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The Brotherhood by L.A. Maldonado


The Missing Chapters: Chapters missing from early versions of Dawn of Wonder (The Wakening)

Jonathan Renshaw - 2015
    If you are one of the first 15 000 (or thereabouts) readers whose versions have only 62 chapters, you are missing this addition.If you haven’t read the book, you probably shouldn’t read this, which likely makes the prospect irresistible. The free sample of Dawn of Wonder is around 70 pages, but if you someone who likes to sample the middle of a book before making a decision, you are welcome to jump in here. The spoiler-index of these chapters is relatively low.

Dark Awakening

Michael Von Werner - 2009
    His home of Gadrale Keep, once merely a border fortress that has long since come to serve as a mage academy must now face its greatest trial.Strange deaths and disappearances plague the people of the nearby city and the authorities have been unable to learn anything about who or what may be behind it. When tragedy befalls someone close to him, he finds himself at the center of a terrible secret that will shake the very foundations of his world...The Storm of ProphecyBook I Dark AwakeningBook II Pillar of LightBook III Flames of RetributionBook IV Cage of MistBook V * Pyres of Sacrifice *Book VI * Gathering Clouds *Book VII * The Living Fire *Book VIII * Tides of Chaos *Book IX * Captive Souls *Book X * Edge of Fate ** Forthcoming *

The Archon's Apprentice

Neil Breault - 2015
    Mikol watches helplessly as his brothers take up arms against a warlord that has united the Savage Kingdoms. Discovering a secret 3000 years forgotten, Mikol must choose between the immediate safety of his apprenticeship and a quest that will take him deep into the Savage Kingdoms that could change the world forever.

The Wayfarer (Star Legion Book 1)

John March - 2017
     When war breaks out between the human civilisations and most Legion officers return home, only a handful are left behind to protect the Drift. With a fleet of deadly aliens set to invade in a matter of days, Elias must hunt down the only man with access codes for a vital arms cache. Unfortunately he has company. Elias and his crew are forced to share a ship with Sienna and her friends. A con-artist and a thief, Sienna is on the run from bounty hunters. He wants to save the Drift. She has other plans.

The Mage with the Dragon Magic

Irfan Mirza - 2016
    When Taro, a young orphaned mage, attempts to heal a stranger in the middle of a storm, his life is changed forever when he begins to tamper with foreign magic known only to most fierce and dangerous creatures of all: dragons.

Lost Lands: The Game - Atlantis

A.E. McCullough - 2014
    Grouping up with his online friends, he had an enjoyable night of gaming and even completed the Tomb of Immortality. However, at the end of the dungeon they meet a strange wizard with a compelling offer to ‘Beta Test’ a new expansion. Since every gamer dreams of being the first to explore new areas, they agree. Nonetheless, they were not ready for what came next. Mac and his friends find themselves pulled into the game and that they have become their avatars. At first, it is exciting until they realize that they are trapped inside the game. When they find themselves attacked, the Outlanders quickly realize how dangerous their new reality can be. Vowing to return home, the survivors set off to find the legendary city of Atlantis in hopes that the Dragon Kings may know of a way back to the real world. The Outlanders soon discover that they aren’t the first gamers to be pulled into game, just the latest. But more than that, they have become pawns between two rival wizards in a long standing feud. Can the Outlanders survive the game world long enough to return home?

Necrose Beginnings: Books One and Two

Tim Moon - 2017
    Then they spread. Soon...they'll evolve. Prepare for the third book in the trilogy with this special limited-time box set of Dead Apocalpse and Dead Horde. Ben Chase went to Hawaii for adventure. He never expected the zombie apocalypse. The infection is spreading virtually unchecked, obscured by political cover ups and mistrust in media reports. Trapped on the Big Island, Ben and his friends find themselves surrounded by the infected. When Ben is faced with a critical decision that places the fate of his friends in his hands, what he must do to save them is unthinkable...

Alpha Centauri: First Landing (T-Space: Alpha Centauri Book 1)

Alastair Mayer - 2016
    A multinational expedition is launched to land on and explore these worlds, but political intrigue and natural disasters threaten the mission . . . and what they find may threaten Earth itself.

Saving Gideon

Mary May - 2013
    His skills and kills are legendary across the Heavens. However, his heart is starting to grow cold toward the Lord and everyone else. The Lord see's this so he has Gideon reassigned to a guardianship over a little girl named Charlotte, that Gideon will nickname Charlie. The plan is while watching Charlie grow the heart of this battle worn warrior will learn how to love again.

The Dragon Offering: Book One of the Arlon Prophecies

Randy McWilson - 2016
     He was one of only a handful of people in the Five Civilized Kingdoms born with the birthmark. He was a Child of the Mark. A Chosen Child. A Dunamai. The ancient prophecies were Dragons would rise to power. Six had come and gone over the past 6300 years, the majestic Seventh Dragon was about to be born. Terras Telos...the final prophesied Dread Guardian to rule over the world. Only a Dunamai could approach a Dragon. Only a Chosen Child could make an offering to the newborn Dragon. The stakes were unimaginably high...and Arlon knew that only one of them would be accepted. His entire teenage life had been a preparation for one single day...the day of the Dragon Offering. No one could have ever imagined the incredible and tragic series of events that would be unleashed by a young man's simple desire to be free.


