Twin Wolves (Wilde Brothers Ranch Book 4)

Scarlett Grove - 2020

Love is War

Milly Taiden - 2021
    During the induction ritual, she's ambushed and forced across enemy lines into werewolf territory where she will undoubtedly be attacked and killed. When one of them comes to her aid, it's time to question who the real enemy is.Caleb Conri is on patrol when he finds himself saving the life of the most beautiful vampire he's ever seen. His wolf immediately claims her as his mate and that alone brings on the biggest migraine of his life. But Adria is so unlike anyone he expected. She's sweet, kind, loving and he can't wait to get her out of her clothes. The problem is everyone wants her dead.When war breaks out between the two factions, Adria must choose between her own people and her mate. How long can she sit by and watch those she loves on both sides kill each other because of her? The only way to end the war is for her to turn herself over to those who want her dead. But Caleb will die before he let's that happen.

Fall of Embers: A Rejected Mates Romance (Fall Mountain Shifters Book 6)

G. Bailey - 2022
    His pure, blessed by the gods, fire queen.But my fate was never to be his.My name is Serendipity Fall, and I’m one of the only wolf shifters living with a bunch of immortal dragon shifters in a city I can never leave. I’m the fated mate of the dragon king—Draycian of the house of Mnemosyne—and on the first full moon after my nineteenth birthday, I will be bound to him in a mating ceremony.But I don’t want a mate.I don’t want the dragon king god who rules my hometown from his golden castle. I don’t even know what he looks like. All I know is, anytime I mention his name, everyone blanches in fear.He is a monster.I have a plan to escape from his city and find my real family. To be free.I won’t be his fire queen, because in the darkness of the embers, I found him:The dark wolf I crave.We will be together, even if our love is going to destroy everything.Even if it brings the Wolven gods down upon us all.This is a full-length reverse harem romance novel full of sexy alpha males, steamy scenes, a strong heroine and a lot of sarcasm. Intended for 17+ readers. Book six of eight.

Wolf Protector's Secret Baby

Scarlett Ray - 2019
    Noah, the father of my Son, has come back. I can hardly control myself when he is around. His deep, rich brown eyes and powerful, chiseled build are a constant temptation. He wants me as his mate, but his pack forbids him to be with a human. And there is another man who wants to claim me. A wealthy, mysterious and irresistible wolf. I now find myself in the middle of their pack rivalry. My dark and impulsive cowboy… My charming and sensual businessman… With my hometown in danger… God help me if I make the wrong choice! Which man can I trust to do what’s best for me, for my Son and for our home?

Promised: (The Blackpaw Prophecy, Book 7)

Leona Crowley - 2021

The Wolf’s Arranged Mate: A Wolf Shifter Contract Marriage Romance (Werewolf Mountain Resort Book 6)

Layla Silver - 2021

Secret and Lies: A Secret Baby Romance (Recovery Ranch)

Annie J. Rose - 2022

Shadowing their Matee (Perfect Pairs #3)

Tamsin Baker - 2021

Cowboy’s Christmas Past

Mary Sue Jackson - 2021
    What could possibly go wrong?After his mother’s death, Beau Taylor returned from college to care for his baby sister. He left behind his dream of becoming a cinematographer—and his heart.The cowboy never thought he’d see Amelia Crawford again. She followed her dreams and became a big movie star. But when she shows up in town to shoot a western ten years later, their worlds collide after Beau’s ranch is selected as the perfect filming location.With Beau’s attraction to Amelia growing, it might also be the perfect setting for a Christmas romance. But falling for Amelia means letting her in again, and his heart still has the scars from the first time.Amelia finally has the chance to make a serious film, but she needs to learn how to ride a horse—and Beau is the perfect person to teach her. She’d forgotten how gorgeous he is, and how his touch made her feel.Amelia can make audiences believe she’s in love, yet the only time she’s ever truly fallen for a man was with the smoldering Beau. But how can she trust that her cowboy won’t break her heart again? Maybe what they need is a bit of Christmas magic...

Alpha's Secret Baby: A Fake Relationship Romance (Swoon Worthy Billionaires Book 4)

J.P. Comeau - 2022
    Lacrosse team captain. Ripped muscles from head to toe.In high school, he was only a jock with a pretty face.Nothing more, nothing less. Ok?Then why did I volunteer to pose as Dune’s fake fiancé?I convinced myself it was just to help an old acquaintance.He needed to sell a story to the judge.Keeping his niece safe was Dune’s first priority.And he promised to save me from my creepy biological father.So, I agreed to move into his mansion.Only for the sake of our story and my protection, right?Well, maybe, that’s not all.The fake fiancé shtick had benefits, too.Every.Single.Night.Now, I’m haunted by the band around my finger,And the secret fantasies I had of Dune and me back in high school.But my father’s drama won’t leave us alone.All I want is my reality to be as perfect as my fantasies.Is that too much to hope for?If you love a sexy fake relationship romance with a secret baby twist, don’t miss this satisfying alpha protector read. Best-selling Amazon author J.P. Comeau’s Alpha’s Secret Baby is a full-length novel with no cliffhangers.

