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We Knew They Were Coming, Book 2: Survivial by Ira Tabankin


The Coming of the Prophet

Saxon Andrew - 2015
    The first book is The Coming of the Prophet. A strange alien calling himself the Prophet has appeared in orbit above Earth and the planet’s most powerful weapons have proved useless against his ship’s defenses. To make matters worse, the Prophet tells mankind that Earth will soon be invaded and destroyed if the nations don’t learn how to live in peace and start building to meet the coming enemy. Failure to change humanity’s warlike ways will lead to its destruction. This Death Prophecy isn’t initially believed but when the Prophet starts sending a series of recordings of planets conquered by the Traugh, mankind is forced to reevaluate how to live together. The Death Prophecy appears to be real and inescapable. Humanity has never been able to live in peace and time is running out. Mankind turns to the only human the Prophet has declared sane but he refuses the role being forced on him. Will he make the difference? First, he has to believe he can. Excerpt: The Coming of the Prophet Col. Brighton looked up at the young officer standing at the door to his office, “Yes, Captain.” “I’ve received word from the head scientists operating the Mount Graham, Lick Observatory, Palomar, and the Hawaii Observatory that they have discovered something they feel we should be aware of. “What is that?” “Something located about three thousand miles above Earth in stationary orbit is blocking the view of stars behind it.” Col. Brighton stared at Captain Connor and his eyes narrowed, “I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying, Captain. Isn’t it impossible for something to remain in stationary orbit without being pulled in by Earth’s gravity?” “Whatever it is, Earth’s gravity is not having any effect on it.” Connor opened a folder and began laying photographic images on the Colonel’s desk. Tony looked at the images and shook his head slightly, “What am I looking for?” Essay took another folder and began placing other photos above each of the ones he first put on the desk, “The top row is what the sky looked like five months ago when the telescopes looked at that place above Earth. The bottom row is the same image taken over the last four months.” Tony looked from the top row to the bottom as he moved across the rows of images. He looked up and said, “There is a black shadow or something that is blocking the stars behind it in the bottom row of images.” Connor nodded. “What could be causing this?” Connor blew out a breath and said, “It’s not a natural phenomenon.” “Why not?” “It doesn’t reflect any light from the planet and it remains pitch black in every image. Something is blocking light from being reflected or coming through it.” “Have they been able to determine its size?” “Six hundred feet long and about a hundred feet wide.” Tony stared at Connor with wide eyes and stared at the two rows of pictures. He picked up the telephone on his desk. He pressed a three-digit code and after a moment started speaking, “Admiral, I have evidence that there is something above the planet that is a possible danger to us.” After a moment, Tony said, “I’ll be there momentarily. I’m bringing the officer that brought this information to me.” Tony hung up and said, “Let’s go.” Kam stared at his scanner’s images and leaned back in his command chair on the large Traugh Warship as he listened to the exchange.

The Day the Tide Kept Rising

Greg Jefferys - 2015
    A thrilling tale filled with action, adventure, intrigue and a pleasant pinch of romance the story is set primarily in Antarctica, Tasmania and on the east coast of Australia. The book follows the lives of four different people in their struggles to survive after a huge tsunami, caused by the massive Ross Shelf icesheet sliding off Antarctica and into the Southern Ocean, sweeps across the Pacific. The tsunami leaves a trail of death and destruction after which the water levels of Earth's oceans begin to rise rapidly causing cataclysmic disaster as well as massive political and social upheaval. As cities and nations are flooded the fabric of civilisation is torn as groups and individuals struggle for survival in a terrifying new world. The three parallel story lines are exciting, predictive and thought provoking. The author has degrees archaeology and history with a particular interest in the effects of the end of the last Ice Age on the humans of 8,000 B.C. He has transposed known archaeological information on rapid sea level rises onto the modern world to create an exciting, informative and relevant novel that attempts to answer the question of what would really happen to you and I if the Earth's sea levels rose more than six meters. The stories. Katherine Brown is a climatologist based on Antarctica, when the Ross Iceshelf shatters and slides into the ocean she and her team must traverse the rapidly changing Antarctic terrain to reach the relative safety of a base camp at Cape Colbeck; only a few will survive the trek through ice and mud and snow. Peter Taylor and his family survived the first wave but not the second. Alone and homeless he is forced to scavenge in flooded supermarkets for food and avoid roving gangs of bandits that quickly establish themselves as social norms disintegrate to be replaced by anarchy. He meets a mysterious and alluring woman, who, like himself, finds herself thriving in the post apocalypse world. Jeremy Jones is an archaeologist with a particular interest in Paleo- climatology. He is fired from his prestigious position at the Queensland University for predicting massive sea level rises even as his predictions, and much worse, come true. Karen Whitaker had been partying with girlfriends when the first tsunami tore through Hobart. Trapped overnight in the remains of a collapsed building, she emerged to discover a ruined city strewn with the bodies of the dead, the dying and the injured. Living in a refugee camp she does what she must to make the best of the new world.

