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Tunnel Vision: A Rock Ghost Story - DS Tamara Sullivan Short. by Robert Daws



John Dean - 2019
    A super value boxset! Comprising the fourth, fifth and sixth books in the Detective Chief Inspector John Blizzard series: THE SECRETS MAN, BREACH OF TRUST and DEATH LIST. THE SECRETS MAN Whilst detective John Blizzard looks into a series of drug-related deaths, his nemesis, gangland thug Morrie Raynor, is released from prison. Blizzard becomes convinced Raynor is linked to a new crime spree, but with little evidence other than the ravings of a sick, delirious man, the detective's colleagues suspect his personal feelings are clouding his judgement. A BREACH OF TRUST A corrupt industrialist is found dead. When his family shed crocodile tears, DCI John Blizzard turns the screw. But when their alibis check out, can his team track down the real killer among a long list of likely suspects? DEATH LIST An undercover detective is shot in his home. Later, police officers on a routine patrol are fired at. Someone has a big problem with law enforcement. DCI Blizzard starts a crackdown on his city’s most notorious gangsters. But is he in danger of rubbing the wrong people up the wrong way? Or is he already on the killer’s list? All three of these books are also available separately on Kindle and in paperback. This box set is available FREE with Kindle Unlimited. The first three books in the series, THE LONG DEAD, STRANGE LITTLE GIRL and THE RAILWAY MAN, are also available individually on Kindle and in paperback and as a box set on Kindle. If you enjoy mysteries that have you guessing until they end, you’ll love these books about hard-hitting detective John Blizzard and his team.

Missing Chloe

John C. Dalglish - 2018
    When she's found, their worst nightmare is realized. In the weeks and months that follow, they try to put their lives back together, but tragedy haunts them. Detective Annie Logan finds herself charged with sorting through the lives of those MISSING CHLOE. She has to separate facts from lies in a case that will test both her skills and her emotions, but can she figure it out and prevent a killer from escaping justice. ************************************** MORE FROM JOHN C. DALGLISH THE CITY MURDERS SERIES(Clean Crime Fiction) BOSTON HOMICIDE - #1 MIAMI HOMICIDE - #2 CHICAGO HOMICIDE - #3 DALLAS HOMICIDE - #4 DENVER HOMICIDE - #5 SEATTLE HOMICIDE - #6 NEW ORLEANS HOMICIDE - #7 DETECTIVE JASON STRONG SERIES(Clean Crime Fiction) WHERE’S MY SON? – #1 BLOODSTAIN – #2 FOR MY BROTHER – #3 SILENT JUSTICE – #4 TIED TO MURDER – #5 ONE OF THEIR OWN – #6 DEATH STILL - #7 LETHAL INJECTION – #8 CRUEL DECEPTION – #9 LET'S PLAY - #10 HOSTAGE- #11 A CIRCLE OF FEAR - #12 DEADLY OBSESSION - #13 DEAD OF NIGHT - #14 SHADOW OF DOUBT - #15 FATAL AFFAIR - #16 DRIVEN TO KILL - #17 BOUND BY BLOOD - #18 THE CHASER CHRONICLES (Christian Adventure Fiction) CROSSOVER – #1 JOURNEY – #2 DESTINY- #3 INNER DEMONS- #4 DARK DAYS - #5 FAR FROM HOME - #6 KEIKO'S WAR - (Young Romance Historical Fiction)

A Deadly Dividend

David Pearson - 2020
    Two very different detectives try to find the murderer.A night out turns into a nightmare for a young man who is killed in Dublin’s city centre. Once a street brawl or mugging is ruled out, it begins to look like he was targeted. But why?DI Aidan Burke struggles to get anything useful out of the man’s friends and family, so the investigation leads to his workplace. It is here that they establish he was in a relationship with a co-worker.And when his girlfriend is attacked in her home and narrowly escapes with her life, detectives become certain the death was not random.The inquiry meets a brick wall of financial secrecy. To no avail, DI Burke tries unconventional methods to break it. Could the softer touch of his sergeant, the unassuming DS Fiona Moore, provide the key?What did the victim know that required his death? And just how far will the criminals responsible go to protect their secrets?

My Soul To Keep (A Detective Sergeant Alex Brady Thriller)

Sue McNeill - 2013
    She is tasked with a mundane missing persons' enquiry. But her first case back on the job is anything but simple. The missing person is the niece of her Assistant Chief Constable Jack Dawlish's - Susannah Reynolds.And when a body is discovered, Alex Brady finds herself embroiled in a murder investigation. When Edith, a gentle, old landlady, turns up at the police station wishing to offer her clairvoyant assistance, Alex isn’t convinced. And with the attractive yet mysterious DCI John Rutland as her new boss, she’s more than a little worried about how he’d react to Edith as a source of information.But when a second disappearance is successfully predicted, this has to be more than just a coincidence? Where is Edith getting her information from? Is she just using psychological tricks? Or is there more to it?Something doesn’t add up. But who is telling the truth?What exactly happened to Susannah that night?And how do these seemingly random women connect to one another? 'My Soul to Keep' is a gripping contemporary crime novel that will keep you guessing until the very end. It is the first in a series featuring Detective Sergeant Alex Brady and the team."A brilliant new detective series that will have crime readers hooked." - Tom Kasey, best-selling author of 'Trade Off'. Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent publisher of digital books.

