Book picks similar to
Castles in the Sand by Allie McCormack


Playing for her Heart (Games Lovers Play Book 1)

Danielle Burton - 2017
    Claire is through with love. Not everyone gets a happily ever after, and she’s okay with that. After all, it’s not like Mr. Right is just going to come knocking at her door… Aspiring entrepreneur, Khalil “K.C.” Campbell has been delivering mail to a beautiful workaholic for five long months. An ever-growing crush has plagued him since day one, but she has no idea he exists. That is until the day she finally looks up from her computer…

Brick Solid

Jewelz Baxter - 2019
    He is solid and unforgiving. A force. He learned at a young age to trust no one. Especially women. He has no use for them and has no problem using them for a profit. That is until the face that haunts his dreams is brought to the clubhouse to be auctioned. Nealy Ann Kinman left the city to flee a demanding and unfulfilling life. Strong willed and confident, she likes being in charge of her own life. Only now she has lost control and finds herself in a dangerous situation. Will Brick break the rules to save her? If he saves her will he be able to let her go?

A Ghost of Her Own: A Romance

Alessa Winters - 2018
     But with the old warehouse comes a new challenge: particularly, the Ghost of a man who died there long ago, who may be unwilling to tolerate this strange person in the only place he can exist. But something about the Ghost draws her to him, and Grace starts to forge a strange connection with him, something neither of them anticipated but both desperately needed. This is a low heat, sweet Romance novel with a surprising amount of tension!

Claimed by Daddy's 4 Dirty Friends (Their Temptation, #4)

Barbi Cox - 2022
    With all of them.Maybe we can make this work.

The Everything Girl

L.E. Maleki - 2018
    Determined to avoid crawling back to her dead-end life in California, Paris applies for an assistant position to a hedge fund CEO. Sure, she's not totally qualified for the position, but who is these days? Fake it till you make it, right? Wrong. All too quickly, Paris realizes her "job" is to cater to the whims of a maniacal dictator intent on ruining her day and possibly even her life. Between ducking her new employer's random tantrums, arranging his exotic entertainment, balancing office politics, and nurturing a new relationship, Paris can't possibly keep her head above water. But when she discovers incriminating evidence against the CEO, information that could take her down in the process, she finds herself faced with a decision: sacrifice her life and dignity for the job or her chance at a real future.

The Paid Juror (Max Harrison #3)

Patrick Grisham - 2014
     When criminal defense attorney Max Harrison is called to defend long-term client, Dwayne Jackson, he advises the defendant to take the plea bargain. Dwayne has a strong case against him but seems impossibly confident. Max starts to dig beneath the surface of the case, and he finds a juror may have been bought. But the more Max digs, the more dangerous the case becomes. Can Max survive the ultimate double-cross?

Beasts 2: A Mate's War

Natavia - 2017
     Kanye and Monifa’s mating ritual is only days away but their fate was sabotaged. Monifa’s urge to cheat fate causes a dark past to haunt her. Will Monifa be able to fight the surge of black magic flowing through her veins or will she let it consume her and push Kanye into Arya’s waiting arms? Chancy and Akea are in love and are now expecting a new edition to the pack. The visions Akea had of Chancy with another wolf causes him to question their relationship. Would his insecurity push her away and into the arms of another wolf? Osiris who is possessed by a vampire god wants what belongs to him, Keora’s soul. But there are two things standing in his way, Monifa is Keora in the afterlife and she’s Kanye’s mate. Will Seth get what he wants or will Kanye go to war to protect him and Monifa’s destiny? In this second installment of the beasts, the couples are fighting for love harder than ever. They are willing to go to war until death in order to seal their fate. Which couple will surrender their love and who will win the war? This is a tale of passion, vengeance, jealousy, and erotica.