Cowboy Seeks a Horse Whisperer

Marley Michaels - 2021
    Ever since she spent her summers volunteering with neglected animals as a teenager, she’s wanted to run her own horse rescue center. And with her new job working in the Alaskan mountains at a small town vet clinic, all she needs is to work hard and build up her professional reputation as a horse whisperer, and she’ll be one step closer to making her dream a reality.Jesse Barnes was born a cowboy and will end his days as one too. Working with his brothers on their family ranch in the shadow of Eagle Mountain, they protect the land, while owning and running one of the top producing ranches on this side of the country.Passions collide when Jesse rescues a mistreated horse who needs specialty care. Knowing he can’t do it alone, he calls in the only person who may be able to save the animal—the town’s new horse-whispering vet.Just seeing the sickly horse ignites Kendra’s compassionate side. She’ll go above and beyond to save him, the bonus being the time she gets to spend with the horse’s rescuer. Something about Jesse has her feeling things she’s never felt. But his habit of pulling back the moment they get close has her beyond confused. And then there’s the strange dreams she’s been having. It’s almost as if the Mountain is communicating with her…For Jesse, meeting Kendra ignites something beneath his skin that feels a lot like fate and a lot like something he can’t ignore. The idea of finally meeting his soulmate seems almost unreal, but as time goes by, it’s a feeling he can’t deny.These two dedicated souls will need to navigate their feelings for each other and understand the meaning of the mountain spirit’s Call, all while staying true to themselves and their dreams for the future.***Hold on to your hats! Cowboy Seeks a Horse Whisperer is book 1 in the new Eagle Mountain Ranch series. They're the same kind of sweet, flirty, feel-good, and heart-felt stories you've come to love from Marley, but this time you'll get the big, gruff and tough mountain ranchers living off the land and protecting their own near the town of Kinleyville. The mountains have always provided for the keepers of the lands, and now the Eagle Mountain prophecy has been fulfilled, it's time for their soulmates to warm up their hearts and their bunks, and make their lives on the ranch complete. Can we all say, awww.

Shifter's Purpose

Sammie Joyce - 2020
    He’s also part of an elite military unit. He’s at peace with his wolf and he lets his animal out to run without controls.Holly O’Neil doesn't like shifters. Not even a little bit.When these two meet at a local hangout, it’s not love at first sight. At least not for her. She knows what he is and she’s not interested in anything he has to offer—no matter how hot he is.So she does exactly what her instincts tell her to do. She shuts him down. Hard.But an unexpected opportunity to come to her rescue turns him into a hero. Twice. The second time he steps in for her, only a lie can keep Holly safe. But the lie sets a series of events in motion that neither expects.The most surprising part is the electricity that sparks between them. Neither can deny the pull. The attraction is real and true.Being in a fake relationship may or may not be the best way to solve the problem, but it’s the path they're on so they have to see how it plays out. Nothing is permanent, right? It will be easy to go their separate ways once the coast is clear, won’t it?

Shifter Mountain

C.D. Gorri - 2021
    As in, he hates all of them.Betrayal is a bitter pill to swallow for most, but for Keeton, it’s damn near impossible. Choosing to live in seclusion, he finds his peace of mind disrupted when an injured hiker stumbles onto his property.After she catches her fiancé cheating, Marilena Sorelli needs a break from life. Not much of an outdoor girl, hiking alone proves unwise after Lena takes a serious tumble. She meets her rescuer in a nearly seven-foot-tall giant with piercing green eyes and a beard that makes her fingers itch to run through it.Will the beautiful interloper crack this rugged Shifter’s heart of stone, or will self-imposed isolation be his future?

The Cowboy's Forever

Elizabeth Grey - 2021
    The last thing I need is to fall for a billionaire playboy who might cost me my job.But when I discover more about his struggles of being the black sheep of the family and how hard he worked for everything he has, my heart softens. My walls break down bit by bit, and I find myself unable to resist the handsome cowboy. Soon, our passion is reignited.Little do I know that our first night together has already altered my life forever. I’m pregnant.I want to tell Chris, but I can’t.I’m on the run from my abusive ex-husband who’s determined to take my son. If my ex catches up to me, neither Chris, nor my son, nor my unborn baby will be safe.I need to end things with Chris before he realizes I’m carrying his child. Yet despite what my mind says, my heart is begging me to stay.The Cowboy's Forever is a tantalizing cowboy billionaire romance, featuring a hard-working single mom and a cynical playboy cowboy.

Fall of the Trident (Season SEALs Book 3)

KaLyn Cooper - 2021
    His work hadn’t changed so it had become his life. He went from one command to another, wherever the Navy sent him.His world was focused on the SEALs he commanded…until the day in his exuberance over a highly complicated operation, he hugged his administrative assistant.Marta Merkel had been a force to be reckoned in the SEAL world. For over twenty-five years, since her SEAL husband had been killed on active duty, she could make or break a career.Even though they were single adults past fifty, she worked directly outside his office, controlling his work life.With years of baggage, could they make this work?