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A Mother's Wrath by Paul L. Thompson


West of the Dead Line: Tales of an Indian Territory Lawman

Phil Truman - 2017
    It ran straight south from Caldwell, Kansas to Fort Reno, I.T., then down through the Cheyenne and Comanche and Kiowa lands, crossing the Red River into Bowie, Texas. It was a line on the map, a demarcation. West of it no law existed, only outlaws. On trails out there, outlaws put notes on trees and posts to let lawmen know they'd be killed if they continued their pursuits west of the Dead Line.In the storied times of the American West, in what was called Indian Territory, no place came close to matching the dangers and mortality U.S.marshals faced doing their jobs. Those who survived became titans in the legends of the West, particularly one man called Bass Reeves. These stories are fiction; the encounters this lawman faced, and The Dead Line, were not.

The Storm (Clay Brentwood Book 5)

Jared McVay - 2017
    He's looking forward to an easy job, and then settling down for a bit. At least that’s the way he had it figured. What he hadn’t considered was how plans could change in a heartbeat, bringing him closer to deaths door than he ever wanted to be. Excerpt from Book 5: The Storm It was late afternoon of the first day and they were still several miles inside the Kansas border, when Clay found a place to camp for the night, near a small lake that would provide enough water for the herd. They would have to camp out in the open, but the weather was decent enough so that it shouldn’t be a problem. By tomorrow noontime, they should reach the Panhandle of Oklahoma where water was scarce. Clay didn’t want to push the herd too hard. He wanted them in good shape because it would be at least two more days before they could reach the Cimarron River and cattle don’t travel well without water. He figured they would lose a little weight during the three-hundred-and-fifty-mile drive, but once they got to his land, it wouldn’t take them long to put the weight back on. The White River ran through his property with several small tributaries, and there was plenty of tall grass. The cattle weren’t used to walking all day and were more than ready to settle down for the night when the time came. No one knew how Mrs. McIntyre did it, but that evening for supper, they feasted on corned beef and cabbage with soda bread and large slabs of butter, and blackberry pie. She’d seen some blackberries growing wild and since the herd was moving slow, she’d stopped and picked enough for six pies. “Ya know, boss,” Riley, a tall young man from Texas, said, “if this is the way we’re gonna eat, I don’t reckon you’ll ever be wantin’ fer hands. Women or not, this is the best trail drive I’ve ever been on, and if my work suits ya, I’ll be stayin’ on when we get to yer ranch.” Riley was young, just seventeen, but he’d been around cattle drives most of his young life and he knew his business. Clay was lucky to have him. Young he might be, but Clay was guessing the young man would ride for the brand, should trouble arise. Clay looked out across the herd and watched as his men worked the cattle. There was a mixture of ages, which was good as far as he was concerned. The men new to this kind of work would learn from the more experienced riders. Colleen blushed and waved the end of her apron at him. “Ah, go on with ya now. You and yer silver tongue. Ah man works hard, he needs ah good meal, that’s all.” Bert took his slice of blackberry pie and backed away, saying, “Yes ma’am. Whatever you say, ma’am.” After the evening meal, Cindy brought out her guitar and sat on the tailgate of the wagon and to everyone’s surprise, began to strum a slow, song of home. Then she began to sing and as if by magic, the cattle settled down. Singing was what cowboys did while riding night herd to help keep the cattle calm, but none of them had a voice as soothing as Cindy McIntyre. Clay had just poured himself a cup of coffee and was enjoying Cindy’s singing, when a young man came riding up to the camp and got down. He took a double take when he saw the two women, then spied Clay and walked up to him. “Mister Brentwood?” Clay smiled. He was just a boy, no more than fourteen and dressed in town clothes. “Sorry son, but I got all the wranglers I need. The boy grinned. “I’m not a cowboy, sir. I’m Ben Masterson and I work for the railroad. I’m training to be a telegraph operator.”

