The Truth About Clutter: 9 Truths That Will Empower You to Let Go and Live Free

Erica Layne - 2020
    If you want to declutter and experience the freedom of living with less—but if you somehow never make real progress toward your goal—this book will teach you why and will empower and equip you to make lasting change.In The Truth About Clutter, you’ll find these truths (and more):• Clutter has been linked to anxiety and depression.• There’s a dark side to donating—and it can motivate you to live differently.• Many of us shop to escape our feelings.• Eventually someone will have to decide what to do with every item you own. (Don’t pass this burden on.)Once you understand and internalize the nine truths in The Truth About Clutter, you'll finally be ready to let go and live free.

The Mood Guide to Fabric and Fashion: The Essential Guide from the World's Most Famous Fabric Store

Johnny Miller - 2015
    Now, the experts behind this fabric power- house bring their fabric and fashion know-how—plus their behind-the-scenes stories—to the sewing public. The Mood Guide to Fabric and Fashion is the ultimate guide for home-sewers, fashion students, aspiring designers, and Project Runway fans who want to learn everything they need to know to choose and use quality fabric. Drawing upon the expertise of the Mood staff, the book teaches readers the fundamentals—from where fabric is produced to the ins and outs of its construction—and features a fabric-by-fabric guide to cottons and other plant fibers, wools, silks, knits, and other speciality fabrics.Contents:The fabric of their lives: the fashionable history of Mood --Social fabric: textiles yesterday, today, and tomorrow --Fabric 101: the fundamentals of fabric for sewers and designers --Fabric and design: transforming inspiration into fashion reality --Cotton, linen, and hemp --Wools --Knits --Silks --Other fabrics.

Apartment Therapy's Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces

Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan - 2010
    In this vibrant book, he shares forty small, cool spaces that will change your thinking forever. These apartments and houses demonstrate hundreds of inventive solutions for creating more space in your home, and for making it more comfortable. Leading us through entrances, living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms, bedrooms, home offices, and kids’ rooms, Apartment Therapy’s Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces is brimming with ingenious tips and ideas, such as: •   Shifting the sense of scale through contrasting colors•   Adding airiness by using transparent collections •   Utilizing the area under a loft bed for a kitchen and mini-bar •   Tucking an office with chic vintage doors into an unused bedroom corner  In each dwelling Maxwell points out what makes the layout work and what adds style. Most of the “therapy” involves minor tweaks that can be accomplished on a limited budget, such as dividing a room with sheer curtains, turning a door into a desk, or disguising electrical boxes with art displays. An extensive resource guide, including Maxwell’s favorite websites for buying desks, open storage solutions, and much more, will help you turn even the tiniest residence into a place you are always happy to come home to.

Wear, Repair, Repurpose: A Maker's Guide to Mending and Upcycling Clothes

Lily Fulop - 2020
    For beginner and experienced makers, Lily Fulop's guide to mending and upcycling is your colorful companion to ditching fast fashion and extending the lifecycle of all your favorite clothes.Fulop's vibrant step-by-step illustrations make mending easier than every, demystifying techniques and displaying unique ways to show off your personality. And when your mending possibilities run out, she has simple yet striking solutions to repurpose fabric, including braided rugs, crocheted pillows, and more. Say hello to sustainable inspiration.

My Creative Space: How to Design Your Home to Stimulate Ideas and Spark Innovation

Donald M. Rattner - 2015
    Whether it's to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, or to find personal fulfillment, people are looking to develop their capacity for creative and innovative thinking in business and daily life. Many have turned to the growing literature of creativity to shed the shackles of conventionality and discover new ways of doing things. Now comes THE CREATIVITY CATALOG, a fresh and original take on the pursuit of innovation. Rather than start with the premise that creativity originates largely from within our minds, THE CREATIVITY CATALOG looks outward to the things we surround ourselves with in our home and work environments to uncover a trove of products deliberately designed to cultivate our mental faculties through hands-on experience. Among the products featured are furnishings, accessories, shelving, cookware, jewelry, and children's playthings. Pieces are attractively presented with 550 high-quality photographs and explanatory text, and supplemented by an introduction by author, educator and architect Donald Rattner on the history and future of interactive, touch-based design. Profiles of the designers and brands represented, and a list of further resources, round out this distinctive book.

