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Mark of the Valkyrie: Mountain Mermaids by A.R. Hall


His Outlaw Omega (The Royal Omegas Book 5)

P. Jameson - 2020
    How far will Solen go to keep her safe from the opposing forces, as well as the members of his own army?


Carly Keene - 2020
    And when my ancient Toyota bites the dust in the grocery store parking lot, I know I’ll be stuck with a big repair bill as well.It’s enough to make a girl break down in tears.Until the Hot Mechanic shows up.Tucker:It’s taking me months to get my car-repair service back up and out of the red, after my former partner stole from the business and left it near bankruptcy. I do all the jobs I can, because every dollar counts. I’m careful not to trust anybody the way I trusted my partner and ex-friend.And then, on a grocery run, I see the girl. She’s standing next to a clearly non-functional vehicle, sobbing her heart out, but when she realizes she isn’t alone, it almost breaks my heart to see her try to stop crying.I want to fix her car.I want to fix her life.And maybe she can help me fix mine.

Highlander's Betrayed Princess

Alisa Adams - 2020
     Eilidh has tears in her eyes while riding away from the only home she ever knew. Young Eilidh had to make the hardest choice of her life, trying to avoid marring a Laird twice her age, known for his cruelty.Now, travelling disguised, she meets lain, a leatherworker who is moving to a larger village in search of a better life for him and his sisters. Eilidh keeps Iain at a distance in the begging, but even a more experienced woman would have a hard time resisting an imposing man like Iain. And Eilidh is anything but experienced.While trying to escape a ferocious hunt ordered by her father, young Eilidh is slowly falling in love and is about to get one of the harshest lessons there are;Utter betrayal can only come from the one you let closest to your heart.

A Marquess' Forbidden Desire

Lucinda Nelson - 2019
    But when the masks fall, hearts will break. When Lady Marianne Purcell visits Bath for a holiday to escape her sister’s temper and her mother’s scheming, she finds herself at a country fair. Masked and eager to pretend to be someone she’s not, she meets a gentleman who also disguises his identity. Intrigued and liberated by rouse, she meets the man at the fair every evening for three nights. They dance. They laugh. They kiss. And they fall in love. When they part ways at the end of their three nights together, she thinks she is leaving behind a shy townsman and returns to Mayfair with a sore heart. But when her sister introduces her newfound fiancé, Marianne soon realizes that she made a grave mistake. The masked man had not been a townsman. The masked man was Lord Alexander Redmond, the Marquess of Riversdale. And her cruel sister’s fiancé. With the help of her beloved friend, can Marianne persuade Alexander that love prevails over duty? And in the face of his father’s expectations, can Alexander prioritize his happiness over his fear of disappointing his father? Being so tender-hearted, will Marianne put her conniving sister’s materialistic desires over her own heart? Without their masks, Alexander and Marianne are different people. As they try to navigate the minefield of expectation and duty that surrounds them, will the love they felt at the country fair reign victoriously? Only time will tell. If you like thrilling characters, steamy and unexpected twists, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “A Marquess' Forbidden Desire!” Get “A Marquess' Forbidden Desire” and let the breathtaking story of Marianne and Alexander unravel today!

Jimmy's Game (Ruthless Series Book Book 1)

Karen Clow - 2019
    Little did she know money had changed hands for her and the man she was going to work for was the sadistic self-appointed crime boss, Nick Orphanides. Worse still, was when Maria realised the very people she loved and trusted had known the nightmare she was entering? After living with, deprivation and sadism at Nick’s hands for three years; she believed her prayers have finally been answered when Jimmy Dixon wins her in a poker game. Despite Jimmy being one of Nick’s crew, it soon becomes apparent that Nick wants her back and a feud soon develops between the two men. She knows too much, including Nick’s secret links with the Russian Mafia. If Nick can’t buy her back he’ll silence her permanently, along with Jimmy and anyone who stands in his way. Maria finds herself falling for the charms of bad boy Jimmy. However, it isn't long before she realises that he too has a darker side. A deep rooted sadistic uncontrollable anger connected to his childhood Jimmy's Game is the first book in the RUTHLESS Series 1.

