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Dove by Juliette Miller


Regency Romance: The Duke's Apology (Love at Morley Mills Book 1)

Charlotte Darcy - 2018
    Introducing a new and romantic Regency series Love at Morley Mills. Welcome to the first in this new series of truly romantic and inspiring Regency romances. Each one is sweet and wholesome. You will love getting to know the characters in these lovely books and following their adventures as they search for love and fulfilment. Each book is a complete story with a guaranteed Happy Ever After. Jude Hampton is getting used to being a Duke and managing his estate. The mills which keep the Duchy coppers full are run by Galbraith, a hard and efficient man who hides a deep secret. When Lady Rosemary Watson challenges Jude on conditions at his mills it starts something which could change the country forever. Can Jude rise to the challenge? When enemies surround him will he be strong enough to see things through. When Rosemary goes behind his back will it destroy his burgeoning love? A midnight call, a desperate situation, where will Jude’s loyalties lie? Find out in The Duke’s Apology – Love at Morley Mills Book 1 a complete sweet and clean Regency romance.

Mountain Storms

Janice Cole Hopkins - 2019
    A friendly dog leads her to safety, but his master just might pose the most danger of all, especially to her heart. Wounded in the Civil War and deserted by his betrothed, Ian MacGregor becomes a recluse in a remote cabin in Wyoming Territory. He thinks Aileas might be an angel when she appears beside his sickbed, but even later, he’s drawn to her in ways he doesn’t understand. However, no woman would ever be interested in him now, and he needs to protect himself from another heartbreak, but is this even possible where Aileas is concerned? This book can be read as a standalone or part of the trilogy. It does have a definite ending, although the family's story continues.

Nightingale (Crimson Romance)

Sharon Ervin - 2013
    Two years younger than Queen Victoria, Jessica is the well-educated daughter of a deceased professor. Sole support of her widowed mother and avoiding an unacceptable marriage prospect, Jessica has secretly collected a flock of cast-off hens, and is supplementing her income hoping to improve her future.Jessica is alarmed when horsemen race headlong through the twilight on the footpath she has inadvertently cut to the henhouse. She stops the charge short of disaster to find the threat is not many horses, but one magnificent, riderless runaway. Ignorant of the dangers in handling an overwrought stallion, Jessica calms the animal. She calls him “Sweetness.”Backtracking, Jessica finds the missing rider, twenty-eight-year-old Devlin Miracle, the arrogant Twelfth Duke of Fornay, badly injured, and waiting for daylight. But, for this aristocrat, there will be no daylight. His injuries have left him blind.Struggling against their disparities, Devlin and Jessica resist, but sometimes love will not be ignored.Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

Renewed Love: Love on the Western Trail (Wagon Train Romance Book 5)

Linda Ford - 2021

I, Claudia: A Novel of the Ancient World

Lin Wilder - 2018
    Now, at age seventy-nine, she feels compelled to leave behind her story for the world and set the record straight about the beginnings of modern history.He has had his arms raised for how many hours now? Shouldn't there be a Joshua to help this Moses? I suppressed a smile at my wittiness, knowing better than to voice the thought aloud. My ladies would be shocked by my allusion to the great Jewish prophet. Well aware of my reputation as an empty-headed nitwit among those who served my husband, such low expectations had served me well. Best to maintain the fiction.In a surprising change of genre and style, Wilder brings her extensive research and wide-ranging imagination  to bear on the seminal story of our time: the passion of the Christ. The result is a compelling and harrowing love story replete with historical figures such as Seneca, Socrates, and Pilate himself. It is sure to captivate both believers and skeptics alike, and remain in readers' minds long after the last page is turned.

Secrets of the Heart

Gilda O'Neill - 2008
    They hoped it would be over by Christmas... Britain is at war and the proximity of the docks means that life in and around London's Turnbury Buildings is hard and dangerous. Chances are taken, people have secrets, hearts are broken. And feelings about foreigners are running high. Sixteen-year-old Freddie Jarrett is secretly seeing a girl from the local Chinese community - a relationship that would be frowned on by both families, despite the fact that they all support the fight for freedom from oppression. And his sister Grace has her own secret to hide. A secret that no one outside the immediate family must ever know. As the threat of the Luftwaffe looms over the docks, the community is threatened with being torn apart by prejudice, fear and separation, and the disturbing loss of stability that brings with it the feeling that it is only what happens today that counts for anything...