Brian Declan - 2017
     Frederick Lockland has been one of the most powerful empath for the better part of a century. In service to the King he has ended bloody wars, hunted rogue empaths and defended the realm from most horrifying beasts in existence. Nothing seems impossible for the legendary hero but when an eight-year-old boy becomes his ward he may have found a challenge he cannot handle. Before he was able to walk Falcon learned the bitter taste of pain and loss but pain comes in many flavors and there is always more to lose. In a world where strong emotions can give someone unbelievable power or destroy them from the inside out, Falcon must master his pain before it tears him apart.

Keeper of the Eye

Mark Shane - 2016
    Then she learns she's fighting for the wrong side. Fleeing for her life, she seeks out Max, the one wizard who can help save her people. Michael is a simple carpenter. While other eighteen-year-olds seek adventure, he loves his quiet life. Then nightstalkers attack and everything turns to chaos. With the world on the brink of Armageddon, a mystical gem known as the Eye calls on Michael to wield its great magic, but its power is useless if he can’t learn to embrace the magic within himself. Thrown into a war of wizards and warlocks, demons and dragons, Michael and Falon follow Max on a daring mission to save the world. Racing headlong toward the fight of their life, Michael must wield powers he barely understands while Falon must embrace skills she abhors and Max must become the wizard he failed to be in the past.

Out of Time Series Box Set III

Monique Martin - 2016
     A Rip in Time (Book #7) The Crosses are back in book 7 of the Out of Time Series. An old enemy returns threatening to destroy not just Simon and Elizabeth but the timeline itself. To keep that from happening, they travel back to 1888 London to find Jack the Ripper…and save his life. If he dies, the timeline changes, everything they know and their lives together, will be lost. But they soon discover the only thing harder than saving a monster is finding him. A Time of Shadows (Book #8) It's been a few months since Simon and Elizabeth returned from their adventure in 1888 London. Jack is back with them and all is as it should be, until a knock on the door changes that. A visitor from the future turns their world upside-down. Unable to return her to her time, they go to the Council for help, only to discover there are bigger problems afoot. All of the watches have been shut down until a dangerous and secret weapon--a watch that can change any point in time--can be found. Too powerful for anyone to possess, it was hidden. But now the secret's out, and the mysterious Shadow Council will do anything to get their hands on it. Simon, Elizabeth and Jack race to find it before the Shadow Council does or it will be the end of...everything. Voyage in Time (Book #9) Simon and Elizabeth are sent by the Council to 1912 England to make sure scientist Niels Bohr survives long enough to attend a secret meeting. But as tensions in Europe rise and the makings of World War loom on the horizon, they're not the only ones concerned with Bohr's meeting. And not everyone wants him to make it. Keeping Bohr alive is hard enough, but when he books passage on the Titanic, their task might just be impossible. Forced to follow him onto the ship, they must face mysterious assassins, dangers at every turn and survive one of the most infamous disasters in history. Don't miss the next adventure: Revolution in Time (Book #10)

The Queen's Vow (The Legend of Hooper's Dragons Book 2)

Gary J. Darby - 2016
    Though Vay, the Evil One tastes defeat, her rage and wrath only increases. She thirsts for revenge and vows to find Hooper, the Gem Guardian and Golden Wind to reclaim the golden dragon, and deal death to Hooper for daring to challenge her. The quest continues in book two, Queen’s Vow, as the company seeks a safe haven from Vay’s wrath. But there is no sanctuary. They are the hunted, the pursued. Outcast from all they know, they feel the heavy weight of the condemned just waiting for Death to write the last sentence in their book of life. As the company flees from Vay’s tempest, even Hooper has to question whether one dragon is worth the pain and suffering. Indeed, is a dragon worth dying for, or for that matter, is there ever any one thing worth the ultimate price? For Hooper, it may well be the question that decides his ultimate fate.

Mr. Kent's Wall of Wonders (a magical short story for 8-12 year olds) (Troubled Tweens Short Stories)

D.D. Roy - 2013
    Kent dreads the inventory of his enchanted objects. While he loves playing with the hula hoop that can turn back time and the jump rope that makes you invisible, the item in Cabinet 11 always escapes, and this time, it will be during school hours! It will take the teamwork of the Troubled Tweens to help Mr. Kent get the magical mayhem returned to its cabinet in his colorful Wall of Wonders.This 4000-word story from the world of the Troubled Tweens is the perfect introduction to D.D. Roy's book series that begins with Jinnie Wishmaker and continues with Marcus Mender._________________________About the AuthorD.D. Roy is the author of the Troubled Tweens series for readers 8-12 years old. Her first novel, Jinnie Wishmaker, was released in 2011. She has published numerous short stories in literary magazines, and Dust Bunnies: Secret Agents, her iPad/iPhone story book for children, will be released by Polycot Labs in 2012.