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This Book Will Make You Feel Beautiful by Jessamy Hibberd


Playing With Fire

Katie Price - 2017
    She’s determined to resist his advances, but it’s only a matter of time before sparks start to fly. Will she risk putting everything she’s worked so hard for on the line for Connor? Because as the temperature rises, it will soon become clear that someone is trying to sabotage Indigo’s efforts from the inside. Things are hotting up, and there’s everything to play for…

My Christmas Wish

Julia Williams - 2015
    As Christmas comes around, Joe only wishes for one thing. Will his Christmas wish come true?

My Only Child

Sam Vickery - 2020
    His eyes are closed, his tiny rosebud mouth is pursed in sleep. My eyes well up as I catch a whiff of his newborn skin and I swallow back a wave of emotion. I should feel happy, I should feel grateful, but all I can think about is everything I just lost…It’s a miracle when Katherine’s baby boy is born healthy. But his twin sister doesn’t survive, and when Katherine is told she can’t have any more children the loss is almost too much for her to bear.Katherine always saw herself having a big family: she remembers how the loneliness of being an only child used to overwhelm her, and she is desperate to adopt a sibling for her son.But her husband Davis won’t agree. He worries that Katherine will struggle when the new baby arrives. What if growing their family only adds to the grief she feels over losing her little girl? What if this breaks their marriage apart?And Katherine is forced to make a choice. Give up the second child she has always dreamed of or risk losing the family she already has?An unforgettable and heart-wrenching page-turner about fighting for those we love. Readers of Jodi Picoult, Diane Chamberlain and Kate Hewitt will remember this story forever.

Miracles Now: Inspirational Affirmations and Life-Changing Tools

Gabrielle Bernstein - 2015
    When in doubt, put your hand on the deck and say, ‘Thank you, divine guidance. I need a Miracle Now. Show me what you’ve got!’ Trust in the guidance you receive and let it inform your next right action.” —Gabrielle Bernstein

The Perfume of Silence

Francis Lucille - 2010
    Based largely on actual dialogues between Francis Lucille, a spiritual teacher of non-duality, and some of his disciples, the music of freedom that it conveys resonates between the words, and gives the reader an inkling of the peace and happiness that are experienced in the presence of an authentic master. Francis Lucille was for over twenty years a close friend and disciple of Jean Klein, a well recognized French teacher of non-duality. They both belong to a lineage of Advaita Vedanta teachers stemming from India. (Advaita Vedanta is the main nondualist Hindu spiritual tradition). Jean Klein's guru, Pandit Veeraraghavachar, was a Professor at the Sanskrit College in Bengalore. Their teachings, despite some superficial similarities, are quite different from those of most contemporary western neo Advaita teachers.They emphasize for instance the importance of the direct transmission from guru to disciple, through presence, beyond words, and they recognize that the same universal truth was expressed by various saints, philosophers and teachers throughout history and across the world. That which matters here is not the form of the teaching, direct or gradual for instance, as much as the authenticity of the teacher, the vibrancy of his realization, the outpouring of his love, the freedom of his humour, the brilliancy of his intelligence, the splendor of his poetry, the spontaneous sharing of his peace. Nonduality is the common ground of Buddhism (especially Zen and Dzogchen), Advaita, Sufism, Taoism, the Kabbalah, the Gnosis and the teachings of Jesus in the Thomas Gospel, the teachings of Parmenides, Plotinus, Gaudapada, Abinavagupta, Meister Eckhart, Ramana Maharshi, Atmananda Krishna Menon, Ananda Mai and many others.


J.A. Marley - 2016
    Marley's unmissable debut, Standstill.Even the deadliest criminals leave a trail…When a psychotic policeman drags the young, ambitious thief, Danny Felix out of bed, he could not imagine he was about to be plunged into the robbery of a lifetime. Corruption and coercion follow the corrupt Detective Inspector Harkness everywhere he goes and now he has Danny just where he wants him. But Harkness isn’t the only officer with Danny in his sights. Christine Chance is getting closer to him while doing her best to be a mother to her seriously ill daughter. Can Danny escape Harkness with his life intact? Can he avoid detection by Chance? And does he have what it takes to use the streets of modern-day London to pull off the theft of the 21st Century? Danny thinks he can...but there will be bloodshed. Standstill is hard-boiled crime thriller which will appeal to fans of authors like Jeffery Deaver, Robert Bryndza, Lisa Unger, Michael Connelly, and Barbara Nickless