In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie

Cora Harrington - 2018
    How is it supposed to fit? How do you take care of it all? Is lingerie really for me? In this beautiful and empowering guide, lingerie expert Cora Harrington demystifies intimate apparel, making it accessible to all sizes, ages, and budgets. Covering everything from basic bras and panties to special occasion wear, shapewear, hosiery, corsets, and more, this no-nonsense handbook empowers you to confidently buy, wear, and care for the underpinnings of your dreams.

From Clutter to Clarity: Clean Up Your Mindset to Clear Out Your Clutter

Kerri Richardson - 2020
    Clear out your emotional clutter for lasting decluttering of your home in this follow-up to the Wall Street Journal bestseller What Your Clutter Is Trying to Tell You.What causes the clutter in your home? Too little time and not enough space are common enough culprits, but are they actually the root sources?In the follow-up to her Wall Street Journal best-selling book What Your Clutter Is Trying to Tell You, decluttering expert, lifestyle designer, and coach Kerri Richardson helps you to: - Address limiting beliefs and behaviors that can manifest into specific types of clutter, - Clear out your emotional obstacles in order to reclaim your personal space, and - Manifest your newfound mental clarity into physical reality through practical, actionable exercises.From tackling perfectionism to procrastination to toxic relationships, Richardson's straightforward advice will help you to finally clear those stubborn stacks and piles, providing a clean start for you to transform both your home and your life.

The Declutter Challenge: A Guided Journal for Getting your Home Organized in 30 Quick Steps

Cassandra Aarssen - 2020

Organized Enough: The Anti-Perfectionist's Guide to Getting—and Staying—Organized

Helen Amanda Sullivan - 2017
    You don't need a sock drawer that brings you joy or a kitchen from a design magazine; what you do need is to be organized enough to feel in control and serene. Organized Enough offers a ground–breaking, science–driven method for maintaining organization: it addresses not just the steps of decluttering but also of developing the habits to stay clutter–free. Amanda Sullivan shares the method that has brought great success to her clients—from celebrities to hoarders. With seven concepts to help you define your goals and seven essential habits to keep chaos and clutter at bay, you will learn to reframe how you think about your space, your stuff, and your life.

The New Bohemians Handbook: Come Home to Good Vibes

Justina Blakeney - 2017
       With Justina’s expert guidance, learn how to rearrange, paint, prop, and plant your way to a home that’s fresh and inspiring. Uncover your “spirit environment” and learn how to use color and scent to enhance mood, productivity, and relaxation. Revel in Justina’s encouraging advice (“you got this!”), and easily and affordably turn any dwelling into a personal sanctuary. Packed with hundreds of ideas for bringing positive energy to your home, the book features exercises and activities for thinking about rooms in new ways.

In Progress: See Inside a Lettering Artist's Sketchbook and Process, from Pencil to Vector

Jessica Hische - 2015
    See everything, from Hische's rough sketches to her polished finals for major clients such as Wes Anderson, NPR, and Starbucks. The result is a well of inspiration and brass tacks information for designers who want to sketch distinctive letterforms and hone their skills. With more than 250 images and metallic silver ink printed throughout to represent her penciled sketches, this highly visual book is an essential—and entirely enjoyable—resource for those who practice or simply appreciate the art of hand lettering.

