Back to the Moon

Travis S. Taylor - 2010
    Science Fiction by Two Scientists Who Know Both Science and the Ways of Government Bureaucracies.  Praise for Travis S. Taylor “[Warp Speed] reads like Doc Smith writing Robert Ludlum. . . .You won't want to put it down.” —John Ringo   “In the tradition of Golden Age SF . . . explodes with inventive action . . . dazzling . . . cutting-edge scientific possibilities. . . .” —Publishers Weekly   Praise for Les Johnson:           “. . . Solar Sails: A Novel Approach to Interplanetary Travel . . . convincingly captures the history of ideas about solar sails, their current state of play and their future promise. … Suitable for aerospace students and keen enthusiasts alike. . . .” —Stuart Clark, Nature   “I can recommend this book [Living Off the Land in Space: Green Roads to the Cosmos] to everyone interested in the future of space exploration.” —Claude Semay, Physicalia

The Trigger

Arthur C. Clarke - 1999
    This novel by two bestselling sci-fi authors details the wrenching changes wrought by such a scientific feat--with nothing less than global peace at stake.

What Entropy Means to Me

George Alec Effinger - 1972
    Initially defending himself with a torch, the Doctor searched frantically for a new method of defense. The crimson mass is lunging forward using long, tentacle-like attachments: what is that thing? Slowly the subhuman blob comes in to focus, and Dore realizes . . . it's a colossal radish! This is a monster never before wrestled with; what are they going to do? After reading this vegetative tale, you won't look at your garden the same way again..

The Gray Prince

Jack Vance - 1974
    The several intelligent species that had lived so long in a sort of symbiotic harmony were at each other's throats. The humanoid Uldra were united in rebellion against the human land-holding community of which Schaine was part. The Uldra revolutionary leader and catalyst the Gray Prince Jorjol was actually an Uldra fostered in Schaine's own home, and upon whom Schaine had exerted a profound influence. An influence far more profound than Schaine would have thought possible. An influence possibly powerful enough to smash her home, her family, and her entire way of life!

The Corridors of Time

Poul Anderson - 1965
    Through them, one can travel backwards and forwards over the history of man. But rival factions have waged war for centuries.... Malcolm is an ordinary man of today, caught up in a time war beyond his comprehension....Cover Illustration by Anthony Roberts.


Harry Harrison - 1976
    Prometheus - A stunning triumph of Soviet-Americal technological cooperation.Prometheus - Ultimate answer to the prayers of an energy-starved world.Prometheus - Potentially the source of the greatest single disaster in human history.Skyfall - A thrilling novel of near future catastrophe, a catastrophe with a chilling ring of authenticity in the wake of this year's nuclear satellite fall in Canada....

The Web Between the Worlds

Charles Sheffield - 1979
    -- KliattRob Merlin was the best engineer who had ever lived. That was why The King of Space had to have him for the most spectacular construction project ever -- even though Rob was a potentially fatal threat to his power...Thus begins a breakthrough novel by the former President of the American Astronautical Society, about an idea whose time has come: a shimmering bridge between Earth and space that mankind will climb to the stars!Sound like fantasy? The concept has been in the literature of physics for over three decades, but only a writer with the scientific background of a Sheffield or a Clarke could bring the idea to life.

The Warriors of Dawn

M.A. Foster - 1975
    One had created the other - normal humans had experimented in forced evolution and had produced the ler, a sort of supermen race, but pacifistic and contemplative. The ler fled from the turbulent worlds of homo sapiens and established their own quiet planetary colonies. Which made it all the more inexplicable when reports came in of fierce planetary marauders, looting and burning, who were of ler ancestry. The existence of barbarian lers was a contradiction in terms. And the search for their reasons for existence was to take a human male and a ler female into an expedition into strange worlds and the unsuspected bypasses of all the systems of science and philosophy.

West of January

Dave Duncan - 1989
    Because it takes a lifetime for each region of the planet to experience dawn, midday and dusk, the planet's population does not remember the catastrophes that occur as the sun moves across the sky - entire civilizations have been scorched into oblivion. The only people who remember the dangers of the past are the planet's "angels" - a people who have tried to preserve past technologies to save the planet. This action-filled story of a very strange planet showcases Duncan's remarkable ability to create unique worlds.

The Lifeship

Gordon R. Dickson - 1975
    Castaways between the stars...Trapped in the confines of their fragile lifeship, a tiny band of aliens and humans faces the awesome challenge of survival after the mysterious explosion of a giant spaceship.Giles Steel, a member of Earth's master race, assumes responsibility for erupting tempers, the dwindling food supply...and the saboteur whose ugly work has already begun!

Carve the Sky

Alexander Jablokov - 1991
    Reprint. NYT. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 90-47772

The Multiple Man

Ben Bova - 1976
    The dynamic new President of the United States, James J. Halliday, seems determined to single-handedly turn an embittered nation around from economic, political, and social ruin. No one could be prouder than his devoted press secretary Meric Albano. But is the President accomplishing this monumental task alone? After one of the President's rare public appearances, a derelict is found dead nearby. A derelict who not only looks like the President, but whose blood, retinas, even fingerprints match those of the man in charge. Is the real President, the man Albano swore loyalty to, still in office? Is this part of a plot to topple American democracy? That's what Albano has to find out-if he doesn't, his life, as well as his country, will be destroyed. Author Ben Bova weaves a suspensed-filled, paging-turning novel that has turned out to be more science fact then science fiction.

The Deep

John Crowley - 1975
    In this world the Protectors own the land and are constantly feuding with the Just, who wish to return the land to the Folk. The Protectors, however, are divided within themselves, the Reds against the Blacks, as bitterly opposed to each other as united they are opposed to the Just. After a typical skirmish between the Reds and Blacks, two Endwives, whose job it is to come after battles to nurse the wounded and bury the dead, find a strange being, a Visitor from the sky, nameless, sexless, with a purpose to fulfill unknown even to himself. It is the Visitor who one day will make the unthinkable journey to the Outward -- to the very margin of the Deep.

The Dramaturges of Yan

John Brunner - 1972
    Here the colonists lived a peaceful, almost idyllic life, amid ancient and secret relics, co-existing with their strange and compatible neighbours. The arrival of Gregory Chart, the greatest dramatist ever, whose productions were played out in the skies, and whose actors were also the audience, could only disrupt and destroy once the Yanfolk were aroused from their dreaming indifference . . . (First published 1972)

Operation: Outer Space

Murray Leinster - 1954
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