Book picks similar to
Parishioner by Walter Mosley


Where is Janice Gantry?

John D. MacDonald - 1961
    A VG copy. Has mild edge wear, minor rubbing on the spine. Solid, clean copy.

The Jones Men

Vern E. Smith - 1974
    It plunges the reader into the subculture of addicts, dealers, and corrupt cops as Lonnie Jack's bold and methodical challenge builds to a frightening climax.

The Dying Crapshooter's Blues

David Fulmer - 2007
    Joe Rose—rambler, gambler, and professional thief—has just hit the city. He soon finds himself caught in a three-sided puzzle that involves a black-hearted police officer called “the Captain,” the pimp and crapshooter Little Jesse Williams, and a wicked beauty named Pearl Spencer. Behind it all is Atlanta, the city once nothing but dust and ashes, now the richest, busiest metropolis in the South, mixing sin with success and vibrating with mayhem and music.  In his acclaimed Storyville series, David Fulmer brought the jazz-soaked streets of New Orleans to life. Now he brings us another absorbing mystery in a new setting raucous with music and rich with history.

No Regrets, Coyote

John Dufresne - 2013
    Five members of the Halliday family have been brutally killed. Wylie’s rare talent is an ability to read a crime scene, consider the evidence seen and unseen, and determine what’s likely to have happened. The police are soon convinced that the deaths were a murder-suicide carried out by a broken and desperate Chafin Halliday, but Wylie’s not so sure.As Wylie begins his own investigation with the help of his friend Bay Lettique—a poker-playing sleight-of-hand artist with links to the Everglades County underworld—he discovers a web of corruption involving the police union, Ponzi-scheming lawyers, county politicians, and the Russian mob. What follows is a heart-stopping, edgy novel that introduces a completely original crime solver.

Dead Skip

Joe Gores - 1972
    P.I. Bart Heslip, a former boxer, is in a coma after being brutally beaten. Now it's up to his coworkers at DKA to sift through his current cases to discover the culprit--before it's too late. Ties in with the Mysterious Press hardcover release of Gores' 32 Cadillacs, the next DKA novel. Previous publisher: Ballantine.

Dead Time

Eleanor Taylor Bland - 1992
    Dead Time will take you on an exhilarating ride through the streets of Chicago with one of the most unforgettable characters in mystery fiction today...Black, widowed, and mother of two, police detective Marti MacAlister has relocated from Chicago to Lincoln Prairie, Illinois, only to be confronted with small-town attitudes and a partner who's not sure women belong in homicide. But Matthew "Vik" Jessenovik's old-fashioned thinking is far less compelling a problem than a brutal murder at the Cramer Hotel, home to the elderly, poor, and mentally ill.When Marti and Vik discover that two abandoned children might have seen the killer, the case becomes even more urgent as Marti must use all of her street smarts to find a killer who is desperate to eliminate any possible witnesses to the crime-- even if it's two innocent homeless kids...

The Deputy

Victor Gischler - 2009
    He's living in Coyote Crossing, working as a part-time deputy. When he gets a call about a dead body in the center of town, he pins his tin star to his Weezer T-shirt, slips into a pair of sweatpants, and grabs his revolver. Victor Gischler is the author of five novels, including Gun Monkeys, Shotgun Opera, and Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse.

Black Orchids/The Silent Speaker

Rex Stout - 1941
    In this double helping of classic Nero Wolfe mysteries, Stout presents the arrogant, gourmandizing, sedentary sleuth and his trusty man-about-town, Archie Goodwin, with a pair of delectable murders that no connoisseur of the whodunit could possibly resist.BLACK ORCHIDS Not much can get Wolfe to leave his comfortable brownstone, but the showing of a rare black orchid lures him to a flower show. Unfortunately, the much-anticipated event is soon overshadowed by a murder as daring as it is sudden. It's a case of weeding out a cunning killer who can turn up anywhere--and Wolfe must do it quickly. Because a second case awaits his urgent attention: a society widow on a mailing list of poison-pen letters leading to a plot as dark as any orchid Wolfe has ever encountered.THE SILENT SPEAKERWhen a government power broker scheduled to speak before an influential group of millionaires turns up dead, Nero Wolfe grudgingly takes the case--even as his own financial affairs teeter toward ruin. Soon a second victim is discovered, a missing stenographer's tape causes a panic, and a dead man speaks, after a fashion. As the business world demands answers, the great detective baits a trap to net a killer worth his weight in gold.

Lethal Injection

Jim Nisbet - 1987
    In a bleak Texas prison Royce, an alcoholic doctor administers Bobby Mencken's last "high," convinced that the convicted killer was innocent. When Royce's marriage crumbles he takes off for Dallas to search for the real killer.Of Nisbet, Germany's Die Welt wrote, "Neither Norman Mailer nor Truman Capote has in their writing been able to produce such an intensity as Nisbet has achieved."With sharp humor and a poet's ear for language, Nisbet's world may be bleak, but it is frighteningly real. Overlook is proud to bring him to a new generation of readers.

