Viking Tomorrow

Jeremy Robinson - 2017
    A century after a series of apocalyptic events, humanity is struggling to survive. In the frigid north of Scandinavia, people have returned to farming, fishing, and fighting amongst themselves, living as their ancient Viking ancestors once did. But their days in the world are numbered.The last tattered remnants of humankind have become barren. No new live births have occurred in over a decade. When the remaining population dies, the human race will end.When a call goes out to the greatest fighters in the North, men capable of surviving a long journey and crushing any obstacle in their path, a young female berserker named Val takes up the challenge. With her eyes hidden behind red-lens goggles, she violently proves her worth, seizes control of a small band of fellow berserkers, and heads south to claim her prize: the first glimmer of hope for a tomorrow.Traveling deep into the wastes of Europe, surrounded by dangerous landscapes and the mutated creatures that populate them, they find themselves pursued by enemies determined to stop them at all costs. Attacked from without and betrayed from within, Val fights for the future, and if she fails, humanity fails along with her.

A Certain Scientific Accelerator, Vol. 1

Kazuma Kamachi - 2014
    A group of anti-evil zealots who call themselves “DA” are causing havoc, and it could threaten the city—not to mention the entire world! Although he hates to be bothered, a world-shaking threat may be enough to get Accelerator out of bed...especially if it involves the adorable Misaka Mikoto clone, “Last Order.”

S.T.Y.X. Humanhive

Arthur Stone - 2017
    A place where entry is easy – and escape impossible. Where mere survival is so daunting that nine out of ten new immunes perish before the end of their first week. Where reaching even the one year mark earns you the title of veteran. How long can you survive?


Xavier Dorison - 2001
    Nebraska answers a mysterious distress beacon, the crew discovers a WWII Russian sub at the mouth of an underwater temple. While investigating the bizarre wreck, some members of the crew find themselves trapped in the mysterious sanctum. In this gripping horror tale, the crewmen of the Nebraska, both within the sanctum and inside the submarine, are stalked by an ancient evil deep under the sea. Can they live long enough to discover the secret of the Sanctum? Suggested For Mature Readers.

Ragnarök, Vol. 1: Last God Standing

Walt Simonson - 2015
    the Twilight of the Gods in Norse mythology... the destruction of the Nine Worlds. And now, three hundred years later, the birth of vengeance. Collects issues #1-6. Walter Simonson returns to comics in a BIG way with an all-new series.

B.P.R.D.: The Devil You Know, Vol. 1: Messiah

Mike Mignola - 2018
    As society rebuilds, strange cults vie for influence, and the demon Varvara emerges to lead the way . . . Abe Sapien returns from his self-imposed exile to rejoin Liz Sherman just in time for the Bureau to face the final threat to mankind. Collects issues #1-#4.

Godzilla: Cataclysm

Cullen Bunn - 2015
    Now it is merely a distant, nightmarish memory for Hiroshi, an elder in one of the few remaining tribes of humans. Little does Hiroshi know that the apocalypse is not over, and that his memories of the past may yet save the future!

Gravel: Never a Dull Day

Warren Ellis - 2008
    Now you can read the collected history of William Gravel in all it's strange glory in this gigantic signed hardcover! All 24 original B&W issues of the adventures of William Gravel are finally together in this super-sized hardcover volume! From lizard women to armies of the undead, bad juju and worse military secrets, strange love and stranger death, this is the ultimate Gravel collectible. As an added bonus, every single copy is signed by the amazing creative team of Warren Ellis and Mike Wolfer, the two guys responsible for all the madness! Collected herein are these six volumes: Strange Kiss, Stranger Kisses, Strange Killings, SK: Body Orchard, SK: Strong Medicine, and SK: Necromancer!

Fire Power by Kirkman & Samnee, Vol. 2: Home Fire

Robert Kirkman - 2021
    He doesn't want the power, he never did. He only wants to raise his family and live his life, but unseen forces are at work to make that impossible. Danger lurks around every corner as Owen's past comes back to haunt him.Collects FIRE POWER BY KIRKMAN & SAMNEE #1-6.

Shaolin Cowboy: Who'll Stop the Reign?

