Gifted Curse

C.M. Owens - 2013
    oh my.  Araya Crush is a hybrid who constantly finds herself torn between her hybrid lover and her full blood vampire lover. With her dark secrets emerging, her life becomes all the more complicated, driving her back and forth between the men she loves. A world with blood addiction, rigid rules, and horrific consequences, they are all forced to fight for their love as much as their lives.    (Book II, Forgotten Curse. , and book III, Lifted Curse, are on Kindle now!)

Wicked Webs: Black Widow's Revenge

Raven Kennedy - 2019
    Deadly. Raised as a vampire, I’m no stranger to blood. But when power-hungry supes force a ritual on me, I become something else entirely: The Black Widow. At first, my only companion is the spider that lives within me. She makes me strong, and I revel in that power, but it’s fueled with the need to feed. Unfortunately, carnal cannibalism isn’t exactly trending. But in order to survive, I have to feed off the essence of my victims. By the time they see the hourglass on my throat, I’m draining them dry. But there are more supes like me. Abducted victims forced into possessions that change their lives forever. I’m determined to save them all. With the help of a hybrid and his crow army, a risk demon, and a rare gargoyle, I put a plan into motion that will end Spector Inc.’s plan to make an army of stronger, deadlier supes. I just hope I can handle this wicked web of lies and make it out alive. This book is in the Void universe and is a prequel to Void. You do not have to read Void to enjoy this book, but we highly recommend it.

Drain Me

Lana Sky - 2014
    The rules of this new life are simple: submit everything—mind, body and soul. But the further Ellie falls under Dublin’s control, the more she comes to realize that it’s not just her sanity at stake, but her heart and a whole lot of blood too.

Rite of the Omega

Eva Dresden - 2020
    Jealously guarded possession. The object of her cruel guardian’s desires.These are the only things Aida Vertia has known in her life. Locked away in the high towers of Logoria, the seat of Aeslomor, she has little contact with the outside world. Knowing nothing of its splendor and beauty, she sees only the cruelties within the sooty stone walls of her prison.Then he comes on the crest of a raging inferno. Destroying everything she’s ever known. Freeing her from one prison for the cold, hard chains of the next.They call him the Usurper. A blood crazed mage, no different than the one before.Yet he is wholly different.Forcing her to bend to his will, she is helpless to stop the way he makes her soul sing. No matter the murderous vengeance in his eyes or the vicious oaths he swears.He claims she has a purpose that he’ll see fulfilled, but amid the ruins of her past, she’ll find a destiny far more devastating.Rite of the Omega is Book One in the Blood Rites Duet, a dark Omegaverse tale with a guaranteed HEA. It contains dark themes and complete power exchange. Scenes are not glossed over, which may be distressing for some readers.

The Faceless

K.B. Everly - 2020
    The true horror of the hideous beasts resided only within the gruesome tales she wrote. She never dreamed that reality could be just as cold and cruel as the monsters writhing inside her mind.With the mysterious arrival of a personal invitation to a masquerade ball, Noir’s life takes a page out of one of her stories.The Crows have come home.Men cloaked in secrets and hidden behind white masks, earning them their chilling nickname the Faceless.Noir should’ve ran while she had the chance, but the Faceless have set their sights on her. Now that they’ve found her, they’ll never let her go. They’ve waited an eternity for her, intent on using her to save themselves from the dark fate of their cursed immortal lives.Can Noir find a way to stop her fate being tied to their own? Or will she succumb to their dark desires and break through their black hearts, lifting the curse forever? One thing’s for sure, she won’t come out of this the same person.Because sometimes there’s beauty in the beasts within.**This is a Dark REVERSE HAREM Stand-alone with explicit scenes, light BDSM, violence, and possible triggers**

The Devil You Know

Claire Marta - 2018
    I’m a monster with a pretty face. An assassin in trade. Guilt, remorse, it’s never touched me. I’m as cold as they come and just as professional. Dealing death has always come easily, and I inflict it with ease. It fuels and feeds the twisted darkness inside me. My downfall begins with a single night of untamed passion leaving me hungering for more of him. One wicked soul recognizing another. Now he owns me. The lines of what I know are blurred. I'm playing his game. A pawn, eternally tangled in a web of secrets and lies. He won’t let me go. Taking pleasure in my fall from grace. Question is, can I save myself before I'm damned completely? *This is a dark erotic paranormal romance and contains certain triggers some readers may not enjoy. Due to scenes of an adult nature, this book is for 18+ only*