Jacob Chance, U.S. Marshal

Johnny Gunn - 2015
    Unless of course, people are shooting at you because of them. The Civil War has disrupted thousands of lives, including that of Sarah Jackson, whose husband was killed for not joining the Confederate Army in Georgia. Sarah and her daughter flee to Nevada Territory and are eligible for homestead rights. After claiming her one hundred sixty acres in the lush Golden Valley, her world crumbles again.Banker Preston Miller claims he owns the entire Golden Valley and all the water in the Good Hope River. Jackson cries foul in a letter to the U.S. Attorney in San Francisco, and Jacob Chance, U.S. Marshal rides to Preston, Nevada Territory to “settle this little land dispute.”He finds many in the town fear for their lives and livelihood, but it takes just a few shots from big guns to convince them to back the marshal. Lives are lost, buildings are burned, the town itself is in jeopardy, and the U.S. Marshal finds himself up against an army. Anarchy is the rule in the Golden Valley.Fighting the bad guys is hard enough, he also finds himself fascinated by the daughter of one of the ranchers whose property he is trying to save. Will the town survive? Will the ranches survive? Is romance in the air? All the answers are inside these covers.

High Plains Ambush

John D. Fie Jr. - 2017
    Thomas, WL Cox, and Duane Boehm filled with action, adventure and plot twists such as C. K. Crigger, Robert Vaughan, and C.M. Curtis! This is a book that is filled with the bodies of those who stand again law, order and patriotism! Matt Hutchins, the lone survivor of a wagon train massacre takes on the world to do what is right, and must use guts, guns and glory to bring peace to his people. Found and raised by the Sioux, Matt not only learns the ways of the Sioux, but his survival skills are keenly honed with his tracking abilities used by both the Army and later by the sheriff of a town named Buffalo Flats Matt lives alone on the open plains with his trusted friend and horse ‘Ole Friend, a gift given to him by the Chief Buffalo Robes, the one who taught him how to survive. If you love great Western writing—and you love classic Western movies—you will LOVE “High Plains Ambush.”

Canyon Diablo

C.M. Curtis - 2017
    Wilder than Dodge City, Abilene, or even Tombstone, Canyon Diablo had no law because it tolerated no law. And to Grant Jerome, a wanted man, this seemed like a good thing. But Jerome soon learned that unless he was quick with his wits and even quicker with his gun, the outlaws who ran the town would never let him leave that hellish place alive.

Showdown At Apache Butte

R. Cameron Cooke - 2018
    Cameron Cooke... Mountain man and army scout Jacob Utah is called to guide a cavalry patrol across the harsh, relentless Arizona Territory. The purpose of the mission is a secret, known only to the soldiers. That suits Utah just fine, until the seemingly simple job takes a deadly turn. A mysterious sharpshooter begins shadowing the patrol, killing the soldiers one-by-one. Utah soon discovers the men he rides with are not what they seem, that they have a dark history which is coming back to haunt them. With fierce Apaches on the warpath and a sadistic gunman doggedly pursuing them at every turn, Utah must lead his dubious companions through scorching desert sands, treacherous canyons, and narrow mountain passes to reach an abandoned outpost at a place called Apache Butte, where old scores will be settled, and blood will be spilt...

The Rifleman (The M. Allen Western Gunfighter Collection #1)

M. Allen - 2017
    The United States Bounty Hunter Western Adventures

Down The Long Trail: A Western Adventure

C. Wayne Winkle - 2021
    Laura Taylor, whose husband Rye is making his way home from the war, stands at her kitchen window. A vision of returning warriors fills her sight. In the distance, a lone soldier in blue. Is that Rye coming home? She has little time to wonder because a family friend, Willie, rides up with news that men are coming to burn the Taylors out. Laura and Rye planned for such an event, and she gets her entire family plus Willie ready to travel. Their journey is filled with hazards, both natural and man-made. Laura eventually finds herself the leader of a small wagon train of travelers heading west for Santa Fe. They hire a drunken former scout who claims to know the route and the Indians along the way. Laura doesn’t trust him.

