Battlecorps Anthology, Volume 1: The Corps

Loren L. Coleman - 2008
    1) is a print anthology of 17 short stories previously published via BattleCorps, and an 18th, previously unpublished story (Destiny's Challenge) that continues the story of one of the others.It also includes a Foreword by the editor, Loren L. Coleman, how BattleCorps came into being; an "About the authors" section at the end; and a collection of BattleMech illustrations in the back. StoriesA Race to the End (Loren L. Coleman)Damage Control (Ilsa J. Bick)Eight Nine Three (Steven Mohan Jr.)Isolation's Weight (Randall N. Bills)Destiny's Call (Loren L. Coleman)Poison (Jason M. Hardy)The Immortal Warrior at the Battle of Vorhaven (Kevin Killiany)Ghost of Christmas Present (Michael A. Stackpole)Zeroing In (Robert Thurston)For Want of a Nail (Dan C. Duval)Art of the Deal (Loren L. Coleman)McKenna Station (Kevin Killiany)Echoes in the Void (Randall N. Bills)The Longest Road (Blaine Lee Pardoe)The Back Road (Louisa M. Swann)Commerce Is All (Steven Mohan, Jr.)En Passant (Phaedra M. Weldon)Destiny's Challenge (Loren L. Coleman)

The Loom of Thessaly

David Brin - 2011
    Who guides our fate? And can we ever hope to wrest control for ourselves? In this novella, "The Loom of Thessaly" , classical mythology merges with impudent modern spirit into a science fiction legend that speculates upon the nature of reality.

World of Ptavvs/A Gift from Earth/Neutron Star

Larry Niven - 1994

Space Jockey; The Green Hills of Earth

Robert A. Heinlein - 1947
    "The green hills of Earth" is the fascinating tale of the Blind Singer of the Spaceways, a legend from Marsopolis to the Jovian asteroids. Jake Pemberton is a "Space jockey" on the regular run from Earth to the moon-- when disaster strikes, it takes guts to ride his ship home safely.~~~Warner Audio Publishing : 2145.Duration: 70 mins.Reader: Colin Fox.

The Old Republic Series

Sean Williams - 2016
    3,500 years in the past of the far-away galaxy, when the Jedi and Galactic Republic clashed with the Sith Empire, smuggler Jet Nebula has stumbled across a treasure richer than he ever dreamed. The Hutts want to auction it to the highest bidder, be it the Republic or the Empire, both of whom hope to bolster their chances in the coming conflict. But the Sith are interested too, and they don't bargain with anyone; the Jedi High Council is sending someone to investigate; a mysterious Mandalorian is chasing something connected to a long-forgotten crime; while a spy plays every side at once. What Jet has unearthed will surprise all of them, and leave none of them unchanged.

The Cave Girl/The Cave Man

Edgar Rice Burroughs - 2011
    Waldo’s bookish education hasn’t prepared him to cope with such surroundings ... in short, he’s a coward — he’s terrified when he encounters primitive, violent men, ape-like throwbacks in mankind's evolutionary history! Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “The Cave Girl” was serialized in The All-Story magazine in 1913; his sequel, “The Cave Man,” followed in 1917. This edition contains both texts.

Star Wars: Classic Trilogy

Ryder Windham
    Become entranced with the basic struggle of good vs. evil as you travel to a galaxy far, far away.

