Sedona Law 3: A Legal Thriller

Dave Daren - 2019
     Just another crazy legal case in Sedona, Arizona.

The Reluctant Detective

Adrian Spalding - 2019
    He just wanted a quiet life. Something his mother was not going to allow. There again he never for one moment imagined he would have to look into the death of a 90-year-old lady who was gambling away her family fortune. The Hayden Detective Agency has no need of clients. The very existence of the Agency allows Martin Hayden to claim his large monthly allowance from the family fortune - without lifting a finger. Martin’s biggest problem is his interfering mother, who understands her idle son too well. She takes steps to find him not just clients but also a personal assistant to keep an eye on him. Under pressure from the women in his life, Martin agrees to take on his first client. How hard can it be to follow a 90-year-old woman who spends her time losing money at roulette tables? As it turns out harder than Martin ever thought possible, especially with the old lady dying in strange circumstances. Soon the Reluctant Detective is grappling with shady estate agents, an intellectual artist, missing charity money and an irritating Indian waiter. Luckily for Martin there is help in the form of Colin, a transvestite who, apart from having very good fashion sense, is an expert at breaking into houses.

The Jewish Candidate

David Crossland - 2013
     After a four year posting in Islamabad, Frank Carver, a reporter for the London Chronicle, is sent to Germany to cover the country’s most fascinating election campaign since the Second World War. Rudolf Gutman, the first Jew to run for chancellor, is promising to free Germany from the shackles of its past. He is up against Hermann von Tietjen, the charismatic Far Right candidate whose mantra is to rid Germany of the threat from its Muslim immigrants. Carver and Wolfgang Renner, a freelance journalist, believe Tietjen has a more deadly agenda. He is secretly guiding Neo-Nazis in a plot to assassinate Gutman, using cash and contacts of old SS men to hire a killer. They prepare the ground with terrorist attacks that are pinned on islamists, sowing fear and hatred of Muslim immigrants.

 Carver and Renner race to clinch the scoop of their lives. But no one believes them as Tietjen covers his tracks with his devilish gambit that plunges the nation into terror and a trail of killings. As the clock ticks down to election day and the noose tightens around Gutman’s neck, their quest turns into a lone, bloody struggle for survival that brings them face to face with modern Germany’s dark secret. It seems that Carver has run out of time to unmask the assassin and to save Gutman. 'As the European Union faces a resurgence of the right-wing ultranationalism, veteran journalist David Crossland paints a chilling scenario of the threats posed to contemporary German society by neo-Nazi extremists. A real page-turner.' Efraim Zuroff, The Simon Wiesenthal Center

Born To Survive: You Can't Break A Broken Heart

Kylie-Anne Evans - 2020
    I am a survivor. I am a victim of incest. I became pregnant after rape and lost my daughter when I was 15. I suffered domestic violence. Depression stalked me. I attempted suicide. I lost people I loved to suicide, natural causes and murder. And I lost my sons. I could not look after myself, much less my children. My life was not worth living. I survived. More than that – I lived. I found resilience. I fought my way back. I overcame. And I became me – a mother with wonderful children and an amazing life. Every day I am grateful for the joy of waking up. Come with me on a journey through darkness and despair, and know that if I can triumph, so can you. We are stronger than we realize.

The Connect Who Took My Heart Away

Coco Shawnde - 2019
    Living with a man she's planning to depart from comes with more complications than the marriage itself. When Miani was put out with her four-year-old son, it broke her spirit and her heart. Miani becomes unsure of her future but running into her old friend Obasi might just change her outlook on life and love. Obasi Remy has been pumping vast quantities of artillery from the islands to flood the streets of St. Louis, making him the go to connect. Obasi is the Boss of all Bosses. Running into Miani reminds him of everything he’s missing in regards to having a woman in his life. She’s the one who got away and the only woman who can handle his aggressive demeanor. Reuniting just may be the best thing that could ever happen for both of them. Dice Howard has been drowning in despair since her husband's untimely demise. The only thing keeping her sane is her son. A night out grants her a chance encounter with the connect, Hosea Juelz. One night of passion leaves her wanting more, but at the same time ashamed for the feelings she holds for someone other than her deceased husband. With a close-knit family, her secretive relationship becomes everyone’s biggest question. Dice has chosen to keep it all hidden, but when you're with a connect, how far can a secret this big be held under the rocks?

