Only Sinners (Trinity Security Solutions Book 3)

Tory Palmer - 2021

Highlander’s Warrior Lass: A Steamy Scottish Medieval Historical Romance (Highlands’ Formidable Warriors)

Ann Marie Scott - 2021

Dream and Drake 3: A Cartel Love Story

Princess Diamond - 2017
    Having no memory of who Drake is, Dream does not think there is a possibility that he could be her child’s father. She only has memories of her ex-boyfriend, Spencer. Therefore, in her mind, Spencer is her child’s father. Spencer is thrilled about Dream being pregnant, since he plotted to impregnate her while she was unconscious. Drake is furious that the love of his life does not remember him and threatens to never speak to her again. Drake’s attitude towards everyone, including his cousins Quay and Fresh, is relentless and unapologetic. His stubbornness nearly costs him his life. Channa seeks revenge on everyone who gets in her way. Realizing how manipulative and selfish Channa is, Drake sets a plan in motion to divorce her, even if that means living with her until the court date. Conversely, Channa refuses to go down without a fight. She plans to take Drake and Dream down the dark road with her. Dream continues to ask questions about Bey, who is still missing. She makes an effort to find her, once she is well enough. Is Bey still alive? If so, who will be the one to save her? Will Dream ever remember Drake? Will she be happy when she finds out who fathered her child? Or will she live out the rest of her life with regret? Dream and Drake 3 will leave you speechless!


Hannah Ford - 2019
    The kind of place where women fall to their knees, call men sir, and get lashed with a belt. Gage Stratford. Dark, damaged, cold-blooded and gorgeous, with secrets so deep you could drown. He touched me that night, made me feel things that excited and terrified me in equal measure. When I turned up at my internship the next day, I was shocked to find he was my new boss. My billionaire boss was the one who had made me feel like I couldn’t help but fall to my knees and do whatever he commanded. He says he can’t stay away from me. That he needs to make me his submissive, to take me over his desk, to punish me and make me his. But our horrific pasts have made us who we are, and to get close to him means to crack each other open and expose the very things we’ve worked so hard to bury. And when our secrets come out, not only our love but also our lives will be on the line -- leaving us bound together forever, or destroyed and shattered beyond repair. Being together isn’t an option. But staying apart is impossible….

Voices from the Harem (Human Trafficking #3)

Nancy Hartwell Enonchong - 2013
    It is a collection of poignant stories told by the women themselves about how they were enslaved, how they ended up in there, what they think of it, and where they were before. A few are in love with him; an equal number are plotting to assassinate him. Most have dejectedly resigned themselves to being completely cut off from the world and confined in the suffocating environment of a harem.Some recount chilling stories, such as the one who used to belong to a sheikh who flunked out of medical school but decided to operate on people anyway. He set up a "clinic" in his basement, bought slave "patients," and regularly performed surgery. Of course, he butchered most of them, but he was able to indulge his desire. Or the one who had been in the laboratory of a scientist who experimented with gags, dildos, and body glues. The experiments kept going wrong and dozens of subjects had to be put down, but were immediately replaced by fresh ones. Or the fussy prince who owned a crocodile, and if his slaves didn't perform the way he wished, he would have them fed to the crocodile on the spot.Many tell similar stories of being lured with promises of glamorous jobs as models, musicians, or movie roles, then trapped and sold into slavery. Two actually entered servitude voluntarily. More than a few have gone quietly insane (violent insanity means a transfer elsewhere). Some responded to propositions online. Others were simply victims of opportunistic kidnappings. Fathers, brothers, step-fathers, law enforcement officers, clergy, school counselors, as well as professional traffickers, have all been involved in this unspeakable crime.

Thorn's Redemption (Fated Lives #3)

Kelly Moore - 2019
    Book 10 Nina Pax—the woman that nearly destroyed Derrick Rebel. Book 11 Thorn’s Redemption Thorn failed his mission in keeping Fallon safe. Time is running out. He wants redemption and the chance to take Nina down. He gets more than he bargained for when his past catches up with him. Will his anger over a past long forgotten get in the way of his mission? He’ll have to stay focused or the only two women he’s ever loved will die at Nina’s hands. Just when Rebel thought his team and Fallon were safe, Nina kidnaps several of them, including his brother, Sean. Now, the hunt is on. Nina is playing a dangerous game and has the Gunner Team on the run trying to save them before it’s too late. Nina Pax wants one thing—Derrick. She’ll stop at nothing to get him back into her bed, even if it means disposing of the only family she has left. Will the Gunner Team remain intact, or will the mission tear them apart?

Curves By Demand: Big Girls Love Bad Boys: (A BBW Romance)

Summer Rose - 2021

Forever Curves: A Single Dad Romance (Curvy Girl Dating Agency Book 8)

Piper Sullivan - 2021


Susan Renee - 2021
    You know, the kind that are made with pictures ripped from magazines with special notes about your life goals or biggest wishes. (Mine of course, is covered in glitter!) As a single mom, it’s hard to put my dreams and goals first, but I made my list. 1. Finally finish my degree 2. Learn how to cook new recipes. 3. Travel outside of Washington state. 4. Buy myself something that makes me feel desirable. 5. Find real, honest-to-goodness-rip-your-heart-out-and-hand-it-to-someone-love. The realist in me knows that last one is a bit far-fetched, but when an old college friend shows up in my driveway offering me something I can’t refuse, my mind starts wondering if maybe that last goal could be attainable after all.He’s kind, compassionate, strong, helpful, and attractive. All positive attributes of a great man. There’s just one problem. He’s my Ex’s best friend.

Merrily Ever After

P. Jameson - 2019
    After nine long years of trying to grow their family into the perfect dream come true, fated mates, Ryan and Layna, are ready to give up. Not on each other but on their dreams. When they're given the chance to help an abandoned baby temporarily, they're faced with a pain harsher than what they've already been through. The pain of hope. But this little one isn't what any of them expected, and when the fiery truth comes out, hearts are bound to melt.A visit from a shadow of Christmas past, a lost child, and the reunion P. Jameson fans have been asking for, all wrapped up with a shiny bow as we revisit the Ouachitas in Merrily Ever After.

Selfish Series Box Set

Shantel Tessier - 2018
     Myself I've always been a little selfish Selfless No one ever said love was fair. Three full novels. Two very different couples. Ryder and Ashlyn were supposed to have a one-night stand. Two strangers who just wanted to have a little fun on vacation. They could have never guessed how much their lives were about to change. Jaycent and Becca get a second chance at love, but will they be able to get it right this time?

Lumberjack Daddy - A Single Dad Romance (Men of the Mountains Book 3)

Layla Valentine - 2021

Dragon Bound (Dragons of Mount Rixa Book 3)

Riley Storm - 2021

Circus of Nightmares: Death is the Ultimate Illusion (The Anglesey Mysteries Book 2)

Conrad Jones - 2021

The Book of Nyles

Alexandria House - 2021
    This is a short collection of poetry from the pen and mind of Nyles Adams, most of which originally appeared in other Alexandria House works.Read, absorb and snap your fingers if you are so inclined.