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Every Family Has One (All Things D #2) by Joanna Warrington


The Cirque

Martin Van Pelt - 2012
    The following four days will change their lives forever.

Sharing Amelia: A Historical Western Menage Romance (Timber Creek Brides)

Samantha Madisen - 2017
    But instead of just one man, there are two waiting for her both intent on marrying her. After the initial shock wears off, Amelia realises she has little choice but to do as the men ask and become a wife to both of them. When the two finally get her alone, she begins to understand what it will mean to be a Timber Creek Bride. Colt and Bear have been saving for a mail-order bride for longer than they can remember. With the paltry sum they pay, the last thing they expect is the beautiful and innocent young woman that shows up. They set about introducing her to what it means being married to not one, but two cowboys. But trouble looms in the form of the spiteful Angus Sneed who doesn't think much of the men's strange lifestyle. Will they be able to find happiness or will Sneed's scheming win out? Steamy standalone novella with no cliffhanger and HEA.

Cathedral of Lies

John Pye - 2013
    The blast from a powerful handgun brings a halt to proceedings.Three days and two hundred miles separate the finding of a mutilated corpse in a Staffordshire beauty spot – there seems no connection.Interesting police work and pathology establish a shocking and unexpected history to the corpse and then another body is discovered. Detective inspector Doug Taylor knows that plenty of long days lie ahead.Sinister characters from different walks of life emerge as tales of rape, murder, corruption and horrific torture develop.A vigilante chase crosses the North Sea. Peril and intrigue loiter at every corner as the struggle to determine the criminal mastermind’s objectives intensifies with terrifying events in two different countries.Matters become all the more curious when a bizarre secret held by a cathedral and a church appear pivotal to the core of the affair – it is a secret surrounded by lies, a secret which stretches back decades and one which the main players will go to any lengths to obtain.Go to the interactive website – when you have read the book you can open the secret pages and discover the truth of the real unsolved crime behind the book.

The Tailor's Needle

Lakshmi Raj Sharma - 2009
    Part comedy of manners, part social commentary, love story, mystic narration and thriller, it is a sort of Indian version of Oliver Goldsmith's THE VICAR OF WAKEFIELD.

Ollie Stratford Cozy Mysteries: 5 Book Box Set: An Ollie Stratford Cozy Mystery

N.C. Lewis - 2018
    Lewis's popular Ollie Stratford Cozy Mysteries series. Enjoy hour upon hour of good, clean, humorous, reading with characters you will grow to love! BOOK1: TEXAS TROUBLES Middle-aged Professor Ollie Stratford's been hounded by a psycho realtor, outrun by a bunch of grandma’s, taken advice from sock puppets, stuck in a brimming toilet bowl, and almost run out of college by a drunken professor. How is that for her first few days in a quiet little Texas town she never wanted to live in? BOOK 2: CREEK CRISIS When a mysterious Portuguese film producer hires Ollie Stratford's event center she thinks it is going to be fun and games... until the brawling and fisticuffs amongst the Divas break out followed by Murder! BOOK 3: BITTER BONES When the bones of beloved local, Garrick Markovich, turn up buried by the oil well, Ollie's dreams of financial stability are put in danger. Now, Ollie must uncover the secrets of tight lipped locals to find the killer and obtain justice for Garrick. BOOK 4: MAGIC MUMBLES Doctor Ollie Stratford loves a good mystery. But the last thing she ever expected was to stumble into one while relaxing at Mysterious Malcolm's Magical Masquerade show. When a body shows up during the show, and the Magician leaps from the stage and disappears, Ollie gets sucked into a world where everyone has a grudge, and no one is talking. BOOK 5: TEDDY TUMPIN Ollie is trying to live a normal life, in a normal Texas Hill Country town, with a normal event center business. All that changes when the high school homecoming brings a local hero back to town. Then strange things happen—including to Ollie—and a body appears unexpectedly in a most unusual place. As Ollie follows a twisted trail, she does not understand the terrible consequences that will result. Will Ollie and the gang be able to track down the killer before the next victim or is it already too late? Pick up this TOTALLY ABSORBING COZY MYSTERY BOXSET FULL OF STUNNING TWISTS AND TURNS.

