Warrior Academy: The Hiroic Trio - Episode 2

G.L. Rathweg - 2018
    Now in a world forever changed, a place where magic is real, and monsters have come to life. A place where magic and science blend with pop culture… Welcome to Warrior Academy. Welcome back to Warrior Academy. Rejoin Hiro and friends as they continue their journey. Meet new friends and enemies. More food, fighting, and music. If you like video games, music, anime, and just pop culture in general… you will love Warrior Academy. Its Harry Potter meets Naruto with a little Dragon Ball Z and Dungeons and Dragons thrown in for fun, oh and don’t forget a smattering of High School Musical… This is the second episode in a 13 episode series. (P.S. There is an attached Youtube and/or Spotify playlist meant to be listened to with the episode. Think of it as a Soundtrack.) #LitRPG #GameLIT

When A Hood Legend Claims It All 2

Belleza - 2019
    Amare is willing to do whatever it takes to protect Corryn even if it means a life must be lost. Will they survive the drama that Pitt is causing them? There's another snake close to Corryn that she would have never expected, will she be able to catch the betrayal in time? Amena and Wesley are working on being couple goals, but the past will come back to bite them at the worst time. When secrets are uncovered, Wesley will have to make a decision but will his choice end his and Amena's relationship before it even gets started? Will Amena be willing to stick beside Wesley through it all? With Kenton focused on being the man in the streets, he somehow managed to keep that life totally separate from his family. However, his baby mother, Tara, doesn’t play fair when it comes to his children and always find a way to make parenting a difficult task. Soon Kenton will find solace in someone else who he feels understands him and gets along with his family. Is it even possible to keep your street life and family life separate or will Kenton have to accept that both worlds are intertwined? With all the jealousy and drama going around, everyone just wants to be happy. Snakes have to be eliminated by any means necessary, if that means death then so be it. Amare, Wesley and Kenton are here to prove that When a Hood Legend Claims It All, it is always for keeps

Self coaching: 55 Questions, Across 8 Dimensions For A New You! (Self discovery,Purpose,Talents)

Manoj Chenthamarakshan - 2018
    In this book, I have specially crafted coaching questions used by life coaches to unveil the answers from you. I would recommend you to use a partner to question each other to get better results. It is all fine to go it alone, but you will make far more progress if you involve another person in the process. This is because we tend to answer in depth when someone else asks the question. We tend to think deeply so that the answers we provide are concise and complete. You may think that you are bringing clarity to the other person but the truth is you are bringing clarity to yourself. Here is a preview of what you will learn Self discovery questions Goal questions Belief and value questions Oppurtunities questions Action questions Habit questions Accountablity questions Celebration questions

Rawlins, No Longer Young

Rick DeStefanis - 2018
    Virgil Rawlins is left without family or friends as he is swept into the maelstrom that encompasses the last years of the American Civil War. Lost in a world of brutality and inhumanity, the teenaged Rawlins matures—as did many of the Wild West’s first outlaws—with revenge and hatred as his only motivations. He heads westward before the war’s end, making his way to the town of Independence and the Oregon Trail, but along the way he meets the remarkably beautiful Sarah McCaskey and learns that the rights and wrongs in his life cannot be defined simply as blue and gray.When Sarah tells Rawlins of her loss to Confederate guerrilla Bloody Bill Anderson, Rawlins begins to question his own assumptions. Joining a wagon train as a hunter/scout, he heads westward into the raging Indian War of 1865. Along the way he earns a reputation as a well-respected fighter, and he must finally decide what kind of man he will be—outlaw, lawman, or perhaps, neither.Rawlins, No Longer Young is guaranteed to stir debate and enlighten readers with the experiences of these turbulent years as seen through the eyes of a young Confederate soldier.

