The Wild Rites Saga: Books 1-4

Anna McIlwraith - 2016
    Bills still gotta be paid. Especially when you’re heading into vet med. Emma Chase is nothing special -- if anything, with a roomie who turns into a jaguar on a regular basis, she’s the sidekick, not the heroine. Her superpowers have more to do with acing her finals and overworking herself. Knowing her best friend’s secret makes it easier to justify her own inclination to keep people at a distance, but it doesn’t change her life. But then the wild things show up on her doorstep, convinced she’s the fated savior of their race, telling her she’s destined to control the magic of -- well, Emma doesn’t quite catch that part, she’s too busy getting her ass the hell out of there. In a race for her freedom and her sanity, rival kingdoms clash and unlikely friends show up in the strangest of places. Emma’s determined to choose her own destiny -- but that gets more and more difficult, especially when she finds out she isn’t just the magical equivalent of a weapon of mass destruction -- she’s also a miracle cure for the mysterious wasting illness slowly but surely eradicating shapeshifter races the world over. Kings and queens, royals and rivalry, gods and monsters. This is the world Emma has to survive in now, but she wants more than survival. She wants to keep her friends safe, stay true to herself, and maybe do some good, all without getting her heart broken. But the odds are stacked against her. Violence. Magic. Inappropriate humor. Welcome to The Wild Rites Saga. This is an ongoing series, and all books are full-length reads with satisfying resolutions as well as a series-spanning story arc. Definitely no cliff-hangers -- just bad-ass shifters with one goal: claim the prize. Claim the Caller of the Blood. Includes books 1 - 4 of The Wild Rites Saga: Book 1 - The Jaguar King Book 2 - The Jackal Prince Book 3 - The Wolf's Heir Book 4 - The Serpent Priest BOOK 5 - THE RAVEN THIEF, OUT NOW


Sonya Loveday - 2013
    The Triad, are a powerful group, who would stop at nothing to obtain Jade and the missing spell book for leader, Lorenzo’s, nefarious plans. And now that she has absorbed the highly coveted magic contained inside the missing book, there is nowhere left for her to hide.With the help of her friends, Jade steps out from the shadows and learns how to fight back. But no one is prepared for Elinor-the woman bound inside of the book that’s trapped in Jade’s mind. Now she not only needs to protect herself from the Triad, but from what’s hiding inside her mind as well. Jade never expected the answer to it all would revolve around love.Edge is dark, mysterious, and a sworn member of the Triad. He also hides a secret past that threatens the thin line he walks between good and evil. Lives are at stake when Jade and Edge’s two worlds collide. Can Jade learn to trust him when he says he is her pre-ordained and vows to do everything he can to protect her? But more importantly, can she trust herself and the woman in her mind?

Curse of Souls

S. Mays - 2017
     College freshman Sverre Walker is just an ordinary guy trying to blend in during his first semester. Until the night he's attacked by Jessica, an agent for an ancient organization devoted to eliminating werewolves, vampires and other supernatural threats. Sverre learns from Jessica that he's not quite human. In fact, he’s superhuman. Sverre is host to the souls of countless great heroes from throughout the ages. The souls grant him untold power and special abilities. They also supercharge his arrogance and confidence, guaranteeing trouble. Now, Sverre has a choice — either work for Jessica's organization or…well, the alternatives aren’t great. If that wasn't enough, the paranormal creatures of the Underworld have plans for him as well. Sverre’s power could be the deciding factor in the epic war between human civilization and the creatures of darkness. To him, it all sounds like a drag.

Dark Wolf Adrift

Aimee Easterling - 2016
    Sick of beating up on pups who don't have the sense to back down from a challenge, the alpha finds peace as a warrior in the human-only military. Unfortunately, his strong inner wolf isn't content defusing bombs and battling sharks. Instead, the beast emerges, nearly tearing the limbs off a poaching shifter before setting its sights on Hunter's human dive mate. No longer able to trust his animal half among defenseless humans, the outcast alpha struggles to reenter shifter society. But will his tenuous grasp on werewolf politics be enough to stand up against backstabbing pack leaders intent upon expunging Hunter's last shred of humanity? This 40,000 word novella is a prequel to USA Today bestselling author Aimee Easterling's "tense, dramatic, sexy, and intriguing" Alpha Underground series.