Peaceful Action, Open Heart: Lessons from the Lotus Sutra

Thich Nhat Hanh - 2009
    Thich Nhat Hanh explores the Sutra’s main theme-- that everyone has the capacity to become a Buddha, and that Buddha-nature is inherent in everything--but he also uniquely emphasizes the sutra’s insight that Buddha-nature is the basis for peaceful action. Since we all will one day become a Buddha, he says, we can use mindfulness practices right now to understand and find solutions to current world challenges. In his interpretation of the sutra, he suggests that if the practices, views, and insights of the Lotus Sutra would find application not only by individuals but also by nations, it would offer concrete solutions to transform individual suffering and the global challenges facing the world today.Stamped with his signature depth of vision, lucidity, and clarity, Thich Nhat Hanh’s insights based on the wisdom of the Lotus Sutra invoke a wide range of contemporary topics and concerns, such as the Palestinian-Israeli war, the threat of terrorism, and the degradation of our environment. In proposing radical new ways of finding peaceful solutions to universal, contemporary conflicts, he not only challenges the U.N to change from an organization to a real organism working for peace and harmony in the world, but also encourages all branches of all governments to act as Sangha. In so doing, he demonstrates the practical and direct applicability of this sacred text to today's concerns.This book has been re-released with a new title, Peaceful Action, Open Heart. The earlier hardcover edition was entitled Opening the Heart of the Cosmos.

7 Thoughts to Live Your Life By: A Guide to the Happy, Peaceful, & Meaningful Life

I.C. Robledo - 2018
     They can drag you down or Lift You Higher and Higher to better places than you could have dreamed of. Many people focus on improving their habits, and this can be useful, but it is very difficult to make a long-lasting positive change when you don’t have the Right Thoughts in mind. With this book You will learn what the Right Thoughts are, and they will help reveal the path to your best life. The 7 Thoughts to Live Your Life By will provide you with the most compelling Thoughts that have the power to help you Make Your Dreams into a Reality , find happiness, achieve success, overcome the obstacles on your path, and become your best self. Internationally bestselling author I. C. Robledo discovered the 7 Thoughts after suffering through a dark depression. While meditating one day, he asked himself how he could live a better life and the 7 Thoughts came to him in a flash of insight. He transformed his life with the 7 Thoughts and would like to help you to do the same. These Thoughts have also been found in religious and philosophical texts from the East to the West, and they have been supported through modern scientific findings. Are You ready to tap into an Eternal Wisdom that transcends any single era, philosophy, religion, or culture? Are You Ready to Awaken? When you learn the 7 Thoughts and master them, you will be ready to Awaken and be able to: Consciously use the 7 Thoughts to create a good, happy, peaceful, and meaningful life Understand that a simple Thought holds immense power, and can have effects on the other side of the world Be a great source of positive energy, and diminish or stop creating experiences of sorrow, anxiety, stress, and pain for yourself and for others Turn a Superpain into a Superpower, meaning to convert painful, difficult, or negative experiences into superpowers, or positive and desirable experiences Accept the Now, love the Now, and understand that the Now is all there is, rather than needing things to be some other way Discover your gift in order to give it away to the world Align your thoughts, words, actions, beliefs, values, and desires to become a unified, happy, and transcendent being Become a limitless being and shine with the stars with the 7 Thoughts to Live Your Life By. Pick up your copy today by scrolling to the top of the page and clicking BUY NOW.

Jamie Dornan: Shades of Desire

Alice Montgomery - 2015
    The little-known actor is about to become the hottest sex symbol on the planet, but he remains almost as enigmatic as Christian Grey himself.Becoming Christian Grey will reveal everything fans want to know about the mysterious Mr Dornan, including his tragic childhood, his career as a Calvin Klein model, Keira Knightley and coping with fame. This biography will be the first to show what Jamie Dornan is really like behind closed doors.

Anxiety Rebalance: All the Answers You Need to Overcome Anxiety and Depression

Carl Vernon - 2015
    Don't waste another minute.' In this refreshingly honest and open book, Carl shares his personal experience and the principles he used to go from being housebound to helping others across the world overcome anxiety and depression. This step-by-step guide teaches you all the answers you need to know including: - The truth about anxiety and depression by exposing them for what they really are. - How to instantly reduce your stress and anxiety and feel immediate relief. - How by overcoming just one thing, you will overcome all anxiety related symptoms and disorders including panic attacks, social anxiety, OCD, and agoraphobia. - Why BALANCE is the only real solution for overcoming anxiety and depression, and the ten actions you need to take to achieve lifetime change.

