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Every Bullet Gotta Name

Robert Cost - 2015
    Blue-Jay. On his reign to the top, it's not a question of who he crossed... The question is who he hasn't crossed? Because of his double life, it shouldn't be of any surprise that he would have two sons; Bloodbath (Mad Dog Blood) & Tre-Loc (8-Trey Gangsta Crip), both on different sides of the fence. Due to their father's mind manipulating ways, the two wreak havoc on the streets in an attempt to kill one another. In the midst of their chaos, a lot of people get caught in the crossfire. Some innocent... Some with hidden agendas of their own! A question you'll constantly ask yourself as you read this novel is will the two brothers kill each other and everyone in their path? Or make amends in the end and get to the root of their problem? In this grimey way of life of deceit, betrayal, and heartache, Every Bullet Gotta A Name... And if you get caught slipping on the wrong side of town, you better shoot first or be prepared to die!

Heaven Between Her Thighs: Stealing His Heart

Denora Boone - 2016
    If he pursued her he had to be serious because she didn’t just give her “heaven” out to anyone. For so long she stayed away from bad boys until one bad boy in particular from her past came back into her life. Knowing what he was about, she didn’t even entertain the idea but it seemed as if God had a sense of humor. Would he be able to knock her off the path she had set up for herself or could she continue to stand strong?Smash and pass. That was the motto that Qyree Reeves lived by. To him that was law and, since he called himself a law abiding citizen, he would uphold it at all costs. It had never been an issue for him to get a woman, his only problem was getting rid of them when he was done. Once he had obtained their most prized possession, their body, it was on to the next. Qyree had always been a ladies' man. How could he not be when his father was the one and only Jaxon Reeves, CEO of one of the largest music companies in the country? That was until he reconnected with someone from his past. Had he finally met the one who would make him turn his life around or will she just fall in line like the rest of them?Vonetta Sims made many mistakes in her life and one huge one landed her in jail for almost ten years after she set up the rape of her best friend. Once she is let free, Von ends up with Cheynese as her parole officer. But just as she thinks Cheynese is there to help her God shows her it’s the other way around. Feeling like she has been given another chance at friendship, this time she will protect it at all costs. Come hell, high water, or someone her and Cheynese both have in common...Qyree. Betrayal, lies, deception, and affairs never end up good and everyone involved ends up hurt in one way or another. Qyree was always taught that his treasure lies in the heaven between a woman’s thighs but will he be able to hear the voice of God before he enters a hell that he can’t come back from?

Chi-Town Hood Affairs

Nicole Black - 2014
     Cola has that special something that makes all men want to have her. Her unstable ex-boyfriend, Zell took betrayal to another level with the things he did behind her back. After a tragic event caused Cola to lose her unborn child, she starts to fall out of love with Zell and in love with a man named Baker. Baker is the man in the streets and he knows how to treat his woman. He has no secrets and he tells no lies. Baker is a protector, provider and everything else a woman can dream of. Life is good for Cola until she gets the shock of her life when Baker’s cousin comes into the picture. Will Baker’s cousin keep Cola’s scandalous secret from her past? Or will the cat be let out of the bag? After being silent for years, Zell reappears and tries to wreak havoc on one of the people that means the world to Cola, but Zell makes the fatal mistake of not seeing things through himself. Will relationships and friendships end when things that were once done in the dark come out in the light? Come take a wild ride with Cola, Baker, and their crew as they plot revenge against the man who has caused turmoil in their lives.

In The Cut

Kevin Bullock - 2006
    While struggling to get his feet planted deep in the dope game, he becomes attached to the little boy. Being affiliated with other hustlers and robbers eventually jeopardizes his life as well as the child's. When enough guns go off and enough bodies get laid to rest, Manus better have enough money to buy his son from the woman who threatens to separate them forever.

Jump Off Bitches 2

M.J. Sparks - 2013
    Deidre is bringing her side of the story rounding out the circle of this troublesome trio. And hers is a steamy one as she finds herself engulfed in a hot interoffice romance with a man she can't quite claim as her own. He's yet to be married, but that doesn't mean that he does not belong to someone else because he is engaged to be married. After a lust filled ride with Deidre seemingly takes a turn towards love, will he make to the alter? Bird left part one dizzy and she remains dizzy as ever as she continues to ping pong herself between two men. Will she ever settle and decide on who it is that she wants, or will her back and forth between the two of them cost her everything and leave her with nothing? Kenya's life is turned up side down after a suprise visitor shows up at her home. Is her rendezvous a thing of the past or will it come back and bite her in the ass?

The Beast of the Cartel

Sunny Giovanni - 2014
    With only a snap of his fingers he is able to command thousands of men, and have his every desire fall at his feet. The only thing that this master is missing is true love in his life. At the brink of a drug war and rebellion from potential business partners, Zeus finds it impossible to trust anyone he brings close, let alone finding someone he would be able to love and give his all too, or share his very own empire with. When a broken Rumor Sandavo waltzes into his life on business, he finds himself balancing everything on his plate and schedule accordingly, as well as trying to get closer to the young woman. After longing for love for quite some time, Zeus failed to realize that love can weaken you or make you more vulnerable. Will Rumor accept Zeus as the man of her life once she finds out what he's capable of? Or will she be the one and only reason he is stripped of his title as "Beast Of The Cartel" and loses the war that the rebellion has brought upon him?