No Accident

Dan Webb - 2013
    The police blame reckless driving, but insurance investigator Alex Fogarty suspects a celebrated CEO staged the accident and murdered his own employees for insurance money. Unfortunately, Alex’s boss cares more about a quick legal settlement than following the facts, and Alex can’t afford to lose his job—not while he’s underwater on five houses he bought before the real estate crash. But unless Alex can prove the crash was no accident, the young family of one of the drivers who died in the crash will face financial ruin. Against his better judgment, Alex plots a way to challenge the CEO, but he knows he can’t do it alone. Especially when the body count starts rising.With help from the CEO’s jilted wife and her star-crossed divorce lawyer, Alex pursues the case from L.A.’s seamy underside to the mansions of Bel Air. If he can keep ahead of the CEO’s chilling enforcer, Alex may just discover the dark truth.

The Things Men Do

James Hadley Chase - 1953

Lisa Scottoline: The First Two Novels: Everywhere That Mary Went and Final Appeal

Lisa Scottoline - 2003
    A sure treat for Scottoline's legions of fans, Lisa Scottoline: The First Two Novels is the ultimate collectible.Everywhere That Mary Went introduces one of Lisa Scottoline's most beloved characters, fledglinglawyer Mary DiNunzio, who uses her wit -- and her heart -- to catch a killer. Mary's been trying to make partner in her cutthroat Philadelphia law firm, so she's too busy to worry about crank phone calls she's been getting, until they fall into a sinister pattern. Soon she can't shake the sensation that someone is watching her, following her every move. The shadow-boxing turns deadly when her worst fears are realized, and Mary has to fight for something a lot more important than partnership -- her life.Final Appeal, winner of the Edgar Award, features law clerk and single mother Grace Rossi. Starting over after a divorce, Grace takes on a part-time job with a federal appeals court judge, but she doesn't count on being assigned to an explosive death-penalty appeal. Nor does she expect ardor in the court, in the form of an affair with her boss, Chief Judge Armen Gregorian. Then the truly unimaginable happens, and Grace finds herself investigating a murder. She searches for the truth, unearthing a six-figure bank account kept by a judge with an alias and following a trail of bribery and corruption. In no time at all, Grace under fire takes on a whole new meaning.

Remember Me? : (Book One): A DCI McKenzie Crime Thriller

Ian C.P. Irvine - 2020
    A real page turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very, last, line!Two teachers are murdered, with the first killing publicly played out before hundreds of horrified spectators, and the other victim found dead only hours later.Having just returned to duty from his recent suspension, DCI McKenzie (Say You’re Sorry & The Assassin’s Gift) quickly discovers he’s dealing with a sick but highly intelligent serial killer.With a school reunion planned for that same night, in a race against time, McKenzie and his small team of investigators must use all their skills to track down the killer before more depraved murders take place, and more teachers from the school die.But as the hours roll by and the death toll mounts, McKenzie finds himself facing a genius mystery criminal who is always one step ahead of the police and somehow anticipating their every move. In the days that follow, the school campus becomes a maze of rooms and tunnels where new murders are discovered, and the death toll mounts.With surprising twists and turns at every stage, this is a ‘classic whodunnit ‘ that will keep you guessing to the very end. Can you spot who the killer is, or will they get away with the perfect murders?Remember me? You’ll never forget it!Book One of Two Parts: Please note that Book One continues seamlessly into and is concluded in Book Two. This is an excellent way to introduce yourself to this new and exciting author!-If you enjoy Book One, to continue the story you may then choose to download Book Two. Alternatively, readers are recommended to purchase the full omnibus edition containing both Book One and Book Two. Readers may now borrow Book Two free with Kindle Unlimited.

No Good from a Corpse

Leigh Brackett - 1943
    She was never successful in this, but her Chandler-influenced novel No Good From a Corpse was so impressive in its hard-boiled dialogue that Howard Hawks insisted its author, unseen, be brought in to work on the screenplay adaption of The Big Sleep (together with a fella by the name of Faulkner.) Though Hawks was stunned to discover that Leigh was a woman, she got the job, and worked on what was probably the best film adaptation of a Chandler novel. No Good From a Corpse offers hard-boiled private eye Ed Clive, who gets involved with a dead girl, and suspects every one of her boyfriends--an ex-husband, a playboy, a blackmailer and a brute. There's a woman suspect as well, and a long chase through Sunset Strip.


Massimo Carlotto - 2005
    In this #1 bestselling noir novel, however, the killer is not an individual but an entire system. The heavily industrialized northeast, Italy's richest region, is undergoing dramatic change. It once drove the nation's economic boom, a regional superpower, affluent and arrogant, a land that abided only its own rules. But then the factory owners began moving their operations east, across the border to former soviet countries where labor was cheap and regulatory bodies absent. With the factories, the jobs, and the riches gone, new elements began insinuating themselves into the old system, and the Brahmin families of the northeast began employing increasingly violent methods to protect their status and their wealth. Once renowned for its economic might, the region is now infested by organized crime, trafficking of every commodity, including human, ranks of media personalities and politicians on the payrolls of rich families and mobsters, and an ongoing environmental catastrophe.Welcome to Poisonville! Here, the young lawyer Francesco, heir to the region's second richest family, will have to decide between business as usual or a violent rupture with the ways of the past. The wrong choice could cost him his life.