Mated to the Alien

Orion Blaze - 2015
    But first of all, they want to mate with Earthlings. Aithan goes to see the Itherian aliens land on Earth in their spectacular spaceship. He has no expectations, but if he somehow gets to mate with a hot alien female, that's a nice bonus. And the aliens turn out to be more beautiful than nyone had ever dared hope! Prince Brax'on is under huge pressure to find a mate and produce heirs to the Itherian throne. But his fellow Itherians bore him, and he feels alone among his own kind. Perhaps he can find a suitable mate on Earth? When Brax'on and Aithan meet during the first welcome party inside the super advanced spaceship, they have trouble taking their eyes off each other. Brax'on is used to following his instincts, but Aithan insists that he's not attracted to men. He runs away to not have to face his emotions, but by the end of the evening, he takes off with the handsome alien prince. The next morning, they both have a big surprise in store... Mated to the Alien is a first time gay sci-fi romance with steamy scenes of unprotected action and male pregnancy (Mpreg).

More Than A Manny

Trina Solet - 2014
    That's where Nate comes in. Brent is a loving but irresponsible father to two young children from a marriage of convenience. He needs Nate in his life, but how will Nate, a first time nanny, fit into his unconventional household? The kids are a handful, especially little Georgie. Her big brother, Ricky, has a few issues of his own. But Nate is more than ready to take on the challenge and let all three of them steal his heart. 75000+ words Mature content

Weight of Everything

Anna Wineheart - 2020
    In front of the most handsome man ever.Dumped by his longtime boyfriend because of his weight, Ulric O'Neil moves to the quiet town of Meadowfall, hoping to start afresh. He's tired of being chubby, and he's tired of being lonely. He's tired of being attracted to the wrong sort of person, too. Which alpha only likes other alphas?The bigger question: Which man would fall for a chubby, nerdy guy who loves his sweet snacks more than he loves to exercise?Definitely not Gage Frost, a personal trainer at Ulric's gym—he's got the most beautiful face and a stomach-dropping smile, and Ulric knows he'll fall for Gage sooner rather than later. Especially when Gage hugs him and kisses him and tells Ulric they can be best friends. But that's where the line is.Ulric promises Gage that he won't fall in love. Thing is, with how often Gage tells him he's cute, he isn't so sure he can keep his word.Weight of Everything is a 74,000-word standalone non-shifter MPreg romance with an eventual double-alpha-preg, lots of hurt/comfort, as well as the sweetest alpha who convinces his not-boyfriend that your looks aren't the only thing that matters.


Kiki Burrelli - 2018
    He thinks he's found a dance partner for the night, but the stranger has other plans. Jax has worked his entire life to become the best sourcer on Akar, maybe even in all of Zila Galaxy. He specializes in finding things, and if the money is right, he and his loyal crew are there. Except, this mission has sent them farther than they've gone before, to Earth. Grows into an unbreakable bond It's not personal, Phoenix just happened to be what Jax's client requested. He’s not a person, he’s cargo. Except, the moment Jax gets Phoenix on his ship, he can't help but care for and protect the Earthling. It wouldn't be so bad if the client who requested Phoenix—as well as the other specimens with his unique genetic mutation—didn't happen to be the Akarian Federation. The AkarFed rules its people with an iron fist and they couldn’t care less about Jax’s burgeoning feelings. Phoenix may be in space, with no hope of returning to his home, but he is nobody’s victim. All he needs to do is ignore the alien captain long enough to figure out a way home. But, with each passing moment—and mile—that gets harder to do. As their connection grows, Jax discovers they are more than just cargo and captain, they are fated mates, now he just needs to figure out how to keep them together.