The Ninth Science Fiction Megapack: Classic and Modern Science Fiction

Arthur C. Clarke - 2014
    Clough FOR I AM A JEALOUS PEOPLE! by Lester del Rey LUVVER, by Mack Reynolds FROG LEVEL, by Bud Webster CAPTAINS CONSPIRING AT THEIR MUTINIES, by Jay Lake SHIFTING SEAS, by Stanley G. Weinbaum THROUGH TIME AND SPACE WITH FERDINAND FEGHOOT: 8, by Grendel Briarton ROCK GARDEN, by Kevin O'Donnell, Jr. THE GENOA PASSAGE, by George Zebrowski EIGHT O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING, by Ray Faraday Nelson I AM TOMORROW, by Lester del Rey WHEN THEY COME FROM SPACE, by Mark Clifton THE SEALED SKY, by Cynthia Ward METEOR STRIKE! by Donald E. Westlake WAITING FOR THE COIN TO DROP, by Dean Wesley Smith BEYOND THE DARKNESS, by S. J. Byrne THE SMALLEST GOD, by Lester del Rey THE SCIENCE FICTION ALPHABET, by Allen Glasser CANAL, by Carl Jacobi THE LOCH MOOSE MONSTER, by Janet Kagan MY FAIR PLANET, by Evelyn E. Smith BEFORE EDEN, by Arthur C. Clarke SEQUENCE, by Carl Jacobi PREFERRED RISK, by Frederik Pohl and Lester del Rey INTEVIEW: FREDERIK POHL, conducted by Darrell SchweitzerIf you enjoy this book, search your favorite ebook store for "Wildside Press Megapack" to see the more than 100 other entries in the series, covering science fiction, modern authors, mysteries, westerns, classics, adventure stories, and much, much more!

Works of H. Beam Piper (32 books)

H. Beam Piper - 2009
    Beam Piper with active table of contents.Works include:The AnswerThe Cosmic ComputerCrossroads of DestinyDay of the MoronDearestThe Edge of the KnifeFlight From TomorrowFour-Day PlanetGenesisGraveyard of DreamsHe Walked Around the HorsesThe KeeperLast EnemyLittle FuzzyThe MercenariesMinistry of DisturbanceMurder in the GunroomNaudsonceNull-ABCOomphel in the SkyOmnilingualOperation R.S.V.P.PatrolPolice OperationRebel RaiderThe ReturnA Slave is a SlaveSpace VikingTemple TroubleTime and Time AgainTime CrimeUllr Uprising

The Legend of the Jade Phoenix Trilogy

Robert Thurston - 2003
     Aidan Pryde is a MechWarrior in training with Clan Jade Falcon who learns that there's more to war than honor and glory...

Run For The Stars

Harlan Ellison - 2005
    All that stood in their way was a man on Deald's World named Benno Tallant, about as lousy a candidate for hero as one could imagine: junkie, looter, coward, betrayer. So the retreating Earth forces made him the last man on Deald's World. They surgically implanted a cataclysmic bomb in his body, turned him loose, and let the Kyben hunt him down. SEE BENNO RUN. RUN, BENNO, RUN LIKE HELL.

Hail! Hail!

Harry Turtledove - 2018
     Fresh from Duck Soup (1933), Julius, Leonard, Arthur and Herbert Marx - or as the world knows them, Groucho, Chico, Harpo and Zeppo - are transported by a freak electrical storm to Nacogdoches, Texas in the year 1826. Landing in the midst of the Fredonian Rebellion (the first attempt by settlers in Texas to secede from Mexico) and into the company of the only other Jewish person in town, they are in deep dreck. Falling in with Stephen F. Austin and inadvertently filling his head with knowledge of what is to come, our heroes risk tampering with the future of Texas, and perhaps the entire U.S.A., in their quest to return to their own time. Will they find their way back? Or will they be doomed to live out their lives without indoor plumbing?

Destiny: Union Station

E.M. Foner - 2021
    Joe McAllister is a reluctant mercenary who's looking for a way out and family-friendly place to start a business and raise an orphaned boy. Will the choices they make in the next few months shape the rest of their lives, or is free will just an illusion in a galaxy managed by ancient artificial intelligence? Destiny: Union Station takes place two years before the start of the nineteen book EarthCent Ambassador series.

Ghost Riders In The Sky

Timothy Zahn - 2020
    With every voyage taking exactly five hours, whether the distance is one light-year or a thousand, the drive allowed humanity to finally escape Earth and reach for the stars.But while the aliens owned the technology, they needed humans to make it practical. Specifically, humans who could temporarily leave their bodies and guide the tunnelships through the void of space.Nathan Skoda is one such navigator. After hundreds of trips, and with hundreds yet to go, all he wants is to finish out his indenture before he succumbs to burnout. So when he’s approached with a plan that might free the navigators from the Meerian chokehold, he decides to check it out.But when the Meerians move to protect their monopoly, Skoda realizes he’s let himself in for more than he bargained for.And he discovers that, dark though his life may be, there’s an even deeper darkness lying beneath the surface.

Men Of Greywater Station

George R.R. Martin - 1976