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The Nightingale Trivet by Russell Mead


The Princess and the Superstar

Preethi Venugopala - 2018
    When he arrives at Sravanapura Palace with his director friend Rajeev Ratnam, little does he know that his life is about to change forever! Princess Kritika is overjoyed that Saketh Rao will play the role of her ancestor. But when she comes face to face with the arrogant superstar she is determined to scuttle the project.Fate, however, has different plans for them. The feisty couple is soon head over heels in love with each other. As they uncover the secrets of Hari Varman's life, Saketh makes a discovery that can rip them apart and their new-found love. Will the secrets and lies of the past deny them a future together? Or will they overcome the obstacles to true love?

Fury in the Storm: Where Christians Dare (The Leeward Set #1)

D.I. Telbat - 2013
    TELBAT, previously published as SEA SCRIBE, is a covert mission suspense that takes place in and around North Korea. Protagonist Troy Forge was stabbed in a work-related incident, and now every ounce of his faith is tested as he lives to hate the man, Juan Ambula, who scarred and damaged him for life. As a storm brews across the high seas, Troy, though still suffering from pain and loss, sets sail in his customized catamaran on a dangerous smuggling mission to the closed communist country of North Korea. Just days after leaving California's West Coast, the voyage proves to be anything but a smooth trip. Facing many risks and dangers, Troy makes discoveries—including an opportunity for revenge—that change his life forever. Ho Kichun—cut off from the outside world—is a networker for the Christian Underground Church inside North Korea. As he travels secretly serving the persecuted throughout the mountainous terrain, he prays to meet the covert contact—if Kichun isn't killed by an assassin first! Contraband smuggler Merrick Jolan is hot after Troy to kill the Christian sailor by way of his Russian bodyguard, Dmitri Volkov. But if Troy can't meet Elephant on time, the Christian underground network may crumble. Laura Zisk leaves a broken past in her wake that she refuses to face. As a professed atheist, she tries to run as far from her life as she can, only to be confronted with the hardest test of her being. Fury in the Storm—a 70,000-word novel of clean action/suspense, with cover design by Streetlight Graphics—reveals the boldness of Christians who risk everything to assist their foreign brothers and sisters in underground danger! This page-turning adventure will leave you gasping for air as the stormy deep threatens to drown God's people in the closed frontier of forbidden land and waters of North Korea. And we see that God uses anyone who is willing. Bonuses include: a glossary of terms, character sketch, FREE drawing downloads, and Bonus Chapter of Tears in the Wind, Book Two of The Leeward Set.

The Right Kind of Wrong

Shilpa Suraj - 2021
    And everything she might just need.Intelligence Officer Karan Bhatnagar has only vengeance on his mind. Nothing will stop him from seeking justice for his murdered parents.Not even almost losing his own life. And certainly not the doctor who healed but couldn’t save him. The woman he can’t afford to fall for. And the killer's next target.There's only one thing left to do...find the killer and end him before he ends them. Will Karan and Aria risk everything for a love that is all kinds of wrong? And yet, is the right kind of wrong.

The Missing Amish Girl

Hannah Schrock - 2016
     When Dana, the police detective brings tragic news the next morning, Sadie Zook, the mother of Rebecca’s best friend, becomes drawn into the investigation to find the murderer. Sadie finds that Rebecca lived in a secret world of Englisch friends and possibly Englisch boyfriends. She also knows that Eli, Rebecca’s father, is very controlling and would not understand why Rebecca would be interested in the world outside the Amish community. Then there is the matter of Mark, a young jealous Amish boy, who wanted nothing more than to court Rebecca. As Sadie investigates further she finds herself drawn deeper into a pool of potential suspects and personal danger.

