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Mists of the Ages by Sharon Green


A Dead God Dancing

Ann Maxwell - 1979
    Now it was a chill, arid wasteland, with its remaining inhabitants clustered on a great ice mountain. And in a few, short solar cycles its sun would blaze into a deadly super-nova.

Alien Infection

Darrell Bain - 2005
    Afraid of being thrown into an isolation chamber, Michael goes home, but quickly falls violently ill. By the time he recovers and returns to work scary things are happening. Everyone who has come into contact with that patient is being systematically killed. On the run, he accidentally infects a woman living in the shadows of the underworld. She becomes ill as well, but survives. Then they begin feeling younger-and younger. Why would the government want to suppress something like this? After barely escaping federal gunmen, the two of them set out to discover what kind of infection they are harboring even though it might mean the end of their freedom.

The Worlds of Anne McCaffrey - Restoree, Decision at Doona, and The Ship Who Sang

Anne McCaffrey - 1981

The Outworlder

S.K. Valenzuela - 2011
    Will an enslaved city offer a chance for redemption?Sahara Acwellan has nothing left. Reeling from the failed mission that allowed her home to be destroyed by her bitter enemy, the devastated assassin faces a new life of hard labor on a desert planet. But when her prison transport crashes in the sands, she seizes the opportunity to take revenge.Teaming up with a man yearning to rid his world of the same ruthless oppressors, Sahara organizes a resistance to overthrow the galactic collective. But with treachery and betrayal around every corner and the occupier’s army unstoppable, the determined vigilante may find herself on the wrong end of a razor-sharp blade…Can Sahara avenge her homeworld and liberate another system?The Outworlder is the gripping first book in the Silesia science fiction action-adventure trilogy. If you like strong heroines, ruthless intergalactic foes, and epic battles, then you’ll love S.K. Valenzuela’s page-turning quest.

For Sale by Owner

D.D. Godley - 2017
    Lieutenant Joshua Simpson receives his final order, “bond with it.”While “bonding with it” the Lieutenant discovers the frightening truth about humanity. Where did we come from? How did we get here? Who are these visitors?˃˃˃ Disclosure: October 16th, 2020 -One-thousand breeding couples are abducted.Why? How are these abductions related to Lieutenant Joshua Simpson?Book Two of this series is Refuge Planet: Colonization.You will believe.

The Prospect of My Arrival

Dwight Okita - 2011
    The embryo, named Prospect, is given a starter kit of human knowledge and its consciousness is inserted into a synthetic twenty-year-old body. What will he make of the modern world with its over-the-counter solutions, rising tide of mean-spiritedness, and senseless violence? He meets a range of people to help him decide, from a greeting card writer with a knack for sympathy cards "because there's so much in the world to be sorry about" to his parents whose first child disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Battling over the soul of Prospect is a scientist who sees an opportunity to help the human race evolve -- and a businessman who is more interested in creating something marketable than something remarkable. Sprinkled with humor, The Prospect of My Arrival is a cautionary tale exploring the triumph of imagination, the limits of modern science, and the perils of losing one's sense of wonder.

Finders Keepers: The Definitive Edition

Russ Colchamiro - 2010
    When a jar containing the Universe's DNA falls from Eternity, bumbling backpackers Jason and Theo find their loyalties--and sanity!--put to the test. Unaware that a motley crew from another realm is chasing them across the globe to retrieve that radioactive vessel, these intrepid new friends are forced to contend with passion, responsibility, and their own mortality--and the fate of the Solar System, which hangs in the balance. Traversing Europe, New Zealand, and the backbone of Eternity, Finders Keepers: The Definitive Edition ultimately asks one simple question: Is the life you're living the life you actually want . . . or does the Universe have more to offer than you can possibly imagine?IMPORTANT NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: The Definitive Edition of Finders Keepers has undergone significant changes from the original version. Consider the original as the Raw & Uncensored version (rated 'R')--which is no longer available-- while this new updated and revised Definitive Edition is 'PG-13'. Goodreads will not allow the two version to be listed separately, so please keep in mind that older reviews do not necessarily reflect the updated narrative, characters, language, and tone of the Definitive Edition.For more on why I wrote the Definitive Edition, and how it differs from the original, check out my blog here:

Passion Model

Megan Hart - 2003
    But what she really doesn't expect is to find the handsome bot is really a man. Declan has a secret, one that could get Gemma fired from R.I.O, or worse...maybe even killed.

