Throw the Bouquet

M. Scott Swanson - 2019
    She picked him.A devoted friend would end his devious plan by stopping the doomed wedding and save her friend from becoming a possible murder victim. I want to be the daring friend who rescues Susan from her lunatic lover. It's just I have no evidence, only an illusive dream.Plus, I'm not keen on becoming a social outcast.I'm not being dramatic. It will cripple Susan emotionally if I tell her the truth. Not to mention her rich father has dropped a fortune on this event.Why can't Susan see her depraved fianc�'s true nature? I don't need my psychic 'Gifts, ' to understand he's a ruthless bully cloaked in genteel charisma.And what's with his volatile "Cousin." Her steamy gazes in his direction are, well awkward. It's as if she's working a behind the scenes plan.The only thing more trying than being in so many weddings is my paranormal abilities reappearing with unbridled strength--awful timing.My decision has life-altering consequences. The first option will haunt me forever if my visions are true. The second choice turns me into a pariah amongst my friends.Being psychic is such a drag.Throw the Bouquet is the 1st installment in the April May Snow Psychic Adventure Shorts and it is a SHORT STORY intro to an extensive series. The stories are stand-alone, but the current, complete list is below.Do you enjoy Janet Evanovich, Colleen Helme, Erin Huss, JB Lynn, Jana DeLeon, Angie Fox, Elizabeth Hunter, or Amanda M. Lee? Throw the Bouquet will keep you turning pages to the end! Do you want more April May Snow?Try the complete prequel series listed below. #1 Throw the Bouquet (Short intro story) #2 Throw the Cap (Novella) #3 Throw the Dice (Novella) #4 Throw the Elbow (Short Novel) #5 Throw the Fastball (Short Novel) #6 Throw the Gauntlet (Short Novel) #7 Throw the Hissy (Short Novel)April May Snow continues in the "Foolish" series of full length Psychic Mystery novels #1 Foolish Aspirations

A Beard in Nepal

Fiona Roberts - 2011
    The book describes their often comic attempts to teach English to a group of lively youngsters in a wooden hut, using blackboard and chalk, and without the benefit of electricity, water or toilet.They came to love the village people and the children, who did everything they could to make their stay in Nepal a happy one.Whether or not you've ever dreamed of trekking through the magnificent isolation of the Himalayas, or of spending time living in a small village there, you'll find this book compulsive reading.'A Beard In Nepal II' (Return to the Village) is now published and is available on Amazon."....incredibly well written....""....a joy to read...."" adventure tale filled with colorful characters....""....laugh out loud humor....""....I would highly recommend this....""....A fascinating insight into the rewards and pitfalls of doing something really significant, worthwhile and life changing....""....beautifully written, both humorous and poignant....""....would highly recommend to armchair travellers....""....a heady mixture of travel narrative, humanity and comic escapades....""....cannot be recommended highly enough....""....Reading Fiona Roberts' book is a humbling as well as a joyful experience....""....I selfishly felt I wanted Fiona and Tod to return to Salle, just so that hopefully she will write another entertaining and gripping account for me to read...."'A BEARD IN NEPAL 2. RETURN TO THE VILLAGE' is now available.See also:'GHOST OF A SMILE' and  'VOICES'  by Fiona Roberts

Assault and Buttercream (Lexy Baker Cozy Mystery Series Book 16)

Leighann Dobbs - 2022

red velvet villainy

Molly Maple - 2022
    The beloved Gus wouldn't hurt a fly, so when he ends up in the hospital after being attacked, no one quite knows where to point the finger.With the restaurant hanging on by a thread and a criminal on the loose, Charlotte knows she will have to solve this crime with a soup ladle in one hand and a cupcake pan in the other. When it becomes clear that there is more to the coveted soup recipes than meets the eye, Charlotte is certain that the person who attacked Gus won't stop until Gus is silenced once and for all."Red Velvet Villainy" is filled with layered clues and cozy moments, written by Molly Maple, which is a pen name for a USA Today bestselling author.