You Will Sail Through

Abhishek Bhargava - 2020
    You Will Sail Through” is a story about Anubha, the protagonist, a young millennial in her mid-twenties, who got dumped by her boyfriend, Ashish.Anubha decides to end her life by committing suicide amidst the beaches of Pondicherry.She ends up meeting Abhishek, the author of this book, who narrates her the “millennials’ things”.The millennials' things revolve around the rationale of “Why we go through, what we go through, and what has to be done to overcome whatever we go through,” answering the millennials’ generation's questions.Be it Mithali, Debanjana, Maddy, or as many as other twenty-six millennials about which the author narrates, they all found it difficult to sail through in their lives in one area or the other they all sailed through in the end.What were those twenty-six millennials going through in their lives?How those twenty-six millennials who found it almost impossible in the beginning sailed through in the end?What did the author narrate to Anubha, which not only sailed her through those throbbing sea waves at the beaches of Pondicherry but also sailed her through the emotional turmoil she was going through and led her finding the lost purpose in her life.This October,Come, Read an exciting, thrilling, and a humorous book inspired by the real-life events of millennials and learn the Art of Sailing Through.Remember, “You Will Sail Through”“Sail Through,” What??“Whatever you are going through!"

The Brave Men

Tony Maxwell - 2014
     ...The thrilling adult action-adventure sequel to The Young Lions. Robert Hamilton's story continues against the backdrop of a South Africa recovering from the tragedy of the Anglo-Boer War while the world teeters on the brink of an even greater disaster, the looming Great War.Drawn into this unfamiliar world of rebellion, intrigue and espionage, Robert finds love and then loses it in the greatest maritime disaster of the 20th Century.

None of My Affair: The Wedding of the Year. The Scandal of the Decade.

Fiona O'Brien - 2017
    O'Brien never puts a foot wrong' Irish Independent IT'S THE WEDDING OF THE YEARSupermodel Ali Armstrong will tie the knot on board luxury knot Excalibur, surrounded by her closest friends and family.AND THE SCANDAL OF THE DECADEBut as the guests descend on Puerto Banus for the festivities, tensions and secrets rise to the surface.Will Ali's mother, Carrie, finally accept the end of her own marriage? Can her sister, Hope, forget her broken heart and learn to trust again? Will Jay see off the Russian temptress and hang on to her millionaire husband?When the sun sets on the azure waters of the Med, the privileged world of the Armstrongs is blown sky high...'Delicious ... full of warmth, glamour and excitment' Cathy Kelly

The Honest King and Other Stories (Stories for Children Series #4)

D.R. Tara - 2014
    These five stories comprise Volume 4 of ‘Illustrated Moral Stories for Children Series’. All the stories fall in the following main categories: myths and legends series, moral stories for kids, childrens books by age 5-8, fairy tales for teens, kids books ages 9 12, self-read childrens ebooks, and kindle books for kids 9-12. These five illustrated moral stories are included in this book: Story 1: Prince Rayner Story 2: The Honest King Story 3: Ball in the Well Story 4: When Mountains Bowed Story 5: Thirst for Knowledge These stories can be read and enjoyed by all ages and all cultures. Each story has a moral at the end, and they are appropriate to read to children at bedtime. PLEASE ALSO CHECK OUT BOOKS 1, 2, 3 AND 5 IN THE ‘ILLUSTRATED MORAL STORIES FOR CHILDREN SERIES’. THESE BOOKS, BY BEST SELLING AUTHOR, D. R. TARA, ARE ENTITLED AS FOLLOWS: BOOK 1: STARS IN THE POOL AND OTHER STORIES BOOK 2: TRUE FRIENDS AND OTHER STORIES BOOK 3: JUDGE MONKEY AND OTHER STORIES BOOK 5: FLYING ELEPHANTS AND OTHER STORIES A summary of Amazon Reader Reviews of 'Children's Book: “The Honest King and Other Stories" (Kids Books Ages 9-12) Short Stories Collections and bedtime story books for kids by all ages, folklore myths and legends': "..excellent set of kids picture adventure books...kids short stories. My children...love childrens picture books for kindle...great bedtime story books for kids by all ages..good kids picture books and kids books by age 5-8." "..enjoyed the illustrated moral stories for kids series..great kids illustrated book...an ideal bed time story book..kids of all ages will enjoy." "...wonderful bedtime story for children of all ages...childrens folklore myths and legends." "..liked this collections of kids short stories...great bedtime story books for kids by all ages, kids picture adventure books." "..love these kids picture adventure books and kids short stories..folklore myths and legends...the best childrens picture books for kindle..great kids books by age 5-8 and the best childrens books by ages 9-12." "...kids short stories about folklore, myths and legends..bedtime story books for kids of all ages or childrens picture books for kindle...really good kids picture books." "..good as delivering kids picture adventure books as the other folklore, myths, and legends in the previous books in the series...appropriate as a bedtime story book for kids by all ages...kids short stories..great addition to our collection of childrens picture books for Kindle." "The stories combine elements of Eastern and Western cultures, which is a good way to introduce children to new cultures and values."

