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Coming Home by Alexia Chase


The Beachside Cafe (Saltwater Secrets Book 4)

Sage Parker - 2021

Raine (Alpha Force Elite, #3)

Mazzy King - 2020
    But I love a challenge, and I never give up.I'll make her mine, and show her I can love her past the pain.RAINE is book 3 in the Alpha Force Elite series. It can be read as a standalone story. Guaranteed HEA, no cheating, no cliffhangers.

One Hot Boss

Ashlee Price - 2020
     Him… Elijah Johnson. As in the uber-wealthy owner of the agency. My boss. In my defense, I didn’t know who he was when I clumsily bumped into him. Um.…can you say instant attraction? His hotness practically exploding underneath the expensive suit. I’m just his employee. Not his girlfriend. Besides, I am forced to work with him if I want that promotion. Working with him is getting harder by the day though. He’s charming, powerful. But he’s no Mr. Perfect. He’s got skeletons in his closet. Our project is ending. It’s the perfect time to walk away. But why do I feel this burning desire to stick around. Can I trust my heart or will this flawed man break it?

Sex, Lies & Champagne (Sex and Lies Book 8)

Kris Calvert - 2018
    Undercover for the last eighteen months, his assignment has been handed down personally from the Director of National Intelligence. Meeting with his contacts in the darkness of a global and elite, members-only sex club, Tristan spends his time not chasing women, but the origins of a dangerous Shadow Broker—a double agent selling U.S. weapon security codes to Russian intelligence. When Champagne magnate, Renè Lebleu reaches out to him, Tristan puts his duties on hold for two days, flying to his birthplace in France to meet a man he’s never seen—a father he’s never known. Upon arrival Tristan is filled with suspicion, but his animosity, forged by years of abandonment and lies, is quickly put on notice by his father’s trusted confidant and bold personal assistant, Henriette—Henry—Tribolet. Meeting his match in the gorgeous and intelligent Henry, Tristan finds it hard to keep up his typical and indifferent air. But Henry Tribolet sees straight through Tristan’s steely indifference to the heart of the real man—a man with an enormous capacity to forgive. A would-be Champagne heir discovering true love for the first time. Caught in a web of lies, Tristan must defend his innocence from a malicious ploy crafted by enemies and insiders while chasing the threats of foreign adversaries across the globe. When Tristan discovers the true nature of the family he never knew, he’ll fall deeper into the perilous world of International espionage than ever before—taking Henry with him. What begins with Champagne and trust, will end in deceit and murder.

Married With Me

Bailie Hantam - 2020
    He's the one she's always wanted.From the moment, Justin Ellis reunites with his best friend's little sister in Las Vegas, his world is turned upside down. Angela is beautiful and smart and everything he wants. But they cannot have more than their week-long fling before they both go back to their lives in Seattle.Deciding to give her brother's best friend a Vegas experience was probably not Angela York's smartest move. Especially since she never really got over her school girl crush on him. And why, oh why, did the Vegas experience have to include a drunken night at a wedding chapel.Will they see that they are meant for one another? Or are they headed straight for divorce?

Savage in the Sheets: A Friends-to-Lovers Romance (Savage in Love Book 1)

Lark Anderson - 2020
    Now I know why I never make it past date five.Jenna Savage here. Attorney. Reality TV watcher. Hopeless romantic. Forever alone…If only I could deprogram the aggressively bland bedroom habits I’ve adapted out of my system and become the savage I’m meant to be.Of course, in order to do that, I need help. And who better to be my mentor than Weston Singer, my best friend and a total stud.We lay out the rules, determined to maintain our friendship during my ‘training.’ But wouldn’t you know it, my heart has other plans.Now, I’m hopelessly in love with a man who has always been a love ’em and leave ’em type of guy. I should have seen this coming.Is it possible he could feel the same way?Or am I doomed to forever long for a man I can never have?Savage in the Sheets is a standalone romantic comedy novella that fits into the bigger Savage in Love world! If you LOVE to laugh! If you CRAVE a sexy SIZZLE! And if you HATE cliffhangers—this book is for you!

Eyan (Adorkable Love Book 5)

Brynn Hale - 2020
    It’s been two years since Rayna’s passing. He wonders if he’s someone who can’t move on, until the adorable and loving Tessa Dyce comes into their life as the twins’ next nanny. Tessa can feel something growing between them but remembering how her father was after her mother’s death, she’s cautious. When Rayna’s judgmental mother finds out, will the growing relationship come to an end or will outside forces they never see coming tear them apart?Will Eyan learn to cherish the memories of one woman while making a life with another?Read this alpha geek, curvy virgin woman, happily-ever-after, steamy, boss and employee, short story romance now!