The Shock of the Fall Free Sampler

Nathan Filer - 2013
    His name’s Simon. I think you’re going to like him. I really do. But in a couple of pages he’ll be dead. And he was never the same after that.’There are books you can’t stop reading, which keep you up all night.There are books which let us into the hidden parts of life and make them vividly real.There are books which, because of the sheer skill with which every word is chosen, linger in your mind for days.The Shock of the Fall is all of these books.The Shock of the Fall is an extraordinary portrait of one man’s descent into mental illness. It is a brave and groundbreaking novel from one of the most exciting new voices in fiction.

Lost in a Hitta's Love 3: The Royal Wedding

Antoinette Sherell - 2018
    Finally, all is right in their world, and the only thing they have to worry about is planning their wedding... or so they thought. Just when they figured nothing could go wrong with only days left before the wedding, blasts from their past causes doubt within them both. Quan and Ginger Heart have been living their best married lives with no friction or major issues other than the usual marital spats. However, when Liberty asks them to open their home to family for a few days before the wedding, it quickly causes drama in their household that they clearly saw coming. Wanting to appease the bride and groom to be, they try their best to accommodate everyone... even if it means possibly putting their solid marriage at risk. Follow the Hearts and Royals—two big, crazy families—as they come together to join two persons as one... if they make it to the altar.

Walshy – My Autobiography: Wouldn't It Be Good

Paul Walsh - 2015
     The exciting, pacy, tricky striker moved from club to club during his colourful 17-year career, endearing himself to fans with his energetic, all-action displays and no-nonsense attitude. Walsh netted on a regular basis, his trademark long blond locks bobbing around on his shoulders as he skipped past defenders or slotted the ball past despairing goalkeepers. After bursting onto the scene aged just 16 at Charlton Athletic he became one of the country’s most sought-after teenage footballers during a two-year stint at Luton Town that saw him crowned PFA Young Player of the Year and called up by Bobby Robson for full international duty. European champions Liverpool, on the hunt for a long term replacement for Kenny Dalglish, soon snapped him up and at the age of 21 he was playing alongside greats like Ian Rush and Alan Hansen. Walshy proved popular with Kopites but injury and team politics meant life with the champions wasn’t straightforward. His next stop was Tottenham Hotspur, where he joined up with Terry Venables, Paul Gascoigne and Gary Lineker. It was an entertaining time and Walsh added an FA Cup winner’s medal to his collection but living life to the full off the pitch sometimes meant the Spurs’ faithful saw only fleeting glimpses of his striking talents. A move to Portsmouth followed and Walsh became a Fratton Park favourite, operating up front alongside record-breaking goalscorer Guy Whittingham. His departure to Manchester City upset Pompey fans and he soon proved why at Maine Road by forming a thrilling strike partnership with cult hero Uwe Rosler to save the club from relegation before eventually returning to Portsmouth where injury ended his career at the age of 34. Walshy: Wouldn’t It Be Good is full of twists and turns. Honest and whole-hearted, it is an entertaining tale of football during the ’80s and ’90s – the team-mates and triumphs, the booze and bust-ups – and a lesson that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Little Girl Lost: The true story of a broken child (HarperTrue Life – A Short Read) (HarperTrue Life - A Short Read Book 4)

Mia Marconi - 2015
    She had suffered an unimaginable amount of abuse in her short life. Although she couldn’t tie her shoe laces, she could smash a room to pieces; she fought against everything like a wild cat.At the age of five Kira moved permanently to live with Mia and her family, but by the time she was nine years old the whole family was at breaking point.Mia is the kind of person who won’t give in and believes she can always change things for the better, but try as she might she can’t change Kira. So after six years, with a very heavy heart, she is forced to question whether she can really help this lost and damaged child.Raw, shocking and honest, this short story will shed new light on the role of foster carers, revealing the kind of heartbreaking real life situations carers like Mia Marconi are confronted with every day.