Hunted Witch Agency; Complete Collection

Rachel Medhurst - 2019
    But I couldn't care less about which kind of magic is better. All I want to do is keep my head down and get on with my new job as an investigator at the Hunted Witch Agency.... A recent, shall we say, mistake, has put me in place to inherit the leadership of the warlocks. Which means only one thing. I have a choice to make: Leave behind my life of witchery to become a warlock... Or lose my warlock magic forever! Complicating my choice is the fact that someone is trying to destroy the warlock coven. If I don't stop them, the warlocks will be annihilated. The task seems impossible until Gerard Freshwater, a distractingly handsome witch, explodes into my life. He's determined to make me see that being a witch isn't just the best option, but the only option! Magically Bonded (Hunted Witch Agency #2) If magic could kill, it would! Or, at least it would kill Devon Jinx... Half warlock, half... well, it used to be half witch, but I’m not so sure anymore. Ever since I defeated a powerful witch, my magic isn’t what it used to be. And, yet, I still hunt the ring leaders of the witch slave trade... Until a more unsavoury plot appears. Gerard, my handsome agent partner, works with me to unravel the mystery of the warlock and witch gatherings. Apparently, they want to do a lot more than party. They’re prepared to create half-breeds, like me, to keep the warlock coven safe from the witches who threaten it... And yet, from my own experience, being a half witch, half warlock, isn’t all fun and games. If I don’t stop the rogue supernaturals, the poor beings that are born into the world will face the same ultimatum as me: To choose just one type of magic… or die! Magically Betrayed (Hunted Witch Agency #3) Betrayal runs in the family… The Hunted Witch Agency is hot on the heels of the leader of the witch slave trade. I’m determined to bring them down, even though they’re closer to home than I realise. Gerard, the only male keeping me sane, is ready to put them down for good. Until I’m kidnapped! The witch who takes me has a personal vendetta. She can torture me all she likes, but she’ll never make me give up my mission to end her enterprise. And her! I’m witch royalty, I’m a warlock disgrace. And now, I’m kidnapped. However, my magic is under control. For now. How long can I keep avoiding the inevitable? Magically Banished (Hunted Witch Agency #4) Betrayed... Banished... Bothered? Since inheriting the link to the main source of warlock magic, the bounty on my head has quadrupled. If I don’t find a way to disconnect from the powerful source, the warlocks will hunt me down! Banished to the city of Edinburgh for protection, I throw myself into a new case. Magic drugs are on the rise, and the agency is tasked in bringing down the coven responsible for pushing contaminated batches! But with a powerful witch mob leader protecting our culprit, we may run out of time. In an effort to prevent further deaths, I use my magic... and bring the warlocks back onto my trail. Will I be able to stop the massacre before the warlocks find an excuse to end me for good? Magically Blended (Hunted Witch Agency #5) Case closed? Maybe not... I’m a protector of the ley lines, and I’m also the direct link to warlock magic. No wonder I’m amazingly amazing right now. Although, this amount of magic is making me shaky. Is any paranormal creature built to hold so much? Fighting the urge to use my magic every waking hour, I throw myself into the unfinished case of the Scottish mob coven and their poisoned drugs. My ignorance led me to believe that I’d wrapped everything up with a bow. And, yet, when our original culprit throws blame on the mob leader, we have to find evidence. Do we release our enemy to get our proof? Even at the risk of losing him? Either way, his fate, and mine, will be decided on the day of the solstice. Will I be magically blended or magically broken? This is the final book in the Hunted Witch Agency series. Devon is going to miss you.

