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Hot Takes Vol. 1 by Dominique Wild


The Magic of Twelve: Primrose

Pepper North - 2018
    Though she wanted to be taken away from it all, she never dreamed that it would be to a magical universe where she would have her very own Sorcerer of Bairn! Tall, blonde, and totally ripped, Andri is no stereotypical sorcerer. And with a powerful talent that allows him to access both good and evil, he’s prepared to care for Primrose in every way. Will this Pappa also be able to protect her from the menace that endangers all of the droblins?Readers Beware: The Magic of Twelve Series is intended to leave the audience enchanted and wanting more. Each of these fantastical love stories features sizzling scenes that may leave the reader as uncomfortable as the heroine’s bottom. Tread carefully with the Sorcerers of Bairn if you are sensitive to high heat.

Nathaniel's Gift

Tara Sue Me - 2020
    Abby may not admit to needing some alone time with her husband and Dominant, but Nathaniel knows better. He sees the desires and needs she too often brushes aside in order to care for their family, and the sacrifices she makes to mentor the members of their BDSM club.Though she denies it, Nathaniel’s certain taking her away for a week is what they both need. He doesn’t even mind when she continues to argue about it with him. After all, he knows exactly how to handle a naughty submissive...

Mastering the Virgin Box Set Two

Simone Leigh - 2018
    Now Rivals James the Dom 'Bought a Virgin' at auction, then shared her with his friend of years, Michael. However, both men have fallen for her. Will their friendship survive the rivalry this causes? A BDSM Ménage Erotic Romance Explicit Adult content: For mature readers only This Box Set contains the following previously published books Part Five – Rivals Part Six – Lovers Part Seven – Masters Part Eight – Dominants Total Approx 76,000 words

The Return

Marc Timms - 2020
    The coroner is performing an autopsy on the woman and shares some details about the case. The woman might be a long-missing victim of a local strangler.She goes to the library to find research material, only to find another mystery in where the bound books have gone. However, the story doesn’t stop at the page for Emma. She meets an expert on the strangler, but a mysterious force makes three separate attacks on her and those involved in the case.As the clues start to come together about the mysterious corpse, Emma finds her life in danger and wonders if she’ll be alive to finish the book based on this case.

Her Billionaire's Demands (The Institute: Shameful Arrangements Book 2)

Emily Tilton - 2021

Dakota Heat, Volume 2 (Dakota's Cowboys: Dakota Springs)

Leah Brooke - 2010
    But they won't take no for an answer and convince her to hire them. Little does she know how hard and fast she'll fall for them. Joe Taylor and Colt Mason have their own reasons for wanting to work at her ranch. The man causing their new employer trouble is the same man who ruined their lives years ago. Thoughts of revenge have kept them going and they won't let anyone get in their way. Protecting Dakota is easy. Protecting their hearts from the little spitfire is a lot more difficult. When Dakota learns of their plan, she knows she must stop them, even though dreaming of payback has driven them for years. Can she convince them to give it up for a chance at a future with her? ** [Menage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M] Broken hearted, Elizabeth Reed left Dakota Springs years ago. Now divorced, she's going home to raise her daughter. Her only chance of finding happiness is to get over her love for Hayden and Chandler Scott and get on with her life. The two ranchers have loved Lizzy forever and regret hurting her. Scared that she was lost forever, they've been miserable. Now she is coming home and they have a second chance at happiness. And they will let nothing stand in their way. Not even her. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

Forbidden: Series

Kira Blakely - 2018
    Four novellas. All quick reads for mature audiences only. Happily ever afters are guaranteed!

But Why? : A Collection of Reader-Submitted Medical Stories

Kerry Hamm - 2019
     You'll giggle when an EMT reveals his/her most prized possession, shake your head at some of the RIDICULOUS behavior seen in the emergency room, and you'll relate to the frustrations and joy healthcare workers across the globe express in their submissions. Special sections within this volume include: That Darn Cat, DOGgonit!, As Heard on the Scanner, and many more.

