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The Forbidden Taboo 7 - Like Father Like Son by Cheri Verset


Quiver For Me

J.L. Beck - 2018
     She was too young, too pure, too beautiful and I didn’t even mention the part about being her ex-step-father. It was taboo, uncalled for, and so very wrong… But I couldn’t stop myself when she came running to me from her piece of crap ex-boyfriend. She needed a place to live, protection and I needed, no wanted a woman to call my own. I could see the curiosity in her gaze as we passed in the hall and I knew she was just as tempted as I was to find out what I was packing… What she didn’t know was that I had everything she needed and more… ...and after pushing me to the limits one too many times she was going to find out just how good I could make this for her. I was going to have her, keep her forever, and there wasn’t a damn thing anyone could do about it. **Things get a little crazy in this book so push your rational thinking to the side and dive right in. This is one taboo treat you don't want to miss out on. Grab a drink and get ready to quiver with need. Panties not required. HEA certified.**

Caveman's Captive

Juliana Conners - 2018
    Tight. Since returning from war, I've purposefully secluded myself from reality.I built a cabin in the woods, but even that wasn't reclusive enough for my needs.So I also have a cave I go to when I really want to hide out.I've never taken anyone else there. Until, by chance, I meet Michelle.Her sultry eyes and seductive hips open up something in me I thought was forever closed off.When we get trapped in the cave, it's the opportunity I never knew I needed so desperately.To tie her up. Dominate her. Control her.And find myself again in the process.She says she's game. But does she have any idea what she's getting herself into? And while my c*ck is in her, what if my heart is plunging just as deep? Caveman's Captive is a full length standalone romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a happily ever after. Bonus content is included for your continued reading pleasure!

Chloe Comes for Christmas

Sloane Howell - 2015
    His best friend and fraternity brother Mark, the All-American cornerback, has always found a way to get the girl going back to their teens. When James meets Chloe first and falls for her, Mark swoops in once again. This time is different though. James has his sights on teaching them both a lesson for making him look the fool. This is a hot little holiday novella with dubious consent, rough, hair-pulling, balls-deep sex, and more. Hope you enjoy.

Commander Big

Tia Siren - 2016
     Dr. Vanessa Gilmore is new in town. She specializes in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. And her first patient, Commander Ashton Hughes, needs a lot more than just her professional help. WARNING: This book contains dark and disturbing themes, strong language and over the top sexiness that may be uncomfortable for some readers! “Steady on, you'll give Joe a heart attack,” Ashton said. “He's not used to having beautiful women in here.” “I don't suppose he is,” Vanessa said, running her fingers over the worn leather seat of a Harley. “It's a motorcycle shop on a naval base.” Ashton slowly put his hands on his head, making sure she’d notice his flexed muscles. “So you like big machines?” He wondered if she would pick up on the innuendo. “I love 'em.” She looked him straight in the eye. “The bigger the better.” “Then you'll love mine.”

The Trashy Virgin

Cassandra Dee - 2016
    Just because I love two men doesn’t mean I’m trash. I grew up in a trailer on the wrong side of the tracks, and my childhood was nothing to brag about. So when Brent Larson stepped in, it was like a dream come true. Tall, dominant and assertive, the alpha male was the perfect guardian, moving me into his place. But the problem was that Jason lived there too. And I couldn’t help it, Jason was gorgeous and funny, charming my pants off, literally. So I lost my cherries, front and back … to two different men. Do you think I’m trashy now? Or do you think I’m the luckiest girl on Earth? Note: This is a sexy, smutty romance that will make your cheeks burn and your panties melt! Guaranteed HEA. For a limited time, this edition includes a bonus novella, Double Huge, for your enjoyment!

The Westerfields of Chatham County

Carol Lynne - 2012
    When they come across a drifter looking for work, the brothers invite the stranger into their home, and eventually, to their bed. Axel Bennett was looking for work, not a home. When an accident leaves him in the hands of the Westerfield brothers, they offer him both. Envious of the bond the brothers’ share, Axel agrees to stay the winter. Their love will be put to the test—a piece of land or the safety of each other?

Santa's Blind Date (Santa's Coming...)

Dori Lavelle - 2018
    And she’s all I want this Christmas and beyond. It’s time to convince her to take a seat on Santa’s lap and find out if she’s been naughty or nice.If she doesn’t see the gift that she is, I’ll show her just how I intend to unwrap her...*This is a short story that's part of the Santa's Coming... series. Join sixteen of your favorite romance authors as they make all of your Christmas wishes come true! Put out the milk, he’ll take care of your cookie — it’s time to take a seat on Santa’s lap.*

Mother Trucker

Piper King - 2016
     I f*ck who I want. When I want. And I always leave them begging for more. I roll into town, take the best piece of ass I can find, and then move on before the sun rolls into the morning clouds. But not Lucy, the sunshine of a girl who works at the truck stop diner off Exit 276. She’s too sweet and too fragile for a bad boy like me to screw over. My past is mine to bear alone. Except one look at those gorgeous green eyes, and I’m toast. Hell, I’m only a f*cking man. And a man can’t resist what he wants no matter how hard he tries. LUCY I had big dreams for my life, but they flew right out the window when I used all my college savings to bail my brother out of an awful mess. So, now I work in the grimy truck stop diner every night, serving up greasy food to leering men. It’s the only way to get by. There’s one trucker I don’t mind so much though. Mysterious, rugged, dangerous. He’s the hottest man I’ve ever seen, and he looks like he likes to f*ck hard. Turns out he does. Now I’ve had his baby. Too bad he’s disappeared without a trace. Even though I try to hate him, I can’t get him off my mind. I want him to come back and be a father to our child. But that’s not the only thing I want. I want to give him my heart. Enjoy this sexy standalone romance, HEA guaranteed!

