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Wild For To Hold by Annabel Murray


Cinderella and the Cowboy

Judy Christenberry - 2008
    Luckily the children's grandfather welcomed them with open arms. But it was the blue-eyed ranch manager whom Elizabeth dreamed of....Jack Clayton had to leave now that the Oklahoma ranch was no longer for sale. But the lovely Elizabeth would be tough to walk away from....

Bride of Diaz

Patricia Wilson - 1986
    It is a feeling stronger than love, señorita."Laura's job as nurse/companion to a widowed Spanish condesa had come at an opportune time. She found the Condesa delightful, but her arrogant son Rodrigo was another matter altogether. With his outrageous demands and wicked charm, he seemed to want to take charge of her life just as he oversaw everything else at the castillo. But Sister Laura Marsh, the terror of the wards, would soon show him she was a force to be reckoned with! Would she be able to resist him — or would desire prove stronger than both of them?When Laura's new life amid the grandeur of a Spanish castle was threatened by Rodrigo, the autocratic Conde de las Montanas, she determined not to succumb to his powerful temper. But would she be strong enough to resist his will?

A Family Affair

Judith Saxton - 1989
    But though both are from wealthy families, their social status is too far apart for their families to approve of the match. And when Arnold marries another, Adeline’s reaction is immediate and altogether unexpected, as she travels to make a new life in China. But although they are separated by thousands of miles, the consequences of their youthful passion continue to haunt them and their children – Addy’s daughter Nala and Arnold’s son, Philip. As the years pass, and the children grow, violent forces are set to bring them together, unaware of the secrets from the past that bind them.

Home to Crossroads Ranch

Linda Goodnight - 2009
    Right, but the foster kids she's taken in fill her heart "almost" completely. Then handyman/rancher Nate Del Rio comes knocking, and Rainy starts to wonder if she really can have it all. There's only one problem: Nate doesn't want kids. At all. And nothing Rainy says will change his mind. Of course, she's not going to let that stop her. Not when she has a houseful of adorable allies to raid Nate's ranch and win his heart--whether he likes it or not.

The Proposal

Betty Neels - 1993
    Renier Pitt-Colwyn, and a ragtag kitten won her his goddaughter’s heart. But the handsome Dutchman could hardly be interested in an ordinary girl like her…. Or could he?

Heritage of Shame

Meg Hutchinson - 2003
    Anne Corby flees from Russia when her mother dies in the wild savagery of the steppes. Pregnant with an illegitimate child - the result a brutal rape, Anna returns to Darlaston with nothing but a mysterious talisman, wrapped in a black velvet cloth, in which the peace of nations resides. But a return to Darlaston holds no sanctuary. For it is home to Anne's aunt Clara, who sees the girl's bastard as a threat to her ownership of Glebe Metalworks. As war clouds gather, Clara resolves to remove the usurper by fair means or foul, and enlists her depraved son Quenton in her evil plan. The turbulent years of the First World War create a dramatic backdrop for Meg Hutchinson's new novel in which Anne, the brave heroine, struggles to save her child and to survive her heritage of shame.

Journey To Hell: Inside the World's Most Violent Prison System

Donald MacNeil - 2006
    The pay was good and the work was easy - or so he thought. Then the truth was revealed: he had to sail to South America to collect one of the biggest shipments of cocaine ever bound for the UK. And to the gangsters who hired him, refusal was not an option.There followed a harrowing journey to Venezuela, where almost £50 million of coke was waiting. But someone had tipped off the authorities. Donald and his fellow crewman were arrested, convicted of drug smuggling and sentenced to six years in the notorious island prison of San Antonio.He soon discovered why Venezuela’s prisons are the most violent in the world, a nightmare gulag where hundreds are killed and thousands maimed every year in riots, vendettas and petty disputes. Thrown into a filthy, over-crowded dormitory known as Pavilion 4, and surrounded by armed gangs, crack addicts, death and disease, he faced a daily fight to survive. Ferocious guards beat prisoners indiscriminately and many cut themselves in “blood strikes” to protest against the scarce food, undrinkable water and lack of medical care. Finally a war broke out between two prison compounds, involving guns, machetes and even grenades.Through it all, and despite witnessing the brutal killing of his friend and mentor, MacNeil clung to the belief that one-day he would be home. Journey To Hell is a harrowing but compelling account of man’s extraordinary will to survive in a world gone mad.