How You Can Run Faster Effortlessly

Adam D' Alessandro - 2014
    • Improve Your Running Form • Increase Your Endurance With Correct Breathing Techniques Issues About Running Addressed In This Running Guide Include: • Using Your Muscle’s Elasticity To Help You Expend Less Energy • Maximizing Your Training With Stretches to Improve Your Running Stride • Minimizing Your Effort To Sustain Your Ideal Running Speed • Getting Rid Of Wasted Motion • Preventing Injuries When Running • Having the Proper Alignment When Running My Running Guide Also Shows Addresses Specific Questions When Running Like… • Having Muscle Cramps When Running • What To Do When You’re Injured And You Can’t Train For Weeks/Months • When You Should Be Doing Your Stretches When Training Special Section for Increasing Your Running Stride: • The Secret that Elite Kenyan Runners and Olympic Athletes Have That Gives Them An Edge Over the Rest. • How To Use This Secret to Drastically Improve Your Running Stride. What The Experts Say “What I love about training with Adam is his attention to detail. He makes sure to squeeze every single drop of talent out of every athlete.” Willis Johnson, Marathon Runner 3rd place “Training with Adam for the Ironman Triathlon helped me shave off 30 minutes from my marathon. I ended up finishing in the top 5. The running techniques in this book will help you improve and break your personal records" Jacob Marlowe, Iron Man Triathlete "While Adam's experience and knowledge of running is what created this book. His passion for teaching runners to improve their running technique makes it an invaluable resource for others." Joma Owiti, Certified Running Coach A Personal Note From the Author This book blends 11 years of experience coaching dozens of athletes and runners of all ages on how they can run faster. With my own personal experience of being a frustrated runner, I know the emotion of trying to set personal records. I use to beat myself up with questions like: What if I don’t have what it takes to be a great runner? I just wasn’t born to be a good runner. That’s why I’ve put together this how-to guide for you to run faster.

The Arrangement

Mimi Wilde - 2014
    It contains sexual acts.All her friends advise Hope Wainwright to leave her husband. He has already cheated on her once, and the odds are he’ll do it again. She could sue him for divorce, and walk away with a nice settlement. The problem is she doesn’t want to lose him. She still loves him desperately, and she’s willing to do anything to keep him, to suffer any humiliation, any indignity, to hold onto him. But nobody, not even her husband, could believe the plan she came up with. If her husband wanted a whore, she would be a whore for him, and she would fulfill his every fantasy.

Immeasurably More

Leah Atwood - 2016
     “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us” – Ephesians 3:20 (NIV) Come to Me Free by Leah Atwood … Dani Trahan is solely focused on keeping her restaurant afloat, until tragedy strikes. Rob Jackson doesn’t do relationships, but Dani makes him want to believe again. Can they learn to rely on faith to move beyond friendship before it’s too late? If Only in My Dreams by Belle Calhoune … Self-made multimillionaire Brandon Donahue yearns for true love. Principled beauty Rose Maddock, Brandon’s secretary, doesn’t see much in Brandon to find endearing. When he moves his business and Rose to his hometown, will she see a side of him that has her rethinking her decision not to mix business with pleasure? A Reason to Run by Christina Coryell … Camdyn Taylor is a bestselling author, but she carefully guards that secret. Her chaotic personal life isn’t quite so easy to keep hidden, nor is her propensity to run when things aren’t perfect. Will a quest to retrace her ancestor’s footsteps, and a chance meeting with the charming Cole Parker, be enough to convince her to stop running? Love So Amazing by JoAnn Durgin … Dance instructor Ava Carlisle and pedicab owner Sawyer Mancini shed past heartaches to find the kind of love that happens only once in a lifetime. Months after meeting Ava, Sawyer discovers the two share an unfathomable bond. Will a cruel twist of fate tear them apart or is it somehow God’s perfect plan? Blue Columbine by Jennifer Rodewald … Andrew and Jamie have always been best friends – maybe more than friends – until addiction shatters everything. Caught between loyalty and fear, Jamie realizes she cannot be Andrew’s miracle and makes a decision that rips them apart. Can the hand of grace reach into their broken lives to bring redemption to all that has been lost? Saltwater Taffie by Janice Thompson … Taffie Carini enjoys working in her family’s candy store on the Atlantic City boardwalk, but she’s unsure about managing the store after her parents’ impending retirement. When repairman Ryan Antonelli makes a service call at Carini’s, he’s irresistibly drawn to more than just the candy. Can Ryan help Taffie save Carini’s Confections, and will they find sweet love together in the process?

The Trident Security Series - Books 4-6: Topping the Alpha; Watching From the Shadows; Tickle His Fancy

