Avengers World, Volume 1: A.I.M.pire

Jonathan Hickman - 2014
    In one cataclysmic day, the face of the Marvel Universe will change forever...and the fight for Earth's future will begin. Smasher, Sunspot, and Cannonball find themselves trapped and prisoners of A.I.M.'s Scientist Supreme! Shang-Chi takes on the Gorgon in a fight to the death for control of the Hand! The City of the Dead will rise! And Starbrand must confront the ghosts of his past! Prepare for a globe-spanning epic of empires and armies, and the brave few who stand between them and us. The A.I.M. Empire has begun!Collecting: Avengers World 1-5 & material from All-New Marvel Now!.Point One

Web of Venom: Ve'Nam #1

Donny Cates - 2018
    In reality, the discovery was an ancestor of the Klyntar symbiotes…and would become a waking nightmare for a platoon of American soldiers!

Spider-Gwen (2015B) #1

Jason Latour
    Gwen Stacy is back on the webs and has an all-new, all-different mystery to solve: the reappearance of The Lizard! Spider-Woman was convinced that the Lizard died in her arms alongside Peter Parker. But when a similar monster goes on a reptilian rampage, she's left with doubts not only about Peter's life, but his death as well. And witness the debut of the Osborns of Earth-65! Fan-favorite creators Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi are back for more with a story that every Spider-Fan will be talking about!

Amazing Spider-Man: Red Goblin

Dan Slott - 2018
    That means Zodiac's had a whole year to prepare for their rematch! Meanwhile, Norman Osborn has scoured the globe for a cure to the genetic tampering that prevents him from becoming the Green Goblin - and at long last, he's about to find it! His new weapon? The Carnage symbiote! Who lives?! Who dies?! And what scars will Spider-Man bear from here on out?! Dive into one of the most exciting stories in Spider-Man lore - culminating in the conclusion that has Spider-Man facing his most terrifying villain yet! COLLECTING: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 794-801

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, Volume 4: Still Friends

Sean McKeever - 2007
    In the aftermath of recent shocking revelations, what's the story between Mary Jane and Peter? Between Peter and Gwen? Oh, who cares? Is that Firestar? What's the second most awesome redhead in the world got planned for Spidey this time? Collecting: Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 16-20

Avengers: Time Runs Out

Jonathan HickmanDalibor Talajić - 2016
    One by one, the realities of the multiverse have collided and been destroyed, leaving the Marvel Universe as one of the last dimensions standing. Now Jonathan Hickman's cataclysmic saga jumps forward eight months, to the day of the Final Incursion - and the astonishing climax! After the revelation of the Illuminati's desperate, world-shattering actions, the Avengers are fragmented. While one group seeks out the Illuminati for a confrontation, another takes the fight to the new Cabal!Collecting: Avengers 35-44, New Avengers 24-33

Dark Avengers, Volume 1: Assemble

Brian Michael Bendis - 2009
    With the real Avengers underground, who are these Avenger doppelgangers, and why have they been assembled?Collecting: Dark Avengers 1-6

Ultimate Comics Avengers: Next Generation

Mark Millar - 2010
    Guess who's back! That's right, kids, Mark Millar (The Ultimates, Wolverine: Old Man Logan) and superstar artist Carlos Pacheco (Avengers Forever, X-Men) blast into the Ultimate Universe for a mind-blowing, heart-pounding, and gut-wrenching event of epic proportions!When a highly-classified secret threatens Captain America, only the newly-returned Nick Fury has the tools to bring 'em in!Collecting: Ultimate Comics Avengers 1-6

Civil War: Front Line

Paul Jenkins - 2006
    Unfortunately, the trouble's just beginning. Also featuring "Sleeper Cell," starring Wonder Man, and true tales of wartime in "Correspondence." Plus: In Choosing Sides, five stories shine a spotlight on the wildcards and impact players whose part in the Civil War has yet to be told. And in Civil War: The Return, two of the universe's greatest heroes are confronted with pasts they can't leave behind. COLLECTING: Civil War: Front Line #1-11, Choosing Sides, The Return one shots.

Ms. Marvel, Volume 1: Best of the Best

Brian Reed - 2006
    All this and an alien invasion that could mean the end of life on Earth.Collecting: Ms. Marvel 1-5, Giant-Size Ms. Marvel 1

Spider-Man: Life Story #1: The '60s

Chip Zdarsky - 2019
    In 1962, in AMAZING FANTASY #15, 15-year-old Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider and became the Amazing Spider-Man! Fifty-seven years have passed in the real world since that event — so what would have happened if the same amount of time passed for Peter as well? A special high-end limited series that’s a part of the celebration of Marvel’s 80th anniversary, SPIDER-MAN: LIFE STORY combines the talents of Chip Zdarsky (SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, MARVEL 2-IN-ONE) and Mark Bagley (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN) to tell the entire history of Spider-Man from beginning to end, set against the key events of the decades through which he lived! In this first oversized issue, when Flash Thompson is drafted to serve during the Vietnam War, Spidey must weigh the question of where his responsibility truly lies!

Strikeforce, Vol. 1: Trust Me

Tini HowardDan Brown - 2020
    But in the vacuum left by one of Thor's greatest villains, a new threat arises -one that will require a team of heroes accustomed to darkness. Angela, Blade, Spider-Woman, Wiccan, the Winter Soldier, Monica Rambeau and Daimon Hellstrom join forces for a monsterific bloodbath across the realms! COLLECTING: STRIKEFORCE (2019) 1-5

The Incredible Hulk Visionaries: Peter David, Vol. 3

Peter David - 2006
    Art by JEFF PURVES, ALEX SAVIUK, and KEITH POLLARD. Cover by JEFF PURVES. Published in May of 2006, Softcover, 192 pages, full color. Cover price $19.99.

Marvel Avengers Alliance #1

Fabian Nicieza - 2016
    Marvel, and Squirrel Girl join the fray—with a special appearance by the Guardians of the Galaxy! But will they be enough to stave off the invasions? It's all hands on deck for the Avengers Alliance as they combat a powerful new threat in the Redwood Forest. The battle for Earth reaches a critical stage in this epic adventure bridging the story between the smash hit mobile game Marvel: Avengers Alliance and the upcoming Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2!

X-Men: X-Club

Simon Spurrier - 2012
    using SCIENCE. But just as construction of the X-Club's state of the art space elevator nears completion, chaos erupts! And it appears to the world that mutants are to blame. Can Dr. Nemesis, Madison Jeffries, Kavita Rao and Danger clear the X-Men's name before their experiment backfires? Don't miss the story that will surely change how you look at the X-Men and the Periodic Table of Elements FOREVER! COLLECTING: X-CLUB 1-5