Bombardier - The Complete Series

S.D. Tanner - 2016
     Ark is the Commander of the Bombardiers, the transformed soldiers working as the United Guild's army in space. Two hundred years earlier, aliens used mankind's own DNA to destroy Earth. Now, the Bombardiers hunt for the enemy aliens, destroying them wherever they are. Book One: Tyranny Ark is preparing to take over the Bombardier army. Traveling with his mentor, Tank, he discovers the Guild is committing genocide against any planet with even a hint of enemy DNA. Learning he is part of a tyrannical empire, he must decide whether to start a war against Earth. Book Two: Treason Armed with advanced weapons and ships, Ark finds out Dunk hasn't been idle. Hopelessly outnumbered, Bombardiers take on the Navigator fleet with devastating consequences. An epic space war begins. Book Three: Empire Both sides have made a mistake by forgetting their true enemy. Earth is once again under attack, but Ark is in another galaxy looking for a solution. The true face of the enemy aliens is revealed, proving they have all been taken for fools. Bombardier is an epic fight for control of the universe, filled with alien species, cool technology and politics. Also by SD Tanner Books in Bombardier Bombardier Trilogy Books in Navigator Enemy Lines Blind Sighted Killer Edge Broken Arrow Navigator Boxset (Books 1-4) The Hunter Wars series Books in Hunter Wars Eve of the Hunter Wars Heaven Meets Hell Army of Angels Gift from God Right to Rule Call to War Books in Eden Lost Trilogy Hidden Evil Dead Alive Divine Death Standalone Books Time to Die Twisted Daze Website: Twitter: @SDTanner1

Ghosts of Noodlemass Past

T.S. Paul - 2016
    It is overshadowing even Noodlemass, the Holiday Celebration of Athena Lee's planet. Refugees have no where to go and children are trapped out in the cold without shelter. The best solution is to use local Hotels to put them up for the winter. One problem with that. The owner won't sell or even lease. What will Wilson and his gang of cybernetic heroes do to help? Wilson provides his unusual spin on a Christmas Classic!

The Alorian Wars: Volume I

Drew Avera - 2017
    But, as his ship decimates planet after planet, he finds his sympathies swinging toward their defeated enemies. Sergeant Anki Paro, a Luthian Marine, has been anxiously awaiting the call to deploy. As the last line of defense against the crushing Greshian forces, she hopes the time has finally come for her world to stand against tyranny. However, as her society prepares for imminent destruction, questions of misplaced loyalties lead Anki to wonder if the world she is trying to save has any real intentions of surviving. As Brendle's and Anki's worlds collide, they find themselves in an unlikely alliance to try to stop the full might of the Greshian Empire before there's nothing left to fight for. A stolen ship, a mission on the line, enemies at every turn... After four months in hiding, Brendle Quin can't delay his mission any longer. His ship, the Replicade, is held together with failing patches, and he needs to make repairs in a port. Unfortunately, the nearest world with proper facilities is situated deep in Greshian-owned enemy territory. The Greshian colony of Farax is a safe hold for piracy in the region, and none is more vile than Crase Tuin, a man known for trafficking people and weapons across the Alorian Galaxy. He has a reputation as the only pirate never to lose a ship--with the exception of the Replicade. When Crase finds the Replicade, he vows to claim the lives of those who stole her. But Brendle won't go down without a fight. Nothing has stopped the Greshian Empire's expanse, but all hope isn't lost... The illusion of peace shrouds a hidden darkness. Just as the crew of the Replicade are getting settled on a seemingly tranquil world, they encounter a young girl with special abilities--and she's being hunted by a secret, powerful organization that will stop at nothing to have her. When Anki and Brendle intervene to help the girl, they are caught in the organization's crosshairs. The crew must make a decision: give into the looming threat of the organization, or die fighting to protect her. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Commander Ilium Gyl has taken command of a Greshian scout ship. A breach in protocol raises questions of his loyalty to the Greshian Empire, leading to a power struggle as a rebellion sparks in a distant sector of the Alorian Galaxy. His ambitions may cripple the Greshian Fleet, or he might just be the empire's savior. The Alorian Wars is a space opera series, filled with political intrigue and shrouded in mystery, is sure to please fans of "The Expanse", "Dark Matter", "Firefly", and "Killjoys". Join the war today!

Mu Arae (Adrian Tarn (standalone) Book 5)

E.R. Mason - 2016
    It was said that anyone bold enough to find this runaway planet might be rewarded with technology beyond imagination. But, this ghost planet was traveling at nearly the speed of light and only known to pass through a single set of coordinates once every thousand years. It would take a dangerous rendezvous in warped time and space just to confirm the legend, and trying to set foot on a deserted future world promised even greater peril. Join Adrian Tarn and R.J. Smith as they dare to tempt fate on a mission filled with mysteries from the future and dangers from the present. (standalone, Adrian Tarn series #5)

Grave Decisions

Stephen R. King - 2016
    Follow the terror and drama in five short stories that will bring you gravely close to your fears. The winds are howling, can you hear the screams? WARNING: Not the famous Stephen King from Maine.