Finding Your Heart

Bess McBride - 2019
    Partially submerged by a lake and largely buried by mud, weeds, grass and trees, Kascade is lost in time. Until it emerges one summer evening—vibrant, busy, teeming with life. Leigh Peters strolls along the shores of quiet Lake Kascade at sunset as she often does. A check of her watch shows that sunset is only minutes away. Reluctantly, she turns from the lake to head back to her car, but she never reaches the parking lot. Dr. Jeremiah Cook finds a woman who claims she is lost, not in place but in time. He believes her to be mentally unsound, but he wishes to help her, as a doctor must. He simply does not know how. Though Jeremiah cannot imagine what to do with the confused woman who claims she has traveled through time, his heart tells him that he must protect her at all costs.

Fake It With Me

Kate Hunt - 2019
    But when I turn to a dating app to find a guy, I can’t find anyone I want to take. Not one in a fifty-mile radius. Then my best friend, Hunter, makes a suggestion that could solve everything for me… Hunter I don’t do weddings. I just don’t. But when Lydia needs a date to her sister’s wedding, I offer to be her fake boyfriend. That’s what best friends do, right? When the day comes, though, we quickly find out that a fake relationship can lead to genuine desire. But did we just completely screw up our friendship? FAKE IT WITH ME is a fun, short, friends to lovers romance with steam, sweetness, and a happily-ever-after!

The Oddest Little Mistletoe Shop

Beth Good - 2017
     Rose Mistletoe runs her family's flower shop on Christmas Parade, and loves every minute of her job. So when the Parade comes under acquisition by a redevelopment company, Rose forms a protest group against the bid. But business tycoon Nick Grimsby is determined to make her sell up. His company is planning to knock down the parade of traditional shops and build a block of exclusive apartments instead. And it seems the sexy billionaire will go to any lengths to get her shop. As Christmas approaches and Nick dangles the proverbial mistletoe, can Rose resist his powerful allure? Given how gorgeous he looks in a tuxedo, the answer is probably no. But she's not going to make it easy for him! Because Rose has secret plans of her own ... Warning! This romcom novella contains jokes, oodles of romance, festive wreaths, mistletoe, holly, and a sprinkling of paper hats. Another quirky romcom in the popular 'Oddest Little Shop' series from Beth Good. Titles can be read in any order.

Cocktails on the Beach: A Contemporary Romance Anthology, Volume One

Helen Hardt - 2021
    Savor something steamy...Feel the heat and find love in these four original romances written by New York Times, USA Today, award winning, and international bestselling authors! AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.Are you looking for a hot and naughty book boyfriend to take you away this summer? What's your pleasure? A sexy billionaire? A smooth-talking bartender? A gorgeous island doctor? A seductive Irishman? These irresistible men are hot enough to melt the ice in your margarita. Start your sizzling read today!Escape by Helen HardtShe's running from one man...and ends up in the arms of another, putting them both in danger.Exes and Ohs! by Leah Marie BrownA chance meeting with a gorgeous Irishman has her thinking about Mr. Right instead of Mr. Right Now.Next Rock on the Right by EmKay Connor.Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn...that takes you on a wild ride leading to exactly where you're meant to be.Her Perfect Guy by Lyz KelleyShe's his sister's hands-off best friend. He's her perfect guy.

Her Mafia Valentine

Flora Ferrari - 2020
    Her dad, Hudson does his taxes, but she’s calculating more than that happening between them both. The problem? Dad’s also a hitman for the mob and doesn’t like the idea of his only daughter mixing business with pleasure. Can Mickey really have her? Or is Hudson on an all- out mission to bring down not only Mickey Valentine, but the entire Family itself? *Her Mafia Valentine is a SHORT insta-everything standalone instalove romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

The Favor

Logan Chance - 2021

Not So Fake

Avery Edwards - 2020
    I need a story.But my heart still hurts.I haven't seen Mr. Sexy Bunns in over ten years.Not since I gave him my V-card and he disappeared.Now he's back with a chiseled jaw and a heart melting smile.And his whole single dad thing is making me hear wedding bells.His offer is irresistible.The benefits far outweigh my heartache.Ugh, fine. I'll play the sweet fiancée.But his hugs don't feel fake. His touch lingers a little too long.New York's most eligible surgeon isn't just testing my boundaries.He's cut a hole in the border fence and stormed right through.I have thirty days to convince myself it's not love.Four weeks to get over him.One month before he pops the big question...

Return to New York

Kristina Adams - 2018
    Fayth is about to finally get a taste of the independence she never knew she wanted.She'll live in New York with her celebrity boyfriend, study photography, and start to build a life away from what's left of her close-knit family.But is she ready for everything that involves?And when the ghosts of her past begin to haunt her, can she fight them, or will they finally win?