Kiss Pro Quo

Mazzy King - 2022
    Innocent. Sweet. Mouthwatering curves and lips I need to taste.Suddenly, I can't think of anything else except making her mine.Problem is, she hates anything and anyone connected to this life.And that includes me.I want her, and I'm a man who always gets what he wants.She might be my biggest challenge yet.Adriana BellafioreWhen I move back to town, I go to work as the lead jewelry designer at my uncle's store, designing pieces for his most VIP clients.I know who he calls his "friends," and while I don't judge him, that's not me.But when Vince Sangiovanni, son of one of the most notorious gangsters in the city who happens to be my uncle's dear friend, comes into the store on an errand for his sister's wedding, the axis of my entire world tilts on its side.He's tall, dark, and sinfully gorgeous with eyes that pierce right to my very soul.He's also a criminal.My father died because of this life. I refuse to have anything to do with it.But the more I try to pull away, the more entangled I get.And the closer Vine comes to me.He represents everything I hate...But I just can't help falling in love.This year, make the ultimate resolution to fall in love with the sexiest book boyfriends around. Midnight kisses, parties in the city, cozy cabins, and all the taboo sexiness you can handle. Strap on your slippers, and get cozy, because these men are coming to you.

10 SPICY Novellas by Xyla Turner

Xyla Turner - 2019
    Steamy, sexy, and 'to the point' stories that are available to you now, in one place and at one price. This boxed set is for the New and Original Xyla Turner fan. Most of these stories are no longer available and many were in other sets. This opportunity is not only a first of its kind, but available for a limited time only! If you want to catch up on how Xyla's newest characters came to be, you must read this! What is included: - Undertones - Forbidden Target - Hazard - Company Secrets - The Client - Diego - March - F Student - Judge Me - Strut Plus bonus materials that include samples of Xyla's latest releases and HINT, HINT: Duncan's Pride (2.5) Don't miss this opportunity. It will not last long! You can see more like this book with the following titles: Trent | Duncan | Carter | Declan | BOMBSHELL | Across the Tracks | Take A Knee | Always Right | Cole | 10-80: Line of Duty | 10-99: Line of Duty | Extraction | Power of the Pen | By Chance, No Choice | Undertones


Eve London - 2021
    At least it does in my world. Looks like my world is changing for the better. That’s if I can convince her that the heat between us is more than just the aftereffects of the fire.BreeI’ve been alone and struggling for so long and I hoped my move to Mountain View would be a fresh start. Now my daughter and I have lost of everything we owned while finding a hero in the process. Things are starting to smolder between Huck and I but will the flames extinguish as fast as they took.

Warrior's Destiny

Vivian Venus - 2015
    Single, alone, and stuck fortune telling out of her house for a meager living, Heather could really use some good news. So she does what she vowed never to do: Read her own fortune. What she sees is shocking and impossible… but that’s when the impossible happens, and Heather finds herself looking into the eyes of Rhys Vandell, a fierce and sexy warrior prince from another world. Heather is his fated prize, the key to completing his rite of passage and earning his royal birthright: the power of the dragon shift. Now, thousands of light years away from Earth on Rhys’ home planet of Raspharion, Heather learns where her destiny lies… and just how it intertwines with the fiery, uncertain heart of this handsome alien warrior. Warrior's Destiny is a standalone, HEA sci-fi fantasy romance with adventure on a far off planet, a dashing alien shifter prince, and smoking hot sex scenes! For 18+ only!

Infinite Reality

Peter Meredith - 2017
    When a judge declares it a monopoly, the co-creators become competitors and then very quickly become murder victims with one thing in common: they were all online when they died. Everything points to the sole-surviving creator, Atticus Arching. When the FBI can’t find Arching in the real world, they send Agent Daniel Roan and his team to the “other side” to track him down, only to find out that the game is more than just a game and Arching is more than just a computer programmer. He’s the most dangerous person in two worlds and can kill in both.

Punishing Miss Primrose, Parts XVI - XX: An Erotic Historical in the Red Chyrsanthemum Series

Em Brown - 2014
     To his dismay, Spencer Edelton, the venerable Marquess of Carey, has fallen in love with a whore. But Miss Beatrice Primrose is no common strumpet. She is a siren who enflames his desires and provokes him to do the most wicked, wanton things to her. After suffering the wrath of Lord Carey, Miss Beatrice Primrose wants more than a little revenge. But if she stays in his company, she risks revealing the truth of what happened between his family and hers. It is a truth she must keep secret from him at all cost. Spencer knows there is no future between them, and he must let Miss Primrose go before his brother returns to England. To safeguard her family—and her own heart—Beatrice must put as much distance between her and Lord Carey as possible. If only passions did not burn so hot…If only submission were not so seductive…nor punishment so sublime… READER ADVISORY: Punishing Miss Primrose is an erotic historical written as a serial of short stories available for purchase in individual parts or bundled in sets of five. This serial contains BDSM elements.