From Prejudice to Love

Aria Norton - 2019
    Being a tenacious girl, she chose to take education into her own hands after losing her father. So, from a very young age, she has been working her way up in educating younger children. But little does she know that her life is about to change drastically when she gets interviewed by a handsome Earl for the position of the new governess for his orphaned nephews. Will she deny the tender feelings she will start having for her charming employer, fearing they could complicate her work? Or will she let her heart decide what is the right choice?Richard Langley is the Earl of Hawkscombe and lives a peaceful life until he receives word that his twin sister and her husband have perished in a tragic accident. When he surprisingly learns that their two boys made it alive, he considers it his duty to take them as his own. However, he could never expect that choosing to hire the Irish governess he initially looked down upon would make him question his own values like no one has ever before. Will he let his prejudice aside, look deep into the lady's beautiful soul and accept her unconventional methods? Or will he decide that his perfect match should fit into society's standards and rules?Just when Molly and Richard start getting closer to each other, Molly's sophisticated former employer is about to arrive at the estate, and things will get truly complicated. Who will eventually succeed in capturing the Earl's heart?

The Promise Between Us: Mammy's Story

Naomi Finley - 2019
    Separated from her husband, Henrietta now faces an uncertain future and the possibility of becoming estranged from her child. Luckily, fortune shifts in her favor when Olivia Hendricks—the wife of a wealthy planter—purchases her as a nursemaid for their unborn infant. During her years at Livingston Plantation, Henrietta finds sanctuary and safety in the big house, eventually becoming a caregiver to both Mrs. Hendricks and her child. However, this all changes when the missus ends up dead and the master involves Henrietta in a ruse to cover up his wife's murder. Now Henrietta is vulnerable without protection from the lady of the estate, and she is left with no choice but to take action. Chained together by secrets, slave and master must fight to maintain all they hold dear. But how far will Henrietta be forced to go, and what consequences will ultimately be paid to save her daughter and herself?

Maybe This Time

Anna King - 2004
    It was she who ended Rory’s relationship with the poor but pretty Josie Guntrip, and then broke his heart leaving him for the better-off Barney.Having snagged herself a rich man, no one was expecting her to return to the slums. With Rory under Cathy’s spell once again, he hasn’t the time to give Josie a second thought. Which is a shame, because Josie never stopped loving him… An unputdownable saga and brilliant read for anyone who enjoys Dilly Court, Sally Warboyes and Katie Flynn.

The Duke's Daughters Series

Rose Pearson - 2018
    A scheming cousin, blackmail and family responsibilities push Amelia into a spiral of confusion and a sense of betrayal. When all is finally revealed, she must decide what to do with the man who holds her heart – and choose whether love can forget the sins and mistakes of the past. My Restless Earl - Jessica, a free spirited woman, who doesn't want to marry and prefers to continue with her life at her father's country estate. But George, a military man, catches her eye, and love starts to creep into their hearts. A dastardly betrayal put her life in danger. Can she and George manage to save her and find true love? Rescued by an Earl - Jacintha is a beautiful woman who prefers to to sit out from the dances and watch other people. She knows she must marry but she still remembers the close friendship she had with her childhood friend, Harry. But Harry is a rake and thus she allows Lord Slate to court her. Can Harry reform in time to save her from a disastrous marriage or worse? In the Arms of an Earl - The youngest daughter, Harmonia, is sweet and sensible. She thought she would take care of her father as he grew old but he insists she must marry as well! Perhaps she will marry her distant cousin, Luke? When she meets blue-eye Phillip, a newly-instated earl, she falls for him quickly. But is Phillip a gentleman or a rake? What about her father's wish for her to marry Luke? Harmonia can't avoid a tricky path to a love-filled future, just like her sisters! The Reluctant Marquess - Marquess Hugh Seaworth is far too busy enjoying himself in London to think about matrimony. The future duke is quite put out by his father's request to sponsor the daughter of an old friend, Miss Molly Newton, for a London season and help her find a husband. The more he becomes involved with Miss Newton, the more he discovers that it is not only his mind that is caught up with her – it is his heart. Miss Newton, however, shows no inclination towards him and, when one of her suitors proposes, Hugh finds himself caught between his duty and his heart. Which one will win out in the end? Other books by Rose Pearson: A Smithfield Market Regency Romance Series A Rogue's Flower Saved by the Scoundrel Mending the Duke A Baron's Malady