Geof Darrow - 2017
    AGAIN!!!! He fought an army of the shambling dead, but can the Shaolin Cowboy survive a sinister desert town filled with guns, prostitutes, and white supremacists, all run by a crustaceous mafia? Collects Shaolin Cowboy: Who'll Stop the Reign #1-4.

Tomb of Aradia

Antony Davies - 2018
    In the city of Prague, freelance treasure hunter Jules has finally located the bangle stolen from his dying mother, an artifact that may unravel a centuries-old secret: the location of the Tomb of Aradia. But when a reclusive, ruthless billionaire beats him to the artifact, Jules joins forces with an institute of unconventional archaeologists who reveal to him clues penned two thousand years ago. Clues that support the claim his mother’s bangle holds properties that science cannot explain. And Jules appears to be the only person who can activate them - a responsibility that will tempt him toward the dark path he has avoided all his life. As both parties race to decipher the bangle’s origins, they uncover a trail meant only for the holiest of men, leading to an apostle’s manuscript, the hunt for a tomb alleged to conceal great power, and a breathless, globe-trotting adventure that threatens to destroy them all. From Prague to London, Europe to Asia, Tomb of Aradia launches the Lost Origins series, each book charting a new story exploring gaps in humanity’s long history.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 3—Stardust Crusaders, Vol. 1

Hirohiko Araki - 2002
    Together they embark on a perilous adventure that will take them around the world!

Minute Zero

Chris Jayne - 2020
    On the road with her two children, her only goal is to get to her sister’s Montana farm alive.   But both Lori and Louise have been hiding a secret for years.Two brothers, one a Navy Seal on leave, the other a good man who wants to do right by his family…Deacon Hale is taking two weeks to help his brother Roger and his wife Louise on their remote Montana farm.  He loved Lori once, but has finally put her behind him.  Roger Hale just wants to give his pregnant wife and two young children a good life.  He has no idea the about the secrets that have been kept from him for years. Dangerous identity…Angela Jones is an FBI agent with a terrible debt that she knows she will someday have to pay.  And when Raoul Saldata calls in that debt is called in she has no choice but to comply. Evil incarnate…Raoul Saldata as a child in Albania, would pretend he was a dhampir, the child resulting from the mating between a human female and a vampire.  That was a myth of course, but the evil Saldata practices is anything but.  And when he finds Lori Dovner, he intends to do a lot more than just kill her.“Minute Zero” Stronghold: Book One is a thriller (with a touch of romance) about an ordinary family struggling to stay safe and find each other in the face of insurmountable odds, an abysmal loss of life and the dawn of a new, post-apocalyptic dark age.

Hawkman by Geoff Johns Book One

Geoff Johns - 2017
    But with no precious memories of their shared past, she wants nothing to do with him--until she learns that the deaths of her parents years ago were actually murders, and she is forced to enlist Hawkman's help in unlocking the mystery and finding their killer.Hawkman's past, present and future collide in these stories featuring his surprising interactions with other heroes, including Green Arrow, the Atom and Doctor Fate. You'll find out why Hawkman is one of DC's toughest icons!HAWKMAN BY GEOFF JOHNS BOOK ONE features stories by Geoff Johns (JUSTICE LEAGUE, TEEN TITANS) and James Robinson (STARMAN, SUPERMAN) and art by Rags Morales (ACTION COMICS, HOURMAN), Michael Bair (JSA, IDENTITY CRISIS) and others. Collects HAWKMAN #1-14 and HAWKMAN: SECRET FILES AND ORIGINS #1.

Divided: Silent Nation Book One

Joseph Coley - 2019
    His grandmother died, his ex-fiancee was trying to take his daughter away, the snow was coming down, and he was on his way back from Ohio. Then something happened. As he stops at a rest stop in northwest Ohio, the power goes out. Not just the lights, but the cars, phones, and everything else that made up everyday life. He has to get home, and he has no idea how to do it. Stuck in the snow amid a cataclysmic event that no one can precisely explain, he sets out to help not only himself, but those trapped with him. He has to find a way to travel the 300+ miles home, and he needs to do it fast. His family at home is saddled with problems of their own, and they have no way of knowing what has happened to him. As the world slowly spirals out of control, Ben must try to make it home...or die trying. From the bestselling author of the Six Feet From Hell and Refuge From the Dead series comes a realistic take on TEOTWAWKI - the end of the world as we know it. No zombies this time, just pure survival.