Diary of a Noob Steve: Book 1

M.C. Steve - 2016
    After his house is destroyed by mysterious fires that have been occurring, he finds himself in more hot water after saving the general's daughter, Jillian, from harm's way. Good natured, adventure loving Steve and studious, responsible Jillian become fast friends and embark on an underground adventure.However, Noob Steve and Jillian may have bitten off more than they can chew, because they have stumbled upon the real cause of the recent mysterious fires and it is now up to them to set things right. With the help of a talking Enderman, Steve and Jillian are about to have the biggest adventure of their lives. What is causing the mysterious fires? Can Steve and Jillian save the day in time? Only time will tell when you read Mysterious Fires.A fantastic read for the whole family, Mysterious Fires is full of page turning adventure and charming illustrations. This book is sure to engage any child, even those adverse to reading!Disclaimer: This book is a work of fanfiction; it is not an official Minecraft book. It is not endorsed, authorized, licensed, sponsored, or supported by Mojang AB, Microsoft Corp. or any other entity owning or controlling rights to the Minecraft name, trademarks or copyrights.

Mishaps and Murder (A Myrtle Lake Cozy Mystery Book 1)

Constance Barker - 2021

Too Close to Home: The Samantha Zaldivar Case

Laurinda Wallace - 2017
    This is one of them. Seven-year-old Samantha Zaldivar is reported missing in February 1997. Despite the best efforts of the community and law enforcement to find her, it seems the first grader has disappeared without a trace until the forensic evidence leads a multi-agency task force to an ugly possibility. Months later, an unlikely turn of events reveals the young girl’s fate, which rocks the rural county in Western New York. Dedicated and meticulous police work brings a murderer to justice, but not without a cost to those involved. Stephen C. Tarbell, a retired Wyoming County Sheriff’s investigator shares his personal account of the investigation into the disappearance and murder of Samantha Zaldivar.

A Princess and Her Billionaire Scoundrel at Sea

Stephanie Fowers - 2019
    Dubbed Billionaire Bachelor Cove because of the resident's single status and income portfolios, The Cove is the perfect place to hide away from the world. But, as the residents soon find out, they can't hide from love. A Princess and Her Billionaire Scoundrel at Sea Paris James is a high-seas playboy.  He throws lavish parties on his yacht to entertain clients for a multi-billion-dollar business that specializes in luxury water toys. He’s as free as a pirate … until he wins the royal Tyndarian bracelet in a game of chance—with that bracelet, comes a very special girl. Laney Moon is a first grade teacher who lives a fairly normal life--that is, until her cousin loses her heirloom bracelet in a rigged poker game. The grandmother who raised her will lose her house if Laney can't cash in on the bracelet. Desperate, Laney stows aboard Paris’s yacht, determined to take what’s hers from the scoundrel, and she is shocked to find a gentleman with stormy blue eyes and a mischievous grin. In one last outrageous wager, Paris agrees to return the bracelet if Laney can convince the other yacht guests that she is the princess who once owned it. Paris is in way over his head–he’d gladly return the bracelet if black market assassins weren’t after it, but now he must act like the uncaring pirate to keep her safe. As his feelings for Laney build, so do the threats against her. Paris must decide between rescuing Laney from her past or making her a part of his future. Because, princess or not, Laney Moon has already sailed away with his heart.

Silence of the Whippoorwill

Ditter Kellen - 2020
    Until a hiking trip to the mountains of Arkansas with some friends, takes a dangerous turn.Breezy soon discovers, they’re not alone. A group of crazed psychopaths are hunting them, picking them off one by one. With no hope of escape, Breezy is forced into a cat-and-mouse game of death and survival.But her attackers made one mistake. They left her alive…*****WARNING***** This book contains violent scenes that may be considered offensive to some readers. Purchase with caution.

Cheerio and the Caves of Gold

Angela C. Blackmoore - 2017
    Except, no one thinks to hide a secret from a dog. Join Cheerio as he discovers the truth about the Morgan Family Treasure and bears witness to Hazel Morgan's decisions on what to do with it. This is a companion SHORT story that falls between Book 3 and Book 4 of the Red Pine Falls Cozy Mysteries. It is not required reading, but does contain some juicy secrets!

