I Have a Boyfriend Chapter 1

Pibi - 2019
    To avoid the regret of not properly conveying his feelings again, Hyunho approaches Gyul, but after losing his parents and left in a relative's house with a younger brother, he works hard in part time job and doesn't give his heart easily. But due to Hyunho's persistent advances, Gyul slowly opens his heart...

お護りします、どこまでも [Omamorishimasu Dokomademo]

Junko - 2012
    Unemployed and homeless before he's even started life in the big city, life's looking pretty grim but maybe someone's looking out for him after all because who should text him at that moment but his childhood friend Chihiro. Providing a home, cooking meals, and even pocket money - just why is Chihiro doing so much for someone he hasn't seen since he was 10? Why does he consider Akira to be his best friend? And just who are those serious looking guys in suits? There just may be more excitement in the big city than Akira's ever dreamed possible.

You Will Drown in Love 1

Hinako Takanaga - 2007
    But he's beside himself when he finds out the company president's son (who is much younger than he is) is his new boss instead.

世界は君で廻ってる [Sekai wa Kimi de Mawatteru]

Chise Ogawa - 2013
    Since then Fukamachi kisses me, touches my skin, and follows me around. Even if I run away or cry, he chases me persistently, eventually even doing indecent things... An average guy with a beauty complex getting agitated by a good-looking guy in the title story, and other short-stories which hadn't been published till now, are collected in this anthology. Newly drawn pictures are also included.3) The False Barber MangaDuring breaks, the chemistry lab becomes a barber shop for students, run by Yuushi who is the son of a barber. Every morning, Tadachika visits the lab to get his hair done because it's so unruly. One morning Yuushi kisses him while clipping his hair, and soon the 100 yen fee is replaced by a kiss. Tadachika isn't so sure about this strange relationship of "friends, but something more"... but then he finds Yuushi's barber room closed and goes to find him.4) Stupid and BeautifulHarumi is a boy who "is stupid with a bad personality" and the only good thing about him is his strikingly gorgeous face. Ryouhei is his classmate - the top student who acts like a big brother to everyone - who helps Harumi with studies and notes. Harumi thanks him with a kiss which he offers as thanks to everyone, but maybe Harumi's reason for kissing Ryouhei is more than just thanks...5-6) Cheap Soul, A Bright FutureRumour has it that Satomi will give his ass to anyone who asks, so Yousuke asks. For 100 yen, Satomi goes with Yousuke and they sleep together... but it turns out the rumour isn't exactly true. Satomi was a virgin. But why did he accept so easily then? They continue to sleep with eachother, for 100 yen a round... where is their relationship going to end up?And then, 10 years later....7) Gokujou Dessert (Excellent Dessert)Two boys in a class receive sweets from admirers very often.

花恋つらね 1 [Hanakoi Tsurane 1]

Isaku Natsume - 2016
    He has no interests in other actors his age with the exception of Gensuke who he recognizes as his rival and never wants to lose to no matter what. However, fate plays a cruel trick on him and the two of them end up as classmates… How will their relationship develop…?!

あの日のきみを抱きしめたなら 1 [Ano hi no kimi wo dakishimeta nara 1]

Haruhi Sakiya - 2008
    Though Kengo realized that Hidetoshi probably wanted to confess to him, he keeps his mouth shut in fear of ruining their relationship. But when Hidetoshi gets involved with an abusive boyfriend, Kengo feels that he can no longer just sit back and watch…Related series :Ashita no Kimi wa Koko ni Inai (Adapted From)

若葉寮で、君と [Wakabaryou de, Kimi to]

Ayu Sakumoto - 2015
    He's at the age where he wants a girlfriend, but every time he gets one, he gets dumped soon after. The one to console him is his straight-laced roommate, Hidaka. However, once an underclassman from the track team, Kosaka, appears, how will their relationship change!?

Under One Roof With the Beast (Yaoi Manga) #1

Chihaya Kuroiwa
    Daigo always had a crush on Jin since he was a child, but Shin was always the one who couldn’t leave him alone. Shin finds out that Daigo has a crush on Jin, and aggressively presses Shin about it, telling him to pick him instead of Jin. Since Shin and Jin are identical, Daigo gets confused. His heart starts beating faster as he looks into Shin’s eyes and…?!

Deadlock, Vol. 1

Yuh Takashina - 2012
    Before he begins to serve his sentence, though, he’s given an offer for an early release: find a terrorist cult leader who has been hiding in Schelger Prison! Will Yuto be able to find this mysterious man, or to prove his innocence? And will he ever find himself on at least somewhat friendly terms with his new cellmate, Dick Burnford?Based on the hit novel, the manga adaptation of Deadlock is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

ジェラシー 1 [Jealousy 1]

Scarlet Beriko - 2017
    小説家の愛人として暮らしていた櫓木卯一は、借金の取立てにきたヤクザ・大和明虎にと出会う。 人気作「四代目・大和辰之」の前日譚。The story of Rogi Uichi's youthful passion for the head of the Ooyamato yakuza group.Spin-off from Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki

俺に恋してどうすんだ [Ore ni Koi Shite Dousunda]

Kou Yoneda - 2007
    And it's just his luck that Ryouji is obnoxious, violent, and has the same sharp tongue as Tora's mom. Only it turns out that he's not really that bad, and maybe Tora is falling in love (with his uncle, of all people), and Ryouji has a heart of gold underneath the bellowing and violence. Except that Ryouji's pretty much the worst guy in the world to fall for: he enjoys sex more than eating, has a commitment problem, and has long since convinced himself that he's really, really straight.

Awakening Desires

Bohra Naono - 2006
    Bohra Naono is a very popular author and has a large fan base in both the United States and Europe.

コイトモ! ? [Koitomo!?]

Yuu Moegi - 2013
    Tokiwa is a quiet and shy loner. After their chance encounter in Katekyo!, the unlikely pair have begun dating. Though he was aware of Tokiwa's reticence, Haruka is beginning to feel frustrated with the pace

Garden Dreams

Fumi Yoshinaga - 1999
    At an estate with a strikingly beautiful flower garden, he encounters a baron with soft eyes and a kind heart.

This Boy Is A Bottom (Yaoi Manga)

Sachi Murakami - 2018
    Anri dislikes gays since his male boss had continuously harassed him. Meanwhile, Anri is a proud gay bottom! One night, Toru was in heat, and he felt calm being touched by Anri. Since then, the relationship between them changed dramatically! It seems like Toru always has something in his mind that he is afraid to tell... If you are a fan of reversible BL, "The Boy is A Bottom" should be included to your bookshelf! This volume includes two extra chapter from "Rule No.1" series. Etsu and Rio started living together. Will their new life affect their relationship?