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Night Goddess by T. Stedman



Nona Day - 2017
    Her only care in the world is fast money, partying and designer labels. She doesn’t have real responsibilities or plans for the future. As far as she was concerned, only today was important. She will worry about tomorrow when it comes. No one is going to stop her from enjoying her life to the fullest. She refused to live the life she watched her mother endure by the hands of her father. Her and her brother, Tone struggled together after their parent’s death. Jiera is determined to make up for all the years she struggled as a young girl. No one else's opinions about her life mattered to her. King Owens is a twenty-five-year-old, handsome rich man. He was taken from his unfit mother and raised by his father and stepmom. King wants out of the life his father was determined he inherit. He doesn’t want the throne to his father’s drug empire. For now, he is living the life that he's determined to get away from. He has a beautiful, career-oriented woman in his life. A successful career, wealth, and a beautiful family was his goals in life. He is determined to have everything he wants, even if it means going against his father’s wishes. King and Jiera have totally different plans for their future. Upon laying eyes on Jiera, King couldn’t deny himself from having her for just one night. What happens when one night of passion binds the two together for the rest of their lives? The ones that supposed to love them the most are the ones trying to hurt them the most. Will lies, betrayal and deceit take the two on a journey together? Or will it tear them apart?

This Heart Plays No Games

Tay Mo'Nae - 2019
    Now the couple must see if they can overcome one big obstacle in their way. Savanna thinks they’re able to make it down the aisle until she finds out that Ray has been keeping some secrets from her, now she isn’t sure if marrying him is what’s best for her. Makai walks back into Savanna’s life after three years. What she thought was just a childhood crush quickly turns into more then she bargained for. Not only does Makai come back with a girlfriend but he also comes back with an eye-opener that Savanna wasn’t prepared for. Now she must battle her feelings and decide if she can forgive Ray and get married or if she should act on her feelings for Makai. Jazlynn was content in her life the only problem she had was her deadbeat baby daddy that was until Kordell, her previous boyfriend, comes back to shake up her life. Still dealing with the heartbreak he caused her, she fights her feelings not truly ready to open up to him again. Kordell knows he messed up and will do anything to have Jazlynn back. Will, she finally forgive his past mistakes, or will she fully close their chapter all together? Ma’Loni just wants to strip and stack her money, falling for the boss was never a part of the equation. Kolby sees something in Ma’Loni that he refuses to let go. What started off as just a physical relationship quickly turns into more. When Ma’Loni learns Kolby has been holding something back from her she quickly leaves their situation where it’s at. Now Kolby must show Ma’Loni he’s ready to give up the games and focus on her, the only issue is will Ma’Loni believe him? Join the crew in the crazy journey of heartbreaks, love, drama, and secrets and find out what it really means when they say, This Heart Plays No Games.

Upside Down In Love (love emotions Book 1)

Dominique Thomas - 2019
    He never had good intentions with my heart from the beginning. Novah, Billie and Normani navigate through life with their heads held high despite their tumultuous relationships with the men they fathered kids with. Novah fell into love quickly with Carter. They were young. He was a rising NFL star and she was a popular video vixen. Years skate by and Novah realizes he isn’t the man she thought he was. After ending their love affair, she learns of their twin sons. Novah does the best she can to keep the peace. While the media makes her out to be the bitter, gold digging baby momma she takes it to the chin. For her sons, she will eat up any negative accusation the world has to say about her. Her only aspiration in life is to give her sons a good one. When Novah begins to stand up to Carter and his demanding ways things go left. He shows her a side of him that she’s never seen before and Novah is left with two choices. Turn another blind eye to his foul ways or finally expose him for the hateful person that he really is. Billie was born to model. It flowed through her being effortlessly. Billie only wanted two things in life. That was to model and be with Dreux. Dreux, however. wanted out of Detroit. He watched his brother fall victim to the streets and vowed to be different. Despite Billie’s love for him he left Detroit and attended college out of state. While being apart from Dreux, Billie found comfort with his cousin Malachi. Malachi was Billie’s yes man. Whatever she needed he was there to make it happen. Billie wasn’t attracted to him but was grateful for his presence. One lonely night Billie found herself in bed with Malachi. From that encounter, a child was created. Billie immediately regretted her decision to be with him and because she wanted nothing else from him Malachi turned bitter. Billie allowed for her broken heart over Dreux to lead her down a dangerous path. She partied more and ended up losing her son to Malachi. It was a mistake that he refused to let her live down. Now that Billie is better than ever and ready to get her son back Malachi is fighting her at every turn. Billie wants peace in her life but with Malachi constantly bringing her chaos she’s fearful that the old Billie might resurface and that’s the last thing she needs. Normani is young and full of life. While in her first year of college she met the popular DJ to the stars Tru. Tru was like a dream come true for her. The unattainable man that somehow wanted her and immediately she became engrossed by him. Without having to think about it she gave up school and allowed for her life to revolve around Tru. She became his biggest fan and after being together for a few years their daughter was born. Suddenly Normani began to see things in Tru that she hadn’t seen before. He was controlling, distant and selfish. Normani had only known two parents. She had an amazing childhood and wanted her daughter to have the same but Tru was making it hard for her to do so. When Normani’s childhood friend Azariah comes home for good and starts to garner her attention Tru takes notice. He makes big strides to show Normani that he is a changed man but for Normani it may be too late. This is a two-part series.

