The Boss

M.D. Gregory - 2019
    He helps his brother take care of the whores at The Exotic Virtue, an exclusive high-end brothel owned by The Killough Company. They might not be earning as much as the other brothels, but if they make ends meet, the Morrisey brothers can get by fine. Until they get a visit from the boss of the mob who owns it, Sloan Killough. Sloan Killough means business. He’s brash, violent, and tough. He’s the boss for a reason and he doesn’t deal in excuses or exceptions. He visits The Exotic Virtue for a taste of his product, and when he sees Conall, he knows he must have him as his pet. When Sloan demands Conall on his knees, Conall’s horrified. He may be bisexual, but he’s not the guy who takes it. When his brother sells him like one of their whores, Conall has no choice but to submit to their boss if he and his brother wants to live. Being a whore to a mob boss isn’t what Conall expects. He fights Sloan’s orders at every chance he gets, but the boss seems to enjoy the fights, and has no problem in teaching Conall his place. Conall promises himself he won’t give in, but with each touch and taste, he finds himself addicted to the dark, dangerous man who could rip out his throat the very moment he gets bored of him. Trigger Warnings: This book is a dark romance. It contains triggering scenes which includes public humiliation, ownership, and violence. If you're unsure whether you wish to read this book, feel free to contact the author for more detailed warnings.

Hard: Black Aces MC

Kathryn Thomas - 2015
     The word average was never something he was good at. He didn't have a normal job or a normal life. Instead, he does what he's best at: take control of everything and everyone around him. Tonight, he's got his eyes on me. He doesn't care that my perfect flawless life has no room for a tatted up devil biker. He doesn't care that I might be making a terrible mistake. He just wants me. I can tell from the way he's staring at me. And I f*****g love it. This is a full length standalone new adult romance novel with a guaranteed HEA ending and NO CLIFFHANGERS


Todd Young - 2013
    It’s faded and worn, and in it, Leigh is all but naked. It’s a sunny summer morning, and Leigh has woken from a dream of a handsome, mysterious stranger. He’s just the sort of guy Leigh wants, but how will he ever get to meet anybody, stuck at home all summer? If he rides up to Mount Riley in his suit, then maybe he’ll attract someone’s attention. Leigh has no idea how right he is, and he has no idea, while he’s skinny-dipping in a mountain stream, that someone is watching him, hidden in the forest — someone who’ll take Leigh to a place he’s never been.


Katze Snow - 2017
    He asks for so little. But when Caleb refuses an offer that could change his future, Gabriel’s patience wears thin. Unaccustomed to rejection and incensed at Caleb’s disobedience, he takes the matter into his own hands. Everything in life has a price. For Caleb the price of rejection is his freedom. Imprisoned and alone with only his alluring captor for company, Caleb wants desperately to escape. But breaking free isn’t so simple. Awakened to a pleasure he’s never known, Caleb feels lost—conflicted. Can he escape? Or will the bonds of pleasure prove stronger than any lock and key?

Wrapped Up in Chains

Cindy Sutherland - 2014
    All this changes when he rescues Chase Mackenzie. Chase is a runaway who has been kept as a slave since he was sixteen. Now twenty-three, he’s still innocent and sweet despite being severely abused and left behind by his Dom. When Devon finds out that the man who held Chase hostage is the same man who hurt him terribly when he started learning about the sub/Dom lifestyle, he knows he has to keep Chase safe. Spoiled rich boy and sociopath James Kingston is obsessed with Devon. He’s convinced Devon would be his perfect sub and Devon only thinks he’s a Dom because he needs proper discipline. Losing Chase to Devon is like rubbing salt in the wound, and he’s determined to get them both under his thumb. This time, Chase may need to rescue Devon.

The Education of Nicholas

Shannon West - 2013
    He has a good, but stressful job as a construction manager, but lately his job site has fallen victim to costly attacks by vandals. When he meets handsome Connor Easton at a fancy party for his boss, the blond detective looks at him like a chicken hawk looks at a baby chicken. Connor soon teaches Nick that he’s not quite the Dom he thought he was. Connor is assigned to the vandalism case, and though Nick is determined to prove how strong he is, old secrets have begun to haunt him again. When Connor learns Nick has been cutting himself, he uses his forceful manner to make him see a psychiatrist and then brings Nick home to stay with him. But while Nick knows he’s a masochist, he rebels against the idea of being Connor’s sub. Connor begins to train him in BDSM anyway, not realizing just how fragile Nick is, and how desperately he needs to keep his secrets.