Minecraft: Diary of an Incredible Steve [An Unofficial Minecraft Book] For kids who like: Minecraft Diaries, Minecraft Books for Kids, Minecraft Diary ... Minecraft Stories (Minecraft Tales Book 24)

Anonymous - 2015
    It's up to Steve to stop him and his staff from destroying Minecraft. Will he be able to or will Minecraft suffer a terrible future of chaos and destruction?Find out in the Diary of an Incredible Steve! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Tags: minecraft stories, minecraft fanfiction, minecraft books, minecraft diaries, minecraft tales, minecraft short stories, minecraft short story, minecraft story, minecraft creepypasta, minecraft diary of a wimpy, game fanfiction, kids books, minecraft free, minecraft books for kids, minecraft games, minecraft xbox, minecraft tips, minecraft game, minecraft comics, minecraft story book, minecraft journal book, herobrine, villager. minecraftales, game fiction, game stories, game books, game story books.

The Dreaming Reality

Noor Anand - 2018
    I am Ridhima Maniktala, 21.I'm in a relationship with Rihansh Kashyap.He is my student, and 5 years younger to me.I read about a disease called Cullen Syndromein which the patient gets vivid dreams about their future.I also get lifelike dreams about a woman called Sara and her family of three.But I haven't told Rihansh about my last dream in which Sara receives a phone call saying "Your husband was killed in a car crash."Am I Sara?Is Rihansh going to die?Will my dreams be my future?

Unwanted Visitors

Neicy P - 2018
    After five years, the nightmares that she had every night reminded her repeatedly of the things she went through as a child, and the murder she witnessed when she was a teenager. When the opportunity presented itself, Lisa moved away from her family and created a life that didn’t involve them. Lisa had great friends and strived for the normal life that she craved. Everything was going as planned, until her routine life was interrupted by a phone call from the brother that she feared. Lisa was brought back to the place that she vowed to never return to. It was her childhood home that held secrets and lies of a life that she no longer wanted. Her therapist, Dr. Mage, encouraged her to spend time with her siblings in their time of need, but a trip to the cabin, made Lisa realize how angry she was. Not only at her mother, but at a woman that took her brother under her wing and created the monster that he was. They called her Aunt Janet, a name in the household that no one was able to say without looking behind them. She was ruthless and evil in the cruelest way. Lisa didn’t like it and couldn’t wait to go back home when she heard that her brother and sister had been keeping in touch with her. But, a long-lost friend helped her cope with her reality and promised her that he would stay by her side, no matter what. In turn, it made Lisa think twice about leaving. She wanted to give him a chance, but knew that it was going to be difficult to let him in. Especially with a serial killer for a brother and an Aunt. Will Lisa be able to save her family from the woman that caused them so much pain, or will Aunt Janet have the last laugh?

Survival Handbook for Minecraft: Master Survival in Minecraft: Unofficial Minecraft Guide (MineGuides)

BlockBoy - 2014
    There are so many facets to the game and so much depth that while everyone plays and enjoys the game, not everyone has knowledge of the amazing possibilities. There are little known tips and tricks and sometime tested wisdom accrued by veteran players that not everyone is privy to.With this guide you will learn all this and more. Not only will it make you enjoy the game more, but it will also let you become the master of the Minecraft world. A survivor who can get through any hardship be it a Zombie invasion in the middle of the night or a Creeper ambush where you least expect it. Or if you are playing on a SMP server with open PvP combat, this guide will even help you get the upper hand there. In all this, the guide does assume that you have a basic working knowledge of the game and know the simple things like crafting weapons and building simple bases.So whether you are just a casual player looking for a fun time, or a hardcore gamer looking to be the next Bear Grylls of the world of Minecraft, either way, I am certain you will find this guide a fun and informative companion through your days in the enchanting world of Minecraft. Scroll Up, Click "Buy Now" and Master Survival in Minecraft