The Ian Dex Supernatural Thriller Box Set One

John P. Logsdon - 2018
    Millions of pages read. *INCLUDES BOOKS 1-4* Nearly 900 pages of action-packed adventure. The Merging (Book 1) Ian Dex is a genetically-engineered cocktail of man, beast, and magic. His heightened senses propelled him to chief of paranormal police in Las Vegas… and gave him a ravenous sexual appetite. But it’s easier to keep it in his pants when he and his crew are attacked by a gang of uber-mutated vampires and werewolves… As he and his crew attempt to find a weakness in the “ubernaturals,” he receives a proposition from their ruthless leader. If he joins their side, Dex will get his hands on a seven-foot-tall succubus with glutes that could squeeze diamonds from coal. To save his crew and the world, Dex must fight a new way to fight… all while battling a serious case of blue balls… Grave Creatures (Book 2) Playboy police chief Ian Dex gets paid the big bucks to keep Las Vegas tourists focused on jackpots, not paranormal threats. But when local cemeteries start spitting out their dead like quarters, he and his supernatural crew aren’t strong enough to handle the onslaught. He may just need the help of some tourists to put the necromancer and his zombies down… To make matters worse, an irresistible succubus has the hots for Dex: a welcome distraction if it weren’t for the horde of increasingly modified walkers headed his way. As the zombies approach, Dex and his team must devise a last-shot creative solution to get the normals involved without losing the city to chaos and corpses… Blood Bane Tower (Book 3) Las Vegas police chief Ian Dex loves the thrill of chasing skirts and paranormal perps alike. When ex-cons kidnap a young human woman, he rushes to save the damsel in distress. But after the rescue, Ian can’t help but feel slighted when the woman looks past his superhuman sexual aura and falls for his wizard instead. It’s even worse when his whole department gets trapped in the Netherworld with a trio of hungry dragons… To save his crew and stop a plot for Overworld domination, Ian has to make it through all nine levels of Hell. If he takes one wrong step, the thin line between the darkness and the light may just shatter forever… London Growl (Book 4) Millionaire playboy and Las Vegas paranormal police chief Ian Dex hit a bit of an emotional snag when his long-time partner, Rachel Cress, made the decision to join the London Paranormal Police Department (PPD). When word comes in that Rachel has been kidnapped, Ian rushes off across the pond in order to save her. But in order to track her down, he must team up with Rachel's current partner, a man who clearly idolizes James Bond. It’s even worse because Ian's current partner, Harvey the werebear, decides he wants to play the part of Sherlock Holmes… To save Rachel and stop the unleashing of werewolf hell on London, Ian has to go toe to toe with the biggest wolf he's ever seen. If he fails, the meager expanse between life and death may just open up and swallow them all… If you like mythical creatures, racy comedy, and brazen officers, then you’ll love John P. Logsdon and Christopher P. Young’s fun-filled adventures. Click or tap Buy Now to start this wolfishly great read today! Ian Dex Supernatural Thriller eBook categories: Dark Fantasy Supernatural Thriller Witches & Wizards Urban Fantasy Thriller Supernatural Shifter

Fire Rising: Part 4

Donna Grant - 2014
    Using every ounce of skill, wit, and brute strength, he must get her back, no matter how high the stakes are. Facing the enemy is a daunting task, but Sammi's love is worth every Fire Rising: Part 4.

Blackwood: The Dynasty Series Book One

Marian Gray - 2017
    She has a destiny to fulfill. Together they’ll find there are bigger things than failure to fear. Kim Blackwood hails from a dying wizard family. Magic used to appear every generation, and then every other generation. Now it has become so rare that some would like to forget the magical bloodline ever existed. But with the arrival of an acceptance letter, the truth can no longer be kept hidden.
 Sucked into a secret society of wizards and witches, Kim is forced to navigate a world of fame, glory, and legend—all while learning how to wave a wand. Everyone is watching and waiting for her to break.
 Fortunately for Kim, she has caught the eye of an adept wizard—Elijah Harlow. He’s talented, successful, and unattainable. At least that’s what Kim was led to believe. A twirling romance soon entwines the two into a delicate charade that cannot fail or else Kim’s future as a witch is at an end. If you enjoy exciting paranormal romances and urban fantasies with a twist, then you’ll love Blackwood and the Dynasty Series. Contains explicit love scenes and is intended for a mature audience.


