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Dexter by Jeff Lindsay


American Carnage

Bryan Edward Hill - 2019
    But like anything worth having, it carries a high price.After leaving the Bureau in disgrace following the accidental shooting of a child, Wright has been steadily failing to make a living as a private investigator. When his old mentor asks him to infiltrate a group of white supremacists in Los Angeles to discover who is responsible for the death of a fellow agent, he realizes that this is his last shot at redemption.For a light-skinned, biracial man like Wright, however, it's an especially dangerous assignment. The organization is being torn apart by a power struggle between a charismatic leader with national political aspirations and the old-school rank and file who prefer cross burnings to public speaking. Navigating this minefield of hate while maintaining his cover will stretch him to the breaking point--and what he discovers in the belly of the beast will test everything he knows about himself.

Postal, Vol. 2

Matt Hawkins - 2015
    Big problems. Mark Shiffron is more than the mailman of Eden, Wyoming. Now he's the problem solver, working with his mother, the Mayor, to keep a town full of criminals from tearing itself apart. As ambition and desire grow within him, Mark uses his unique perspective to try and keep Eden under his mother's control. But can the Mayor keep her son under her control? The second arc of the controversial and unflinching POSTAL once again journeys into the strange darkness of human nature, making one thing clear: every paradise comes at a price. Collects POSTAL #5-8.

Tomboy Vol. 1: Divine Intervention

Mia Goodwin - 2016
    No Criminal Walks Away. The death of a friend catches sixteen year-old Addison off guard, but a chance encounter with his killers on the subway forever changes her life. Crime cover-ups, dirty cops, and magical dead boyfriends consume her life as she's thrust into the vigilante lifestyle and murder becomes her after school activity. Collects Tomboy 1-4."

Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse #1

Ben Templesmith - 2006
    Things are awakening in the city. Things that have a nasty habit of leaving mutilated bodies in their wake and it all reeks of demons and dark gods up to no good. Owing a favor to his lazy ghost cop buddy Trotsky, Wormwood, the gentleman corpse and his oddball entourage are brought in to investigate the case (or at least hopefully not stuff it up too much.)

Dying Is Easy

Joe Hill - 2020
    but dying is easy! From New York Times bestselling author Joe Hill (Locke & Key) comes this new graphic novel mystery.Meet Syd "Sh*t-Talk" Homes, a disgraced ex-cop turned bitter stand-up comic turned... possible felon? Carl Dixon is on the verge of comedy superstardom and he got there the dirty way: by stealing jokes. He's got a killer act, an ugly past, and more enemies than punch-lines. So when someone asks Syd Homes how much it would cost to have Dixon killed, Syd isn't surprised in the slightest. But, once he's accused, he's on the run and it's going to take all of his investigative chops to suss out the real killer before he gets caught.This crime thriller by writer Joe Hill and artist Martin Simmonds follows in the tradition of fair-play mysteries inviting readers to solve the murder before Syd does!

The Beauty #1

Jeremy Haun - 2015
    What if there was a way to guarantee you could become more and more beautiful every day? What if it was a sexually transmitted disease? In the world of The Beauty, physical perfection is attainable. The vast majority of the population has taken advantage of it, but Detectives Foster and Vaughn will soon discover it comes at a terrible price. Writer/artist JEREMY HAUN (Constantine, Batwoman) and co-writer JASON A. HURLEY offer up a startling reflection on the cost of looking good in this procedural science fiction tale.

The Banks

Roxane Gay - 2019
    The women of the Banks family are the most successful thieves in Chicago, but during the heist of a lifetime, they must band together to avenge a loved one taken too soon.

Nailbiter #1

Joshua Williamson - 2014
    An obsessed FBI profiler investigating the town has suddenly gone missing, and now an NSA Agent must work with the notorious serial killer Edward "Nailbiter" Warren to find his friend and solve the mystery of "Where do serial killers come from?" "If Josh died I wish he'd leave NAILBITER to me in his will so I could say it was my idea." -Scott Snyder (SEVERED, Batman, American Vampire)

Clue: Candlestick

Dash Shaw - 2020
    His animated works include Seraph, Wheel of Fortune, The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century AD, and My Entire High School is Sinking Into the Sea.

Moon Knight: Legacy, Vol. 1: Crazy Runs in the Family

Max Bemis - 2018
    Get ready for the introduction of Moon Knight's greatest nemesis! But as the path of the Sun King brings him ever closer to Moon Knight, Marc has problems of his own - a man known as the Truth is driving people to suicide! Thank goodness Marc's got his personalities under control. He does have them under control, right...? COLLECTING: MOON KNIGHT 188-193

Fear Nothing, Volume 1

Dean Koontz - 2010
    Snow has XP-xeroderma pigmentosum-a very rare genetic affliction that forces him to avoid light at all costs, and will likely give him cancer later in life. His parents died under mysterious circumstances and he's now being stalked by the shadowy characters who want Snow to stop trying to find out how they died--or else they'll bump off his remaining loved ones. Fear Nothing features all the pulse pounding thriller action and great character development Koontz fans have come to expect from his work, as well as a bit of comedy, and yes, even an army of evil mutant rhesus monkeys

Grass Kings, Vol. 1

Matt Kindt - 2018
    The grass kingdom is run by eldest brother Robert, who has been grief-stricken since losing his daughter years ago. When a mysterious young woman flees to their community in search of safety, Robert takes her in. As her true identity comes to light, Robert must decide if his chance at atonement is worth risking the entire Kingdom.

Sam and Twitch: The Brian Michael Bendis Collection Volume 1

Brian Michael Bendis - 2000
    A must-have collection for any fan!

Bog Bodies

Declan Shalvey - 2020
    Injured and unarmed, the unlikely pair must try to evade their pursuers and survive the desolate bog that has served as burial grounds for unspeakable murder throughout history.Declan Shalvey (Injection, Savage Town) and Gavin Fullerton (Bags) deliver a cold and poignant story of crime, survival, and regret.

Lady Killer

Joëlle Jones - 2020
    From the World's Fair in Seattle to the beaches of Florida, Josie tries to keep her perfect family alive in a bloodstained new vision of the American Dream.Joelle Jones became an overnight sensation with this gory midcentury series, leading to successful runs on DC's Catwoman and Batman titles. Now Lady Killer's complete story (so far) is together in one oversized hardcover, the perfect showcase for Jones's phenomenal artwork.This oversized hardcover collects the original series cowritten by Jones's longtime collaborator Jamie S. Rich, as well as the followup, which she both wrote and drew solo. Also included are the sketchbooks from both series and previously unpublished art.Collects Lady Killer TPB volumes 1 & 2.