Spark of Magic

Trista Ann Michaels - 2008
    What they never intended was falling in love with her. Rebecca thought dealing with her magical powers was bad enough. Dealing with the identical twin warlocks sent to protect her, as well as her growing attraction to them, was much worse. Until she finds herself the target of the madman who killed her parents. But Sabastian has so much more in store for the threesome, plus a surprise of his own that will shock everyone. It's not just her life at stake anymore, it's the fate of her entire world and she'll have to learn how to better use her powers before it's too late.

Delinquent Demons

K. Webster - 2020
    Sure, everyone sent to prison says that. It’s true, though. I’m not who they say I am. Dark. Evil. An abomination. The worst of the worst. They sent me to the deepest, most awful catacombs of Nightmare Penitentiary. It’s where they put all their secrets they don’t want anyone in the world—both human and paranormal—to know about. I’m left to be forgotten and waste away until the day I die. And I’m not alone. I’m there with others. Others who are worse than me. Terrifying. Horrible. Monsters. Four demons in particular who seem to wake from their evil slumber the moment I enter their presence. They want me. All four of them. I’m not sure what they plan on doing once they get their hands on me. But one thing’s for sure… It won’t be good.

The Eighth House: Hades & Persephone

Eris Adderly - 2017
    Again and again. The life of a virgin goddess might suit Artemis or Athena, but Persephone, daughter of Zeus, wants no part of it. While the rest of the immortals cavort, she grows restless in the shadow of Olympos. Rules, rules. Always the rules. Her mother’s edict forbids her the company of any male god. She can’t speak to them, can’t look at them. Can’t even attend the Olympian feasts. As far as Demeter knows, her daughter remains a maiden. But Persephone leads a double life. She finds her affection elsewhere, and in plentiful supply. If only the sons of Man made her happy. If only she could put a name to this need she feels. It grows by the day, dark and unfulfilled. An eternity of enforced loneliness looms, and Persephone contemplates a drastic choice to escape it. Only one thing stands in her way. Hades. Where earthquakes rend hill and vale asunder, and the abyss yawns to devour falling screams, the black halls of the Underworld await. The Lord of the Dead follows only one set of rules: his own. And he expects Persephone to obey. Eris Adderly draws you into a spectacular world of dark mythology, where legends bloom with sensual new life and the stories you thought you knew turn out to be just the beginning. This scorching hot romance takes the reader on a journey of discovery and submission, including graphic descriptions of sexual acts, and is intended for mature readers only.

Forever & The Power of One

Eve Newton - 2012
    And then a third time for good measure. I am demanding, a tad selfish, and a teeny bit vain. But at least I know my faults. I love the men in my life, each in different ways. Together we must solve the puzzle of the mysterious prophecy that has been thrust upon us, but at what cost? The journey just might bring us closer together, not only in my dreams but in reality.Will I get to have everything that I want? Or will the truth only serve to complicate my already confusing life? Who knows? This is my story. Expect trouble. It's my middle name.A Paranormal Reverse Harem Series: Fast burn M/M/M/F***Revelations: The Forever Series, Book 3 - Available now!


D.D. Prince - 2015
    Feelings are messy; they're painful; they hold you back. Due to a painful past and secrets she wants to stay buried she keeps everyone at arm's length. But then when she is abducted and presented as a gift to Tristan, a bored vampire prince who is destined to become a king, she has to face a few facts. Beyond facing that vampires are real Kyla has to face emotions that Tristan won't let her run from. Tristan is a vampire with a ravenous but insatiable appetite. For ten years he hasn't once had his hunger sated. He feeds constantly, looking for satisfaction, and because his favourite way to feed is to feed during sex he goes through a lot of women. But then Kyla is brought to him as a gift to celebrate a promotion and from the second their eyes lock he knows there's something different about her. After he gets a taste of Kyla neither of them will ever be the same.“Between the taste of you, the taste of your blood, and the way you look at me, I haven’t felt this… alive… in… maybe ever.”Cliffhanger.Books 2 & 3 avaiable. Trigger warnings: Explicit sex scenes. Copious amounts of blood. Some dubious consent, an ending that could be troubling to those who are squeamish about blood. If you don't love vampire alpha males who are also sweet and swoony nymphomaniacs, maybe you should give this one a miss...