True Love's Surprise

Aurora Hanson - 2021
    Her refusal to marry certainly hasn't done her any favors, but having her life controlled by a man is something she simply wants no part of. So when her father tries to force her into an arranged marriage, she's left with no choice but to flee to her Aunt's farmhouse in Wyoming. There, in an unexpected turn of events, her powerful connection with a kind rancher tempts her to reconsider her harsh preconceptions about love and marriage. Caught in a whirlwind of emotions, will her growing attraction to him be strong enough to overcome such deep-seated fears?Humiliated and heartbroken after his fiancé leaves him at the altar, Joseph Smyth refuses to fall victim to his emotions again. Swearing off romance once and for all, but still needing a wife to help him run his ranch, he seeks out a mail-order bride. When Joseph meets the town's charming new teacher, however, it feels like a ray of light has appeared in the darkness of his life. As he gets to know her better, his cynical attitude toward love begins to thaw. Before too long though, forgotten obligations come knocking on his door when his betrothed arrives. With his sense of responsibility weighing heavily on his shoulders, will Joseph be forced to sacrifice his second chance at true love and happiness?Life in Wyoming brings Charlotte and Joseph closer than they would have ever expected to be, and undeniable feelings grow between them. Joseph is torn between duty and true love, while Charlotte worries that he may prove to be just another man who will let her down. Yet, when the line that separates right from wrong becomes blurred, will they decide to follow their reason or their hearts? Will they find a way out of the tangled web they've found themselves in?"True Love's Surprise" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