Beyond the Sky and the Earth: A Journey Into Bhutan

Jamie Zeppa - 1999
    Beyond the Sky and the Earth is an autobiographical work that details her experiences and transformations after spending three years in Bhutan. It is as much a book about Zeppa's day-to-day life in Bhutan as it is about the personal awakenings and realizations that she had while living there. Visitors to Bhutan, an increasingly hot tourist destination, are still few and far between, largely because of tight government restrictions on entry, visa requirements, and a law requiring tourists to spend at least $200 a day there. There aren't many books on Bhutan, and even fewer first-hand accounts of life there. Beyond the Sky and the Earth stands out as both an informative introduction to the people and culture of Bhutan and as a beautiful piece of travel literature set against the backdrop of one of the most remote and unspoiled places on earth. Zeppa recounts her experiences living abroad, such as learning to live without electricity and carrying on a forbidden affair with one of her students, in such a compelling way that even someone who has never left home will become entranced by her story and captivated by her unique experiences. Naturally, Zeppa experienced culture shock when she arrived in Bhutan. The hardships she encountered seemed insurmountable, and at first she thought she couldn't bear it and fantasized about returning to Canada. She had to learn a new language in order to communicate with her students, she had to learn to live on her own, and she had to learn to deal with homesickness. Perhaps her biggest challenge was learning how to reconcile her growing love for Bhutan with her nostalgia for her life in Canada, her family, and her fiancé. But after living among Bhutan's Himalayan peaks, lush valleys, colorful villages, and friendly people, and after gaining an appreciation for life in a place frozen in time, Zeppa realizes that she feels at home in Bhutan and wants to stay.Although to Zeppa Bhutan is a magical land, she cautions herself and the reader not to deem it "the last Shangri-La," as is often done by the lucky travelers who make their way through the red tape required for entry into the kingdom. Bhutan is not without its problems: it is an underdeveloped country plagued by the problems that affect many places cut off from modernity. There is infant mortality, illness, and poverty. There are also domestic and international tensions that stem from the government's stringent regulations intended to preserve the national culture. Among them are the prohibition of foreign television and a requirement that people wear the national dress, a kira for women and a gho for men.Few of us will ever get to see the place that was Zeppa's home. But her narrative is so clear and insightful that you easily feel as though you are sharing this portion of her life with her. Even if you haven't had the experience of living abroad, or if the prospect of a trip to the furthest reaches of Asia is not in your cards, Zeppa's book is a worthy read on many levels. From her powerful use of language to describe the superb beauty of Bhutan's landscape to her passionate description of her spellbinding relationship with her future husband, Beyond the Sky and the Earth draws readers in and takes them on her rocky ride to self-realization. When trying to explain to a friend what she finds appealing about Bhutan, Zeppa writes: "It takes a long time to find the true words, to put them in order, to tell the whole story. It is not just this or that, the mountains, the people, it is me and the way I can be here, the freedom to walk unafraid into the great dark night. It is a hundred thousand things and I could never trace or tell all the connections and reflections, the shadows and echoes and secret relations between them."But, in fact, Zeppa does tell the reader about these connections and reflections in a lyrical way. After reading the book, you will have a deep understanding, appreciation, and respect for Zeppa's strength of character and for the wonders of Bhutan.Beyond the Sky and the Earth is a delight to read in every way. Zeppa's beautiful prose, peppered alternately with funny observations and profound soul-searching, is a truly special and unique work that will leave you craving an adventure of your own.


James WalkerJames Walker - 2018
    On his journey he meets Tau, a freed African slave, Ima, a vengeful German war maiden, and Sigmund, a gentle giant caught between worlds. Together they must ally with the Roman Legion to fight against an evil that threatens all the civilized world and pursue justice for those they have lost. Ulrich is the first novel of a series that explores events in and around the Roman empire of the fourth century A.D. A terrible force of invaders, the Alemanni, throw a continent into chaos on their quest for power and revenge and only a young Caesar Julian stands in their way. Action and adventure combine with historical accuracy to create an epic tale of hate, triumph, love, and loss. Through their actions our heroes raise and topple empires and make choices that shape the course of history.

Tail Wagging Trouble

Leona Fox - 2016
    Now, Ellen is fully invested in finding the murderer. With handsome police chief Andy, her precocious friend Kelly, and Scampy the dog by her side, Ellen is determined to find the killer before he or she goes free.

Faring to France on a Shoe

Valerie Poore - 2017
    After eight years of owning their barge, Hennie-Ha, eight years involving catastrophe and crisis, Val and her partner finally go 'faring' to France for the first time. This travelogue is about the places they visit and the people they meet along the canals on their route from the Netherlands, through Belgium and into northern France. It tells a gentle story about how they experience their life on board during the four weeks they spent cruising. Written as a journal, it follows them on their travels through rain and shine and reveals how day by day, Val learns to cast aside the stresses and demands of her job and to appreciate life's simplest of pleasures to the full. And why 'Faring to France on a Shoe'? Well, download a sample and then all will be clear, or just have a 'look inside'!

When I Walk, I Bounce: Walking from Land's End to John o'Groats

Mark Moxon - 2007
    In this entertaining and frequently hilarious book, Mark takes us on a journey not only of 1111 miles, but of the highs and lows of long-distance walking.'I read the entire journey cover to cover in a couple of days. Totally fascinating, very amusing.' - Howard J'I highly recommend that people read it from start to finish. It is a great tale ' - Peter K'Thank you for being so enthusiastic about travelling and revealing your passion in such a constructive way ' - Jenny S'A certain cure for a jaded outlook.' - Marilyn S'You can't put it down.' - Frank W'A great job ' - Kevin P

Pretty Woman Spitting: An American's Travels in China

Leanna Adams - 2012
    Leanna Adams moved to China in 2006, was nearly robbed, held her co-worker’s hand as she died in a filthy, smoke-filled hospital, bonded with many of her three hundred students and left part of her heart in Wuhu, China. Adams’s contrasting experiences highlight the differences that make the two cultures unique and the similarities that make all people human.