Kiss Me (Fairlane #2.5)

Harlow Layne - 2019
    He rescues a beauty from the side of the road and never expected one night would change his life forever.Gabi needed an escape from her world in LA. When her rescuer found her and her wrecked vehicle, she thought he was an angel. She quickly discovers she can rescue him back in a different way.A holiday power outage still manages to shine light upon what matters most to Gabi and Jax—the people and the moments that define us.One accident.A one-night stand.Two hearts.And...some mistletoe. What happens when the ball drops on New Year’s?Kiss Me is a stand-alone in the Fairlane series. The series has crossover characters from each novel. It is not required to read the books in order but it is recommended to enhance the reading experience.Fairlane Series:1. Hollywood Redemption (Luke and Alex)2. Hollywood Fairytale (Luke and Alex)3. Unsteady in Love (Holden and Prue)4. Kiss Me (Jax and Gabi) *Previously in the Spiced Holiday Kisses Anthology.

Rebellion, Battle And Truce

Michael Anderle - 2020
    A renegade figurehead known as the Umbra is calling mortals to him for something larger than the US has tackled before. Will the Queen offer Rogue any assistance? Now Jennie must learn to lead both mortals and specters to combat her enemies and bring them to justice.


Tarin Lex - 2020
    I was so good at holding myself together. Until ten years, two kids, and one ugly divorce later, and I fell apart.Now I’m putting the pieces back together. I need to take care of myself and my kids. And find a way to give my cooled-off journalism career a hot boost.An interview with research scientist Jonathan Wells? Ugh.If only my boss would stop assigning me fluff pieces…JonathanI was pictured next to the hottest girl in school as “Most Likely to Succeed,” but that’s the extent of the attention I got in high school.Now I’m working my dream job exploring potential cancer vaccines. Getting paid well for it too.And the women…well, I no longer struggle in that department.I might’ve done anything for a chance with Kristin Max in high school. But that was years ago. She didn’t even know who I was back then.She still has no idea.***SMARTASS is a short, steamy, happily-ever-after romance. No cliffhangers, no cheating! This is a standalone insta-love story with high heat and All The Feels.***

Annihilate Them: Holiday

Christina Ross - 2017
    More than two million books sold worldwide in seven different languages! Description: After one hellish year in which their lives nearly were claimed by a madman—and with a new baby on the way in just a matter of weeks—Jennifer and Alex decide to spend this particular holiday season in Manhattan with their extended family of friends, if only so Jennifer can be close to her doctor. With that decision made and no travel plans on the horizon, one would think that this holiday should be a breeze, right? Not even close. First, Blackwell and Lisa butt heads over who’s the best choice to throw Jennifer’s baby shower. As infamously strong-willed as Blackwell is, she’s soon rattled to find out that Lisa is no pushover. In fact, she’s hellbent on proving that she can stand up to Blackwell with ideas of her own…in ways that might leave the reader howling. Second, there’s Cutter and Daniella, who are headed straight for a break-up due to Daniella’s insistence that they move in together Will they be kissing under the mistletoe after weeks of not speaking? After Blackwell has a heart-to-heart talk with her daughter, readers might be surprised by the outcome… Third—and perhaps most dire in this book—is the appearance of Ava Kent, Jennifer’s abusive and cunning drunk of a mother, who suddenly crashes back into Jennifer’s life in ways that are so corrosive and toxic, it sends an already fragile Jennifer literally to her breaking point. In “Annihilate Them: Holiday,” expect all the romance, love, sexy times and laughs that you’ve enjoyed in the previous Holiday books, but also expect much more drama, especially when it comes to Ava. When she dares to threaten Jennifer with one mother of a deception that sheds new insight into Jennifer’s past, she does so with a fierceness that darkens these holidays in the coldest of ways. Note: Make sure to read “Annihilate Them” before you read “Annihilate Them: Holiday.”