The Complete Free Kindle Fire Apps (Free Kindle Fire Apps That Don't Suck Book 1)

The App Bible - 2012
    This is the one you want… Personally, I will check out any book this author writes about apps because, for some reason, maybe a bad case of OCD, he is obviously compelled to do the most thorough investigation into each and every aspect, good and bad of apps in a particular genre. My hat's off to him, and he has my thanks for saving me a ton of time and grief.” - Linda Abbott (Reviewer) Nearly 800 Pages of In-Depth Reviews, and Tips and Tricks to Help You Get The Most Out of Your Free Kindle Fire Apps Question: Why Do You Need This Book? Answer: Because you have better things to do with your time than to trudge through the Amazon App Store and test tons of apps until you find the best ones Question: OK. But Why Do You Need To Buy THIS Book? Answer: Because you need more than some random list of “Top Kindle Fire Apps.” You also need: To know which apps to download first Tips and tricks for how to get the most out of the apps How to find help if you’re having a problem with an app An in-depth review describing what is good and what is bad about each app Problem: Even if you have a list of the top free apps, how do you know which ones to install first? Solution: At the end of this book, all the apps are ranked from best to worst according to a UNIQUE RANKING SYSTEM FOUND ONLY IN MY BOOKS Question: How Else Is This Book Unique? Answer: In addition to its unique ranking system, it also offers in-depth reviews that provide the following: A summary of what the app does A summary of what is good and what is bad about each app When available: The app developer’s contact information, website information, as well as links to pertinent articles about the app Tips and tricks for many of the apps (how to get the most from the app) A brief summary of the positive and negative reviews of the app on Amazon PLUS: A list of 5 must-have free productivity apps that every Kindle Fire owner should install to have greater control over their Kindle Fire A list of 15 free productivity apps that most Kindle Fire owners will find useful since they provide a great deal of functionality Question: OK…But What Types Of Apps, Exactly, Does The Book Include? Answer: A dizzying variety… Game Apps Arcade and Board game apps Mind game apps: Card, logic, and word game apps Kids Apps Educational apps and Game apps for kids: Apps for toddlers, preschoolers, elementary schoolers, and high schoolers in the following categories: Art apps, Book apps, English apps, and Math apps Productivity Apps Art

The Falconer's Apprentice (The Falconer’s Apprentice Series)

William C. Oakes - 1994
    A book for apprentice falconers wanting to know the basics of becoming a falconer. Shows a step-by-step approach to training your first wild caught hawk.

Interval Weight Loss: How to Trick Your Body into Losing Weight the Scientific Way – One Month at a Time

Nick Fuller - 2017
    As Dr Nick Fuller, one of Australia's leading obesity researchers, has discovered, we're all tuned to a set body weight - a weight range that the body feels most comfortable being. When you take your body out of that comfort zone, it will work back towards its starting point as a defence mechanism. In The Interval Approach, Dr Fuller explains how you can trick your body into believing it's at its new set point so that you not only become slimmer but stay that way. And the good news is that you don't need to starve yourself to do this or go on any fad diet. In fact, following the next fad diet will only make the problem worse and you will end up dieting yourself fat.Containing meal plans, mouth-watering recipes and tips on organisation, The Interval Approach details how Dr Fuller has helped hundreds of his patients lose weight and keep it off using this method - and how you can too. It's simple, based on the latest scientific findings and effective. So, if you've tried every diet under the sun and are still watching those scales go up, then you need to stop now and read this book. You have nothing to lose but the kilos.

250 Random Facts Everyone Should Know

Tyler Buckhouse - 2015
    Haven’t we all? What better way to break that silence than to throw out some of the incredible facts from this book.Whatever your motivation may be, there’s a really good chance you’ll find these facts and tidbits useful.

Lessons from Armed America

Mark Walters - 2009
    Read it the way Kathy and Mark wrote it, that is, don't just look at it, but study it for its lessons! -Massad Ayoob Founder, Lethal Force Institute Author of "In the Gravest Extreme- These are serious words from Massad, the Master of self defense! Don't rely on others to protect yourself and your loved ones. "Lessons from Armed America" is the essential primer for self defense. Kathy and Mark are the experts that answer all your questions on stalking, real-life firefights, prevention and awareness, as well as carjacking and use of nonlethal force. They tell it like it is with candor and compassion, speaking through both experience and well-thought-out-research. If you're serious about protecting your family, this is the one book you MUST read!

Not Broken: An Approachable Guide to Miscarriage and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Lora Shahine - 2017
    Whether you are a patient struggling with miscarriages or a medical provider caring for patients with recurrent pregnancy loss, you will learn something from this resource. Dr. Shahine explains not only a typical Western medicine approach to evaluation and treatment for miscarriage but also includes Eastern approaches to care, lifestyle factors that will decrease your risk of miscarriage, and the emotional impact of recurrent pregnancy loss. You will finish this book feeling more empowered to be an advocate for your care and more hopeful than ever to continue towards your family goals. “I have one word to describe this fabulous book: FINALLY. Women with recurrent pregnancy loss have been needing this book for years.” – Dr. Alice Domar, associate professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive biology at Harvard Medical School and author of Conquering Infertility and Finding Calm for the Expectant Mom

NDTV Frauds V2.0 - The Real Culprit: A completely revamped version that shows the extent to which NDTV and a Cabal will stoop to hide a saga of Money Laundering, Tax Evasion and Stock Manipulation.