Gene Gant - 2016
    Having no carnal urges himself, the sexual side of his job leaves him cold, but he sees the pain inflicted on him by his clients as punishment for causing his brother’s death when he was in high school. Pain is not enough, however, to wash away his guilt, and Mace starts binge drinking in an effort to escape his remorse.The dorm’s resident advisor, Dex Hammel, sees Mace spiraling out of control and strives to help him. Despite the mutual attraction between them, Mace is disturbed that he still feels no sexual desire for anyone. Even with Dex’s support, Mace's self-destructive behavior escalates, leading to a situation that endangers his life.A New Adult title appropriate for ages 16+Cover Artist: Aaron Anderson

Between the Secrets

S. Ferguson - 2017
    Jake James lives in the shadows of his shame. The guilt for what he’s done, for what was done to him, has left him hollow and haunted. Greg Bissen just wants Jake to let him in, having accepted who he is a long time ago, he is desperate to break through Jake's defenses. When danger and an agonizing loss threatens to tear them apart, will Jake let the burdens of his past crush him? Or can love really conquer all, even if it’s hiding in between the secrets? This book contains strong adult content that may not be suitable for readers sensitive to hard to read subjects.

Hear Me

Skye Warren - 2012
    A man brings her water and bread. He claims he doesn’t want her, but he can’t seem to resist her.Maybe this could be enough—to do as she was taught. Maybe she doesn’t have to remember. But the secrets of his past haunt the cabin, fraying the tightening bond between Master and slave.Her own memories may finally unravel it.


Claire Thompson - 2011
    Acceptance means placing her free will, her body and possibly her soul in the hands of a dominant man who demands complete submission. Whips, chains, ropes, floggers and the sensual wrath of a spurned lover are just some of what await the hapless slave girl, should she accept the terms he offers.Choose right, Rae, and choose wisely. This may be the last choice you ever make.


Rachael Orman - 2014
    Had been for years. I thought I learned how to live a normal life, but that’s the thing about addiction, it creeps back up when you least expect it. There is no one there for me, no one I can turn to for help. Until I’m given a chance to explore a side of myself I’d always kept locked away. I was lost…until him. I can’t tell you who he is, or why he does the things he’s done. All I can say is I hope one day I behave well enough to take off the blindfold and see the man who controls my addiction. My Master.My name is John and I am addicted to control.I tried to deny the dominate side of my personality. I didn’t want to admit how much I enjoyed the power, how much I enjoyed causing pain. That is until the woman I’d been secretly been stalking waltzed into a BDSM club right in front of me. All bets are off. She will be mine. Together our addictions feed off each other, fueling the fire that burns within. Until suddenly the fire is too hot to handle, burning everything in its path. The pain and scars we’d both come into our fragile relationship with are split wide open, exposing more than either of us can handle, possibly leaving nothing behind to salvage from the ashes.**Warning: Intended for audiences 18+ due to explicit sex & vulgar language, mention of rape/abuse**


Silvia Violet - 2020
    I never imagined the protector I longed for would be a mob boss who demanded complete control.I shouldn’t have gone to Lucien’s office.Once I looked into his eyes, I couldn’t leave.He commanded me to kneel.Beg.Obey.I couldn’t help myself.One taste, and I craved more.Lucien vowed to protect me from his enemies…But who’s going to protect my heart from him?This MM Mafia Romance is the first book in The Marchesi Family series.

Like Father...Like Son

Quin - 2020
    He's also a sassy little sh*t.He has me wrapped around his fingers, so damn easily.My son? He's trouble.What we share is all kinds of wrong, even if it feels oh so right.***LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON is a forbidden love romance, full of snark and k*nk. Please heed warning at the beginning of the book.

The Bitter End

Rue Volley - 2013
    Her parents gave her everything but the one thing she desired the When Bethany’s mother dies, her Father becomes even more distant with the immediate replacement of Bethany’s mother by “Miko”, a woman who has no compassion nor interest in Bethany whatsoever.On her own and living in a penthouse, a lavish gift from her father, Bethany ignores all responsibility as she lives on a weekly allowance her Father is sure to place into her bank account. With too much time on her hands, Bethany is free to pursue other interests such as a young man she never cared for in school named Ryan Blackwood. Ryan is a male escort for hire and has made his living on pleasuring the higher echelons of New York society women, but when he meets Bethany his game is shifted from one of hunter to one of prey and he will soon find out that she is not the easy target he once imagined. Their torrid love affair is filled with a painful need to harm each other in every way, including the bedroom. Will Bethany finally receive the love she has always desired or will her lineage doom her forever? “The Bitter End” is book one in the Golden Crown Series, filled with lust, greed, suspense and murder. Sometimes new beginnings lead only to bitter ends.


A.M. Snead - 2018
     When Sean accepts Gideon’s invite for straight boys to come satisfy their curiosity about gay sex, he isn’t prepared for the personal revelations that will follow – or the ultimate choice that will change his life forever. **Contains explicit M/M sexual scenes and strong language. 18+ readers only.