With a Little Luck

Anne Baker - 1999
    Her mother disappeared several months before, so Alice goes to live with her grandparents, Edith and Monty. They love her dearly but are often too preoccupied to have time for poor Alice. Her only real pleasure comes from the hours she spends next door with Nell Ainslie and her handsome son Eric. Slowly but surely, Alice comes to terms with her loss. But when Uncle Frank gets involved in the bakery business where she works, a chilling memory from the night of Len's death comes back to haunt her. And a shocking revelation changes life for the whole family...

Doorstep Daddy

Shirley Jump - 2009
    Though absolutely out of his depth, he's amazed when he finally gets the little girl to stop crying!Then beautiful single mom Ellie arrives, distraught that the babysitter left her precious child on Dalton's doorstep!Can this chaotic pair make him realize that too much of his life has been stored in fiction? With Ellie he could start a whole new chapter....

Last of the Line (Hebrides)

John Mackay - 2006
    He leaves the fast-paced life of the city for the Outer Hebrides, where traditional values and beliefs are adhered to and respected. It is a life he neither belongs to nor understands. When she goes he will be the last of the family line and he couldn't care less. Family and history are just bonds to tie him down. Reluctantly, he sets out to do his duty and stumbles across questions that challenge everything he ever knew about himself and the people from whom he came. In the days between his aunt's death and funeral he is drawn into the role of genealogy detective. In a place where everyone knows everything about everybody, Cal finds that secrets are buried deep. Mairi, a young widow, knows far more than she is willing to tell. Kate Anna, his aunt's lifelong friend, avoids his questions. And what of Finlay, who lays claim to the house? Cal begins to understand that Aunt Mary was not the woman he knew and the secret she kept hidden for so long means he might not be the person he thought he was. "Last of the Line" is a story that explores the part in all of us that wants to know who we are and where we are from.

Wild Enchantress

Anne Mather - 1976
    Now, when her father's will stipulated Jared as her guardian for the six months prior to her twenty-first birthday, Catherine was no more enthusiastic about the arrangement then he. She went to Barbados reluctantly."Why did you bring me here, Jared? It's obvious you don't really want me. Just because you once had a great deal of satisfaction in putting me down, you can't resist repeating the experiment, can you?"Yet, despite the ever-present antagonism, some fascination lingered between them.

Christmas Fantasy

Janelle Denison - 1999
    Then he met Teddy Spencer. She was smart, sexy...and terrified of commitment. But she also needed him--to play the role of her lover at the company Christmas party. Austin was willing to take the long as he could convince her to make it a full-time position!

Now or Never

Lynda Page - 2000
    Her mother has convinced Maddie that she has no choice, as the child is illegitimate and the father has deserted her. But this is the final straw for Maddie and she knows she must leave home. It's now or never. But who can she to turn for help? Catching the train to Leicester, she goes in search of the one person who might take her in - even though she has no idea where they live. And when she gets a job in a funeral parlour she discovers that life is full of surprises - for love and laughter can be found in the most unlikely places!

Mistress Under Contract

Natalie Anderson - 2008
    Lucy is his complete opposite: carefree and fun-loving. He can't figure out why on earth he's so attracted to her The only thing Lucy and Daniel have in common is their reluctance to have a committed relationship. When one steamy night together is not enough, Lucy is offered a short-term contract in Daniel's bed...only to find she's falling for him, the one man she can't have....

Foxden Acres

Madalyn Morgan - 2013
    Bess and James played together as equals when they were children, but now James is engaged to the more socially acceptable Annabel Hadleigh.Bess takes up a teaching post in London but when war breaks out and London schoolchildren are evacuated she returns to Foxden to organise a troop of Land Girls. Traditional barriers come crashing down when Flying Officer James Foxden falls in love with Bess. But by this time Bess has come to know and respect Annabel. Can she be with James if it means breaking her best friend’s heart?And besides, Bess has a shameful secret that she has vowed to keep from James at any cost…