Sree Iyer - 2018
    In this revamped version, as NDTV's transgressions have been ruled on in the courts, the reader gets a ringside view of what happens when Business colludes with Bureaucrats and Bent Politicians. How a corrupt cabal manages to keep delaying the inevitable by tying up the cases in courts. Fake narratives and honey traps to coerce and blackmail. NDTV and the owner (who is revealed in the book) have resorted to every means foul to deny the truth from coming out. A compelling read for everyone who wants to know how the system has been thoroughly corrupted and compromised in India.

10 Lessons from Hindu History in 10 Episodes: Tales of Grit, Heroism and Valour

Sandeep Balakrishna - 2020
    This among others is a fundamental reason why a thorough and truthful study and retelling of this history is needed. The study of Hindu history is also a study of values and inspiration and a profound spiritual yearning that subconsciously continues to guide Hindus. It is also what makes India a unique and distinctive country which is not primarily defined by its politics but by its philosophy and spirituality. The essays in this work both tangentially and explicitly bring out these aspects. "10 Lessons from Hindu History in 10 Episodes" is envisaged as a popular narrative without overlooking or taking liberties with historical accuracy.

WHO CUT THE CHEESE? An Amazing Parody About Change And How We Can Get Our Hands On Yours

Stilton Jarlsberg - 2000
    And since you're being compared to a rat in this book, the whole "Maze" analogy works like a charm.When you come to see the "Psycho-babble on the Wall," you can discover for yourself how to deal with change in the workplace, and how to find the Cheese that will make your life joyous and fulfilling.Failing that, if you were forced by your boss to read "Who Moved My Cheese?" before getting a pay cut or a pink slip, "Who Cut The Cheese?" will at least give you the last laugh!NOTE: "Who Cut the Cheese?" is a small gem - meaning that it's roughly 1400 pages shorter than "War and Peace," but roughly the same length as the teeny tiny original book (around 80 pages). That's why the price is low, but the "laughs per page" ratio is high!

Bird Sense: What It's Like to Be a Bird

Tim Birkhead - 2012
    What is going on inside the head of a nightingale as it sings, and how does its brain improvise? How do desert birds detect rain hundreds of kilometers away? How do birds navigate by using an innate magnetic compass?Tracing the history of how our knowledge about birds has grown, particularly through advances in technology over the past fifty years, Bird Sense tells captivating stories about how birds interact with one another and their environment. More advanced testing methods have debunked previously held beliefs, such as female starlings selecting mates based on how symmetrical the male's plumage markings are. (Whereas females can discern the difference between symmetrical and asymmetrical markings, they are not very good at detecting small differences among symmetrically marked males!)Never before has there been a popular book about how intricately bird behavior is shaped by birds' senses. A lifetime spent studying birds has provided Tim Birkhead with a wealth of fieldwork experiences, insights, and a unique understanding of birds, all firmly grounded in science. No one who reads Bird Sense can fail to be dazzled by it.

Hinduism and its culture wars

Vamsee Juluri - 2014
    Arguing from within the sensibility of devout liberal Hindus who do not believe in exclusive religious nationalism, Juluri argued that these writers had turned their crusade against Hindutva into an egregiously misplaced existential attack on popular Hinduism. Widely read and commented on by lay readers and academics, this important review essay is essential reading for who anyone who cares for both Hinduism and secularism today.

The Feather Quest

Pete Dunne - 1992
    Among them were Pete and Linda Dunne, who set off from there on a year-long odyssey. Dunne has poured the most remarkable stories, birds, and characters into this unforgettable book about their once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

The Aryan Invasion Theory: The Final Nail in its Coffin

Stephen Knapp - 2012
    This book puts together the information that shows:• How and why Max Muller started the theory,• The damage it has done,• Objections to it and lack of evidence for it,• The misleading dates for it,• The Sarasvati River described in the Rig Veda and geographical proof of its existence,• The date of its demise,• The false argument of no horse in Harappa,• The Urban or rural argument,• Deciphering the Indus seals,• How genetics show an east to west movement rather than a migration into India, and more.All of this proves there never was any Aryan Invasion, and that the advanced Vedic Aryan civilization was indigenous to India. (Taken from a chapter in “Advancements of Ancient India’s Vedic Culture”)

The Inner Matrix: A Guide to Transforming Your Life and Awakening Your Spirit

Joey Klein - 2014
    A powerful synthesis of the art of mindfulness and the science of neurobiology, Klein provides a cutting-edge system to rewire, train and align the nervous system, emotions and thought strategies, enabling readers to create the life they choose. Those engaging Klein's Inner Matrix Systems training routinely experience: reduced stress, increased focus, higher emotional intelligence, improved health and well-being, and enhanced access to intuition. Included is a five-week strategy guide to assimilate the practices of Inner Matrix Systems into your daily life."Joey Klein has artfully bridged ancient traditions with burgeoning Western scientific and biomedical research. He shares powerful testimony and vivid examples of the benefits achieved through his intentional training methods." - Michael L. Weaver, Emergency Medical Physician "Joey Klein has created a guide that I can hand to a client that offers a path to greater inner peace, serving in medical terms to lower anxiety, increase focus, improve hormone optimization, among other medical improvements. If all my clients practiced similar guidelines laid out in this book, I'd easily have 80% fewer client visits." - Yoshi Rahm, DO, Family Physician

Birdwatching With Your Eyes Closed: An Introduction to Birdsong

Simon Barnes - 2011