Death in Pieces (DI Haskell & Quinn #2)

Bilinda P. Sheehan - 2020
     When forensic psychologist Harriet Quinn receives the random pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, she doesn’t realise they hold the key to identifying a sadistic killer’s next victim. A victim who hasn’t even been taken yet.


Ray Clark - 2019
    A detective on edge. A community that wants answers. One fateful night when off duty, DI Stewart Gardener intervenes in a street brawl and his wife is shot dead. Trying to come to terms with this, he gradually returns to normal duties policing the streets of Leeds. Finding his wife’s murderer is never far from his mind, but with no leads and a hazy recollection of events, it seems hopeless. Soon he is presented with a shocking case. A man is found dead in a grubby apartment, having been killed in the cruellest of ways. It is not long before another man meets the same fate. The deaths are caused by a rapid and violent disintegration of the victims’ flesh. Pathology cannot ascertain the cause. The only connection between the victims is they both worked seasonally as Santas, dressing up as Father Christmas and entertaining kids in grottos and such like. Who would want to kill such innocuous men as these? The detective is flummoxed. The local community is ruffled. The press is having a field day. The top brass wants answers. Can DI Gardener overcome his grief and solve the case? IMPURITY is the first in a series of six books featuring Leeds based Detective Inspector Stewart Gardener. They are all murder mysteries but as suspenseful as the best thrillers. FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Look out for the next in the series, IMPERFECTION, coming soon on Kindle. If you like crime fiction that has you glued to the page and reading late into the night, this is the book for you!

Purgatory (Jon Stanton Mysteries Book 11)

Victor Methos - 2017
    But his job in Homicide has served up a bad case of insomnia and hallucinations, and just as his body, mind, and spirit are about to break, he begins investigating an intriguing series of merciless murders. As his condition deteriorates, he refuses to turn the case over to his partner, knowing he couldn’t rest until justice is served. Unfortunately, justice is what the killers believe they’re delivering, and their next delivery comes a little too close for comfort.

Missed Connections: A Riveting Mystery- Book 1

Alexandria Clarke - 2018
    She can’t make a break in her case without exposing the truth about her complicated friendship with the killer or give her boss enough information to keep him satisfied with her progress. Meanwhile, Veronica finds herself leading a double life as a woman named Virginia Burton. She ventures out in full view of the entire city, relying on her alter ego to protect her from notice. The two women are bound to run into each other again, but what will happen when they do?

Her Final Mistake: An addictive murder mystery with a shocking twist

Amy Waeschle - 2021
    A twisted truth. A fight for survival.Investigative journalist Meg Dawson is about to be demoted to the graveyard shift unless she can score a big scoop. But she gets more than she bargained for when a murder case lands in her lap—the victim was her good friend, Sam Vargas. Just when Meg starts building momentum to uncover the truth about Sam’s death, her boss at the Times hands her story to her archrival. What’s worse, the police are asking all the wrong questions, both about Sam and her dark past. Meg continues her investigation in secret, uncovering one ugly deed after the next, until she comes face to face with a devastating truth. Can Meg outsmart a killer who always seems to be one step ahead? Fans of Melinda Leigh’s Bree Taggart series and Kendra Elliot’s Columbia River mysteries will devour this page-turning whodunnit. Start the thrilling Meg Dawson mystery series with Her Final Mistake today!

The Casebook of Inspector Blackstone

Sally Spencer - 2017
    Yet to Inspector Sam Blackstone, the case is as puzzling as any he has ever come across. As his investigation proceeds, Blackstone finds himself entering the world of the aristocracy and tramping the dangerous streets of London's Little Russia, where English law and order are not welcome. So begins the illustrious career of the talented inspector, who earns the equal ire and respect of his superiors for his controversial tactics. Absorbing in their detailed depictions of the period, gripping in their ingenious plots, this trilogy of historical whodunnits is the perfect box set for any mystery-lover. Praise for Sally Spencer 'Spencer's finest hour: a tightly plotted puzzler with surprises at every turn' – Kirkus Reviews 'Spencer is an accomplished craftsman who serves up a good puzzle and deftly solves it with intelligence and insight' – Publishers Weekly Sally Spencer worked as a teacher both in England and Iran - where she witnessed the fall of the Shah. She now writes full time.