Rainelle: How to Kill an Incubus Bonus Chapter

Kimber Lee - 2015
    She could feel evil lurking around her, but she couldn’t do anything about it. Too bad she wasn’t cut out to be a hunter like her father. If only she was stronger, she could’ve avenged her mother. She is willing to do everything…even seducing an incubus, if it’s the only way to satisfy her thirst for revenge. With a demon hunter’s blood running through her veins, Rainelle could only hope.

The Rancher’s Virgin

Ava Walsh - 2017
     New York is Brie’s life. But when her mother suddenly dies, the 18-year-old doesn’t have a choice. She moves in with her family at a ranch in Texas to start over. Turns out that the ranch owner is one of the most gorgeous men she’s ever laid eyes on. But she has to forget about him. She’s too young and inexperienced for him, not to mention his son’s nanny. Little does she know that her aunt’s got it all planned out. Ranch owner Lance is every woman’s dream with his tousled hair and blue eyes. But underneath the muscles and sun-kissed skin, this wounded cowboy hides his scars. He’s focused on his work and his little son. He has no time for love. But everything changes when he sees Brie that first day, all curves, beauty and warmth. Is this wrong? Is this right? Despite their age difference and working relationship, Lance and Brie can’t deny the attraction. Will Brie be able to move past her loss and start her first relationship? Can Lance let his walls down and give into his feelings? Can they be a family and enjoy a simple life of love and joy together? The Rancher’s Virgin is a 58-page stand-alone story in a series of cowboy romance books, featuring cowboys and virgins. Other parts of the series (more coming soon!): The Cowboy’s Virgin The books each have an HEA and include stargazing, hot cowboys and steamy love scenes. Definitely intended for 18+ readers.

Forbidden Lovers: A Contemporary Romance Collection

Natasha L. Black - 2020
    Each one guarantees no cliffhangers or cheating, so you can enjoy every word to its maximum pleasure. To top it off, a unique HEA to make your heart swell. Enjoy reading! ~ Natasha L. Black

Flat Out Flat Broke: The Original Stig

Perry McCarthy - 2015
    Flat Out Flat broke is his hilarious and internationally acclaimed autobiography which takes you on Perry’s roller-coaster adventure as he battled on and off the race tracks of the world to fulfil his dream of Grand Prix stardom. One of the best selling motor racing books of all time, Perry’s story will have you on the edge of your seat either on the verge of tears or howling with laughter at both his bizarre misfortune and his triumphs against the odds. Don't miss it, it's the life story of a battler, a maestro in so many disciplines. But overall Perry McCarthy knows how to recover from failure and create success. From working on oil rigs to fame as The Stig, Flat Out Flat Broke is an utterly fascinating read and you will see why even other racing drivers affectionately call him ‘Mad Dog’!Perry McCarthy’s hilarious autobiography Flat Out, Flat Broke, has already become a motor racing best seller and has received rave reviews: SAMPLE OF MAGAZINE/NEWSPAPER REVIEWS: ‘ ... this book is hilarious’Autosport‘Perry McCarthy does for Formula One what Bill Bryson did for travel writing. But beneath the black humour and wisecracks – funny enough to make you laugh out loud in public – lies an inspiring and at times poignant tale of that rarest kind of racer: one who never gave up and was, literally, prepared to die trying.’The Independent on Sunday‘Perry McCarthy has always been excellent at describing his career in a series of memorable anecdotes, and here they are, strung together in book form. The reader is frequently left racked with sympathy at the author’s outrageous misfortune, or in convulsive sobs of laughter. This is an utterly fantastic read.’MotorSport magazine‘Sometimes books, like cigarette packets, should come with a surgeons health warning. Flat Out Flat Broke is a case in point, not just because it contains photographs of the author in the long forgotten days of his early childhood, but because it will make your stomach ache from laughing.’F1 Magazine'…. A fantastic funny story'(Book of the week) The London Evening Standard‘His engaging story of a less-than-smooth life in motor racing exudes his own cockney energy and enthusiasm and is a charming feel good tale that shows you can get what you want if you want it badly enough’Scottish Sunday Express‘The James Hunt impressions, the Ayrton Senna pizza delivery, the Rat Pack stories - the laughs come thick and fast in Perry McCarthy’s fantastic new book, Flat Out Flat Broke …’Daily Express‘The third edition of Perry McCarthy’s autobiography is a brilliant read’Auto Express SAMPLE OF AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS: 'Fantastic' Mr. J. W. Wood (Grimsby, UK) 'Brilliant!' By True Reader' "Brock" (London, England)'Fantastic very funny!' By S.