Miss Sylvia's Stolen Bible

Harper Harris - 2018
    You’ll have a dog gone good time… and some delicious Southern treats! Kari Jacobs has driven cross country from San Francisco and is one hour away from starting a new life and job at a law firm in Appleton, North Carolina, when her car breaks down near the Red Rivers Plantation. She was only looking for a tow, but found a mystery. Ms. Sylvia, her sister-in-law Delilah and her butler Henry live at Red Rivers Plantation and they all seem to be stuck in the past. Kari can get their help, as long as she walks their two Great Danes and solves the mystery of the stolen Winters’ family bible. But theirs is a world of polite etiquette and stately manners, and Kari has a hard time getting them to talk so that she can figure out the answers they so desperately seek. But at least their cooking is scrumptious! Sylvia thinks the Bible was stolen by her bitter rival who owns the next plantation over, but she isn’t even sure when, and no one can explain why. Questions multiply and Kari can’t help but be drawn into a feud that reaches back into the last century. It's Kari's first introduction to the South, their customs are strange, and she has far more questions than answers. Such as, will she ever get her car fixed so she can get to Appleton, and will she be rewarded for her patience by being able to meet the Great Danes’ litter of puppies before leaving town? * INCLUDES MISS DELILAH’S SUCCULENT SOUTHERN PEACH PIE RECIPE! *

Joel Rifkin: The Horrifying & True Story of Joel The Ripper (The Serial Killer Books Book 4)

Jack Rosewood - 2018
    Prostitutes were his targets, and though some he allowed to live, there were many who were much less fortunate. Dismembered bodies were soon discovered, but nobody could identify who was responsible for such despicable acts of murder and horror. Until, one night while Rifkin was disposing of his 17th victim, he was finally caught. One of the most famous serial killers, Rifkin has shared some of his thoughts and feelings about the crimes he committed, yet he too still questions why he felt the way he did. He is perhaps one of the most interesting American serial killers to date, and his true crime stories are among the most disturbing. There have been few New York murders committed by serial killers, including Rifkin and the Long Island Serial Killer. Rifkin was at one time considered a suspect in the case of the Long Island Serial Killer, and this true crime book discusses his opinions of who the killer could actually be. If you are passionate about true crime serial killers, then you will absolutely enjoy this book. Of all the serial killer books out there, this one delves into the controversy surrounding the death penalty, and discusses whether monsters like Rifkin should be executed or allowed to live their days out in prison, when they stripped that opportunity from the innocent victims they slayed.

The Housewarming (The Guesthouse on the Green Book 11)

Michelle Vernal - 2021
    Settle in and enjoy your stay at O'Mara's, where stories abound, romance lurks and laughter sounds.  Aisling O'Mara. She's married to a Ronan Keating look-a-like, and okay, he can't sing to save himself, but he does think the world of her. Her life would be perfect if it weren't for the fact Mother Nature hasn't seen fit to bestow a child upon them yet. The tick-tock of her biological clock is getting louder, and she's determined to make it happen. But at what cost?Ita Finnegan. O'Mara's Director of Housekeeping, wants to be happy. She's decided the key to finding happiness is to find love, and she's hatched a plan to meet her perfect match. But how can she expect someone else to love her when she doesn't like herself very much?Meanwhile, Mammy O'Mara is planning a quiet soiree with neighbours and family to introduce herself and Donal to the neighbourhood, but, somehow, it's morphed into the Howth House party of the year. Oh, and you're invited!

An Invincible Summer

Betta Ferrendelli - 2015
    Jaime, however, is tormented by demons from her past.But when she learns that Leigh Roberts, a local reporter for a Denver daily newspaper, intends to have her mentally challenged daughter, Ashleigh, forcibly sterilized, something within Jaime stirs.Whether it is anger, pity, or simply the need to do what’s right, Jaime decides to turn her back on her promising career with the DA’s office to represent Ashleigh Roberts.With the odds stacked against them, Jaime and Ashleigh take their case to the courts in a battle that will ultimately resolve one woman’s past and one woman’s future.

An Octopus in My Ouzo: Loving Life on a Greek Island

Jennifer Barclay - 2016
    From the joy of gardening her own little piece of paradise to the thrill of joining in with the Greek dancing at local festivals, Jennifer learns something new every day – and discovers love again along the way.Dive into this exquisite, honest and deeply moving tale and taste the sweetness of living life to the full on a small island.