Prince's Gambit

Crista Crown - 2018
     Two vastly different cultures. One contract that could save their peoples. Prince Kylan of Dorvak is desperate to save his starving country. Hemmed in by looming mountains and the sea, there's only one nation who can help them... the ship nation of Ysladre, barred from their shores years ago. ShipSon Ferrin of the Ysladre Flotilla has never stepped foot on land, but if he is able to secure this alliance for his people, for his father, their names will be remembered for as long as their people sail the seas. The agreement is simple: If ShipSon Ferrin produces an heir for Prince Kylan, they will be wed, and their nations united. But forces within the kingdom are shifting. Many chafe under the harsh rule of Kylan's father. Some seek the opportunity to unseat Kylan's family for good. The king opposes the possibility of alliance with Ysladre. Kylan cares for his people, but as he falls in love with the delicate son of Ysladre, he also falls in love with his people—a feeling his father cannot and will not understand. It's a race against time to secure the alliance with a child before the people starve to death, a rebellion rises, or the king outright banishes Ferrin, the only man he’s ever loved. Prince’s Gambit is Game of Thrones meets mpreg, with an arranged marriage, deception, passion, knotting, bloodshed, but a guaranteed HEA. (No main characters were killed in in the making of this book.) An Epic Mpreg RomanceAn Epic Mpreg Romance.

Fragile Bond

Rhi Etzweiler - 2013
    The resource-rich valley is crawling with tawnies, the native dirt-colored predators. Huge things that hunt in packs and kill as well with tooth and claw as Marc ever has with Mat.The rules change when a tawny uses an unexpected weapon: pheromones.Commander Hamm Orsonna, leader of the fefa clan, is determined to chase off the invading aliens. The one he sets out to capture for intel is scrawny and hairless, not very intimidating—until it takes out his entire squad. Seasoned warriors, felled from halfway down the valley by its metal death stick.Their sacrifice may be worth it, though. The alien male smells like he’s interested in making things right. He smells of other things too, but nobody else seems to notice. Before long, Hamm finds himself fighting off his own kind to defend the alien, who might be his people’s only hope for peace, and Hamm’s only chance for happiness.

A Good Vintage

Ashlyn Kane - 2013
    When he catches his latest deadbeat boyfriend selling Luke’s belongings—and his own body—to cover his debts, Luke decides he needs a vacation. He just doesn’t expect his Napa Valley retreat to be a step into his past.Eight years ago Mal Kuijpers was grieving his wife while his vineyard floundered. Hiring Luke for the summer put the business back on track and a smile back on Mal’s face.Nineteen-year-old Luke had just gotten out from under his father’s thumb and started saving for his education, his last screw-you to his old man. Then he made the mistake of falling for his boss, his dad caught up with him, and Luke panicked—and fled.Now they have another chance. Mal has his own share of closet skeletons, including a family he doesn’t talk to and a dead wife he sometimes does, and he’s gone without romance for years. He works hard to convince Luke he’s worth more than a casual fling and asks for nothing in return, but Luke needs a relationship of equals. If Mal can believe in himself and Luke can believe in love, two hot summers might yield a lifelong reward.

Omega Academy

Jules Finley - 2016
    Giving himself, body and soul, to a man he's never met was never something Bryce thought he would do until he enlists in Project Alpha, the military's most secret operation to date. After all, Bryce is straight. No genetic modification is going to change that.But after a medical procedure goes wrong and he awakens as an Omega, there isn't any choice but to submit and serve at the side of a powerful Alpha unit. At first, Bryce is appalled——until Jackson Henley walks into his life and awakens in him an inescapable bond that turns Bryce's whole world upside down.Jackson Henley is looking for an honorable way to die. Haunted by his traumatic past and without hope for the future, Jackson sees Project Alpha as the death sentence he craves. Trained to be the ultimate warrior, he knows he'll risk it all on the front lines, and with his upcoming match to an Omega unit imminent, he hopes it won't be much longer before that risk turns to ruin——until a chance encounter with an Omega he's forbidden to love awakens within him a protector who will do anything and everything to keep safe what belong to him.All it takes is one moment to change two lives forever.Drawn together by fate but kept apart by circumstance, can two souls made for one another overcome the obstacles separating them and turn the tides of war?Omega Academy is the first book in the Project Alpha/Omega series, and contains strong language, dark themes, MPreg, no cheating, and a definitive HEA. Readers sensitive to topics such as attempted sexual assault and violence should exercise caution while reading.