Rewriting Justice: The Complete D.C. Series: Justice Served Cold, Vengeance Served Hot, Bounty Hunter Inc, Beware The Hunter

Martha Carr - 2019
    Here's your chance to get the complete D.C. Series starring Leira Berens and her swearing troll. Justice Served Cold: Leira Berens has split with the Feds and has gone out on her own to save her corner of the world. Magic is on the loose and the werewolves, Elves and Witches are causing trouble. Leira’s working on a new world with her Light Elf by her side and a certain swearing troll. There are whispers among the dark Wizarding families that she’s a new kind of bounty hunter. Time to show them how it’s done. They’ll never see her coming. Vengeance Served Hot: Once a cop, always a cop? Not if they become a bounty hunter... Leira Berens, former homicide detective must clean the streets, but this time it is against magic infused folks, shifters and dark wizards. There are no laws on the books to handle this situation. So, she is going to help make some. With a fireball in one hand and a pair of cuffs in the other, those she hunts can take their pick. A Light Elf and a swearing troll by her side… the world’s got a fighting chance at surviving the return of magic. Bounty Hunter Inc.: Hey dark wizards, there’s a new law in town. Her name is Leira Berens, part Jaspar elf, part human and she’s done playing nice.Leira Berens is the world’s first bounty hunter of magical criminals and she likes her job. Elves, gnomes, dark wizards and even a few humans want her to take early retirement…six feet under. Good thing she can throw a mean fireball, run toward trouble and is done playing by everyone else’s rules. Magic has returned and a bounty hunter is just what the planet needed. Beware The Hunter: The hunt is on – but who’s the prey? Leira Berens is the government’s newest bounty hunter of magical thugs – the first in the country. That’s not sitting well with a lot of dark magic. Leira, Correk and that troll YTT can see them coming. Too bad they don’t know that’s just the beginning of the story. Dark elementals have shown up in our world and no one knows what to do with them, but everyone wants control. Everything Leira has learned will be tested in order to keep the balance between Earth and Oriceran. --- NOTE: This book contains cursing. Perhaps humorous cursing, but cursing nevertheless. If this offends you, we don't suggest reading this book.


Greg Bear - 1979
    And scattered across Hegira are giant monoliths, holding all the knowledge humans brought to Hegira. In a stunning coming-of-age story, a young man and his two companions travel Hegira on a journey of discovery.

Enchanted Pilgrimage

Clifford D. Simak - 1975
    The Wastelands were a realm of magic where no one ventured. Along the borders, the Little People pursued their ancient ways. But the interior was populated by all the dread creatures of darkest legends. There the Hellhounds took their awful vengeance on any who dared violate their territory. There the Chaos Beast was dead but struggled still to give birth to something even more strange & incomprehensible. Mark Cornwall was forced to flee into the Wastelands to escape from Beckett, evil agent of the inquisition. There he was joined by Oliver the rafter goblin, Gil of the marshes, Hal & Coon of the Hollow Tree, Snively the gnome--& Mary, who could free the horn of a unicorn & said she was born in the Wastelands. Ahead lay unknown terror & perilous adventure. If they survived, there was the alien Caretaker with a message of Destiny.

Spirits of Flux and Anchor

Jack L. Chalker - 1984
    Cassie did not feel the soul rider enter her body...but suddenly she knew that Anchor was corrupt, and that, far from being a formless void from which could issue ony mutant changelings and evil wizards, Flux was the soure of Anchor's very existence.The price of her new knowledge is exile, yet Cassie and the Rider of her soul are the only hope for the redemption of both Flux and Anchor.

Rescued by her Alien Mate

Ava York - 2020
    With scales. Who don't understand a word we say.So why does my heart flutter when their leader touches me? When his eyes flash silver, something deep inside me answers.But if I lose my heart, how can I keep myself and the other women safe?Rescued by her Alien Mate is the first book of the Warriors of the D'Tali science fiction romance series. Each book contains a complete HEA for our couple, and lots of steamy SFR fun!

Battlefield Earth Part 1 Of 2

L. Ron Hubbard - 1982
    and Man has become an endangered species under the ruthless rule of an alien race.

Ganymede 4

Keegan Kennedy - 2013
    A Terran Empire starship is pulled into a wormhole on the other side of the galaxy. The ill-fated ship crashes on a strange and uncharted planet. Star-crossed former lovers, Burke Wolfhampton and Sitka Drakos lead a small group of survivors in an effort to build a new life on a hostile world.Burke Wolfhampton is the dominant Galactic Marine, who must take charge of the group of survivors. Sitka Drakos is the ship's First Officer, who is Burke's former lover and is plagued by prophetic dreams. Axel Steele is the bold and daring Marine, who falls for the submissive, aristocratic young jock, Brodie Halifax. Nagomi Moombazza is the female Marine of German and African descent, who is both tough and aloof. Jedrek Hamilton is the handsome and resourceful colonist, who is protective of the pampered actor, Bazkin Anders. Dexia Touchstone is the free-spirited xenobiologist with a headful of red curls. All of them will face a planet that will defy their understanding of biology, family, sex and gender.