The War is Over: Stop Struggling and Accept the Privileges of Peace with God

Andrew Wommack - 2008
    Still, many have not yet heard the news and they continue to fight the battle - the battle of sin and judgment.

Atomic Power with God with Fasting and Prayer

Franklin Hall - 1948
    In 1948 during what some call the "latter rain revival," this book is credited with sparking an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that spread around the world. It covers fasting in general, and then delves into much deeper subject matter related to the spiritual power and revelation accompanied by prolonged fasting.

The Worship Warrior

Chuck D. Pierce - 2002
    In this must-read book about spiritual warfare, the authors show how to achieve spiritual victory through the power, purpose, and strategies of worship.

On Birth

Timothy J. Keller - 2020
    And so it is profoundly important to understand how to approach and experience these occasions with grace, endurance, and joy.In On Birth, Timothy Keller--theologian and bestselling author--helps us understand both physical and spiritual birth, as well as how baptism connects the two. With wisdom, joy, and compassion, Keller draws on forty-five years as a pastor and a parent to consider what it means to receive a new birth as well as to be reborn.The perfect gift for someone who is about to become a parent or is searching for the true meaning of Christianity, On Birth is a short, powerful book that illuminates God's vision of life.

A Radical Idea: Unleashing the People of God for the Purpose of God

David Platt - 2011
    Churches not built on the greatest talent, the finest facilities, or the most exceptional programs. Instead, churches that come together to unleash every single person to impact the world with the Spirit of God for the glory of God.It’s a radical idea.

How to Fast Successfully

Derek Prince - 1995
    The restoration of this practice can change lives. As you read Derek Prince's biblical teaching on fasting, you will discover the reasons and the rewards for fasting, what happens during a fast, how to have a successful fast, and how to break a fast. Learn now How to Fast Successfully!

30 Words: A Devotional for the Rest of Us

Jarrid Wilson - 2012
    He wants to be in a relationship with us, but for some reason we can’t seem to find the time. The time to pray, the time to read our Bibles, the time to sit and be still with God. In today’s fast-paced culture of instant downloads and drive-through lattes, we learn that faster is better, that slowing down is not an option. But if we look at Scripture carefully, we see that this is the exact opposite of how God has called us to live.Specialists say it takes 30 days to form a habit. It’s time we made being with God a habit – an unbreakable one. In 30 Words, you’ll find the encouragement to open your heart, mind, and soul to God. Each day you’ll focus on a single word about God and our relationship with him. Full of key verses to meditate on, as well as quotes and teachings from Christian leaders, 30 Words will help you make a habit of spiritual development—one that will transform you from the inside out.

Praying With Paul: A Call to Spiritual Reformation, Study Guide

D.A. Carson - 2014
    NOTE: This is the study guide, the complete book can be found here This study shows the priorities of prayer, a God-centered framework for prayer, and practices for a more meaningful and dynamic prayer life.

The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind: Access to a Life of Miracles

Bill Johnson - 2014
    Is this you? Are you ready to experience the miraculous lifestyle that Jesus made available to you because of the Cross? In Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind, Pastor Bill Johnson delivers powerful and practical teaching, revealing how you were designed to bring heaven to Earth and how it all starts with your thought life. You will learn how to: • Enjoy complete forgiveness from sin and let go of guilt • Access the open heaven over your life and start living as God’s dwelling place • Position yourself for future breakthrough by studying and remembering God’s miracles Your access to a lifestyle of signs, wonders, and miracles starts by changing the way you think. When your mind is transformed, heaven becomes more than a place you go to one day—becomes the supernatural power that you release wherever you go today! “This book is needed in this hour as a wake-up call to the ‘greater things than these shall you do’ promise of Jesus.” – Randy Clark

Gifts and Ministries of the Holy Spirit

Lester Sumrall - 1977
    You are a candidate for the gifts of revelation, power, and inspiration. They will function anywhere—right where you are now! Dr. Sumrall discusses subjects including:The charismatic renewalThe weapons of our warfareHow you can receive the giftsThe devil's counterfeitThe purpose of ministry giftsYou can be included in the great outpouring of God's Spirit!

Only Jesus: What It Really Means to Be Saved

John F. MacArthur Jr. - 2020
    Only Jesus helps readers gain a thorough and proper understanding of the true way to salvation by examining questions like these:What does it mean to be saved?What is saving grace?Why do Christians call Jesus "Lord"?Why does the Cross matter?What does it mean to be born again?What did Jesus teach about eternal life?What do "sin" and "repentance" mean?What is the role of the Holy Spirit in salvation?Only Jesus is perfect for Christians who want a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ or seekers who want to know who Jesus is and what he taught. John MacArthur will guide you in discovering how Jesus' actual words and teachings call us to salvation and new life through the power of the Holy Spirit. Drastic changes will result in our hearts and lives when we truly answer Christ's call to discipleship.

Any 3 Anyone Anywhere Anytime

Mike Shipman - 2012
    Based on effective ministries that have already seen more than nine generations of Muslim-background churches, Any-3 will show you how to use the gospel to filter responsive Muslims and disciple them into multiplying communities of faith.Using Mike Shipman's biblical Any-3 approach, you too can learn the five easy steps that take you from 'Getting Connected' to 'Getting to a Decision'. Mike's book is rooted in the approach that Jesus modeled in John chapter 4 with the Woman at the Well. It includes many practical examples AND a helpful "Any-3 Workshop" that is already being used around the world to win Muslims to Christ now!

The Two Kinds of Righteousness

E.W. Kenyon - 1996
    Every Christian should read this book.The church has been very strong in teaching man his need of Righteousness, his weakness and his inability to please God. The average Christian has been kept under condemnation, as the church has never caught what we are in Christ, nor who we are in Christ... has never taught that all that Christ did for us is available to us NOW. We do not have to wait until we get to Heaven to enter into what Christ did for us... it is ours to enter into and enjoy NOW! God Himself is our very Righteousness... we are the Righteousness of God in Him. We are partakers of the Divine Nature the moment we accept Christ and come into the Family of God. If you live the life of weakness and defeat, it is because you do not know what you are in Christ. The supreme need of the church at this hour is to know what we are in Christ, and how the Father Himself looks upon us. Righteousness means the ability to stand in the presence of the Father God without the sense of guilt or inferiority. Unless you know who you are, and what you are in Christ, you cannot live a victorious life... Satan, sin and disease will be your masters. The instant that you know you are the Righteousness of God in Christ, and understand what this Righteousness means, Satan is defeated. This important book should be read by every sincere Christian. It will change your live as it has changed the lives of multitudes.

Tozer on Worship and Entertainment

A.W. Tozer - 1997
    Worship: Unacceptable worship, spiritual concentration, the presence of God, the power of God, personal communion, adoration, hymns. Entertainment: Evangelical heresy, propaganda, an outward shift, modern evangelism, religious activity, worldliness Also included are Tozer's sermon "The Act and Object of Worship: in its entirety as well as his controversial essay, "The Menace of the Religious Movie," written in the mid 1950s.

The Crescent Through the Eyes of the Cross: Insights from an Arab Christian

Nabeel T. Jabbour - 2008
    This book explains how that can be done in ways that are sensitive to Islamic culture and provides suggestions on how to build vital relationships with Muslims.