The Suitors of their Dreams: A Historical Regency Romance Collection

Bridget Barton - 2021
    Unfortunately, her father forces her to find a suitable match. A fortuitous meeting at a ball leads her to make an elaborate plan with Lord Cavendish to convince everyone that they are courting. Dejected and heartbroken, Anthony Cavendish agrees to be part of Elizabeth's scheme, as he views it as an opportunity to make his lost love crawl back to him. What happens though when their scheme paves the way for true feelings to start blossoming? Will they both realise that their goals, as well as their hearts, are perfectly aligned?A Beauty for the Scarred DukeWhen the Earl of Upperton sells off his daughter Isabella as a bride for the disfigured Elliot Covington, Isabella feels terrified. Due to marrying a man she never met and whom she believed to be a monster, she truly believes her life is over. What she has yet to discover though, is that beneath the scars, there is a caring and kind gentleman. The moment they both realise they are meant to be together, outside powers will try to tear them apart forever. Will the Duke be able to let go of the pain and guilt that has swallowed him whole?A Charming Lady for the Intriguing BaronetIf Selina had her way, she would marry a commoner and live in happiness. Her encounter with Alexander, reinforces her belief that the life she has dreamed of could be in front of her. The experience is similar for Alexander, Baronet of Chesterfield, as he is convinced that Selina will be the woman who will bring hope into his life. When the beautiful woman discovers his true identity, she will reject him for the very reason that makes him the most eligible bachelor. Can the charming Baronet compensate for a rocky start and earn Selina’s trust?A Governess for the Brooding DukeWhen Georgette is left penniless after her father's sudden death, she becomes the governess of the orphan nieces of the Duke of Draycott. Soon, she finds her heart entrapped by her employer's presence, and yet she knows that she should suppress her emotions and compromise with her lower status. Little did she know that the Duke would see the light her caring presence has brought to his shadowy estate. Spiteful persons will threaten to keep Georgette away from his life forever. Will they find the courage to claim their feelings for each other?For the Love of a DuchessEngaged to be married to the handsome Miles Gainsborough, Eliza Ashton, could never imagine how easily happiness can turn into disaster. When her father confesses that she is the only hope of saving them from financial ruin, she finds herself set to marry the unbearable Duke of Lytton and Miles is nowhere to be seen. Her life will take an unexpected turn though when she meets Daniel Winchester, an accomplished attorney who will manage to break through the wall of thorns Eliza has started to build around her heart. Will Daniel win Eliza’s wounded trust?Kind Ella and the Charming DukeAfter her father’s death, Ella is left devastated. Her mother marries the Earl of Dandridge, a cold hearted father of two spoiled young ladies in search of a suitor. When Rufus is reported to be searching for a suitable bride, the Earl will plot the most appalling schemes to hide Ella away. Ella’s rebellious heart makes her defy the orders to abstain from the Duke’s masquerade ball. A defiance that will act in her favour, as that is where she will meet charming Rufus. Little did he know though that claiming her heart will be the most difficult mission in his life.If you love clean Regency romances that feature dynamic and inspiring women of the era and determined, yet charming, male protagonists, then you will love this collection!

Jimmy's Game (Ruthless Series Book Book 1)

Karen Clow - 2019
    Little did she know money had changed hands for her and the man she was going to work for was the sadistic self-appointed crime boss, Nick Orphanides. Worse still, was when Maria realised the very people she loved and trusted had known the nightmare she was entering? After living with, deprivation and sadism at Nick’s hands for three years; she believed her prayers have finally been answered when Jimmy Dixon wins her in a poker game. Despite Jimmy being one of Nick’s crew, it soon becomes apparent that Nick wants her back and a feud soon develops between the two men. She knows too much, including Nick’s secret links with the Russian Mafia. If Nick can’t buy her back he’ll silence her permanently, along with Jimmy and anyone who stands in his way. Maria finds herself falling for the charms of bad boy Jimmy. However, it isn't long before she realises that he too has a darker side. A deep rooted sadistic uncontrollable anger connected to his childhood Jimmy's Game is the first book in the RUTHLESS Series 1.

Cranes In The Sky

Keisha Ervin - 2017
    She’s tried to work, pray, sex, sleep and smoke her problems away but she can’t escape the gloomy, grey clouds hovering over her head. Just wanting to be happy, she's blinded by love; Messiah only sees what she wants to see – always building up to be let down and ultimately crashing. She craves love and admiration but doesn’t love herself enough to know when it’s time to let go of an old flame. Directionless, she coasts along through life numb, until she meets Shyhiem, the man who will change her life forever. He’s everything she never knew she wanted, but everything that she absolutely needed. Without permission, Shyhiem marches into her life and turns everything upside down. He’s rude, cocky, angry and devastatingly handsome. To the world, he’s nothing but an ex-convict with a chip on his shoulder; but to Messiah, he’s an angel sent down from heaven who teaches her how to love again. When Messiah finds herself wasting time, daydreaming about when she’ll see or speak to him again, she knows she’s in trouble. Love wasn’t in the equation for her - especially since she still has feelings for her ex - and Shyhiem has a ghetto baby mother and two kids… Will their love prevail or will self-doubt, self-pity, and a sense of emptiness stop everything before it starts?