AGATHA CHRISTIE Collection : The Mysterious Affair at Styles, Poirot Investigates, The Murder on the Links, The Secret Adversary, The Man in the Brown Suit

Agatha Christie - 2020

Daisy Dalrymple Omnibus

Carola Dunn - 2012
    But her interview gives way to interrogation when suave Lord Stephen Astwick meets a chilly end on the tranquil skating pond. With evidence that his death was anything but accidental, Daisy joins forces with Scotland Yard so the culprit can't slip through their fingers like the unfortunate Astwick slipped through the ice...THE WINTER GARDEN MYSTERY: So who put the body in with the spring bulbs?The merest hint of spring has arrived in Cheshire, and so has young reporter Daisy Dalrymple. The feisty flapper's visit is a breath of fresh air for gloomy Occles Hall. But while photographing the rather barren grounds, Daisy spots that someone's been digging among the first green shoots - and much to her horror unearths the corpse of missing parlour maid Grace Moss.So begins an extraordinary adventure, as first the dead woman's shocking secret is revealed and then Daisy swiftly realizes she needs to catch the killer before she herself is left pushing up the daisies...REQUIEM FOR A MEZZO: With dashing Scotland Yard detective Alec Fletcher at her side, Daisy Dalrymple is enjoying a splendid performance of Verdi's Requiem featuring her neighbour Muriel Westlea's celebrated sister, Bettina. But the show comes to an abrupt end when what emerges from the star's gifted vocal chords is literally a dying gasp. Daisy soon learns that the doomed diva was notoriously difficult and had more than her share of enemies. There's a philandering tenor, a burly Russian bass and even her own vocal coach husband, with whom she had a turbulent relationship.Did one of them poison the singer? Or was it someone determined to see that Daisy's investigation ends on as bitter a note as Bettina's last performance...MURDER ON THE FLYING SCOTSMAN: Daisy's in danger of heading off the rails!Daisy's embarking on a journey to Edinburgh and her biggest worry is that she has forgotten her book, so how will she pass the time? Her concern proves to be pointless, however, as once the journey begins Daisy finds a pint-sized stowaway on board - Belinda, the daughter of dreamy Detective Chief Inspector Alec Fletcher, Daisy's beau.No sooner has this problem revealed itself than Daisy and Belinda run into a bickering Scottish clan en route to the deathbed of the head of the family. But before the express reaches its first stop, one of the greedy McGowans has turned up dead. Is it murder? Daisy's willing to bet her first-class ticket it is - after all, the victim was the heir-in-waiting and she's sharing the carriage with an entire family of suspects who have everything to gain by his death...

Act Of Contrition

Dominic Milne - 2015
    Eddie is a reckless and dissolute operator, under investigation by the force and in debt to local mob chief, Vincent Mullis. When a killer starts targeting prostitutes in north London, Mullis is unusually keen for Eddie to solve the crime, but why? A serial killer is targeting prostitutes in Islington, the victims having a number of unusual links. The killings begin the same week that convicted killer and local man, Paddy Graham, is released from prison following a life sentence for murder. DS Eddie Kane has inadvertently found himself under the thumb of Vincent Mullis, who has taken ownership of a debt Eddie has built up with terminally-ill bookmaker, Arnie Duggan. Eddie’s troubles begin to spiral out of control when he is placed under investigation following a drugs-bust gone wrong. While suspended, he is forced to investigate the murders for Mullis, who wants to get to the murderer before the police. He then reluctantly hears a murder confession from his former bookmaker... In this heart-stopping, gripping crime drama, Eddie’s investigations lead him into a murky world of pornography, murder and revenge, all of which seems to centre around a local church and the charismatic vicar, Jonathan Carter. Eddie is feeling the pressure from all sides, but will there be any chance of salvation?

The Protectors: Vigilante Justice

Bernard Lee DeLeo - 2012
    Bradwick snaps when he and James bust in on a kidnapping ring, enslaving children for pornography. He brutally executes the three kidnappers, stunning James. He sets up the scene to pass for self-defense with Ellie James cooperation. Their ruse succeeds, triggering a two cop crackdown on crime the city of Oakland’s leaders scurry to stop. Dedicated to end ‘look the other way’ crime suppression tactics, ending in destruction and death for the common people in Oakland, Bradwick and James decide it’s time to go on offense.Connor explains it this way after they rescue the kidnapped children, “The kids made me start thinking about how I want folks to look at us. I don’t care anymore to visit someone to tell them we found the people who broke into their business or house and robbed them blind. I want them to wave at us from their house or business as we go by because we prevent the gangbangers, drug dealers and thugs from terrorizing them.”The crime war takes on different meaning when they bust an MS-13 El Salvadoran gangster’s illegal alien processing center. Connor and Ellie run headlong into a corrupt politician on the gangster’s payroll, and the terrorists behind him. Soon, everyday crime fighting busts become a fond memory. (Taken from

Deja Karma

Vish Dhamija - 2015
    But Jay Singh is a closet alcoholic; he has a dark and ominous past. His mother has been accused and convicted of killing his father..something he doesn't accept even after twenty years.Flamboyant, wicket, lethal, Jay Singh never loses a case, though his methods might not always be within the law. If the law is after you - guilty or not - there is only one man who can save you. If Jay Singh takes your case, witnesses for the prosecution disappear or turn hostile, evidence evaporates, technology and science fail to provide any cogent support. What's more - Jay Singh can even provide you with an ironclad alibi.And then he gets a case that can completely destroy him.If he loses the high-profile he can kiss his career goodbye ; if he wins the case he better keep his obituary ready.