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Slow Burn by Ripley Proserpina


Only His (Nighthawk Security, Book 4)

Tory Baker - 2020
    Still, he knew not many women would want to deal with his past and the scarred baggage he carried. Then Tinsley Sutton walked into his life. Tinsley’s father is a multi-million-dollar business mogul. He has a competitor out to hurt his daughter and now it’s up to Leo to make sure she’s safe. That makes Tinsley off limits. Even if her sweet ways has him wondering how much sweeter she’d taste, or her sexy body has him fantasizing day and night—Leo has a job to do. But a man can only resist temptation so long. Tory is bringing you the final book in the Nighthawk Security series and she might have saved the hottest for last. Leo and Tinsley heat up your kindle hotter than a bonfire on a cool September night. As always with a Tory book, you get an over the top Alpha that falls fast and hard for his one and will take you on a journey that will prove nothing can stop true love.

Love in Carson Falls (The Falls Series Book 1)

Paisleigh Aumack
    She never imagined the man she loved doing it either. Starting over in a small town was her only option. Once she arrived in Carson Falls, she realized her life never really began until the locals, one specifically, proved that there were things that can mend your spirit.River Bradshaw:He never thought the mother of his child would walk away. He also never thought she would end up dead. Living in a small town his whole life, he knew what his life’s meaning was, or so he thought. Once a stranger from out of town started teaching his daughter piano, she proved that life had much more in store for him. This is a story about loss, love, and how music can teach us about ourselves.


Ash Harlow - 2017
    Starlet curves, golden hair and a crush on me like a wrecking ball. And she's my nanny. She thinks I barely notice her. Yeah, my act is that good. But nobody knows how hard it is to resist the temptation of the one woman I want, but can’t have. I don’t make problems, I fix them. I keep secrets like others keep pets. When I’m called on to fulfil a promise I made five years ago, I need Ginger’s help, and I’ll pull out all the stops to make her agree. There’s only one complication: I took charge of a little family secret of hers. A secret that’s grown every year. A secret that Ginger doesn’t know she’s helping me conceal. If she finds out, our cozy little arrangement will turn into one. Big. Clusterf*ck. ** A steamy STANDALONE contemporary romance with a hot dominating wealthy alpha who drops f-bombs like hot potatoes. No cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after. Please note this contains series books Crave and Stellar Love so you can get to know recurring story characters. Both books are full length novels. The bonus books starts at about 40% ***

Forever Mine

Mary B. Moore - 2016
    Ren never expected Maya or the impact that he’d feel from meeting her. Maya never expected to meet a man like Ren. Really when it came down to it, they shouldn’t fit so well together, because how does a playboy become an advocate for relationships? Someone has a grudge against Maya's family and is determined to sabotage their business regardless of who gets hurt, and Ren's past refuses to go away. As if that's not enough, someone decides that the Townsends deserve pay back too...and loss of life is an added bonus. Accidents happen, mistakes are made, hearts are broken, but Ren's determination to have a happy ever after with Maya stays strong.Meet the Townsends, Prices and Montgomerys of Piersville and their friends in book one of the Providence Series. Who will get hurt next, who will find their happy ever after, and who and why are they doing this?

Dirty Debt

Teagan Kade - 2017
     MAX "I do my job without hesitation, but Dawn has me questioning everything." If a girl can’t pay her debt, my boss sends her to hook at one of his nightclubs. But I can’t let that happen to Dawn. She’s innocent, pure. She doesn’t know evil like I do. I’ll do anything to protect her. Even if it breaks me. Even if I have to fight the entire f*cking world. DAWN "When my whole world comes crashing down, Max saves me." My ex has taken a loan from city's biggest crime lord… with my name on it. I’m destined for a fate worse than death. But the man I thought would be the end of me proves to be my savior. He’s damaged, broken. He’s everything I’m not. But he owns me until this is over. My life is in his hands. And so is my body… Dirty Debt is a full-length bad boy romance with a happily ever after and no cheating. Special edition! (Includes bonus book). Get a FREE bad boy ebook when you sign up to my VIP list. ‘Look inside’ for details.

Bartered to the Sheikh

Clare Connelly - 2015
    But the price is marriage to the powerful Sheikh Khalid Ash-Hareth and she is certainly no match for this man. One look at him and her body begins to tremble; his touch sparks flames in her soul. Khalid has already lost one fiancé. Assassinated by factions that oppose his union to the once-great Ibarra family, he knows Sally is at risk of the same fate. When his desire to protect her turns into something else the power she exerts over him becomes impossible to ignore. His marriage of convenience is becoming anything but! Dogged by danger and desire, mistrust and ancient blood grudges, Sally and Khalid have everything against them. Can they find a way to make their marriage work, despite the odds? And will Sally be kept safe from the same threats that killed Khalid’s first fiancé?