When Love Walks Into His Life

Lilah Rivers - 2020
    Having nowhere else to go, she turns to the man she met through a mail-order bride ad, Judd. To her horror, upon her arrival, she discovers that her husband-to-be has already married another woman! Broke and devastated, she feels hopeless, until she is offered a job by a handsome man, Simon, in his newspaper. Will he be the cure for her sad and lonely soul or another disappointment that will deeply stigmatize her? Will treacherous schemes and secrets keep her from following her heart?Simon Johnson runs the local newspaper successfully, but when his assistant is with child, he's left all alone to handle everything. Desperate to replace her the soonest possible, he meets the beautiful Sarah, who will be proven to be the light at the end of the tunnel. As they work together, he finds the spark between them very much alive and he tries to protect her from any threat at all costs, while giving her the peace and freedom she needs. When a great danger approaches, putting everything at risk, will Simon manage to read between the lines and protect her before it is too late?Sarah has finally found the heaven she's longed for all her life, while Simon has fallen utterly in love for the first time. Is their meeting a divine confirmation that better days are coming? Will fate bring Simon and Sarah to a place where they truly belong together or will jealousy, regrets, and fears drive them apart?

Secret Desires

Ashlee Price - 2019
    The Hot Doctor?2. The Hot Boss?3. The Hot Daddy?4. The Best Friend's Ex?5. The Mysterious Surprise Bidder?6. All Of The Above??No matter which man is your favorite, these steamy romance stories are guaranteed to keep you entertained all night long.Book 1 - A Beautiful MistakeSurprise...I went in for surgery and woke up married to my doctor!Maybe I can use this mistake to my advantage.My perfect plan starts to fall apart when her controlling, desperate ex threatens her.Screw that. In this world, I protect what's mine.Book 2 - Boss Me DaddyMy billionaire boss is my worst enemy.Will falling in love with my enemy lead to a second chance?Or, with everything stacked against us, will we be driven apart forever.Book 3 - Hot DaddyI've been dumped once before.This billionaire fling is never going to work.We've got rules that we need to stick to.But his son is in danger.And I'm pregnant.Would now be the best time to break those rules?Book 4 - Best Friend's Ex With BenefitsI'm in love with my best friend's ex-girlfriend.And, now she's pregnant.It was supposed to be pretend but faked turn to real.Especially now that she's carrying a baby.A baby that could be mine.Will Natalie tell me the truth about who the father is?Book 5 - Surprise BidderI'm desperate for money and hope.Luckily, Gavin can give me both.But we both have secrets.Secrets that I'm discovering could destroy me.And I'm carrying another big surprise of my own.What happens when I tell him that he's the father?***Secret Desires is a collection of 5 stand-alone romance novels featuring dominant alpha males, over the top billionaires, hot daddies and couples overcoming more drama then you'll able to count.***No cheating, no cliffhangers and of course, a very satisfying HEA for each story.

Guardian of Mates

Chloé Vincent - 2019
    A total thrill ride! ★Be won over by these fiercely hot shifters, the awesome mates they want to fight for, and one badass angel.Who will be your Favorite?♥ A wealthy Las Vegas hotel entrepreneur Dragon with 2 problems: a kidnapped showgirl & a dragon egg that's about to hatch…♥ A loyal, fearless Mountain Lion protector of Los Angeles who has been silenced by a suspicious coma, & the physical therapist that may be the only one who can help him…♥ A headstrong Silicon Valley alpha Wolf has met his his foxy, alpha female match…♥ A bad boy Bear professor who specializes in Poisons & Potions may be the only one to help an NYC waitress beat an ominous cult…★ PLUS, an Exclusive story (in this box set only) that features everyone's favorite not-so-perfect guardian angel, Delilah, as she and Katz have their own side adventure when the Angelic Dimension is under attack! ******Guardian of Mates Series:Bad-Girl-Given-a-Second-Chance, Delilah, is being offered a shot at Redemption for her shady past. The only thing is, she's messed up every job she's been given so far by the Angelic Dimension’s ‘Counsel of Three’. Getting unlikely soul mates together back on Earth is her last shot...but man, would she happily take murder and mayhem over the complicated business of love! INCLUDES:Book 1: Secrets & Dark MagicBook 2: Starcrossed ShiftersBook 3: Awakened AlphasBook 4: Vegas Baby Dragon*Book 5: Bad Angel: DelilahCan our lovable, cynical Angelic Agent find a way to accomplish her heart-pumping, seemingly impossible missions for the Department of Soul Matery? With her sexy, intriguing, supervisoryly agent Katz along for the ride, maybe she’ll even grab a drink & help humankind out along the way…★★★★★Hot AF alpha shifters. Women who will give them a run for their money. And a guardian agent working her a** off to try and get them together. Needless to say- Hours of steamy, toe-curling, action-packed, take your breath away, Adult-reading pleasure!