Rocky Mountain Reckoning

Kurt James
     What the Verdugo brothers did not count on is that Lucas Eldridge is a dangerous man that is not to be trifled with. For over two years Lucas is a man driven to exact justice and revenge from the bandit brothers that took everything he ever wanted and everything he ever loved when his wife died at their hands. In a pursuit through the Colorado Rocky Mountain wilderness that cover towns such as Breckenridge, Como, and Silver Plume and across the "Great Divide" Lucas sole purpose for living is to take the life from the Verdugos and condemn them to the depths of Hell. Lucas has become a hard and haunted man until he rescues the beautiful redheaded, green eyed Devon King the sister of a surveyor working for the Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad from Jose the youngest of the Verdugo brothers on top of Boreas Pass. Devon King is everything that Lucas departed wife was and his heart knows it, but his hatred for the Verdugos leaves no room for love. Or does it? Follow Lucas Eldridge in his western adventure as he battles the Verdugos and other outlaw's, mountain lions, wolves and the deadly cold and snow of a Colorado winter in the high country of the Rocky Mountains in his quest for justice and finally love.

Dragon Savior (Dragons of Mount Rixa Book 4)

Riley Storm - 2021

Taming the Billionaire - The Complete Series

Alice Ward - 2015
    This is the COMPLETE series box set containing all 5 parts with NO CLIFFHANGERS!I’d never been the type of girl who craved attention from men. In fact, I’d been accused many times of shrinking away from it. I was happily single and content to stay that way when my brother brought Drake Waters into my life.Drake was a devastatingly handsome billionaire architect—playboy extraordinaire according to the tabloid. He was the exact type of man I always tried to avoid. But when my brother got the opportunity to become his exclusive real estate agent, I was forced to play nice for the sake of family.As I’d expected, Drake was arrogant and a bit out of touch with reality. Everything had always come easy to him. But I soon realized that there was something deeper there, something that drew me to him.And from the moment he kissed me, I knew—good or bad–my life would never be the same.The complete series is now only one click away... Get it Now!This book is intended for a mature audience, 18+ only.

The Blue Executions

George P. Norris - 2014
    An incident in a Queens housing project hurls highly decorated detective Tommy Galvin not only onto the front pages of the newspapers but also into the crosshairs of the sociopath. The hunter becomes the hunted! Galvin’s actions on a warm spring evening ignite a powder keg of racial tension and civil unrest, capturing national attention which must be dealt with and brought under control by the NYPD. When the two men finally come face to face, Galvin’s life has changed forever, in a way he could have never imagined. The Blue Executions will take you from the eyes of the killer to the investigation charged with taking him down; from the inner workings of a major New York City newspaper that the killer has entrusted, to the behind the scenes politics of the NYPD at the highest levels. All of the while, Galvin’s life is on the line.

Save The Date

K.S. Thomas - 2014
    On the one hand, working in the bridal business means she’s basically dedicating her life to love and the dream of happy ever after. On the other, she’s a jaded, love hating cynic who isn’t about to fall for any of that crap herself. Except of course, she already did. When she was six. Emerson Barrett isn’t worried about finding the right woman. After a tumultuous past, he’s happy just dedicating his life to his work. Content in knowing what to expect day in and day out, he’s thrown for a loop when he’s suddenly standing face to face with little Lissy Luvalle again. Only now she’s not so little anymore…

Hot Water Man

Deborah Moggach - 1984
    Among the ex-pats already there is straight-talking Duke Hanson, whose all-American values cannot prevent him falling, then sinking, helplessly in love with a sophisticated Pakistani girl. In the ensuing tangle of Anglo-American-Oriental relations, the strangest things for those who have come out East are revealed in the very people with whom they arrived…