All in a Doctor’s Day: A collection of short medical stories

Peter Sykes - 2020
    Peter Sykes lifts the lid on the good, the bad and the ugly in the NHS, based on real-life situations from his 40 years experience at the sharp end of medical practice.Some of these stories will make you laugh, a few will make you cry and others have a surprising twist in the tail.They feature patients, doctors and nurses, blood, sweat and toil, life and death, heartache and joy.

B is for Breathing: Bleeding, Broken Bones, and Broken Hearts (and Bodies) (EMS Adventures with Roxy McCoy Book 3)

Robin Watt - 2021

Too Far Gone: A Heartbreaking True Story of Child Abuse (Child Abuse True Stories)

Jordan Smith - 2014
     Since being left in the custody of her abusive step-father, her life had gone from being a mere blur to something of a perpetual nightmare. Forced to endure the kinds of depravities that would shock even the most hardened of therapists, she had become too scared to even contemplate running away. But there comes a point in every such situation where the victim no longer has anything to lose. A point where the will to escape trumps the will to live. This book is that point. This is her shocking true story. DISCLAIMER: This book is based upon a true story of child abuse, and as such contains passages that some readers may find disturbing.

ER Sketches: Tales from an ER

Carol Jarmel-Fishman - 2015
    This book contains interconnected short stories in which the doctors, nurses and other staff members attempt to keep separate these two spheres of their lives, for to allow them to overlap would make their lives even more difficult. Pain, tragedy, humor and compassion fill these pages as events unfold and the characters struggle to maintain equilibrium; the author is a retired ER nurse, and these stories are all based on real people and incidents.

Nurse: The Art of Caring

Carolyn Jourdan - 2016
    It covers nearly seventy years of practice from World War II to the present day.The extraordinary situations described here are the result of more than 1,000 years of hands-on bedside knowledge. The vignettes contain wisdom and insight gained the hard way, from long experience in the trenches (sometimes in actual trenches) performing tasks that range from the most humble to the most skilled.These true stories run the gamut from birth to death. They deal with everything from war, ER, ICU, to childbirth, pediatrics, adult care, surgery, home and homeless healthcare, the psych ward, oncology, the nursing home, and finally hospice.The sacrifice and service of these nurses--their courage, kindness, and determination--is breathtaking.If you've ever wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes of a hospital--you've come to the right place.

The Man Who Defeated His Death

Mr. Vastav - 2020

Welcome to New Orleans...How many shots did you hear?: True stories working as a medic and a cop in and around the Big Easy

B.J. Schneider - 2015
    Schneider recounts one hundred of the most remarkable events in his career. You will take a ride with him and his partners experiencing the highs of life saving action, the lows of losing friends on the job as well some of the most hilarious moments experienced by the men and women in EMS. Be there for major events such as Hurricane Katrina and Andrew, the crashing of the Ship Bright field and spend time with the medics of the New Orleans Health Department during some of the bloodiest years of the city’s history. In the end you will have laughed, cried and gained a deep respect for those that put their life on the line to save yours.

Confessions of a Trauma Nurse

Arayah Sunshine - 2018
    You will rethink your entire perspective on the healthcare industry and their providers after reading this book. “Do yourself a favor and never give in to someone telling you that you need to smell something in the medical field.” -Nugget of wisdom from a trauma nurse. There is a lot about the healthcare industry and the medical profession, especially the workers that keep it functional that is unknown and shrouded in secrecy. If you’ve ever wondered how they deal with the things they’ve seen that will probably make you throw up your last meal and all the ones before that, then this book is for you. In Confessions of a Trauma Nurse, Arayah Sunshine gives a unique and rare peek into the daily activities of professionals in the healthcare industry with a fresh perspective never seen elsewhere or written down in this manner. Not for the weak-minded, this book gives a different spin on the realities of the medical profession. Taken from trauma nurses from different backgrounds with stories and anecdotes that will make you laugh, cringe-inducing horror stories, moments that will make you indignant and others that will bring you near tears, this book will take you on an emotional, yet insightful and enlightening roller coaster. Confessions of a Trauma Nurse is chock-full of lots of captivating thoughts, ideas, and comments that border deliciously on the edge of very dark humor. Some are as little as a sentence long, yet pack a punch so powerful that you will be thinking about them for hours, if not days. It also contains tips from the “pros” to avoid falling for the tricks and traps that healthcare providers set for themselves! But beware, once you’ve begun reading, you will not want to put this one down for even a minute, so make sure you’ve cleared your schedule for the day before delving into the psyche of trauma nurses. You might also want to make sure you can handle gross moments because this book contains a lot. If you’re a healthcare provider, then this is definitely a book you should add to your shelf. If you’re interested in the daily activities and thought processes of healthcare providers and trauma nurses, get this book. Scroll up and click the buy button now to get your copy of Confessions of a Trauma Nurse by Arayah Sunshine and get started on your way into the world of healthcare providers!