Carmen Caine - 2017
    I, Naz Beauchene, was the first, official family dud. Born into a long line of illustrious shifters of the feline variety, my family fully expected me to blossom into a panther or maybe even a cherished lioness. They got neither. Not even one spark of magic stirred my blood. But then one day, a handsome Nether Reach Keeper crashed through the door where I worked as an imp trainer...and everything changed. Approximately 15,500 words

Matched with the Demon

Ripley Proserpina - 2017
    Meeting Delia, a half-human, half-demon child, challenges her logic. Desperately alone, the girl searched for someone to keep her safe and finds Lucia. Armaros spent his eternal life mired in guilt. Choosing to live life according to his desires and whims, he forced his sister to fall from grace, damning them both. When she vanished, abandoning him and all they’d built together, he pursues. The last thing the Fallen expected to discover was the impossible existence of her child and the fragile human intent on keeping her safe. Thrust together, Armaros and Lucia must flee the forces of Heaven and Hell. Determined to protect Delia, they must set aside their differences. Despite the insurmountable odds stacking against them, can they accept that fate put their paths on a collision course? Or are they doomed to fail, losing not only Delia, but also the only other person in the universe who understands them?

Shadow Wood Academy Chronicles: Book One

Ally Summers - 2019
     I know what you’re thinking. Sad lonely professor finds herself with five sinfully hot men who want her and suddenly life is magical and happy. I wish that was real. That’s not how this story goes. You have no idea what happens inside the gates at Shadow Wood Academy. Neither did I until I was summoned by the broody headmaster. Lured is a more accurate way to describe how Jake Windsor tricked me into walking through the academy’s doors. Humans don’t attend Shadow Wood. Not as students or teachers. I learn that the first night I’m locked in the faculty tower with no way out. Guys are howling outside my window. There is a girl walking on the roof. And I swear one kid keeps licking his lips every time he sees me. I need to escape, but there is something alluring about the men who want me to stay. I’m drawn to them, even when I know I should run for my life. Strong. Gorgeous. Sculpted muscles for miles. But did I mention they aren’t human? I have no plans to give in to them, no matter what they swear my purpose is, until I discover that without me the innocent inside the school could become orphans—or worse—snatched up by a rogue agency. I’m used to taking care of myself, and fighting for everything I have, but saving them feels impossible. I’m strong enough to stand my ground against five of the hottest men I’ve ever met if it means saving lives, right? I didn’t know destiny could be so tempting or so dangerous. Get ready to sink your teeth into this full-length reverse harem paranormal fantasy academy romance about the adults who run the school. Shadow Wood Academy Chronicles Book One is the first in a series with a smart, independent heroine and her five scorching hot men. There is plenty of steam to go around in this slow burn, epic romance with villains, corrupt agencies, troubled childhoods, a school for the supernatural, and so much more.

Null Witch

Lori Drake - 2019
    A threat to those with it. Can she unlock her heritage to save innocent lives? ER nurse Emily Davenport was born a null—a powerless witch. Ignoring the contempt of her prestigious magical family, she seeks out normalcy in New Mexico. But when a local spellcaster lands in her emergency room drained of power, she fears something evil lurks in her southwestern sanctuary.When she alerts the police, their sole Magic Crimes detective desperately needs Emily’s help in locating the suspect. But while rescuing a witch under attack, she awakens a mysterious ability that could be the key to protecting her kind.Can Emily wield her gifted birthright before more witches get burned?Null Witch is the first book in the action-packed Secondhand Magic urban fantasy series. If you like unique worlds, sassy characters, and paranormal adventures with a distinctive southwestern flavor, then you’ll love Lori Drake’s thrilling tale. Buy Null Witch to cast a spellbinding journey today!


Jennifer Snyder - 2020
    On the run from her ex-boyfriend, Tris Abbott finds herself at Gem Creek Campground. A place that unexplainably feels like home, but holds secrets. It’s here Tris’s world flips upside down when she learns shifters are real and she’s chosen to save them.Before she can come to terms with the supernatural world she’s been introduced to, her past catches up.Face-to-face with her ex again, Tris must decide between fight and flight. Round two will be different though, because this time she knows what her ex is—a shifter.

