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Beware Of Owner by Chuck Wendig


Decorum at the Deathbed

Josh Malerman - 2020
    Running helps clear her head and her heart. But it's not until she discovers a free-standing confessional booth deep in the woods that she begins to clear her conscience.As the days pass, and as her husband's condition worsens, Becka returns to the booth, finding it hard to stay away.But what draws her there? Is it the clean feeling of confession? Or is it what might be listening on the other side of the grate?Decorum at the Deathbed is the newest tale of psychological terror from Josh Malerman, New York Times best selling author of Bird Box and Malorie.©2020 Josh Malerman (P)2020 Audible Originals, LLC.

The Things

Peter Watts - 2010
    I grow my ears, extend cups of near-frozen tissue from the sides of my head, turn like a living antennae in search of the best reception.[Read here]

The Ruskin Bond Horror Omnibus

Ruskin Bond - 2007
    And there is only one way to survive.Master your fear.This is a collection of some of the spookiest tales ever written. Terror fans will surely devour these incredible spine-chillers from masters of the genre. Featuring Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’s Guest’, Jerome K. Jerome’s ‘The Skeleton’, C.A. Kincaid’s ‘The Werewolf’, Thomas Burke’s ‘The Hollow Man’, and other period chillers, this volume will surprise and horrify hardcore devotees of the genre and newcomers alike.So prepare to be haunted, and retell these grisly tales to your friends to see if you can make their spines tingle.

One Bite at a Time: Short Stories of Horror

Brandon Faircloth - 2018
    A magic trick with horrific consequences. An apartment with a...unique roach problem. Finding a serial killer's cell phone. Visiting a childhood friend who insists you really must see what's in a nearby tunnel. This book contains twenty-five terrifying new horror stories by Brandon Faircloth, all of them short enough to be enjoyed a bite at a time...if you're able to put them down at all.


Mark Samuels - 2008
    Inside this book you will find weird things indeed, not least the likes of:The fungus-riddled mannequin in the lunatic asylumThe reconstruction company that works with life and deathThe legal nightmare where the sane are guiltyA horror writing convention taken over by black magic cannibalsThe Punch and Judy show broadcast live after deathThe strange fate of the reincarnation of H.P. Lovecraft

Dreadtime Stories: Volume One: From Fangoria

Max Allan Collins - 2012
    The stories include:� REINCARNAL by Max Allan Collins: A young woman may be the reincarnated victim of a serial killer on the loose.� THE LATE SHIFT by Dennis Etchison: A company takes flesh-peddling to a whole new level.� A FUNGUS AMONG US by Steve Nubie: A mysterious fungus is causing people to act like zombies before their heads explode and spore�like snakes ooze out of their brains!� WOLF by Max Allan Collins: A modern�day werewolf whose appetite for beautiful young women vacationing at a lodge retreat has guests and workers panic�stricken.� LIVING SPACE by M. J. Elliott: A young couple can't believe how "lucky" they are when they find a luxury high�rise apartment in Manhattan for rent at a "slashed" price.

Royal Jelly: A Short Story from Roald Dahl's 'Kiss Kiss'

Roald Dahl - 2011
    Here a husband and wife, unable to get their new baby to feed, hit upon a novel and disturbing solution . . .Royal Jelly is taken from the short story collection Kiss Kiss, which includes ten other devious and shocking stories, featuring the wife who pawns the mink coat from her lover with unexpected results; the priceless piece of furniture that is the subject of a deceitful bargain; a wronged woman taking revenge on her dead husband, and others.Roald Dahl, the brilliant and worldwide acclaimed author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, Matilda, and many more classics for children, also wrote scores of short stories for adults. These delightfully disturbing tales have often been filmed and were most recently the inspiration for the West End play, Roald Dahl's Twisted Tales by Jeremy Dyson. Roald Dahl's stories continue to make readers shiver today.

A Watcher by the Dead

Ambrose Bierce - 1889
    A dare and a wager to spend the night locked up in a room with a corpse: What could go wrong? Be prepared to be surprised.

My Name Is Lydia

Stephen Leather - 2014
    Supernatural detective Jack Nightingale is called in to investigate a young girl who appears to be possessed by an evil spirit.

नमक स्बादानुसार

Nikhil Sachan - 2013
    Guiding these tales are a motley group of characters ranging from a side hero who day-dreams about Mithun and Bacchan, to kids who believe in the reality of Nagraj, Ajooba and Super Commando Dhruv. ‘Namak Swadanusar’ as the name suggests will add salt to your palate and increase the taste of your literary collection.


Stephen King - 1972
    The package contains a G.I. Joe Vietnam Footlocker, sent to him by the mother of the toy-maker he had recently killed. When he opens the package, he finds that the toy soldiers are alive with working copies (albeit miniature) of weapons, jeeps, and helicopters. To Renshaw's surprise, the tiny soldiers begin to attack him

Asleep in Armageddon

Ray Bradbury

Kill Your Neighbor

Andersen Prunty - 2017
    They wanted to get out of the city and get on with their lives on the quiet cul-de-sac. Instead, an object of obsession brings their lives to a screeching halt.Who is the woman living next door?Why does she do the curious things she does?Why do Emma and Kip feel like their lives have been so disrupted?How do they get her to stop?The Duprees are only sure about one thing: the social contract must be upheld at all costs.

Shadow on the Stairs: Urban Mysteries and Horror Stories

Blair Daniels - 2018
    Atwell knows. He knows how everyone will die, even the ones he won't kill himself.   He also knows about all your clones. You didn't really think you were the original, did you? He's even traveled back in time to bring his daughter back from the dead. SHADOW ON THE STAIRS is a collection of short thriller, horror, mystery, and suspense stories. Each bite-sized page turner is a quick, exciting read, made more so by Dr. Atwell's elaborate narrative subtly woven between the stories.Supernatural and paranormal encounters. Deranged murders and master assassins. Mad experiments and profane rites... Delve into these mysteries and join the hunt to discover the truth.    Praise for Shadow on the Stairs:    "This book is filled with quick and easy-to-read horror stories that pack a punch."★★★★★ Review"Blair has the incredible ability to weave the most mundane passing thoughts into creepy nightmares. She does this without evocative shock and gore and instead builds imagery and cadence that lead you there. She manages to build a world of existential dread that is not too unlike our own and doesn't waste time."★★★★★ Review"I devoured it in a day and a half. Blair's writing is in that perfect Goldilocks zone where it's accessible and easy to read but not dumbed-down or too simple. I got chills more than once reading this!" ★★★★★ Review Read now to see the full-page illustrations.  Exquisite original illustrations from the author make this collection truly unique.   About Haunted House Publishing:  We're passionate about publishing horror stories for adults, scary books for teens, and all sorts of dark fiction. We've got new horror kindle books every month, specializing in supernatural stories, supernatural book collections, and paranormal books for adults. We've got zombie books, demonic horror, ghosts and specters, angels and demons, gothic novels, and haunted houses and ghosts novels. We promise some of the top horror books 2018.

The Second Kind of Loneliness

George R.R. Martin - 1972