All of me

Shelley Michaels - 2014
    When Matthew Ritchie appears unexpectedly into Emily's organised life she feels things she has never experienced before not to mention the sex! The timing couldn't be worse however as she has just agreed to become a surrogate for her sister and husband to give them the one thing they cannot have. Things do not go to plan when her brother in law calls a halt to the procedure to allow Emily to continue her affair with Matt. Emily refuses to accept this and breaks things off with Matt regardless as she concentrates on this one last thing that she needs to do for her sister before embarking on her own life aspirations. However, It appears fate has its own idea for Emily’s future.

Riding the Storm

Delilah Hunt - 2011
    But her joy suddenly turns to heartache as Matthew decides to put an end to the relationship before it begins and before she has a chance to inform him of her pregnancy.When the Montana widower learns that the woman who has been as much a friend and a temptation to him is carrying his child, his lust and desire to slake his needs inside her ripe little body escalates, but can he overcome the guilt he deals with at his wife’s death and show Zara that his heart is truly hers for the taking?


Debra Glass - 2010
    However, it soon becomes strikingly apparent to Sophia that she is the true gem Bad Jack sought. Intrigued, she willingly submits to every tantalizing taboo he metes out to her.Dressed as a masked highwayman, Jack Badcock, Earl of Stafford, thinks he is acting out the fantasies of a woman he knows only through lurid letters. As Jack tames her with blindfolds, sensual spankings and an array of torrid toys, she plays her role as the abducted, submissive virgin convincingly--too convincingly. By the time Jack uncovers his fantasy lover's true identity, it's far, far too late.

In His Brother's Place

Elizabeth Lane - 2013
    Now Jordan Cooper demands she move to his Santa Fe ranch—the boy's birthright. But how can Angie live with the man who called her a gold digger…the man whose one kiss she's never forgotten?Racked by guilt since his twin's death, Jordan seeks redemption by raising his nephew. But Angie resurrects a hunger in him that only she can satisfy. Jordan knows he can have her on one condition—that she never learns the truth about him.

Wed Under Western Skies: Abandoned \ Almost a Bride \ His Brother's Bride

Carolyn Davidson - 2006
    Cameron Montgomery comes to her rescue and takes special care of her. But how can she desire him when she is a woman with no past?Book 2 -Jenna Kernan: “His Brother's Bride”Only a desperate woman would marry a man she'd never met, even if it was her dying husband's last request. But with a young daughter to protect, Clara Justice is desperate, so she accepts the proposal from Nate, the black sheep of the family.Book 3 -Cheryl St. John: “Almost a Bride”The only unmarried woman in town, Charmaine Renlow has been waiting years for her beau to propose, and she's had enough. Maybe it's time to move on to greener pastures... like single father Jack Easton's homestead!

Rakes and Rogues

Mary Balogh - 1993
    THEY'RE BETTEROpen the pages of this superb book and enter the world of the bad boys of romance. Make a date with a bevy of colorful rakes and devilish rogues in five exquisitely sexy stories by some of the most beloved, highly acclaimed authors of romantic fiction. Here are men who are "mad, bad, and dangerous to know"--sly Romeos, devious dandies, sexy scoundrels, and darkly forbidding heroes--all outlaws of the heart who are used to getting their way ... until true love steps in. Let these five extraordinary talents introduce you to some of the most exciting and infuriating, passionate and unpredictable men ever to take your breath away. Includes:"The Wrong Door" by Mary Balogh"Hide-and-Seek" by Melinda McRae"Highway Robbery" by Anita Mills"Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know" by Mary Jo Putney"Cats-Paw" by Maura Seger

Color Blind

Leigh Lennon - 2018
    A connection. Our difference in color didn’t matter; we were made for each other. A love so strong nothing could come between us—until someone did. Faced with an ultimatum, I made the only decision I could but it was never about skin color, for me. Saying good-bye to him left me in pieces, never to be the same without him.Now, many years later, I am face to face with the man no one could ever compare to. The feelings I’ve pushed aside for him threaten to boil over. I must fight them. I can’t go back. I need to protect my family, myself.IsraelHere I am, face to face with the one that got away, the one that abandoned me, the one no other woman could measure up to. I still need to know why she left. Did she leave me for her family money? Was it my skin color? She left by choice, leaving me broken. I’ve never been the same without her.But now that she’s in front of me, I can’t let her get away again. My slightest touch leaves her covered in goose bumps. Liz is using everything she has not to give in. I hope she will. I need her to be mine, to once again be my Buttercup.Triggers: This book depicts an interracial couple. This book has areas of ignorance and racism and violence associated with it.