All Other Sins

J.K. Ellem - 2020
    So when the ordinary housewife from Nebraska, finds a bag of cash on the side of the road and has the chance to run, to flee, to leave her husband, her loveless marriage and her hopeless life behind, she takes it.The problem is Diane's husband, Greg, isn't any of the things she thinks he is.He is all three....The people whose money she has taken want to find Diane too. Alex Romano is the Harvard educated, Consigliere of the Romano crime family from New Jersey. As her father's only daughter and most trusted advisor, she wields significant influence within the family hierarchy. But such influence doesn't extend to her older brother, Vincent Romano, the heir apparent, whose raw ambition and brutal methods Alex has trouble controlling. Thrown together, brother and sister are tasked with tracking down the missing money.For Diane Miller to survive, she needs to become the person she knew she always could be, if given another chance--and if she can live long enough.Two women. Two opposite backgrounds. One collision course.All Other Sins, is the latest, "Up until 4:00 a.m., reading" thriller from Amazon #1 Bestselling Thriller Author, JK Ellem.How fast can you run?

Majestic Mountain Romance

Zoe Matthews - 2015
    She doesn’t want to put them through losing another father. Then she meets Logan and his young sons who also lost a wife and mother. Will Sierra and Logan be able to put their pasts aside and form a new family? Colorado Secrets: Stephanie was actually glad for an excuse to move back to her family’s ranch. Then she discovered the reason why she was having so many health problems. Getting to know Bridger seemed too good to be true. Will Stephanie be able to accept Bridger’s love for her, despite scary health changes she will have to deal with the rest of her life? Colorado Destiny: Sadie has been dealing with anger ever since her daughter’s father abandoned them both. Then he turns up at her family ranch. He claims he wants to get to know his daughter and that he’s changed. Will Sadie be able to trust Hunter again and let him into both of their lives? Has he really changed like he insists he has, or will he leave them again? Colorado Dawn: Soon after Stella moves back to her family’s ranch, she receives news that her best friend in LA has died, and she left her young daughter for Stella to raise. Can Stella learn how to be a mother, as well as allow Cade into her life? Can she learn to forgive herself for her preconceived ideas about her mother’s death? Colorado Skies: Spencer and Emma met each other through an on-line dating service and have been writing each other through emails all summer long. Spencer invites Emma to his family ranch for a week so they can meet. Emma immediately falls in love with the Colorado mountains, and Spencer. But Spencer spends most of his time trying to solve the mystery of his father’s death. Will Spencer be able to move past what he discovers and make a commitment to Emma? Colorado Promises: All of Sheridan’s siblings have found love over the summer, but Sheridan is determined that he will always be alone. He doesn’t trust women ever since a previous girlfriend left him without warning. Then he gets a phone call. His girlfriend has died and she left him a gift; a son who is being cared for by his aunt, Megan. He quickly flies to Texas to meet his son. While there, he offers Megan a marriage of convenience. Will Sheridan and Megan learn to be parents to William? Can love be part of their marriage? Colorado Christmas: Come and visit with all the Collingsworth siblings as they celebrate their first Christmas together in years, along with their new families. You are also officially invited to the double wedding of Stella to Cade and Spencer to Emma!