Blue Blooded

K.M. Raya - 2020
    Forgotten. Disgraced...My name is Blue Graves. I come from one of the greatest lines of vampire slayers in existence. A true legacy... or, at least I used to be. Ten years ago, my sister and I were banished after a tragedy that still haunts me. But I never let myself forget where I come from, or what I am.When a pardon arrives at my door in the form of a coveted acceptance letter to the slayer training university of my dreams, I have no choice but to accept. I've trained for this opportunity. I've spent every single night of my exile hunting the creatures of the dark and turning them to dust with the business end of my silver-tipped stake.As thrilled as I am to finally be back home, the other students definitely don't share the sentiment. While ignoring the perplexing glares of a mysterious guy with the saddest eyes I've ever seen, the unrelenting attention of an overbearing werewolf who thinks I'm his mate, and the sly smirks of a darkly seductive new student, I try my hardest to make a place for myself and regain the honor and prestige that the Graves family once had. But when students start turning up undead on academy grounds, and the nearby human city falls under attack, all fingers point to me, the one Slayer who doesn't deserve to be here.Disclaimer: This is a Reverse Harem #whychoose novel in which one girl has multiple love interests. 18+ due to bullying, violence, strong language, crude humor and graphic sexual content.  A different version of this book was previously published under the author's maiden name: Kayla Michelle.

The Mageri Series Box Set

Dannika Dark - 2013
    But she is not alone. Zoe must learn to trust the new men in her life that are friends, protectors, and companions.But only one will be her lover.STERLINGZoë Merrick lived an ordinary life until late one night, she was brutally attacked and left for dead.She survived, saved by a stranger who witnessed her undergo a physical transformation. That's not the only thing that's different. Zoë is unable to control an unexplainable energy coursing through her body.Justus De Gradi is a man who can teach her that control. He's handsome, arrogant, and not entirely human. He reveals that she is a Mage - an immortal made of light, not magic. She must now make a choice: Rebuild her life in the human world with the man who saved her, or live with Justus and learn how to use her extraordinary gifts. Justus has sworn an oath to protect her life, but can he guard her from the one man who has a right to claim it?Zoë learns the price of freedom...and the value of loyalty.TWISTMonths after moving to the mysterious city of Cognito, Silver is developing her gifts as a Mage and learning how to live under new laws. She is forced to give up her old life and live in secret among the humans. There is finally hope of leading an ordinary life . . .Until Logan Cross walks into it.Their chance meeting leads her close to discovering the identity of the nameless Mage who once stole her light and discovered the unique power she possesses. That knowledge poses an unimaginable threat to Silver, fueling the search to find out who he is before he finds her.Lives are at stake. Truths are revealed. And an unexpected passion ignites.IMPULSEAlmost one year ago, a Mage attacked Silver and changed the course of her destiny.Immortals exist, and now she is one of them.Within the dark and supernatural city of Cognito, Silver is living under the watchful eye of her Ghuardian and dating her mortal enemy. Neither man can protect her from a dark secret, one buried within the contents of a box. As rival factions struggle to gain control, she finds herself in the middle of a centuries-old feud that threatens to drive a wedge between her and Logan Cross, the man who intends to seduce her.In an explosive turn of events, one life is saved and another is forever altered. Can Silver trust those around her, or are they hiding a dark secret of their own? SEVEN SERIES READING ORDER: Book 1 - Seven Years (Seven Series #1)Book 2 - Six Months (Seven Series #2)Book 3 - Five Weeks (Seven Series #3)Book 4 - Four Days (Seven Series #4)Book 5 - Three Hours (Seven Series #5)Book 6 - Two Minutes (Seven Series #6)Book 7 - One Second (TBA) SEVEN WORLD Charming (TBA) MAGERI SERIES READING ORDER: Book 1 - Sterling (Mageri Series: Book 1)Book 2 - Twist (Mageri Series: Book 2)Book 3 - Impulse (Mageri Series: Book 3)Book 4 - Gravity (Mageri Series: Book 4)Book 5 - Shine (Mageri Series: Book 5) Final Installment!OTHER BOOKS:Closer: A Novella