Wild Passions of a Mischievous Duchess

Violet Hamers - 2019
    Not knowing how to deal with the unfamiliar and intense emotions he ignites within her, she lets herself burn in his fire. Still haunted by his fiancé's unsolved murder, Gerard Watton, the Duke of Hadminster, has thrown himself into his business. However, that changes when his sister's captivating governess brings forth feelings he thought himself unable to experience ever again. But as tension and feelings run wild, someone threatens to snatch his happiness away from him a second time. When someone tries to poison Elizabeth, the crippling fear of the past repeating itself resurfaces, and Gerard is hard-pressed to act fast. For one is an accident, two is a tragedy, but three is murder...

A Fiery Bluestocking for the Earl: A Clean & Sweet Regency Historical Romance Novel

Leah Conolly - 2021

In Too Deep: The Kennedy Family

Nako - 2018
    In Too Deep: The Kennedy Family is an urban mystery by National Best-Selling Author, NAKO. Jacob Kennedy, leader of The Kennedy Family, is known in the underground as TKF. Jacob was never interested in settling down until he met the love of his life. After a million-dollar wedding that had the streets talking for months, five children, and a few fairytales in between, all hell breaks loose when his wife is found gunned down in the middle of the street. Jacob went to war to get to the bottom of who would even think about harming his wife, being that he had no beef with anyone. The Kennedy Family was devastated, but no one hurt more than Jacob’s children, Sienna, Savannah, JJ, Jordan, and baby Savona. Nako, the author of The Underworld series and The Connect’s Wife, has penned a book series so gritty and riveting that readers will hang on to every page in anticipation of wanting to solve the mystery and discover the hidden truth surrounding the death of Jackie Kennedy. It was unfair to be left alone without their mother, and once a few layers are peeled back, the children will bond together to bring justice for their mother. But what happens when loyalty is put to the ultimate test? When blood isn’t always thicker than water, can their relationships withstand the late nights and early mornings that come along with being a Kennedy? What if being a part of this family is a burden more than a blessing? The money and fame don’t impress everyone, especially not Savona, who’d rather be broke and, in the streets, than belong to The Kennedy clan. Author's Note: TKF Books 1-3 are INCLUDED in this book. For those that do not wish to read books 1-3 again, PART 4 starts after Chapter 33.


Holly J. Martin - 2017
    She had a gang of brothers who positively adored her. She led an affluent life at her family’s home in Maine. She even had an ongoing flirtation with the charming Jared Ross.He would prove to be her doom. After her father catches her with Jared, he virtually disowns her. Jack is forced to live in a halfway house for wayward teens run by sadistic guards. There, she experiences an assault that changes her life forever.When Jack escapes, she takes to the streets in search of a place to belong. She finds friendship in Sam, a former special forces POW determined to help anyone in need, and Noah, a young gay model with dreams of stardom. As Jack begins creating a new life with Sam and Noah, she still faces the unbelievable pain of her family’s betrayal. Jack doesn’t know the whole story. As she follows her dream of owning a recording studio, her brothers and Jared are all desperately searching for her. Their reunion will be more difficult than any of them expect. Jack has found a new family. Is there room in her heart for anyone else?

An Unforeseen Love for the Stubborn Cowboy

Ava Winters - 2021
    They never seem to get along but their hearts always pound faster when they lock eyes. How will they let themselves love each other?Oregon Trail, 1860s.Ellie is a gentle young woman who must take care of her deaf younger brother after the sudden death of their parents. To avoid poverty and her unfortunate debts, she escapes on a wagon train on the Oregon Trail. Meeting Mark, the loner but witty guide of the party, causes her heart to pound faster. How can she cure his wounds and fears and show him that true love means when he’s just so detached?Mark is an excellent scout and a trail guide who has suffered the loss of love. He should stay focused and get the job done but when he sees Ellie in danger, he instinctively saves her. After that, they always seem to bump into each other, and they never stop bickering. How can he let his heart show him the way when he’s just too stubborn to love again?Life on the trail is challenging and filled with pain, poverty and loss. When Ellie is discovered to own money and her brother is in peril, party members will threaten them. How will Mark save the woman that stole his heart when the two always hit walls instead of breaking them down?