Better the Devil

Amy Cross - 2018
    They failed miserably, and eventually they all died during an armed raid. All except a ten-year-old girl named Clay.At least, that's what she always thought.Now Clay's on the run, terrified to stay in one place for too long. Pursued by the same demon that spurned the cult members, Clay knows that - for some reason - Attaroth sees her as his route into the mortal world. And as dark forces close in all around her, Clay starts to realize that her days of running might soon be over.Attaroth is back, and this time he wants the human body he was promised.Better the Devil (originally released as The Girl Clay but reissued now in this updated edition) is a horror story about a frightened little girl who was once dragged into a nightmare, and about her attempts several years later to ensure that a terrifying prophecy never comes to pass.

Small Town Evil 2

Ken Berglund - 2014
    However, after a series of brutal child killings begins in a small Texas town, the ghostly visions begin again. Jennifer, unable to understand how these visions relate to what she went through five years ago, convinces her father to take her on a road trip to Texas to find out answers. On the way she will learn that her powers go far beyond her psychic abilities. AN AMAZON TOP 50 BEST SELLER!!

Family Drama

Sa'id Salaam - 2016
    The patriarch, Paul scratched and crawled his way from the bottom to the top, literally since he started life in the mean streets of New York City. He escaped to the south and attended college in Atlanta. His high IQ and street smarts gave him an advantage in both law school and beyond. Years later he is now the premier lawyer for the city's premier criminals. A law degree wasn't the only thing he picked up in school. While there he also caught the attention of a prim and proper co-ed by the name of Madison. Madison was a beautiful chocolate colored girl with an angelic smile. Holding tightly to her chastity made her highly sought after. Paul patiently played his position and beat out all his competition. The couple married and moved to an upscale subdivision in one of Atlanta's exclusive suburbs. There they raised two perfect children in the perfect house. Son Brandon just graduated his parent's alma mater and is now on his way to medical school. Daughter Courtney is right behind him planning to attend the same institution before heading to law school just like their father. Yes, just like any other American family in search of the American dream and just like any other family they have more than their share of drama. After all, every family has it's share of Family Drama.

Prison Days: True Diary Entries by a Maximum Security Officer July, 2018

Simon King - 2018
    Stabbings, rapes, and assaults are on the increase, an escape leaves officers looking for answers, a prisoner does the unthinkable, strip searching is taken to another level and exactly how does an officer smuggle alcohol in? This is life behind the walls as told by a real correctional officer.

The Guest

Alan Nayes - 2020
    For over forty-two years the space probe has raced away from Earth at thirty-eight thousand miles per hour—past Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, cruising past Pluto and the furthest fringes of our Solar System. On August 25th, 2012, Voyager 1 accomplished what no other human designed device had ever done. The probe ventured into deep interstellar space. Over thirteen billion miles away!Impossibly, now the spacecraft is returning to Earth, traveling at nearly one/thirty-seventh the speed of light. In thirty-one days, Voyager 1 will arrive home.And it’s bringing an uninvited guest!

This Hoe Eats Chitlins

Quan Millz - 2018
    Everybody hates them. But there are a lot of people who love them. Rasheeda is one masterful soul food chef with a secret down south recipe for Chicago's best chitlins. Owner and operator of Miss Evey's, an upscale soul food eatery on Chicago's South Side, she meets the seemingly gregarious yet cunning player Krey'Shawn who has plans to slime his way into her life. But little does Krey'Shawn know that Rasheeda already prepared a secret recipe for him. READ MORE in THIS HOE EATS CHITLINS by bestselling author Quan Millz & Stormy Reddick.

Hell on Earth: The complete series (6 books) (Hell on Earth Series Book 3)

Iain Rob Wright - 2020

The Other Side of Hell 2

Les Macdonald - 2018
    Part One holds 12 stories of Family Annihilators - men who murder their entire family. It is more common than you might think. Part Two is called A Six Pack of Murder which is a random collection of six more true crime stories of murder.

Mr Henry Mulligan

Vernon Coleman - 2007
    His books include the bestselling Young Country Doctor series and Mrs Caldicot's Cabbage War (which has been turned into an award winning movie). Mr Henry Mulligan is a poignant and uplifting romantic mystery about the disappearance of an elderly couple from an English hospital. Where have they gone? And why? A newly qualified doctor working in the hospital tries to find them. Moving and revealing and based on a true story. Vernon Coleman, a Sunday Times bestselling author, is a qualified doctor who has been a professional author for over 30 years. He has written over 100 books. His medical books include Bodypower, How to Stop Your Doctor Killing You and many others. (His hard hitting books defending patients rights have brought him many enemies and have resulted in numerous attempts to ban his books.) There is a list of books available on his Amazon author page. Kindle books can of course be sampled before being bought. What the papers say: Vernon Coleman writes brilliant books - The Good Book Guide Superstar - Independent on Sunday No thinking person can ignore him - The Ecologist Compulsive reading - The Guardian Britain's leading health care campaigner - The Sun Revered guru of medicine - Nursing Times Dr Coleman made me think again - BBC World Service Probably one of the most brilliant men alive today - Irish Times The man is a national treasure - What Doctors Don't Tell You The patients' champion - Birmingham Post etc etc

Miami Beach Missing

Chase Waters - 2019
    They’ve just hung out their shingle when a disturbing case falls in their laps. Three young women have been kidnapped and are being brutally tortured live on webcams from somewhere in Miami Beach. While Austin initially shirks the idea of investigating, believing the police are in the best position to solve the case, it soon becomes apparent there is more going on than meets the eye. A conspiracy in the police department and false leads drive Austin and Maria deep into the disturbing world of the dark web. And when one of the girls is murdered live on camera, Austin must determine how far he’s willing to go to seek justice.

I Wish I Were a LION

Dan Jackson - 2014
    Bross is a FOX. He is 7 years old. But Bross doesn't want to be a FOX . He would prefer to be a LION. He wants to have all the advantages that LION have. So, let’s join him on his dream. Great book for Kids

Never Came Home: A Riveting Kidnapping Mystery

Hazel Holmes - 2021

Don't Forget To Scream

Kristen Middleton - 2018
    A young woman determined to find out who killed her twin. A small town that can’t seem to catch a break. Whitney Halverson's world is shattered when her sister, Brittany, is found murdered in Summit Lake. Unfortunately, the police have no leads, and the killer is still casting for several roles, including the one her sister didn’t scream quite loud enough for. But now that Whitney is in town, there’s an option for a re-take, and the killer is determined to get it right this time…

The Race

Nick Harlow - 2011
    He decides to run for the Presidency against the incumbent, and sets in motion a series of events that will change his life and steal part of his soul. Maxwell finds this campaign requires media manipulation and dirty tricks that pull out all the stops, while learning that power, money and sex are interchangeable in American politics. Success usually comes with a price, but is Maxwell willing to pay it? And will it cost him the woman he loves? Meanwhile, reporter Jillian Turner sells her soul to save her career, then finds herself intoxicated with the man running for the White House and caught in a network plot to control the election. The Race is a look at the aphrodisiac known as political power, the media’s role in politics, and one man’s internal battle between good and evil. (After The Race, enjoy a few sample chapters of Nick Harlow's newest thriller ENDGAME)

The Untold Story of Kim

Ed Robinson - 2014
    It will lead you to hate doctors, lawyers, and insurance companies. By the time you finish, you’ll have fallen in love with Kim. This deeply inspiring tale is destined to become the most important book ever written about chronic pain and pain management in today’s healthcare environment.