Robins!: How They Grow Up

Eileen Christelow - 2017
    But there's a lot about them that most people don’t know! In this visually stunning picture book that features comic-book panels combined with painterly illustrations, Eileen Christelow tells the story of two young robins’ first year, and reveals plenty of little-known facts that are sure to captivate young naturalists. Narrated with humor and filled with kid-pleasing details, this fascinating account of how robins grow up includes an Author’s Note, Glossary, More About Robins, and Sources.

A Bird Is a Bird

Lizzy Rockwell - 2014
    Some birds are fantastically colorful and some are plain. But what do all birds share? Early nonfiction expert Lizzy Rockwell explains that birds have beaks, wings, and feathers, and hatch from eggs. Other animals might have some of these features in common, but only a bird has them all.Only a bird is a bird!A clear text and beautiful illustrations cover dozens of different birds and their shared characteristics, as well as the unique qualities of unusual birds, such as penguins and peacocks.

Coyote Moon

Maria Gianferrari - 2016
     A watchful eye in the darkness. A flutter of movement among the trees. Coyotes.In the dark of the night, a mother coyote stalks prey to feed her hungry pups. Her hunt takes her through a suburban town, where she encounters a mouse, a rabbit, a flock of angry geese, and finally an unsuspecting turkey on the library lawn.POUNCE!Perhaps Coyote's family won't go hungry today.This title has Common Core connections.

I (Don't) Like Snakes

Nicola Davies - 2015
    What’s to like about a snake? You’d be surprised!This little girl has a problem. Her family doesn’t have dogs, or cats, or birds—they have snakes! And she really, really, really really doesn’t like snakes. Her family can’t understand her dislike, but they canhelp her understand why snakes do the things they do and look the way they look. And maybe once she knows more, she will start to like snakes a little . . . or even a lot. Packed with snake trivia, this clever story includes realistic illustrations and simple explanations of snake behavior sure to make even slither-phobic readers shed their misconceptions about these fascinating reptiles. Back matter includes a note about snakes, a bibliography, and an index.

Daylight Starlight Wildlife

Wendell Minor - 2015
    By day a red-tailed hawk soars through sky, and by night a barn owl silently swoops through it. In the daylight a family of fluffy cottontail rabbits hops into a field to forage for food, and under starlight a family of pink-nosed opossums does the same. As day turns to night and night to day, amazing critters large and small come and go. Children will enjoy comparing and contrasting the roaming habits of the wonderful wildlife that surrounds us.

Wolves Of North America (Kids Edition): Children's Animal Book of Wolves (Wolf Facts)

Speedy Publishing - 2014
    They like to look at pictures of different animals whether in books or just pictures by themselves. However, a book would be more beneficial than just looking at pictures of animals. One of the animals that seems to be very interesting to kids, is a wolf. The Wolves of North American book (kids edition) would be a great book for kids who are interested in learning more about wolves in North America. It would be a great educational tool and children of all ages would benefit from reading this kind of book.

Time to Sleep

Steve Jenkins - 2011
    It’s time to sleep! Who dozes standing on one leg without falling over, snores while flying, or snuggles together in a big sleepy pile?

Oil Spill!

Melvin A. Berger - 1994
    "A good introduction to the subject."––BL. 1994 "Pick of the Lists" (ABA)Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children 1995 (NSTA/CBC)

Birds, Nests & Eggs

Mel Boring - 1996
    Children learn to identify a variety of different plant, animal and insect species.-- Helps children identify different species.-- Includes scrapbook pages, for notes or drawings.-- Features detailed true-to-life illustrations.

Birds of a Feather: Bowerbirds and Me

Susan L. Roth - 2019
    And yet Susan L. Roth and the remarkable bowerbird are truly birds of a feather. Sibert Medalist Susan L. Roth is like a bowerbird, a small black bird found in Australia and New Guinea that builds elaborate structures from various materials they find near their habitats.Though Susan creates books to attract readers and bowerbirds build bowers to attract a mate, both get their ideas from the world around them and the materials they find. Both love colors. No two of their respective creations are alike. And most importantly, both Susan and the bowerbirds aspire for their finished works to be greater than the sum of their parts.Complete with engaging backmatter and dazzling artwork crammed full of so much to look at, this visually delightful picture book from award-winning author and artist Susan L. Roth is a fascinating comparison of art we create and art we find in nature.

Rodent Rascals

Roxie Munro - 2018
     A Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Year

The Underwater Alphabet Book

Jerry Pallotta - 1991
    From Angelfish to Zebra Pipefish, an alphabet of amazing tropical creatures leads us through this important ecological system.Vivid, color illustrations enhance a fact-filled, entertaining text which teaches the young and not-so-young reader about the fascinating life on the coral reef.

A River Ran Wild: An Environmental History

Lynne Cherry - 1992
    Over 7,000 years ago Native Americans settled on the Nashua River, a beautiful and leafy valley. But the industrialization of nearby areas would lead to the deterioration of natural habitats. Each double spread examines brief periods of time when the river and surrounding areas teemed with wildlife. Lynne Cherry’s contrasting illustrations of the lush valley and the eventual polluted river deliver an astonishing look at our dramatic need for conservation efforts. This pictorial history of the river, edging towards a hopeful scene of modern-day descendants of both Native Americans and European settlers who come together to combat pollution and restore the beauty of the river, is an intelligent tale that shows young readers how they can do their part in taking care of the world around them, one river at a time.

Chameleons Are Cool: Read and Wonder

Martin Jenkins - 1997
    A great resource for teachers!Read and Wonder books tell stories, take children on adventures, and reveal how big and WONDER-full the natural world really is.

Animals Born Alive and Well: A Book About Mammals

Ruth Heller - 1982
    Text and illustrations introduce animals with fur or hair who nurse their young, breathe fresh air, and except for two species give birth to their young alive instead of laying eggs.