Samantha A. Cole - 2016
    It has been replaced to include books from the spinoff series so they are in the correct reading order. The Sexy Six-Pack is back! Books 4-6 in one boxed set!Topping the AlphaGetting involved with your brothers' friend and employee is never a good idea, but after being dominated by Jake Donovan for one night, Nick Sawyer wants more. A Navy SEAL, Nick's been the alpha in every relationship he's ever had, but now finds himself craving to submit to Jake again. The problem is Jake's determined that will never happen.Thrown together to help a girl in danger, Nick starts breaking through Jake's defenses, but when things go awry, Jake must confront the ghosts from his past before he can ever think about a future. Nick just hopes that future includes him.Watching From the Shadows"One devastatingly deadly Dominant meets one tiny baby . . . his baby. Oh, I loved this hero! Nonstop suspense, sinfully sensuous sex scenes, and a captivating romance--this book has it all!"--New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Cherise SinclairBaby? What baby? Marco DeAngelis is determined to stay single and childless forever. But sometimes life gives you what you never knew you wanted.After months of trying to contact Marco, Harper Williams finally admits she'll be raising her child alone, since he won't return her calls.When Harper is violently attacked, the two are, reluctantly, thrown together again and become embroiled in a web of lies and deceit. Will they lose their baby, each other, and their lives?Tickle His FancyAll around him, Brody Evans's Trident Security teammates have fallen in love and gotten their happily ever after. Ironically, they'd always thought the charismatic Dominant would be the first one to fall--not the last.While helping a friend try a new bakery for her wedding cake, he finds himself drooling--not over the delicious confections, but the sweet baker who'd created them. Although she seems immune to his charms, he's determined to win her over.The lone survivor of a horrific car accident that claimed the lives of her husband and unborn child, Fancy Maguire's world was destroyed. Three years later, she's finally shedding the dark shroud she'd been existing under. When Brody sparks something deep within her she never expected to feel again, will she dare to give love another try?With a killer on the loose and an unknown vandal targeting Fancy's business, Brody finds plenty of reasons to keep her close. Can he break through the steel barrier she has wrapped around her heart? Or will he lose her before he can convince her to take a second chance on love?***The Trident Security series contains elements of the BDSM lifestyle, sensual romance, nail-biting suspense, and happily-ever-afters.

Tidings of Love: 7 Holiday Romance Novellas

Alicia Hunter Pace - 2015
    They're just the right size, so you'll find time for love and good cheer between trimming the tree and hanging the stockings. Tidings of Love is guaranteed to put you in the mood to ring in the holidays at any time of the year. Nickolai's Noel: A chance meeting and a snowy ice storm bring together an unlikely pair - Russian hockey player Nickolai Glaznov and artisan quilt maker Noel Verden - on the most enchanting day of the year. A special connection flares between them despite his lack of roots and her overly involved family. But when the ice melts, will the magic disappear too? Her Secret Santa: Neighbors and co-workers at Morgan Confectioners, Rebecca Sinclair and Ben Redding have been best friends since grad school. When their feelings turn more than friendly, will they be able to get past their fear of ruining their friendship? A holiday gift exchange might just bring the best present of all - Christmas love. His Hawaiian Christmas: Humbug in Hawaii? When Clara O'Fallen gets a promotion to paradise, she can't help feeling homesick for her Wisconsin winters, complete with real snow, family traditions, and Christmas festivities. But smiling surfer Kai Schmitt might just show this scrooge how to hang loose and catch the spirit of the season - the aloha spirit! Gavin Fever: A sudden snowstorm unexpectedly strands Julia Winthrop with her ex, reality TV star Gavin Beckett, at a cozy mountain cabin for the holidays. Trapped till the weather lets up, their attraction resurfaces. It's not long before they realize their fling might've been the real thing and this surprise reunion might just be a Christmas miracle. A Man for All Seasons: There are crazier ways to spend a holiday. At least that's what journalist Janey Turner keeps telling herself when she agrees to spend Thanksgiving with the editor she's never met in person before. But the chemistry that flares between her and Joe Argenti is as hot and unexpected as the lightning strike that soon ignites Casper Mountain. Will her professional dreams cost her a merry Christmas? Lights, Latkes, and Love: Non-profit CEO David Shay can't get enough of the December festivities. As a manager of a large retail store, Hannah Jenkins, on the other hand, turns into a jaded Scrooge every year on Black Friday. Can a nice Jewish boy - with the help of some Christmas lights, a little girl, and a latke party - teach Hannah the true meaning of the season and guarantee them both a New Year's Eve kiss to remember? Winter Fairy: Recuperating ballerina Penelope Glazier can enchant the young girls in her Fairy Dreams class, but will her magic work on Carson Langley, the sexy but straight-laced single father of her most talented student? Or will she dance out of their lives when her big break arrives? Sensuality Level: Sensual

Curve Effect

Ann Vremont - 2014

While He's Sleeping She's Creepin 4

T'Ann Marie - 2019
    But what happens when shit gets a little too, rough and Syion is pushed past his breaking point? Will he push Paige away too? Donya thinks she has her paternal situation all planned out and is living the life of luxury. While Sneak is eating out of the palm of her hand, she has him thinking that he's about to be a first time daddy. But what happens when Sy'Heir interferes and wants all rights and custody to his child? Will she still be able to keep her little secret? In this explosive FINALE, love and lives will be lost. Bonds will be broken & patience will be tested. Get ready to laugh, cry, and be angry as T'Ann Marie takes you on another one of her crazy, rides with these UNFORGETTABLE characters in While He's Sleeping She's Creepin 4!