A Hood Wife: A Thug Love Story: A Standalone Romance

B. Richemond - 2020

Easy Does It

Brooke St. James - 2020
    It had been my dream since I was a little girl. I longed to experience the sand and sea. My heart's desire was to become a famous artist who painted scenes with palm trees and blue waters.Finally, I was moving to a coastal town. It was only three hours from where I grew up, but it might as well have been paradise with how excited I was. My sister was coming with me, except she didn't care about painting palm trees and beach scenes. She was only in it for the shirtless guys.Abigail and I packed our bags and headed south to Galveston Island where we'd stay for the summer. In the fall she would return to college, but if I liked Galveston enough I would stay.From the moment I got off the ferry I was sure this island would be my new home. I knew I had finally found my muse. What I didn't know was that I would also find my soulmate.

Teddy: A Brothers in Blue Novelette

Jeanne St. James - 2017
    Teddy’s story is a little different from the other three main books, because Max, Marc, and Matt’s stories are all heterosexual romances. The Bryson brothers found the women that changed the rest of their lives.In every one of their books, Teddy hoped to finally land a Bryson of his very own. Unfortunately for Teddy, all the Bryson boys were straight… Not that he didn’t try anyway. He was nothing, if not determined. Therefore, when it came time for Teddy for find a mate, it had to be a Bryson. I just needed to dig one out of the closet!Note: This is a short m/m story that I originally wrote for a charity anthology. While it comes after the first three books, it can be read as a standalone. This is just a peek into the day they met, but don’t worry, in the end they got their HEA. I revisit this couple again in the fourth book: Brothers in Blue: A Bryson Family Christmas that releases October of 2020.

Royally Loved: The Royal Romances Books 1-5

Mckenna James - 2020
    Escape into a fictional land of royals, where the men are filthy rich, hot as Hades, and accustomed to possessing any woman they choose.The women are independent, strong-willed spitfires who don’t necessarily need a man, and might not be the most desirable candidates for princess status.But times are changing, and these five royal romances are about choosing love over everything else, and turning convention on its head.Because there’s nothing these rakish heroes love more than breaking the rules...Royally SchooledThey come from two different worlds.Their love goes against centuries of tradition.But he doesn’t give a damn.Royal AcademyEliza Noble doesn’t belong in my world.I’m a Prince, and she’s a scholarship student.No one thinks she’s good enough, but I’ll have her anyway.The Prince’s BabyShe’s carrying a secret more precious than gold.A heartwarming secret baby royal romance.Her Royal PhysicianShe’s a princess, and his patient.He’s supposed to heal her, not fall for her.Crossing the line could cost him everything, but sometimes love is worth the risk.Royal HolidayIn Brooklandia, the holiday countdown doesn’t begin until the Royal Family throws their Midnight Masquerade Ball two weeks before Christmas Eve.So when a dashing masked man captures Princess Marina under the mistletoe and gives her a toe-curling kiss then leaves her with a single red rose, she has no idea who he is…

Devil's Advocate: Vlad (The Bedlam Horde MC Book 1)

Sarah Zolton Arthur - 2020
    I’m no choirboy and don’t shy away from hard living, but I draw the line at hurting women. Rage, our president, wants war with the Brimstone Lords—yeah, it’ll be a cold day in hell before I let that happen. He’s toxic to the MC. It’s about time the Bedlam Horde clean house. If this is how he wants to play—then game on.NicolaI’ve devoted my life to helping women escape trafficking ever since the day I was rescued. But when I saw our safe house destroyed, one woman having survived the nightmare and the others I swore to protect dead or missing, I knew I needed stronger allies in this battle. Our enemy knows us by name. They’re coming for us, if we don’t take them out first. In order to protect us, I have to put my trust in the thing I fear most—a man.Gun the engine and hold on tight! USA Today Bestseller, Sarah Zolton Arthur, delivers sizzling romance mixed with a thrill a minute adventure in the Bedlam Horde series!