Monday's Child (Homicide: Life with Nick #1)

Jamie Lee Scott - 2015
    Now you get to see his story, from his point of view. Monday's Child is a crime novel set in San Francisco, California. SFPD patrol officer, Nick Christianson, is the first on the scene of a dead boy found in an alley. When the homicide cops don't have time to find the killer of a "street kid," Nick takes it upon himself. But even after this case is solved, it haunts Nick for more than a decade. See why...

The Good Life Crisis

E.M. Smith - 2018
    Even the dead. A murder interrupts Special Agent Victor Loshak's vacation in Santa Fe -- a middle-aged man executed in his garage. The forensic details make it seem like a professional job, but the local police seem hell bent on pinning the killing on the dead man's wife anyway. The story doesn't quite add up. Loshak gets swept up in the hunt for the truth, even if he's still dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and sandals. The agent digs through the seedy underworld of New Mexico, finds it populated with colorful characters who may or may not be playing it straight. The details of the case grow increasingly bizarre. Everyone seems to have a different description of the dead man in the garage -- his personality, his passions, his hopes and dreams all vary wildly depending on who is telling the story. If Loshak can find out who the victim really was, he can solve the case. If not... Grab this short sequel to Beyond Good & Evil! Praise for the Victor Loshak series: "Was hooked from the 1st page and stayed up all night to finish it. Jaw dropping edge of your seat action packed thriller." - Mary Palmer "There is a terrifying serial killer in this book. And the story is riveting...I really enjoyed getting to know Loshak better. I love the way he consciously reads people and uses his knowledge of human behavior to function in everyday life, not just as a detective. I love his self awareness. I love his measured, experienced approach to life and his job and I love his honesty with himself and other people." - Melanie "I felt that adrenaline rush tingling down my spine. You’ll be left wondering did I lock the back door?...I began reading this book, and didn’t stop until I was finished at 3:00am." - C. Awbrey "This was a wonderful, well written (with all their great details), sinister crime story." - C. Munger "Great read. Mystery, thrills, suspense and the grim horror of what true crime sounds, feels, looks, and smells like. A must read whether you have or haven’t indulged before in this series." - Indiquinn

A Dark Amish Night

Jenny Moews - 2015
    A budding romance threatens to consume and destroy both their lives. Can Quinn find Eric's killer before Hannah is cast out of the only community she has ever known and save her son before the killer strikes again?

The Secrets of Raven's Rest

L.C. Kincaide - 2018
    In fact,she had been looking forward to her new position as paid companion to the reclusive Mrs. Ravenshaw, and the Gothic manor’s country setting seemed like a welcome change from the messy London winter. The charming man she met on the train, who lived nearby, assured her that the old manor was intriguing.But, there were others at Raven’s Rest, who had their own motives for being there. Madness, murder and the Ravenshaw Will became the talk of the day, and as Lila pieced together fragments of conversations and her own discoveries, it became clear that a sinister plot was unfolding. As Lila searched for clues to how she fit in their schemes, the web around her tightened. Would she be able to escape in time, or was a tragedy about to repeat itself?

Caribbean Cruise Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: Books 1 - 12

Susan Harper - 2021
    Repeatedly.Twelve cozy mysteries from International Bestselling Author Susan HarperHope Harper has spent four years working her way up on the Caribbean Honey cruise ship and is sure a promotion is finally coming her way. When she gets passed over again, and for a pretentious young man with less experience, she could just...well, you know. When a cruise guest is killed, she is thrown in the middle of a murder mystery on the high seas. Then there’s a deadly beach party and a lethal bidding war at a charity auction. And that’s just the beginning. Can she put her feelings aside and solve these mysteries, or will the criminals get the best of her and the crew?The Caribbean Cruise Cozy Mystery Boxed Set contains the entire Caribbean Cruise Cozy Mystery series. If you like fast-paced mysteries with interesting characters, exotic locations, and unexpected twists, you’re going to love the Caribbean Cruise Cozy Mystery series.Included stories: Drugged on Deck, Dead in the Water, Stolen at Sea, Excursions to Die For, Violence On Vacation, Island Investigation, Body at the Banquet, Chaos at the Casino, Hot Bids and Cold Bodies, Murder at the Museum, A Deadly Reunion, and The Final Piece