A Marquess to Have and to Loathe

Tiffany Baton - 2021
    Teased for her unladylike behavior all her life, she has finally decided to fight back against her brother and his cruel friends.Duncan Flemming, the Marquess of Galeran, enjoys nothing more than getting under the skin of the explosive Evalyn. But ever since it is announced that they are to spend the summer together, their fights only seem to be getting worse.As Duncan starts to realise that the feelings raging in his heart might be more than hate, another suitor shows up to claim Evalyn’s heart. And when Duncan falls inexplicably ill, Evalyn faces the reality of losing him forever. What both of them don’t know, however, is that someone awfully familiar has set a trap for them, and they’re walking right into it.

A Husband for Charity: Mail Order Bride Romance

Sandee Keegan - 2020
    Though she has often helped her father with his small business, their relationship is strained, as her father continues to drink more and more. To make matters worse, the more her father drinks, the more abusive he becomes, and Charity is growing increasingly unhappy. She dislikes her father and all his friends, and vows she will never marry such a man. To her dismay however, Charity is forced into an arranged marriage with a wealthy man, and in spite of her protests, she is sent across the country to be his bride. Determined that she will not fall in love, Charity tells her new husband she has other plans. Love is a mysterious thing however, and before she knows it, Charity is uncertain of her own feelings, and begins to wonder if her husband feels the same. Will Charity change her mind? Is there good in all men? Is she doomed to be unhappy forever?

Rockwell's Lady

A.C. Wilson - 2013
    Either he marries within a month or his security and finances are stripped. Rockwell sets his sights on Lady Vanessa Rutherford, his childhood sweetheart, even as he obtains her help to find the perfect bride. Discovering he is also a father to a son brings up better forgotten memories.

Betting on a Lady's Heart (His Majesty's Hounds Book 14)

Arietta Richmond - 2018
     Gervaise Belmont, Viscount Woodridge, has sworn to no longer gamble – but giving it up is proving far harder than he had expected. He despairs of achieving his aims, especially as the reputation he created, two years earlier, persists, destroying his opportunities for change. Until a chance meeting with a young lady gives him a reason to hope. Miss Clarisse Weston is disconsolate. Her father has, after many, many years, married again – and her relationship with her stepmother is strained, to say the least. When she is encouraged to look for a husband, she feels trapped. Whilst her father has introduced her to a charming Earl, she finds herself uncertain – especially as the Viscount she met by accident wishes to court her too. But all is not as it seems, and a tangle of lies, deceptions and betrayals soon traps Clarisse. Is the Earl all that he seems? Is the Viscount truly a rake and a gambler beyond redemption? Is her stepmother as concerned for Clarisse’s wellbeing as she professes to be? And can Clarisse find her way through the web of deceit, to be with the man she loves, or will greed and manipulation steal her chance at happiness forever?

The Crying Game

June Hampson - 2013
    As a teenager, she covers up the terrible truth of her father's death and she and her pregnant mother go on the run. Little does she know that fate has more cruel twists in store.Determined to build a life for her herself against all odds, Trixie becomes a singer in the pubs and clubs of Gosport - but her heart is still set on finding the little brother she had to leave behind in Portsmouth years before.It will take Trixie many years and many tears before the truth can finally emerge - but will it finally give her the courage she needs to fall in love?