Laundry: The Home Comforts Book of Caring for Clothes and Linens

Cheryl Mendelson - 2005
    It's full of physical pleasures -- the look of favorite clothes restored to freshness and beauty, the tactile satisfaction of crisp linens in beautifully folded stacks. Good laundering preserves things you love and protects your pocket book. It doesn't take much time or effort. What it takes is knowledge, and Laundry is the comprehensive, entertaining, and inspiring new book on the art of laundering.Culled from the bestselling Home Comforts, with revised and updated information and a new introduction, Laundry is an indispensable guide to caring for all the cloth in one's home: from kitchen rags to bedding, hand-washables, and baby clothes to vintage linens. Mendelson offers detailed guidance on when to disregard labels, removing stains, making environmentally informed choices, sewing, and storing clothing and fabrics. A much-needed antidote to the standard-issue how-to manual, Laundry celebrates the satisfactions of ironing, folding, and caring for clothes and linens. Both pragmatic and eloquent, Mendelson provides beginning and veteran homemakers with a seamless combination of reliable instruction, time-tested advice, and fascinating personal narrative.As a farm girl in Pennsylvania, Mendelson -- who is a philosopher, lawyer, and professor, as well as a homemaker, wife, and mother -- received a classic domestic education from her grandmothers, aunts, and mother. Laundry combines the best of the traditional lore they taught her with the latest in technical and scientific information. Writing with infectious love and respect for her subject, Mendelson is sure to instill in readers a newfound affection and appreciation for the art of laundering.

Clean Mama's Guide to a Peaceful Home: Effortless Systems and Joyful Rituals for a Calm, Cozy Home

Becky Rapinchuk - 2020
    But too often the mess and disorder only add stress.For years, Becky Rapinchuk has taught people how to simplify and improve cleaning routines, and now she reveals a game-changing method to help us find joy and make our chores effortless. By pairing up systems—how we get things done so that they become automatic—with rituals—tasks that bring calm and happiness—we can feel more at peace in our homes.Walking readers through each room of the house, Rapinchuk shows how to put new systems and rituals in place that will make the whole home operate more efficiently. Featuring decision trees, checklists, and space to reflect and record progress, Clean Mama’s Guide to a Peaceful Home makes homekeeping a breeze, allowing us to slow down and focus on the things that really matter.

Japanese Homes and Their Surroundings

Edward S. Morse - 1886
    The work of Edward S. Morse, a groundbreaking and imaginative inventor, academic, author and museum curator, this edition of Japanese Homes and Their Surroundings features an introduction by David and Michiko Young placing the book in its historical context and explaining its continued relevance.Containing over 300 detailed illustrations and revealing important historical and cultural sources, Japanese Homes and Their Surroundings is a time-tested resource for architects and landscape designers alike. Chapters include:House ConstructionCarpenters' Tools and AppliancesCity and Country HousesTearoomsPortable ScreensHousehold ShrinesVestibule and HallFlowersBridgesViews of Private GardensHouses of the Aino

The History of Underclothes

C. Willett Cunnington - 1979
    . . thoroughness and most impressive scholarship . . . much entertaining detail and . . . pleasant humour." — The Times Literary Supplement (London)Underwear — practical garments with a utilitarian function or body coverings that serve an erotic purpose? As this fascinating and intelligently written study shows, the role played by underclothing over the last several centuries has been a varied one.In a well-documented, profusely illustrated volume combining impressive scholarship with an entertaining, often humorous style, two distinguished clothing historians consider undergarments worn by the English over the past 600 years. Beginning with the Middle Ages, the authors cover centuries of clothing history, including the Tudor period, the Restoration, the Victorian and Edwardian eras, and the twentieth century up to the eve of World War II. Drawing on extensive, research, the Cunningtons illuminate the role and function of underwear: it protected the wearer against the elements, supported costume shapes, served as an erotic stimulus, symbolized class distinctions, and fulfilled other social, sanitary, and economic functions. Enhancing the detailed, comprehensive text are more than 100 period illustrations and photographs depicting a laced-up bodice of the twelfth century, embroidered linen drawers of the sixteenth century, a hooped petticoat support in bentwood (c. 1750), footed long drawers (1795), nineteenth-century bustles, early nineteenth-century corsets for men, "Frillies for the Tiny Lady" (1939), and much more. A bibliography, appendix, and index complete a valuable reference work that will appeal to costume historians, sociologists, and other readers.