Finding Connor

Toni Griffin - 2014
    He meets Connor, a numbers man for a casino, at a gay bar and danced the night away. Their one night together changes their entire lives and what people think they know about life on Earth.Note: originally published in the anthology: Not in the Stars

Best Little Whorehouse on Planet X

Kelex - 2013
    Awaiting the prophesied triad of males who would come find him, the soft prince was shuttered away on the top floor of Kazru’s whorehouse, where no one would think to look for him.Exiled Shapeshifter Warriors Drayden, Irylan, and Bayjin come for Agarri after the prince haunts their dreams and begs them to save him. They take the virgin prince and escape to their hidden base, where they claim Agarri as their own.Finding strength in his warriors, Agarri is ready to help bring his people together to retake their world.

Healing Touch

Missy Welsh - 2016
    Met with hostility, captured, and tortured simply for being Human, the three survivors hold little hope for their futures. Captain Noah O'Keefe has lost his ship and his crew to alien forces he didn't even know existed until a few hours ago. Chemically blinded and helpless, he can only rely on the kindness of strangers to escape a dungeon and try to recover what he's lost. Vivek Korraay has the fate of the universe in his hands, but around every corner is another crisis...or a blue-eyed Human whose needs he cannot ignore. Spying has lost its appeal and Vivek longs for a simpler life and someone to share it with. Can Noah and Vivek survive pursuit on land and in space long enough to prevent a war? And, if they do, might a true and binding love be their reward? A previously published alternate cover version of ASIN B01N1G5CK4 can be found here.

To Have It All

Jill Wexler - 2020
     When Brett Thompson is forced to deal with a family tragedy, his nicely ordered life changes overnight. Not only does he have zero parenting experience, he is not a fan of sticky, messy, or chaotic—the very definition of “kids.” He loves his niece and nephews, but can he handle four of them on his own? Four. F-O-U-R Jordan Butler would do anything for his best friend of twenty years, including stepping in to help out with Brett’s four new rugrats. He handles disorganization much better than Brett does. That’s what friends do, right? Friends take care of friends. But sometimes a friend needs more than a hug. Sometimes messy chaos turns into treasured moments. And sometimes stolen moments and children’s smiles make you realize that for the first time ever, you have the opportunity to have it all.

A Coal Miner's Son

T.A. Chase - 2017
    He’s best friends with Owain Rees, one of the miners’ kids, and he’s been attracted to Cai, Owain’s older brother, for years. James gets the feeling he might not be the only one sensing the tension between them, but Cai avoids him religiously.Cai has been working the mine since he was sixteen. He acknowledges James is cute, but he’s grown up privileged while Cai’s family has always been working class, and Cai fears that chasm is too wide to cross. When family drama pushes them together, will Cai and James see they’re more alike than they realized?Take a leap of faith as two men from different worlds, employer, and employee, rich and poor, discover that love transcends social barriers.

Behind Bars

Alana Henry - 2014
    He expects a cold, hard life, filled with danger and uncertainty. What he doesn't expect is his cell mate Nathaniel Greyson. Nathan is gorgeous and more than a little frightening, but Riley soon finds himself feeling much more than attraction for this hard man, but you can't fall in love in prison..can you?


Sage Whistler - 2009
    Both men are carriers of the G strain, which make them the perfect candidates for mating on Lykur—the home world of a race of alien warriors. The only thing these warriors crave more than a good fight are plentiful mates. War has ravished their planet and sent these dominant, blue beings to the edge of the universe in search of viable mates. They've finally found what they have searched so long for, but there is one thing they did not count on—there is no way to conquer love, it must be freely given, and for Lykurgans and humans, it may mean compromise. It may mean sacrifice. It may just mean altering everything they've ever believed in.