Bonnie & Clyde of the Hood

Alicia Howard - 2014
    She don’t care how she get that paper as long as she eats well and rides plush. She is a heavy hitter that don’t take no shit. She been sitting doing a five year bid now that she’s out Bonnie is ready to take the hood over once again. Clyde is fine a laid back hustler that owns most of the hood. Its only one person stand in the way of him being the king of it all. A nigga name Lynch. Clyde is determined to have it all because whatever he wants he gets. Nothing will stand in his way or so he thinks. When Bonnie & Clyde bum heads will it be love at first sight or battle of the King & Queen it only one way you will find out….is by reading the book.

Falling for a Drug Dealer

Melikia Gaino - 2015
    Every good girls wants a bad guy, but is that true with long time college friends? In falling for a drug dealers, would these women stay with their clean record type of guys or will they get get trapped in the world of a drug dealers girl's life? Filled with sex, drugs, abuse, and the world of loving the bad guy, a drug dealer, this book will keep you wondering what is going to happen next! Take this journey with Kim, Danni, India, London, Lorren, Lisa, and Tracey in Falling for a Drug Dealer!

My Bitch, Yo Bitch....Everybody Bitch

Niki Jilvontae - 2015
    Most of these seemingly perfect relationships are filled with lies, deceit, and a little bit of insanity, just like Mike and LiLi's. Mike fell in love with abused, promiscuous LiLi when he was sixteen, and over a span of seven years (two of which he spent incarcerated), his world evolved into confusion, hurt, and betrayal. LiLi, his dream girl, is the exact opposite of what he thinks and Mike quickly finds out that he can never change who she really is. Mike must face the devastating fact that LiLi isn't his bitch, and his best friend since childhood, Dee, is right there to help him..or is he? Come on this turbulent ride with Mike, LiLi, and Dee to find out if LiLi is Mike's bitch, Dee's bitch...or EVERYBODY'S BITCH!!!

I'm the Queen

Tirzah Lee - 2014
    She was no ordinary hood chick. She wanted to get out of the hood and never become a statistic. But growing up in Avondale, a neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio wasn’t the kind of area people “made it” out of. Once Queen falls in love with a local drug dealer she thinks she has it all. She thought she finally found happiness, but once he commits a crime that lands him in prison she loses everything. Queen is forced to move outside her city in order to forget about the one place she calls home. Besides her family and friends something is keeping her from forgetting her past, so she returns to Cincinnati. To her surprise the city didn’t forget how and why she left. With her enemies trying to knock her out the game it seems she can’t win for losing. Friends betrayed her, men hurt her, and the one person she hates the most ends up saving her in the end. Does Queen finally find happiness? In the end will Queen finally get her King, or will she be the only one left on the chess board? Will she finally get her fairytale and end the game with a CHECK MATE or will she be out the game forever?


Caryn Lee - 2014
    Growing up for seventeen year old Ciara was hard. Dealing with a alcoholic Mother who physically, mentally, and verbally abused her. Being sent to live in a group home was only the beginning of another nightmare. That is until she meets Eric aka Smooth and he turns her life from shit to sugar. It's all good until the sweet turns bitter. Growing up to fast and living in the streets was fine with Jasmine. She didn't want to listen to anyone and loved to break rules. She later found out in life that all rules aren't meant to be broken. Stick and stones don't break her bones. Kelly was a small girl from the block who wasn't to be played with. She did what she had to do to survive. She meets Ant and he chills her heart. Things get hot and heavy when she has to deal with the consequences that comes with the lifestyle.


Ink Mistress - 2014
    While trying to escape, she meets Nathan who jumps to her aid and tries to help her, not knowing exactly what he's getting himself into. With feelings starting to get involved, will they be too distracted to escape the wrath of Leon Dubois, his thugs and the many police officers that he has working for him? How will they manage to get away with no one to trust nor help them, but themselves?


Adrian Thomas - 2016
    Which one is drinkable? Ayani has definitely been through the worse. One tragic incident turned her life upside down forever, leaving her sister, Kamille, to hate her. Kamille is now out to wreak havoc on her already messed up life. Ayani is trying her best to hold on to her fragile relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Kash, in the heat of it all. She’ll end up paying the ultimate toll for her scandalous and childish behavior. Will she take heed when her reality sets in or will she just be a product of her circumstances?

That Unbreakable Love

Tynessa - 2015
    Remember little Ray’Shun, Niyah and Destiny? In this installment the kids are older and have problems of their own. Have you ever heard of that saying: Like father, like son? Well Ray’Shun is every bit of his father and even at the young age of seventeen, he’s having a hard time being faithful to his girlfriend of two years. Let’s just see if he takes after his dad and learns to appreciate and cherish what he have.Most of you have heard of the saying, I get it from my mama. Well, Shaniyah is the younger version of Shaniqua and it makes it complicated for them to get along because they’re so much alike. Once she begins dating a guy that goes by the name of Kush, she began smelling herself and it might become a little too much for Shaniqua to bear.Meanwhile, though Destiny is dating Kush’s younger brother, Man, she remains the sweetheart that Shaniqua only wished Shaniyah would be.

I Fell In Love With A Real Street Thug

Pebbles Starr - 2016
    The intelligent, charismatic, and handsome Constantine "Cue" Saldana. He's everything she ever wanted in a man...but there's only one problem. She already has a man of her own. A ruthless Caribbean king pin serving a 10-year bid that's not willing to let her go without a fight. Aubrey will stop at nothing to keep his fiancé Khari right where he wants her--even if it means using manipulation and murder. As far as he is concerned, she belongs to him and he'll go to great lengths to ensure that everyone knows it, including Cue. Kylie has been wrapped around Jamaal's finger for as long as she can remember. He's used and abused her at every turn but for some reason she just can't seem to stay away. When he pops back up in her life with a get rich quick scheme, Kylie cannot resist. Will her love and devotion for the bad boy she can't let go of be her ultimate demise?