Abi's House

Jenny Kane - 2015
    As a child on holiday in a Cornwall she fell in love with a cottage – the prophetically named Abbey’s House. Now she is going to see if she can find the place again, relive the happy memories … maybe even buy a place of her own nearby?On impulse Abi sets off to Cornwall, where a chance meeting in a village pub brings new friends Beth and Max into her life. Beth, like Abi, has a life-changing decision to make. Max, Beth’s best mate, soon helps Abi track down the house of her dreams … but things aren’t quite that simple. There’s the complicated life Abi left behind, including her late husband’s brother, Simon – a man with more than friendship on his mind …Will Abi’s house remain a dream, or will the bricks and mortar become a reality?

Present, Not Perfect: A Journal for Slowing Down and Living with Grace, Meaning, and Connection

Celeste Bellemore - 2017
    This journal cuts to the heart of the problem by showing women how to reconnect with their inner selves through solitude, introspection, and contemplation of what's truly important to them as individuals and family members.

Let That Sh*t Go

Nina Purewal - 2019
    But It Doesn’t Have To Be.■ get Rid Of Past And Future Worries■ love Yourself Unconditionally■ accept What You Can’t Control■ live Authentically■ use The “f”word (forgivness)In Let That Sh*t Go, the authors share the wisdom they’ve gained though decades of practising and teaching others to find peace of mind. Learn to put your life in perspective, take each day one step at a time and steal moments of calm amid the chaos. And remember: it’s not worth holding onto that sh*t.NINA PUREWAL founded Pure Minds, a company that conducts mindfulness and meditation workshops for the public and corporate sector. KATE PETRIW is the founder of Mind Matters, an organization that holds mental health workshops focused on reducing stress and negative thinking patterns. “Stomach stress gurgles are no match for this spinning Rolodex of chill pills.”NEIL PASRICHA, #1 Bestselling Author

Self-Compassion - I Don't Have To Feel Better Than Others To Feel Good About Myself: Learn How To See Self Esteem Through The Lens Of Self-Love and Mindfulness and Cultivate The Courage To Be You

Simeon Lindstrom - 2014
     >>> 16 ADDITIONAL BOOKS INCLUDED! LIMITED TIME OFFER!<<< Our hyper connected world bombards us with images of phenomenally successful celebrities together with the expectation that we should want nothing but the best for ourselves at all times. But in a bustling world of 7 billion people, carving out a meaningful niche for ourselves can be daunting to say the least. It's understandable that people feel the need to bolster their self esteem. Faced with millions of glossy images in the media about how we should live our lives, some have turned to trying even harder still to keep up. Others have merely given up. It's no exaggeration that people in the 21st century live in a world of infinitely more possibilities than any generation before them. We have experts and gurus of all stripes telling us that the life we have now is nothing compared to what we could achieve – and yet, we're as depressed and lacking in confidence as ever. Self help books on the market today will tell you one of two things: either that you are perfect already as you are and needn't worry, or that with just a little (well, a lot) of effort, you can reach those goals. Be the best, smartest, most successful, thinnest and relentlessly happiest version of yourself possible. No excuses! This book takes a different approach to self esteem altogether. If you're feeling overwhelmed and worthless, inundated with information, struggling to juggle life, expectations, and disappointments... it may be time for a little self-compassion. Unlike self esteem or an inflated confidence level, self-compassion is a different way of looking at yourself and others, warts and all, and a way more realistic acceptance of the way things are. Healthier than a high self esteem is a realistic, compassionate view of ourselves – and others. Generating our sense of self-worth from within means we have a more stable self-concept – one that can endure criticism while still learning from it. One that can honestly appraise who we are as human beings – and love and respect ourselves anyway. With self-compassion, you become unflappable, calm and self-assured - without the risk of narcissism or becoming self-absorbed. Through a series of exercises, this book will suggest a new, gentle yet extremely powerful attitude shift that can end feelings of self-hatred, doubt, shame and low self-worth forever.

Empty Nest, Full Life: Discovering God's Best for Your Next

Jill Savage - 2019
    But what now?! If you’re like most moms, you’re caught between grief and delight, and full of questions, loose ends, hopes, and regrets. Empty nesting can be a disorienting time, but it can also be the best time of your life.Jill Savage, an empty-nest veteran, offers youWISDOM for the murky waters ahead. Teaching you what you need to let go of and hold on toENCOURAGEMENT for when you’re feeling confused and discouraged. Full of stories and new insights, you’ll find your spirits lifted and hope renewed.IDEAS for when you don’t know "What’s next?" Jill offers loads of practical ideas for coping and thriving in this encore season.