The Kissing Bough

Joan Smith - 1994
    At a Christmas party at Nicholas's country estate in celebration of his new fiance+a7e, Jane Ramsey finds her suspicions confirmed when Nicholas becomes jealous of her perfunctory romance with his friend Pelham.

The Counterfeit Husband

Elizabeth Mansfield - 1982
    So she and her daughter, Pippa, take up residence in London, and Camilla invents a husband to assure Ethelyn that she is being taken care of.But when Ethelyn announces a visit, Camilla must think fast. She asks Thomas, one of her servants, to pose as her husband. And soon finds herself wishing she could pretend forever...

A Talent For Trouble (Signet Regency Romance)

Anne Barbour - 1992
    Tally became his collaborator so she could gain her financial independence, but she was not immune to Chelmsford’s charm. Could the Viscount be aware of his artist’s attractions despite her country ways? Regency Romance by Anne Barbour; originally published by Signet

A Poor Relation

Carola Dunn - 1990
    One day, Rowena Caxton was the proud owner and mistress of a large estate. The next, she had lost everything and was forced to take up residence with her only remaining family. Her days became an endless round of fetch and carry, though she would not complain. She was relieved, however, when the arrival of the new Earl of Farleigh interrupted the routine and caused a flurry of excitement in the neighbourhood. She could well understand the excitement generated by the handsome and erudite earl. But she constantly cautioned herself against her runaway heart. After all, what interest could such a man have in a poor relation?

A Debt to Delia

Barbara Metzger - 2002
    A fellow redcoat comes to Ty’s aid and insists the peer ride his horse to safety. Later, horrified to learn of his rescuer's death, Ty vows to live up to the brash young soldier’s parting challenge to save someone else’s life.To repay the debt of honor, Ty offers his hand in marriage to the dead man's sister. And Delia Croft is certainly in need of help. For the retainer her cousin provides is barely enough to keep her and her dependents clothed and fed. But Delia longs for a union of love, not obligation—a union that the handsome officer may not even believe in…

Fool's Masquerade

Joan Wolf - 1984
    But the arrogant (and irresistible) Diccon discovered her deception quite easily and felt he was honor-bound to offer marriage to the young lady. Valentine would rather suffer London's ton than marry a man who didn't love her--wouldn't she? Regency Romance by Joan Wolf; originally published by Signet

Three Lords for Lady Anne

Charlotte Louise Dolan - 1991
    First she had to defeat the deviltry of her two charges -- a pair of fledgling hellions eager to drive her from the manor. Then she had to fend off the rakish Creighton Pussell, who gave her the choice of losing her post or her virtue.But nothing compared to the threat posed by Bronson Lord Letham. For the inexperienced Anne had to cope not only with the all too evident desires of her superbly handsome, supremely assured employer, but with her own undeniably improper feelings for this lord who offered her everything but marriage....

A London Season

Patricia Bray - 1997
    Here is a chance to find a wealthy husband and get the entire family out of debt. But the upper crust of London bristles at Jane's blunt country ways—everyone but Lord Glendale. The handsome Lord, not in the market for a wife, finds himself amused by Jane's frank manner and wagers that—within the month—even provincial Jane can be brought into fashion.His plan succeeds only too well, as Jane blossoms into the most popular young lady of the season. Now will Lord Glendale relinquish Jane to her newfound admirers? Or will he take the biggest gamble of all– and risk his heart in a challenging game of love?

Falling for Chloe

Diane Farr - 2000
    But Gil's mother happily sees more to their bond than either yet realizes. And when the two innocents are caught in a deceptively compromising situation, she wastes no time in using it to her advantage -- and theirs....Soon enough, the pair find themselves no less than engaged -- and no less than panicked at the very idea. But in a case of mother knows best, what seems a tender trap may free two stubborn hearts....

Christmas with the Frosty Lord

Charlotte Darcy - 2017
    Can she melt the Frosty Lord Blackwood in time to enjoy her Christmas? Gabriel Blackwood enjoyed certain things but Christmas wasn’t one of them. To Rosalind he is arrogant and she will not take it even from a Dukes son. The man cannot complete one sentence without his familiar jeer and sly, smug, grin? Rosalind however, was not going to put up with such spoiled behavior, Lord or not she would put him in his place and stop him from spoiling the fun of the season. As Gabriel comes to understand his arrogance, he realized something else. Rosalind is, stubborn, headstrong, tough, and beautiful. Suddenly he knew she was just about as perfect a woman as he could wish for. If only she didn’t hate him. Can Gabriel change his attitude enough to break down Rosalind’s barriers? Or will she always be like a dog, guarding a bone? Find out now in Christmas with the Frosty Lord.

The Lady's Companion

Carla Kelly - 1996
    She never imagined she would have to make her own way in the world. But that was before her feckless father gamed away the family estate. That was before her odious aunt turned her into an unpaid servant. Now Susan had fled that tyranny- only to wonder if she had leapt out of the frying pan into the fire.In a remote country manor, Susan took the post of companion to the Dowager Lady Bushnell, whose fiery temper made a dragon seem sweet. But even more dangerous was the dowager's boldly handsome bailiff, David Wiggins, whose blood was red, not blue, and who was everything a man could be except a gentleman. Desperately, Susan told herself that he was totally unsuitable as her suitor - even as this infuriatingly irresistible man awoke her as a woman and made her forget she was a lady....

Christmas Belles

Susan Carroll - 1992
    Chloe Anne Waverly firmly believed that Captain William Trent posed a threat to everyone's happiness.Emma, being eldest and quite responsible, felt it her duty to accept the captain's proposal of marriage. But Christmas season or no, Chloe Anne would find some way to prevent these nuptials-- for she knew Emma's heart belonged to another.But when had Chloe become so aware of the sad look in the captain's eyes--or realized that behind all his military sternness, there was a gentleness and a gallantry? When had her feelings become much too warm for a man who was suddenly aware that he had chosen the wrong sister? Before 'twas over, it would be a Christmas none of them would forget....

The Sergeant Major's Daughter

Sheila Walsh - 1977
    EVERYONE WAS EAGER TO PUT FELICITY IN HER PLACEHer cousin Amaryllis made it clear that Felicity did not belong in the fashionable drawing rooms of the great country house of Cheynings.Jamie, the six-year-old heir to Cheynings, marked Felicity as his latest victim in a long series of routed governesses.Lord Stayne, the infuriatingly handsome master of Cheynings, coldly informed her that her ideas and opinions were of no earthly interest to a supremely self-confident male like himself.And the vile Captain Hardman, whose devious designs Felicity threatened, did not bother to mask his intentions of removing her from his path by either brutal force or contemptible cunning.Felicity, however, had her own notions about what a woman’s place should be–as she set out on a campaign of conquest with only her wit and wiles as weapons, and love as a very treacherous ally….

Love and Secrets at Cassfield Manor

Sarah L. McConkie - 2018
    Davenport, proposes to someone else. Heartbroken, Miss Harrison's sure she'll never love again, and to distract herself, she sets out to rescue a fallen young woman. Little does she know that her journey will reveal more than she expected about her friends, her seemingly perfect life, and her own heart.

The Unexpected Wife

Emily Hendrickson - 1998
    So she ran away - to a charming home on the country estate of Alexander Barr, Viscount Hawkswood, the most notorious rake in London. Juliet would simply pretend to be his wife while he was away.