Curing Cancer with Carrots

Ann Cameron - 2014
    Since then, others with a variety of cancers have reported similar successes. Cameron wanted to find out why such an apparently simple cancer cure--just carrots--works. Based on her extensive reading in scientific journals focused on nutrition and cancer, her ground-breaking book describes the details of the carrot treatment and the scientific evidence for its power. In this book, she shares little-known research that is revolutionizing scientific thinking about cancer and how to treat it. The research comes from the exciting new field of epigenetics--the study of how chemical switching mechanisms in our bodies change the expression of our genes. Our environment, the foods we eat, and the way we live can silence pro-cancer genes or turn them on, set anti-cancer genes on alert or turn them off. Genes aren't our destiny. Neither is cancer. Cancer develops when the body loses its ability to recognize and eliminate rogue cells--cells that take over the body if they don't quit dividing. In some cases--probably many--carrots can restore the body's natural power to regulate growth and kill defective cells. The scientific information in this book could be a life-saver and a beacon of hope for you or someone you know. Equally helpful, it offers the practical knowledge Cameron gained from her journey through cancer and back to health--how to use the internet to research proposed treatments and the quality of hospitals and doctors; how to reduce the cost of cancer care; and how to arrive at individual treatment decisions that are best for you.

Compassion Amidst the Chaos: Tales told by an ER Doc

Christopher Davis, MD - 2020
    You meet one when life doesn't go as planned. Survival requires immediate dependence and trust in a stranger in a white coat. As soon as the imminent danger has passed— they are off to the next case. Many patients don't realize that their stories stay with those that served them. Patients have the most to teach about humility and humanity."Compassion Amidst the Chaos" is brimming with the tension, anguish, exhaustion, relief, gratitude, and compassion that are all part of a typical day at work in the ER. Travel with Dr. Chris Davis through the cases he remembers most from his 35-year career as an emergency medicine doctor.

Did He Save Lives?: A Surgeon's Story

David Sellu - 2019
    There followed a sequence of extraordinary events that led to David being prosecuted and convicted for the patient’s death and sent to prison. His licence to practise medicine was suspended, his career cut short. Events that took place later showed that this was an unfair trial with tinges of racism, and he won an appeal against his conviction and is now a free man. But the damage had already been done. This book tells his extraordinary story for the first time, in his own words.


S.J. Gardiner - 2016
     The real danger though lurks unseen in the shadows - a serial killer who will stop at nothing to make their twisted plan a reality. As Dr Sinclair battles to save her hospital and her patients she realises that all is not as it seems and the truth is even more terrifying than anyone could ever have imagined. “S.J. Gardiner’s debut thriller makes the pulse race…” “Thrilling to the very last page.” “Move over Kay Scarpetta, there’s a new Doctor in town.”

Dear Daddy: The child abuse true story that will break your heart (Child Abuse True Stories)

Emily Summers - 2015
    They captivate us with their forbidden mystery and promises of excitement. Yet once inside us, they become toxic; compelling us to infect others, who in turn want nothing more than to be bitten. It's a vicious cycle that ensures nothing remains secret forever. The only way to protect yourself from their destructive energies is to simply turn the other way when offered one. To resist the lure of the forbidden fruit. But sometimes, something just happens to you - or you just happen to witness something - that forces one upon you; like an uninvited guest that arrives without warning, and leaves only under great duress. Unfortunately, I have been burdened by such a secret for over twenty years. You see, my childhood was stolen from me in broad daylight, right under my nose, by a cunning thief who dazzled me with his charms, only to run away with my innocence forever. It was the perfect crime, and at the time I was the perfect victim. But thankfully, I was able to pick up the pieces of my life and gradually go on to live quite normally. In fact, I even forgot all about my childhood trauma. Or so I thought. Because it was during a recent chance encounter with my old teenage diary that I realized my demons had never truly left me. They had only been lurking in the shadows all along as I busied myself with other things. I suppose I learned the hard way that a secret kept in darkness only grows in potency.  But there is one way to diffuse a secret. To take away all of its power. And that is to make it public. For no vampire can survive in the cold light of day. So it is at the behest of my wonderfully supportive husband that I have decided to lay bare the ghosts of my childhood in this book, in the hope that in doing so, I'll finally be able to lay them to rest forever. It's been a long, hard journey for me to get to this point. And I thank you, dear reader, for playing your part in my recovery. Emily WARNING: This book is based upon a true story of child abuse, and as such contains passages that some readers may find disturbing.

The Lottery of Life and Death

James Schmitt - 2020

Doctor's Curvy Bride (Steamy Alpha BBW Romance)

Amber Branley - 2019
    But when she walks into my clinic, my heart skips a beat and I suddenly can't take my eyes off her. Jenny is everything I've ever wanted in a woman. And those curves - good god, I can't stop thinking about those thick, long legs that never seem to end... I guess you could say curvy women are my type - and Jenny has curves for days. But now I can't sleep, and I can't focus at work. I'm a doctor, and this obsession is impacting my profession... I know I'm not going to be able to get back to work until I'm sure I have Jenny as my forever. I'm going to marry this curvy girl. Jenny: I'm new to town, so when I walk into the doctor's office I don't know what to expect... But what I find there waiting for me is beyond my wildest dreams. In fact, he's better than my wildest dreams. Dr. Christian White seems to be the perfect guy... Smart, handsome, and with a chiseled body. But I'm a curvy girl, and I'm sure he could get better than me. I want him so bad that I can't even focus on my new job. I feel like I'm going to get fired if I don't start performing better. The only thing that can make my mind relax is if I have him. I want Dr. Christian to be my forever man. I want to be his bride. Doctor's Curvy Bride is an instant-love, happy-ever-after steamy alpha BBW romance story, featuring an older alpha male with a younger BBW. This is a standalone story.