The Brotherhood of Blood: The Continued Adventures of Hayden Tilden (Hayden Tilden Westerns Book 3)

J. Lee Butts - 2016
    But none of their crimes were as heinous as the brutal murder of Mary Beth Tall Dog and the kidnapping of her young daughter. Gathering a group of hardened men as a posse, Deputy U.S. Marshal Hayden Tilden sets out to face the vicious foes in a fight for right—and his very own life . . .Praise for Lawdog: The Life and Times of Haydon Tilden“Lawdog should assume its rightful place beside other Western classics.” —Peter Brandvold, author of Once Hell Freezes Over“Lawdog has it all. I couldn’t put it down.” —Jack Ballas, author of West of the RiverAbout the Author:J. Lee Butts is the author of 22 published books and numerous magazine articles and short works. Brotherhood of Blood was runner-up for the Western Writers of America Spur Award in 2005. He’s worn many hats over the years (teacher, administrator, pool manager, IBM supervisor, and western author), and he and his late wife lived everywhere from Los Angeles to Dallas. Currently he’s hanging those hats back in White Hall, Arkansas.

The Guns of the Broke Knife Mine

Tracy T. Thurman - 2018
    To the daughter he’d left many years before. After crossing the desert, at the Colorado River, he comes across a woman and her young grandson, survivors of a brutal stage robbery. He finds himself in a small mining town in Arizona territory, wearing the badge of a Deputy U.S. Marshal, being the arm of the law in the town, tracking down outlaws and uncovering a sinister plot based on deception and corruption. A plan to rob, kill and terrorize, in the interests of cleaning out the Broke Knife Mine once and for all. Taking the wealth, and leaving nothing but dust and dead men behind. Pete Cooper encounters men who are cold blooded killers. He encounters honest men who work hard for a living. He also encounters a refined woman who, in spite of his rough edges, falls in loves with him. ‘The Guns of the Broke Knife Mine’, is a tale of the west. There’s action, intrigue, adventure, and even a little romance. It’s a tale of good men overcoming evil, and in a few cases, men overcoming the evil that lives within themselves. Does he ever make it back to Kansas to see his daughter? You ask. Well, I reckon you’ll have to read it to find out. Saddle up pard.

The Ordeal of Andy Dean

Douglas Hirt - 1993
    Now Franklin Dean is searching for his daughter with a U.S. Marshal. Dean and the lawman know that Andy has been picked up by the notorious Neville Hallidae gang. But what the manhunters don't know is how the presence of little Andy Dean is changing each one of the hard-bitten bank-robbers, and setting off a struggle among them. Now, as the law closes in on two sides, Andy is caught in between. Each outlaw knows Andy can identify them and that their final choice must be between her life...or theirs.

The Gunfighter: A Novel

Steven Hardesty - 2017
    A classic Wild West novel, tough and true. "The key to being a live gunfighter instead of a dead one is not to gun fight," said Wyatt Earp."How the hell do I do that?" Ronas said."Get up close and pistol-whip the son of a bitch. Buffalo him to his knees. Shove the barrel in his mouth and make him weep for mercy. Then arrest and shackle him. He won't want to trouble you again."

The Free Trappers: The Saga Of Jedediah Beech - (Volume 2)

D.L. Bittick - 2018
    It takes him from the Hasinai Caddo villages of eastern Spanish Tejas to the Rocky Mountains and parts in between. Along the way, he encounters colorful and unsavory frontiersmen, hostile and friendly Indians as well as struggles with wild nature. But he also finds loyal friends and unconditional love.

Gideon Johann

Duane Boehm - 2018
     Gideon Johann is a man tortured by his past. Staying on the move is the only thing that keeps his demons at bay. As Gideon tries to outrun his past, he arrives in the rough and tumble cow town of Ellsworth, Kansas. He takes a job as a deputy and finds he has his hands full dealing with all the mayhem in the town and a young woman that could change his life. Will the love of a woman bring Gideon peace or will his demons keep him running? Duane Boehm has written another western novel with enough humor, heartbreak, love, and outlaws to keep you turning the page.

Hunt-U.S. Marshal IV

W.L. Cox - 2013
    Marshals follow a stolen herd of cattle all the way to Kansas City. The adventure ends in a shoot out. Hunt returns to Denver and is bushwhacked by a man running an illegal still. While Hunt recovers from his wounds the other lawmen search for a missing U.S. Marshal. Hunt falls in love with the nurse that helps him recover and ends up getting married. Hunt finds gold on his land, and buys 5,000 acres that adjoins his land and begins a herd of magnificent beef cattle.