bonds of the Maleri'

Kate Steele - 2008
    Born with empathic powers, they devote themselves to the service of their planet as mediators, diplomats, doctors, lawmen and scholars. Where help is needed by any planet or people, they generously provide it. But even those with powers have their weaknesses. For the Maleri, the use of their gift can eventually cause madness, even death. The one thing that can prevent such an ill fated end is the taking of a mate. Male. One with whom they can join -- mind, body and soul.

Runaway Omega: Harley

Kaz Crowley - 2018
    When he finds a pregnant, homeless omega, he can't resist the chance to rescue him. An upstanding alpha always helps omegas, especially pregnant ones. Harley's just a human escaping abuse in his small town by coming to the big city. He's pregnant with his baby, Hunter, and needs a new life. When he runs into Carson, everything changes. The gentle, strong alpha is the perfect guy to protect Harley from his past. Lars knows he can't give Carson the baby they've always dreamed of. He never thought about adding to his relationship with Carson, but Harley—and the baby he carries—might just be the missing piece they both need. When Harley gets mixed up with a dangerous gang that has the city in its grip, Carson and Lars struggle to keep their precious omega safe. On top of that, Harley's past might be coming back to haunt him. The two alphas will stop at nothing to protect their omega—while they learn what a relationship with three men looks like. Runaway Omega: Harley is a story set in beautiful Stelline City, home of alpha and omega wolves and shifters of all kinds. This scorching hot book contains M/M/M goodness and a HEA.

The Rise of the Iliri: Books 1-3

Auryn Hadley - 2016
    In an exotic and dangerous post-apocalyptic world, a nation of terrorists under the thumb of an evil Emperor sets out to systematically destroy every race but their own. And they’re just about to succeed. Author Auryn Hadley deftly blends heart-stopping epic adventure with the age-old struggle between good and evil, hatred and love—all through the lens of an intriguing female lead, the likes of which the fantasy genre hasn’t yet seen. BLOODLUST, Book 1Private Salryc Luxx is iliri, a species bred by humans long ago for protection...and entertainment. Enslaved until being conscripted into the army for biting a military officer, Sal's only goal is to fight her way into the Black Blades, an elite army unit. The Blades instantly recognize her as the perfection of exactly what she was designed to be: an unequaled killing machine, yet irresistible to every man. Each of the Black Blades will die to protect her. Some of them will submit to the bloodlust that overtakes her in battle and can be quenched only by roughly passionate mating. Eventually, all of them will submit to her command. After months of training, she becomes the most lethal member of the unit. It will take much longer for them to teach her who she is: their destiny. INSTINCTUAL, Book 2Now that Sal has won her place in the Black Blades, she's struggling to find answers about how to fit in with her new family. That's a challenging assignment; it's an all-male family of seven of the fiercest warriors in existence, all of them iliri with superpowers kept secret from humans. Sal's Black Blade commander and lover, Blaec, does his best to guide her, with the full understanding that she will eclipse him and that he must prepare her to do so. His best advice: "Listen to your instincts more and everything will work out. Our entire culture can be summed up pretty easily. We do what is natural."For the matriarchal iliri, what is natural is that Sal is the undisputed leader of her pack. She makes everyone better; she especially makes everyone fight better. DEFIANCE, Book 3A kind deed on the part of Sal and her partner Cyno, helping what they take to be a wounded animal, leads to the discovery of their true nature, to strengthening and re-energizing their pack, and to a surprising alliancethat offers hope for the future. The wounded animal, they learn, is a grauor wolf, a species of ferocious warriors with language and traits nearly identical to iliri. When two of them ask to join her pack, Sal recruits them as Black Blades and the iliri are no longer the only dog in the fight for iliri freedom.As the defiance of an entire species rises up in her, she really has no choice—she’ll just have to change the world.

Crimson Painted Snow

Brea Alepoú - 2020
    If Snow White had a harem of demon wolves instead of dwarves. Driven away from claiming his title as the rightful heir to the coven of witches, Prince Snoe has made a new home for himself in the forest. When his peaceful life is once more disturbed by the stepfamily who wishes to see him dead, Snoe decides it’s time to fight back. Snoe makes a contract with a demon lord and his seven wolves. Revenge on his family in return for his immortal soul. Who knew that plotting the demise of your enemies, one by one, could be so sexy? Snoe will stand at the top once again, whether his throne is covered in blood and carnage. With seven demon wolves and a contract with a demon lord, Snoe will pay any price for his revenge. ***Crimson Painted Snow, the MM retelling of Snow White features multiple partners, mild blood play, darker theme, and more. Grim and Sinister Delights is a dark romance series based on classic fairy tales and stories. You will find standalone tales of gay romance that range in darkness and kinks. If you dare to take the challenge, read them all to find yourself lost in a classic that you think you know. These stories are for adult readers and may contain morally ambiguous themes.

Tian's Hero

Cherie Noel - 2012
    The possibly mythical pre-plague migrants hold the only key to survival for his entire race. Lewell'yn's situation would be difficult enough without receiving deliberately false information, and now he's light-years from reliable help and saddled with the two huge complications: a fiercely passionate healer, and a sweet, innocently sexy chef. The bombs are in place. The detonators are set. The chrono is ticking. Caught between two men desperate to escape the clutches pirates and an insidious, hidden enemy, can Lewell'yn find a path to become Tian's hero? CONTENT ADVISORY: This title contains scenes of rape.

Prince of Tricks

Jane Kindred - 2014
    One, by one, by one…Over the past century, Belphagor has made a name for himself in Heaven’s Demon District as a cardsharp, thief, and charming rogue. Though the airspirit is content with his own company, he enjoys applying the sweet sting of discipline to a willing backside. Angel, demon, even the occasional human. He’s not particular. Until a hotheaded young firespirit steals his purse—and his heart. Now he’s not sure who owns whom.A former rent boy and cutpurse from the streets of Raqia, Vasily has never felt safer than in the arms—and at the feet—of the Prince of Tricks. He’s just not sure if Belphagor returns those feelings. There’s only one way to find out, but using a handsome, angelic duke to stir Belphagor’s jealousy backfires on them both.When the duke frames Vasily for an attempted assassination as part of a revolutionary conspiracy, Belphagor will do whatever it takes to clear his boy’s name and expose the real traitor. Because for the first time in his life, the Prince of Tricks has something to lose.Product WarningsContains erotic sex: m/m, m/m/m, m/m/m/m…oh hell. Let’s just say “mmmmmm!” and be done with it. Also one m/f scene. Smart discipline meted out with a great deal of love and charm. Erotic sex acts requiring copious amounts of elbow grease.

Shadow of Temptation

Jessie Donovan - 2014
    However, just as she starts planning her final moves, a man she once called friend shows up wanting revenge.A man with an unusual power…Jorge Salazar is a Shadow-Shifter. After being forced to work for a sociopath for nine months, he strikes a deal to escape, but there’s a price for his freedom—he must capture the leader of a Feiru terrorist group and turn him in. Unfortunately, the only person who can help him succeed is the woman who not only betrayed his biggest secret, but also broke his heart.As the pair work against the clock to bring down the terrorist group and save another group of innocents from dying, an unexpected attraction builds. Will Sabrina and Jorge’s secrets be too much to overcome, or will their feelings be able to heal past wrongs?

Magical Arts Academy: Books 1-4

Lucia Ashta - 2019
     What would you do if you were invited to study at the Magical Arts Academy? Enroll, of course! Join Isadora and her crew of magical misfits. Embark on a wild adventure today! Omnibus 1 includes books 1-4 of the Magical Arts Academy: First Spell Winged Pursuit Unexpected Agents Improbable Ally