Minecraft Seeds: 50 Incredible Minecraft Seeds You Must Use

Michael Marlon - 2015
     You’re about to discover how to use seeds to unlock amazing worlds for you to discover, as well as create some of your own! Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Find... Seeds to use for PC, Playstation, and Xbox Many worlds to explore Beautiful, inhospitable terrain to survive Entire worlds build on a cache of wealth Hidden strongholds Monsters! Loot! Much, much more! Don’t wait – Download this book and begin exploring some of the most interesting worlds Minecraft has to offer NOW! Scroll Up and Get Your Copy NOW! ---------------------------------------- Additional Tags: Minecraft, Minecraft handbook, minecraft free books, minecraft app, minecraft books, minecraft pocket edition, minecraft free, minecraft comics, diary of a minecraft zombie, minecraft, minecraft seeds, minecraft seeds handbook, minecraft handbook, minecraft pocket edition, minecraft seeds for pe minecraft seeds pocket edition for pc minecraft secrets handbook minecraft seeds for xbox360 unofficial secrets handbook edition minecraft seeds book diary of a minecraft, minecraft, minecraft handbook, minecraft pocket edition, minecraft secrets, minecraft kitten, minecraft diary, minecraft ebooks, minecraft flash bones, minecraft for dummies, minecraft guide, minecraft jokes, minecraft handbook, minecraft herobrine, minecraft house ideas, minecraft hacks, minecraft house designs, diary of a minecraft iron golem, minecraft ideas invasion, diary of a minecraft, minecraft ultimate handbook, flash and bones minecraft, zombies, minecraft handbook, minecraft handbooks collection, minecraft handbook construction, minecraft mods, minecraft mems, diary of a minecraft kitten, minecraft handbook combat, minecraft legend, minecraft comics, minecraft zombie, minecraft books for kids, minecraft secrets, minecraft blockopedia, minecraft quest, minecraft redstone handbook, minecraft xbox 360, minecraft mods, minecraft construction handbook, unleashing minecraft, adventures in minecraft, minecraft guide, official minecraft handbook, minecraft diary, minecraft official guide, diary of a minecraft, minecraft novel, flash and bones minecraft, how to play minecraft, minecraft controls , mods for minecraft, minecraft blocks, minecraft recipies, minecraft ladder, minecraft boat, minecraft character skins, minecraft survival mode, minecraft fence, minecraft bucket, minecraft items, minecraft creative mode, minecraft chest, minecraft single player commands, minecraft walkthrough, minecraft crafting guide, minecraft cheat codes, minecraft crafting recipes, minecraft building guide, minecraft cheat codes, minecraft crafting recipes, minecraft tnt, minecraft adventure, minecraft stories, minecraft diary, minecraft collection, minecraft series, minecraft book kids, minecraft pc, minecraft demo, minecraft commands, minecraft herobrine, computer games, freegames, minecraft skin maker, minecraft game, how to make a minecraft server, minecraft online, minecraft book, minecraft movie, minecraft house, minecraft song, minecraft video, minecraft id list, mods for minecraft, minecraft books, minecraft castle, minecraft fence, minecraft papercraft, minecraft music, minecraft forum, minecraft 2, minecraft skin creator, play minecraft, minecraft workben

Secret of Silver Springs

Louis L'Amour - 2014
    PERIL PRESS presents: Range Riders Western, November 1949 SECRET OF SILVER SPRINGS by Louis L’Amour as Jim Mayo Dud Shaffer and his pards know how to take the right turn at the right time! “Dud” and his pards know how to take the right turn at the right time 6300 Words PLUS BONUS!!! Texas Rangers, April 1951 TROUBLE SHOOTER by Sam Brant Hardcase McHugh earns two hundred dollars—with one shot! Hardcase McHugh, salty hombre, earns two hundred dollars with one shot 2900 Words Western Story, January 3 1931 BUYS OUTLAWS' GUNS Feature 80 Words Western Story, November 2 1929 THE BRANDING IRON PASSES Feature 150 Words This edition includes 12+ images between story/feature illustrations, ads, mastheads and pulp covers.

Once Rejected Twice Desired (Blue Moon Series, #1)

Ambernique Leggett
    What she doesn't know is what will happen when she finally does. The betrayal of rejection knocks her down, but she's not meant to be down for long. She is meant for greatness. Follow along as she overcomes to get everything she has ever wanted, but was too afraid to ask. She was Once Rejected, but now Twice Desired.