Demon Mine

Marina Simcoe - 2017
    Their faces are hidden behind masks and their bodies are enclosed in armor suits. They took me from my home in the middle of the night and have been holding me in isolation for months. I don’t fully understand the purpose of my captivity. No one explains anything to me. No one even talks to me.Nearly driven to madness with no more hope for freedom, I no longer care if I live or die.And then he speaks to me. Just a few words . . . He throws me a lifeline and helps me find my way back to sanity. He becomes my only companion. My light in the darkness.I suspect they may not be entirely human. What’s worse is that he may be one of them.Warning: Demon Mine is a paranormal romance with dark elements. It contains sexual situations, graphic descriptions of intimacy, and potential triggers. Intended for mature readers.

Happily Ever Crowned

Lexi C. Foss - 2019
    This isn't a fairy tale. No knights in shining armor, only kings fighting for power. And my heart is the key.A game designed to shatter even the harshest of resolves.My husband wants to debase me. To break me. To destroy my spirit. To possess every inch of my soul through acts so heinous, I can hardly breathe. And he's using six men to do it. Including him. Adrik, Prince of Noxia.Desire.Such a wicked twist of fate. Happily-Ever-After may not exist here, but amorous energy rises after a night of unbridled passion. A night I should hate, but don't.. A night I long to repeat."I love you."A statement I will never say. Not even to him--my dark prince who plays in the shadows, engaging me in a forbidden dance of hope and adoration. He promises me a new crown, in exchange for my heart.VengeanceI will not be owned.I will rise above them all.And the only crown I will wear is the one drenched in their blood. Author's Note: This is a dark paranormal romance. Please read the author's note at the beginning (available in the "look inside" feature) if you have any concerns about dark content. *** "No permanent damage," Necros finally said. "She might be barren, but I want her alive."Of course you do, I thought. He wanted her power, same as I did. "So only leave wounds that will heal under immortality?" Again the question was for the benefit of our audience. It would be such a shame to harm someone so gorgeous. Necros nodded. "Blood is fine. You can even break bone. But only if she can recover without a scar. If I can't breed her, I might as well use her body for other means." Another benefit of having her trained, I supposed. Not that I agreed with any of this. But I had to play along to get what I needed--her heart. "Understood," I murmured, tracing the tip of my dagger down her corseted top. Her breathing remained steady as she floated in some faraway place, her imagination overtaking her reality. Alas, I couldn't allow her to stay there. I needed her focus and compliance to achieve my goal. "I want to teach you something, Valora," I said, my weapon nearing her belly button. "An important lesson on participation."


Maya Nicole - 2020
    I lived on the literal edge of the realm with a band of gypsies who took me in and showed me my true self.Now, centuries later, I've returned to take a seat on the Infernal Council. I should be excited to be making waves as the first woman on the council. Instead, I'm faced with the aftermath of the realm being led by a tyrant and a bunch of close-minded pricks.The vampire that should be my biggest ally hates my guts for running away. Will he forgive me or forget about what we once had?The gargoyle wants to protect what is his. Should he accept me?The squirrel shifter knows my secret. Will he hoard it like he hoards his nuts?The brownie has lived a life of solitude. Can he overcome his fears and embrace companionship?Then there's the archangel who is from Earth. Can he learn to accept our differences even though he asked if I had tentacles growing out of my lady parts?Will I succeed in leading, or will I fail trying?-Reverse harem, full-length novel-Multiple POV-Fast burn, 18+ recommended -Male/Male encounters-Foul languageInfernal Council is a series that is a spinoff from my Celestial Academy trilogy. Check out my author page to read Ascend (Celestial Academy Book 1).

This Is Halloween: A Christmas Tale

Melody Rose - 2020
    maybe she can spread a little Christmas cheer to these three dark beings. After all, that's her only hope...