At Your Request

Mercy B. - 2017
    While similarities aren't considered weaknesses, it's the sole possessions of one human than attracts them to another... that one thing that someone their opposite can find inside of their core, but not within themselves. It's what attaches them, intrigues them as a flame does a moth. It's the bridge that gaps them together in a manner that other's may be ignorant to, while the details are in plain sight for the two basking in the afterglow. Ripleigh, a young single mother, has been beat down by the biggest villain of all. Life has gutted her of her most valuable vessel, the heart. After suffering through the death of her counterpart, and daughter's father, she's left with merely a shell to call home for the rest of the organs that are keeping her amongst the living. Ripleigh packed her things and moved down south for a more modest living and to place the pain of loss as many miles behind her as she could. While life seemed to be plentiful closer to the boarder, Ripleigh's funds were diminishing. Quick on her feet, she reduced her pride and laced up her highest heels to tread the stage of ILLUSION, the most sought out dwelling for upscale nightlife. Semaaj, prominent medical provider and face of Northcross Pediatric Care, stumbles into a dimly lit atmosphere full of hookah smoke, chest rocking base, and clad women with insane skills and enough strength to help him lay the final bricks to his newly purchased children's clinic. Though he feels as if he's worlds away from his comfort zone, he feels a familiar tugging of his heartstrings after setting his eyes on the talented Blyss. Semaaj, later, finds himself frequenting the underworld at an alarming rate, and the staff soon knows him by name. His request is simple, Blyss. Two strangers, two completely different worlds, two bizarre parties discover that there is likeness even in their oppositions. While Ripleigh decides to run, Semaaj exchanges his stethoscope and lab coat for joggers and tennis shoes. He accepts the challenge of digging up Ripleigh's, as known as Blyss, heart -the vessel that had been buried along with her previous lover. Bruised, cut, leaking, and dysfunctional as it may come packaged, he cares nothing for it's appearance. The purity of it's inside is what he's most desirable of.

Bad Girls Love Trap N*ggas

Taniece - 2019
    Being placed in a group home wasn’t her ideal place to live, but she soon grew to love it because that’s how she met her best friend Glamour. Now a grown woman, her mission is to become some trapper’s Bonnie, but what happens when she meets the smooth-talking and persistent Vonnie Kross? Vonnie isn’t just you’re average trapper. In fact, he is one of the most paid suppliers in the Atlanta streets that every woman craves to get a taste of. Ever since his father grew ill and died, he dropped his dreams of ever going off to college and took over the family business. Everything in his life is sweet, or so he thinks. The moment he decides to pursue Mahari, his entire world goes into a spiral. Glamour is one of the best makeup artists in Atlanta and the ultimate party girl. One drunken night leads her to meet playboy Grayson. An utter mistake has her quickly pushing him away until, finally, she decides to give him a chance and see where things can go from there.

Two Feathers (Native Warrior Series)

Elizabeth Anne Porter - 2020
    She was taken in by the Choctaw and treated as one of their own, even though she failed at the simplest of tasks. Eight years later, when two white men came into the village to claim her as their relative offering herds of cattle and horses in trade, she did what she thought was best for her Choctaw family. Bliss left her village in hopes she would find herself a better fit in the white world. Before the day was out, she learned the men were not who they said and had no intention of treating her like family. In the end, she was faced with an unforeseeable choice and an unwinnable battle. Two Feathers was a young Native learning the ways of the Choctaw. However, he was not like the other men in his village who lived off of the land, farming and raising livestock. He enjoyed spilling the blood of the invaders and was absent, fighting, more than he was home. Still, he had fallen for the little white girl who couldn’t farm, couldn’t make baskets, and was generally a failure at Native life. Returning from a battle, he discovered the white men had taken Bliss, the woman with whom he expected to share his life. Her unexpected departure changed everything. Gone were his desires to do anything other than locate the girl; she consumed his every thought and he vowed to bring her back. Learning that the men had nefarious intentions, only reinforced his resolve. Will he find her before she makes the dreadful decision she knows must be made? Will she be able to face her adopted, Native family after all that has happened? Will Two Feathers’ love be enough to vanquish the horrors she endured at the hands of her own people?