Mesmerized By A Street King 3

Belleza - 2018
    The drama is set to continue in this finale. Tabitha is quickly realizing that the grass really isn't greener on the other side especially when it comes to Easy. The person that she fell in love with while Easy was in prison is not the same person that she is sleeping with every night. As Easy's true colors start to show will Tabitha be able to get out from under her or has she done too much to Johan and his brothers? Camille's parents will do everything in their power to ruin the love that she has found in Asahd even if it means their daughter will be miserable. Never one to back down from a fight, Asahd is determined to continue to build a relationship with Camille. The only problem is that from family to foes, everyone can see that Camille is Asahd's weakness and someone will try to exploit that for their own purposes. Will Asahd be able to keep the power he holds in the streets and the newfound love he has with Camille or will he be forced to choose between love and power? While Zayne is forced on making sure his entire family is safe, Qwinae comes back and according to her she is ready to be a mother. This new commitment to motherhood has Zayne suspicious of her true intentions and he is forced to watch her moves carefully. Will Qwinae really be a mother to their daughter after six years or does she have a ulterior motive for suddenly coming back around? Will Zayne make the right choices to keep his family safe or will he be swayed by past events? In order to keep his brothers and loved ones safe, Johan has jumped back into the street life and his only focus is making sure everyone survives. Just like his brother love will catch him completely off guard. After what he has been through with Tabitha, this new woman may not make it past the walls he has put up though. Can Johan learn to love and trust again or has Tabitha done too much damage? The brothers and those the ones they love most are back for round three. The drama will throw you for a loop and in the end decisions will have to be made that will break hearts no doubt, but at the end of it all you will know what it's like to be Mesmerized by a Street King.

Final Whistle

J. Jackson Bentley - 2010
    As Alex Carter tries to deal with the death of his friend he finds himself inextricably drawn into a world of ‘in play’ betting corruption that threatens everything he holds dear. Can he recover from injury and overcome depression quickly enough to save himself, his family and the game he loves? Only time will tell. J Jackson Bentley’s fast paced soccer thriller is authentic and absorbing as it races along at the speed of light, it is told in around 95,000 words.

Flesh and Blood

Emma Salisbury - 2019
    DS Kevin Coupland is called out to a fatal fire at a local residential home for vulnerable people, and immediately suspects arson. One of the victims is the sister of local gangster Kieran Tunney, sparking revenge attacks which threaten to bring the city to a standstill.For Coupland the clock is ticking. With a Professional Standards hearing to prepare for and an avenging gangster to contend with he makes a shocking discovery which has devastating repercussions - for the community, for the crime boss, and for Coupland himself.From best-selling author Emma Salisbury, a gripping police procedural that pulls no punches.FLESH AND BLOOD is the fifth book in the DS Coupland series.

The President's Man

Alex Ander
    to Russia to Dallas, Texas, following the exploits of the United States Government's top Special Agent, Aaron Hardy.The Unsanctioned Patriot (Book #1)Marine Corps Special Forces Operator Aaron Hardy traveled the globe for twelve years, fighting for his country.However, he never thought his biggest battle would be waged on American soil. And, take everything from him.Running from the FBI, Hardy must find his enemies before they find him.His pursuit uncovers political corruption at the highest levels of government.But, that’s not the shocking part.The twenty-nine-year-old elite soldier discovers the truth about his own past.He’s been living a lie.FBI Special Agent Raychel DelaCruz has seen the worst the nation’s capital has to offer.Investigating her latest case, she realizes nothing has prepared her for a government conspiracy of this magnitude.When their worlds collide, Hardy and DelaCruz find themselves in unfamiliar territory.To defeat the powers that want them dead, the two strangers must learn to trust each other.But, that may not be enough.American Influence (Book #2)Former Special Forces soldier and the newest covert agent of the U.S. Government, Aaron Hardy has his first mission.He must fly to Moscow and eliminate one man, an explosives expert supplying bombs to terrorists.His search uncovers a deadly plot that threatens to create global panic.What begins as a simple seek and destroy operation morphs into a race against time.The stakes are high and one major obstacle stands in Hardy’s way. The Russian authorities suspect him of murdering four of their agents.Avoid being captured by the people he’s trying to help.Stop a bomb maker before he unleashes unprecedented worldwide terror.And, you thought your first day on the job was tough.Deadly Assignment (Book #3)FBI Special Agents Aaron Hardy and Raychel DelaCruz are enjoying their first vacation as a couple.Relaxing by the pool, the sun’s rays shining on their faces, the furthest thing from their minds is a desperate struggle for survival.A fight that could end their lives.Outnumbered, outgunned and waging a losing battle, Hardy and DelaCruz discover they’ve been betrayed.The traitor, however, is one they never saw coming.