Gateway to the Galaxy Universe: The Complete Military Space Opera Series

Jonathan Yanez - 2019
    Famed warriors of this galactic order have not been required to fight the darkness in the universe for centuries, until now. Frank Wolffe and Emma Jackson will soon learn that the mantle is heavy. The path is dangerous but what it takes has always lain within. No hero does is alone. Along the way they'll find allies that will become friends. Together they'll roar into the night and fight for the light. For the first time, you can get the main Gateway series and the New Arilion Knights spinoff in reading order. This one's for the adventure lovers, the space enthusiasts and those with a heart for exploration. Grab your copy and start the journey today! This Edition Includes: Into the Breach Always Forward Chaos Seiged The Academy Face Toward Enemy Burn the Night Rise Up Strength in Struggle Do or Die

Lockheed Elite

Tyler Wandschneider - 2017
    Now Anders must decide quickly—stay and fight or cut cables and run.Either way, it’s too late. Someone has other plans for them. The trap has been set, they’ve rescued the woman and taken the bait, and before long Anders and what’s left of his dwindling crew must navigate with caution through the grips of the military and an especially vile outlaw.But Anders doesn’t captain just another team flying the black. With a genius mechanic who uses his ragtag high-tech machine shop to aid them in getting in and out of trouble, they’ve earned a reputation as the best of the best. With Anders’s careful planning, this motley crew must band together and flip the military to use them on a monster heist and dig themselves out from the heat pressing in from both sides of the law.Fly with them. They are clever, they are fierce, they are Lockheed Elite.

Blood of Patriots

Richard Tongue - 2017
    They failed. And millions died as a result. After decades of oppression, the rebels are getting ready to move again, to succeed where their predecessors could not. Their last hopes lie with the Federation's greatest space commander, now a drunken derelict, and a ship that was lost in deep space at the end of the war. The Starcruiser Polaris. Once the flagship of the Federation Fleet. And if the rebellion can find her before the dreaded Political Directorate, the key to a new rebellion, one that might accomplish the near-impossible. But they are not the only ones to seek her, and the future of all humanity depends on the winner of a desperate race, to find the lost starship, and bring her back into the fight...

Permian: Emissary of the Extinct

Devyn Regueira - 2019
     Lining the granite walls of the first, high above an orderly reservoir of fossilized eggs, an inscription spanning eighty-five miles describes the genome of a proto-mammalian species eradicated during the Permian Extinction. In the next, researchers discover etchings of the constellations as they would have appeared across the eons; a global timeline of ten billion years remembered and foretold by a primordial intelligence beyond our own. Armed with a genetic recipe, compelled to act by the harrowing implications of a pattern detected in the timeline, an international effort begins to return that species from extinction before mankind encounters its own. The human race has only just learned to pluck at the strings of life on Earth. Will the curtains rise on a siren's song? Where will they fall?

The Privateer

William Zellmann - 2012
    The slaves stole an ore carrier and escaped, and after failing at trade, desperation and hatred drove them to piracy. John was a hugely successful pirate, until forced to confront the horrors committed by his men. He grabs a ship and a bag of gems, and runs away, determined to regain his self-respect. Pursued by his former colleagues, he flees across man-settled space. Along the way, he learns that his ship is much more than a simple yacht, deals with a stowaway girl, almost accidentally buys an orbital scrap yard, finds himself responsible for a beautiful young woman, fights off a pirate attack, falls in love, makes a friend, and learns that his refuge has been invaded by another planet. John, now Cale, and his friends plan to use derelicts from his scrap yard to free his sanctuary planet. But can a bunch of resurrected hulks really defeat a planetary fleet? And just what IS a Privateer, anyway?


Kacey Ezell - 2019
    They have absolute power; after all, they are the ones with the weapons. The only other armed agency, the Peacemaker Guild, is far smaller and unable to bend them to their will. But absolute power has the tendency to corrupt absolutely, and this is becoming increasingly apparent as the guild’s members pursue their hidden agendas. Leeto, the Merc Guild’s Speaker, and the Veetanho General Peepo are no different than the rank and file. They will use any means necessary—within the law or not—to accomplish their goal of destroying humanity. With the invasion of Earth already complete, a single compliant Hunter could be the Guild’s perfect weapon to finally accomplish their goals. Except that Hunters aren’t known for their compliance. Sparks are sure to fly as the unstoppable force of the Mercenary Guild comes up against the immovable object that is the will of the galaxy’s deadliest assassins. Guns in the light battle knives in the dark as the Mercenary Guild takes on the Depik Hunters, and only one will emerge victorious. Who will survive to kill another day?

The Last Dogs

Joe Siple - 2020

War Without End

G.P. Hudson - 2017
    Throughout the galaxy, planetary systems seek independence and freedom. Everywhere there is war. Trying to maintain its grip, the Empire has become more ruthless, and reliant on mercenary armies. The powerful Zeta Corp fills this need with its advanced weapons, and legions of genetically engineered soldiers. These soldiers, while fiercely loyal, are nothing more than slaves. Danny is a Zeta Corp mercenary who has known nothing but war, and service to Zeta Corp in his short life. But when a routine mission ends in disaster, he finds himself questioning everything he believed in. Pitted against the Empire, and Zeta Corp, can he gain freedom for himself, his friends, and the galaxy?