Mystique, Vol. 1: Dead Drop Gorgeous

Brian K. Vaughan - 2004
    Can this former mutant-rights terrorist - who can disguise herself as anyone on the planet - be trusted? In this story of international intrigue and redemption, the sexy Mystique may surprise everyone, including herself.Collecting: Mystique 1-6

Decimation: Generation M

Paul Jenkins - 2006
    Now, from the ashes of this cataclysmic event comes a new generation... Generation M. Find out exactly how things have changed as a group of mutants brought together by this common tragedy must fight together for a better tomorrow. Collects Generation M #1-5.

Hunt for Wolverine

Charles Soule - 2018
    But who will solve the puzzle first? Will it be Daredevil and his crack squad of investigators, including Misty Knight? Or Logan's former fellow New Avengers, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage? Or perhaps Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike and Daken will be the ones to track him down! With mystery in Madripoor and around the globe, the return of Wolverine will keep you guessing! COLLECTING: HUNT FOR WOLVERINE 1, HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: WEAPON LOST 1-4, HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: ADAMANTIUM AGENDA 1-4, HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: CLAWS OF A KILLER 1-4, HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: MYSTERY IN MADRIPOOR 1-4, WHERE'S WOLVERINE PAGES

Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk

Damon Lindelof - 2009
    But when reports start cropping up of an unidentified creature appearing around the globe, Nick Fury begins to get worried.

X-Men: X-Tinction Agenda

Chris ClaremontRick Leonardi - 2011
    The war in Genosha has boiled over, and the X-Men, X-Factor and the New Mutants will never be the same! With the never-deadlier Cameron Hodge pulling the strings, the heroes are kidnapped, killed, stripped of their powers and forced into combat! And when the dust settles, the teams change lineups, sending the X-Men into a new era! COLLECTING: Uncanny X-Men #235-238, #270-272; New Mutants (1983) #95-97; X-Factor (1986) #60-62

Essential Moon Knight, Vol. 1

Doug MoenchPablo Marcus - 1981
    Debuting as both enemy and ally of the Werewolf by Night, Moon Knight's three personalities equaled one eerie adventure after another by Moench, Miller and more! Earning enemies like the brutal Bushman and the macabre Morpheus early in his career, Moon Knight also teamed up with Spider-Man, the Thing, and others against well-known and forgotten villains alike! Spun by Cyclone! Caught by Crossfire! Plus: an early fight with the Purple Man alongside Luke Cage! Featuring Topaz from Witches and the original White Tiger! Includes black-and-white stories not reprinted in more than two decades!Collecting: Werewolf By Night 32-33; Marvel Spotlight 28-29; Spectacular Spider-Man 22-23; Marvel Two-In-One 52; Hulk Magazine 11-15, 17-18, 20-21; Marvel Preview 21; Moon Knight 1-10

Iceman - Marvel Legacy Primer Pages

Robbie Thompson - 2017
    Get caught up on all things Iceman with these Marvel Primer Pages and then check out the start of Iceman in Marvel Legacy in Iceman #6.

Uncanny X-Men: Divided We Stand

Ed Brubaker - 2008
    Betrayed by one of their own, and mourning the loss of former allies, is peaceful coexistence still an option? The only thing that's certain is an uncertain future for mutantkind. Is anyone safe in a world without X-Men? Collects Uncanny X-Men #495-499.

Wolverine by Mark Millar Omnibus

Mark Millar - 2013
    Then: nobody knows what happened the night the heroes fell, but the bad guys have been calling the shots ever since. What happened to Wolverine is the biggest mystery of all. For 50 years, no one has heard from him...and in his place stands an old man called Logan. All-out action from the mind of Mark Millar!Collecting: Wolverine 20-32, 66-72, Giant-Size Old Man Logan

X-Men: X-Club

Simon Spurrier - 2012
    using SCIENCE. But just as construction of the X-Club's state of the art space elevator nears completion, chaos erupts! And it appears to the world that mutants are to blame. Can Dr. Nemesis, Madison Jeffries, Kavita Rao and Danger clear the X-Men's name before their experiment backfires? Don't miss the story that will surely change how you look at the X-Men and the Periodic Table of Elements FOREVER! COLLECTING: X-CLUB 1-5

Uncanny X-Men: Sisterhood

Matt Fraction - 2009
    The Science Team gets to work, trying very hard not to kill one another first. Simon Trask gains traction in the California state legislature, muscling Proposition X to an emergency ballot vote. If it passes, mutants past and present, powered and otherwise, won't be allowed to breed... all this and a friend returns as a foe and ready for murder. Oh, things are getting ugly.Collecting Uncanny X-Men #508-512 - written by Matt Fraction (Immortal Iron Fist), and illustrated by Greg Land (X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong) and Yanick Paquette (Ultimate X-Men).

X-Men: Fall of the Mutants, Vol. 1

Chris ClaremontTodd McFarlane - 2008
    Two tales of tragedy. The vicious Marauders have already slaughtered the tunnel-dwelling Morlocks, and now they plan to kill Cyclops' estranged wife, Madelyne Pryor! And if that means taking on the X-Men, that's just fine with them! Meanwhile, Storm goes on a vision quest to find Forge...but she discovers the evil Adversary pulling their strings, and the X-Men will need to literally sacrifice their lives to stop him! Meanwhile, the New Mutants take in the hybrid creature known as Bird-Brain...but when he flees back to the island where he was created, the team follows and clashes with the Ani-Mator. COLLECTING: Uncanny X-Men (1963) 220-227, Incredible Hulk (1968) 340, New Mutants (1983) 55-61

Decimation: Son of M

David Hine - 2006
    Now, the son of Magneto is despised and powerless. Crushed and defeated, his only hope and refuge lies with the Inhumans. Re-united with his wife Crystal, will his desperate ambitions lead him to an even greater betrayal?Collecting: Son of M 1-6

X-Men: The End

Chris Claremont - 2009
    The epic finale to the story of the Children of the Atom! Renowned X-Men scribe Chris Claremont (Uncanny X-Men) joins with star artist Sean Chen (Wolverine) for a trilogy in the style of the Lord of the Rings movies, one that spans the length and breadth of the X-Men canon and brings the saga of Marvel's mutants to a climax! Collects X-Men: The End -- Dreamers and Demons #1 to 6, Heroes and Martyrs #1 to 6, and Men and X-Men #1 to 6.

X-Statix Omnibus

Peter MilliganNick Dragotta - 2011
    Strange and others! Plus: the awful threats of Bad Guy, Pink Mink, Surrender Monkey and more!Collecting: X-Force 116-129; Brotherhood 9; X-Statix 1-26; Wolverine/Doop 1-2; X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl 1-5; material from X-Men Unlimited 41, I [HEART] Marvel: My Mutant Heart; Nation X 4