Racetrack Romance Box Set

Bev Pettersen - 2012
     COLOR MY HORSE A desperate heiress swaps her credit cards for a pitchfork and shovel and discovers much more than her job is at stake. FILLIES AND FEMALES A meek nurse tries to save her employer's Texas race stable but her only ally is a horse trainer she doesn't trust.

Tainted by Love

Gillian Jones - 2017
    We loved hard.But our love was tainted.My name is Trinity Adams.When I was twenty-seven, I fell in love with a boy.We loved fast. We loved hard.It’s too bad my blood was tainted. Warning: Not your traditional HEA. May contain emotional triggers for some. There will be things that you won't like and some you will, but I hope you have fun finding out!


K.E. Osborn - 2016
    I'm a hard-core, callous, biker in the Satan's Savages MC.I wasn't meant to fall for someone like her. My name is Willow.I'm a kindergarten teacher.I'm kind and gentle, but I'm sick of living the simple life.I need something different. She is sassy.He is cocky.They are drawn together by fate.But together they could lose it all.Willow isn't meant for my world. So when she's thrust into it, can she accept who I am? Will my brothers welcome her as a part of the brotherhood? Or will I have to protect her from the brothers I've grown to love?*** Previously Published as Heart of Steel ***

Finding Perfect

Ella Miles - 2018
    I need the money.But what if he expects me to…sleep with him. I can’t…I won’t…until he smirks and then I’m toast. I think I need a new plan.  Bad boy + flawed girl does not equal perfect. From USA Today Bestselling Author Ella Miles comes a steamy standalone romance!


Stephie Walls - 2017
    One horrific mistake. One lifetime of hell. Everything I got was justified, and all I lost warranted. No matter where I went, the hell of my past followed. There was no forgiveness, no reparation—I would spend the rest of my days trapped in purgatory. His pain was mine. And then came Dan. Followed by hope. And possibly redemption.

Until That Knight

Melissa Williams - 2021
    If you loved Until Talon or Until Cobi, then add Until That Knight to your TBR list.In the glimmering light of a hotel ballroom, I see my future and I despise it.Growing up in the glamor of New York’s elite has left me feeling cold and cynical. I long for adventure—so when the chance appears for me to break away, I take it.Until that night, I never knew the rush of freedom.In the dim light of a small-town Tennessee bar, I see him for the first time.I feel the world shift—boom. I never expected a man like Knight Dayton to catch my eye…but I can’t look away. In his arms, he shows me what it means to live, unrestrained with passion.Until that Knight, I never knew the power of love.

Finding Beautiful

Amanda Kaitlyn - 2014
    Broken. I had given up on men. When I stumbled upon a sleek Jaguar and a man beneath its hood, I was drawn to him instantly. He was electric. He was undeniably attractive. But worst of all? He wanted me. I knew I was in trouble. But somehow, I trusted him. “Breathe, Aria. Christ, please, just breathe for me.” Gavin came into my life like a hurricane, turning my world on its head. I didn’t want to fall for him, but it was inevitable. From the moment we met, he claimed my heart. I knew he would do whatever it took to protect it. When the shadows I fought so hard to escape threatened to tear us apart, could the love we had found be enough to persevere... or would our fight be in vain? "I'm going to give you the world, beautiful. This is only the beginning."


Carrie Aarons - 2016
    And then... We lost childhoods. We lost opportunities. We lost love. Fate is giving us another chance. But a chance at what? Because even though we’ve been brought back to each other under the worst of circumstances… We are still. So. Damn. Lost.


Jennifer Hanks - 2016
    It’s time to meet the Dimarco’s… Four years ago, something happened that changed Lucy Reynolds forever. Or so she thought. Standing on the edge of change, staring at the light, but living in the shadows, she’s still terrified of moving forward. But one weekend changes everything. Her best friend. His brother. This is not a love triangle. It’s Lucy finding herself in a million tiny pieces and allowing a family to put her back together, showing her the freedom in love, family, and laughter. But when her past catches up with her and she’s faced with the same terror she thought she finally escaped, will she retreat into the shadows? Or will she allow love to guide her into the light? This is the first book in the Dimarco Series. Can be read as a standalone.